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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Review:

-Opening promo was good although I'm confused that Vince would screw his own son-in-law. Anyway, good segment. The 3 on 2 Handicap match should be good.

-Wow, I didn't expect Charlie Haas to win the Intercontinental Title. A surprise, but a nice one.

-Vince is gonna makes a superstar who defies him pay: what's new? I wonder what the McMahons have in mind...perhaps they'll pay "God" to team up with them.

-Great segment with "Captain Charisma" Christian and "the People's Champion" the Rock. I wonder if Rock will stay around long enough to face Christian in a match?

-Kane's mind begins to haunt him....I hope that if you're taking this to the May 19th storyline, you'll make something meaningful of it.

-Goldust/Eugene vs. La Resistance - dream match..just kidding. I think the best part was Kane coming out and actually destroying everybody!

-OK win for Mickie James. Where does she go from here?

-OK segment with Benjamin/McMahon. I am really wondering what the McMahons have planned though!

-Good win for the debuting AMW over Cade/Jindrak. I think they could make it all the way to the Tag Team titles.

-Yay! Christian challenges The Rock to a match. I hope "the Great One" accepts.

-YAY! Rock does accept! Although, I think you would've made good shows if you kept this feud running and had Christian vs. Rock on PPV, rather than RAW. Still, their match next week should be GREAT.

-Damn! How could I not know that Edge would screw "the Game"? Good twist. And now a post-match beat down from the Corporation 2...STONE COLD?! He always knows when to turn up...What the hell Scott Hall?! This is crazy! I guess we'll see Edge, Shane and Cena vs. Austin, Hall and HHH on RAW some time soon?

Conclusion: Overall it was an OK show, but I think you can do better. The ending was great, just like old times, but match-wise (Gail vs. Mickie, Goldust/Eugene vs. La Resistance, AMW vs. Cade/Jindrak) it wasn't too great. although the opening match (Haas wins IC gold) and the Main-event were great.
I think you will really take this thread somewhere and I wish you good luck in your future booking.


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