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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

RAW - 20th February 2006

Glad to see Money in the Bank announcement to be made by Shelton Benjamin and Benjamin, Masters, Flair in that match would be great. Good to hear that its now Interpromotional Money in the Bank match. It would be awesome.

Rob Van Dam wins the match and he will now face the Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hassan at WrestleMania. It would be an awesome match and also, its shame to not have Rob Van Dam in Money in the Bank. The match was really good. And, good to see Flair and Rob Van Dam in the last of the match but RVD done it.

Muhammad Hassan comes at Titantron and talks trash to Rob Van Dam. It was also good and I think, it made the above match more special. Wow, Daivari comes in and attacks Rob Van Dam from behind. I tell you, this feud is working great.

I know, last week Bischoff said that Triple H can't face the WWE Champion. He said that Triple H have to earn this and then Triple H said last week that he'll make an impact and Bischoff have to just see it. And, at No Way Out Triple H made an impact and now, Bischoff is saying that he can't give WWE Championship match now? Bischoff telling Triple H that he should face Kurt Angle at WrestleMania in an Interpromotional match? Umm, It will be an amazing match, really. Awesome promo here and now, Triple H have to face former-Angle's feud members? Lets see whose this now. He's on his way. This adds a little hype. I'm thinking that may be Kurt is in.

Good win by America's Most Wanted and finally, they now face MNM at the WrestleMania for the Tag Team Championships. Good match here which didn't invovled Womens.

Two Qualifying matches for Money in the Bank had been announced. And, now I am wondering that who will be the third guy? I'm picking Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters to win next week though.

Amazing promo here by Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels which started friendly but after some time, both men get in each other's faces. I think someone has to turn heel and If someone doesn't than at Mania, It would be an amazing match because Face vs. Face match always excite me. This promo adds a huge hype to the main-event really.

Orton as a Special Guest Referee in Brock's match? Umm, I am thinking that the heel Orton will cost face Brock the match and yes, My thinking did work here. Good and huge win for William Regal over Brock Lesnar here. Aftermath was brutal of Orton delivering a Pile Driver to Brock through tables!

Oh my god this Bischoff thingy is really going too much but I'm liking it. I think, It has been done really well and I want to know who is coming. But, I'll find out tonight.

So, Edge has no partner and he's now asking Kane to be his partner and Kane refuses. But, Edge taps Kane here and now Kane says He'll think about it. I'm thinking that Kane will come out in the Main-Event because he has no match.

Kurt Angle's video clip is shown but with Big Show now, I got it. Triple H vs. Big Show tonight. It would be good to watch this.

Good match here by the two pure athletes on RAW here. Triple H connects Pedigree but Kurt's music hits and he somehow doesn't covers Big Show. Kurt doesn't comes and now, Its really going good. Big Show stands up and connects Chokeslam on him. Wow, Big Show wins. Out of nowhere, Kurt Angle comes in and he Angle Slams on Triple H. Kurt Angle then applies Anckle Lock and then Big Show comes in the ring to save Triple H but Kurt Angle runs away. I tell you this is a good feud like Kurt Angle/Shawn Michaels feud one year ago.

Bischoff says that if Kane doesn't shows up next than Edge will be in a Handicap Match. Good to hear that and I hope Kane doesn't shows up. I hate Edge.

The Main-Event was really brilliant. Amazing match here which kept me guessing about the winner. Kane doesn't shows up and now, Edge is left alone in the match. Overall in the match, Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho had heat with each other. Glad to read that both men hit each other's move and both men got irritated. Wow, Kane shows up and now Its a tag team match. But, Kane chokeslams his own partner. Awesome mix action match. Its really confusing but its done pretty well. Y2J pins Edge and now, HBK is angry. At last, we see a shot of Y2J and HBK both telling each other that the belt is there. Its really done great here.

Overall, [92/100]

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