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Re: WWE: Thê Mørê Yøû €ãt, Thê Mørê Yøû §þît!

RAW (Results):
(20th February 2006):

The pyros erupt and we are live for Monday Night RAW! After a few moments..

*Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and the young athlete makes his way to the ring to cheers from the crowd. Benjamin gets in the ring and takes a mic..*

Shelton Benjamin: Last week, I promised that I would have a major announcement for tonight. I know you’re all desperate to know what it is, so here goes. At the Royal Rumble, when I faced Shawn Michaels for the WWE title; we put on one of the greatest title matches in WWE history, but for me that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that I proved I deserve to be in the main-event. I deserve to be challenging for the WWE title. Now, Eric, you may not give me a title shot and you’re right, I should earn it. So I wanna earn it on the grandest stage of ‘em all and prove once again that I’m the best athlete on RAW. So what I’m suggesting, is that at WrestleMania 22, we have the second Money in the Bank Ladder match! Only this year, things are going to be different. I’m ready. I know what to expect, and this time I will walk out with...

*Chris Masters’s music hits and “the Masterpiece” strolls down to the squared circle to a chorus of boos. Masters gets in the ring and takes a mic...*

Chris Masters: Shelton, I just came down here to say one thing. If the Money in the Bank Ladder match is going to take place again, then there will only be one man walking out with a world title opportunity, and that’s “the Masterpiece”. You see Shelton, I am destined to become the WWE Champion. It’s like, it’s written in the stars or something. I mean, it’s fate, it’s..

*Ric Flair’s music hits and the “Nature Boy” makes his way to the ring! The fans love to see Flair in the flesh as the 16-time World champion comes to the ring. Flair stares at Masters then takes a mic of his own..*

Flair: Masters, if you think it’s fate you’re going to be the WWE Champion then you’re dumber than you look! There’s no doubt, that you’re the masterpiece...the master piece of crap! You may think that you’re the greatest star in the WWE, but the “Nature Boy” ain’t going nowhere yet, so you better take a step back...boy! WOOOOOOOO!. Now as for you Shelton, I respect you. I saw your match at the Rumble and you’re right - it was amazing. Though it don’t matter how amazing you are, if the Money in the Bank is coming back, then the Nature Boy is the only one who will walk out with a guaranteed title shot! WOOOOOOOO! (turns to Masters) WOOOOOOOO! WOOOO..

*I’m Back hits the arena and Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring to mostly boos from the crowd..*

Bischoff: Alright I’ve heard enough. I’m the general manager of this brand so I will decide what damn matches take place. Shelton, it just so happens that Mr McMahon decided that the Money in the Bank match should return before you came out with the idea! So please don’t act as if you’re the only intelligent person here. However this year, things will be different. Mr McMahon has decided that the Money in the Bank Ladder match will now be an interpromotional match! There will be three superstars from RAW and Smackdown each. However, we’re going to have qualifying matches next week. Tonight, all three of you are booked for the 6-Man Battle Royal which will determine who faces the Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan at WrestleMania. And gentlemen, that match is next!

*Bischoff leaves the ring with a smirk on his face. As he walks up the ramp, Rhyno’s music hits and the “Man-beast” makes his way to the ring to boos from the audience.


Chavo Guerrero and RVD follow and the match begins!

Match 1: 6-Man Battle Royal (winner gets Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania 22) - Competitors: Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Ric Flair, Rhyno, Chavo Guerrero and RVD
*Chavo is eliminated by a Gore from Rhyno.
*Rhyno is eliminated when Shelton Benjamin nails the super kick and the “Man-beast” turns round into a Flying thrust kick from the top rope by RVD (after Rhyno is eliminated, he gets back in the ring and Gores Ric Flair. Rhyno then takes Gores Shelton Benjamin into the corner. Chris Masters receives a Gore as well. The ref tells at Rhyno to leave the ring. Rhyno yells at the ref and finally exits the ring.
*RVD was down because after he hit Rhyno with the Flying thrust kick he got locked in the Master Lock. After Rhyno gored Masters, RVD slowly climbed the turnbuckle and nailed “the Masterpiece” with the Five-Star Frog Splash to eliminate him. We are down to RVD, Flair and Benjamin.
*Flair and Benjamin go for a double-suplex on RVD. However, RVD reverses and nails a double jawbreaker! RVD then climbs the turnbuckle and waits. Benjamin turns aorund and RVD goes for the Flying thrust kick but Benjamin moves out the way! RVD then gets up and turns round into a Super kick from Benjamin! Benjamin smiles as he is about to pin RVD when Ric Flair (who was playing possum in the corner) suddenly comes forward and rolls up Benjamin to eliminate him! (after he is eliminated, Benjamin pulls Flair out of the ring and throws him with force into the steel steps. The fans boo Benjamin as he angrily continues to beat the hell out of Flair. In the ring, RVD gets up and sees what’s going on. The fans chant “Nature Boy” as RVD looks at Benjamin thinking what to do. RVD then runs to the ropes and hits Benjamin with a vaulting body press! RVD hits Benjamin with a few right hands before Benjamin pushes RVD off and retreats to the back).
*Flair goes for the Figure-Four Leg Lock but RVD reverses and kicks Flair to the ropes. Flair runs back into a spinning heel kick. RVD covers: 1-2-kick out. RVD picks up Flair and nails the steam roller. Cover: 1-2-another kick out from Flair. RVD thinks then goes for the Rolling Thunder. As RVD rolls Flair quickly slides out of the ring. RVD stands up and Flair quickly pounces up to drop RVD throat-first onto the top rope. Flair slides back in and nails RVD with a chop block. Flair goes for the Figure-Four once more but RVD once again counters by kicking Flair off, and Flair flies into the turnbuckle. RVD then runs and nails Flair with a painful dropkick to the back followed by a roll-up! 1-2-3!
Winner: Rob Van Dam.

*RVD helps Flair up and offers him a handshake. Flair shakes RVD’s hand and leaves the ring to him as “Mr. Monday Night” celebrates his victory. Then on the TitanTron, we see the Intercontinental Champion Muhammad Hassan! The fans immediately boo very loudly as Hassan begins to speak...*

Hassan: Congratulations “Rob...Van...Dam”, “Mr. Monday Night”, you’ve now earned your title match at WrestleMania...but let me assure you Rob, I will not allow injustice continue on the biggest stage of them all. This Intercontinental Championship Rob, (shows title on his shoulder) is MINE. Whether you or anybody else likes it or not, an Arab American is wearing WWE gold. And when all is said and done at WrestleMania, I will prove all the critics wrong and beat the obstacles. I will prove that the system can be manipulated. However that...is WrestleMania. Tonight, I have something else to prove. And that is, if you do injustice, you will...receive injustice.

*Suddenly, Khosrow Daivari comes out of the crowd and slides in the ring with a chair in hand behind RVD. Daivari smacks RVD with the chair to his back. The crowd boos heavily as Daivari continues to assault RVD with the chair and as Hassan laughs on the TitanTron. Daivari finally drops the chair and leaves the ring.


*After the break, we see Eric Bischoff in his office. Bischoff seems to be writing something as Triple H walks in to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Bischoff stands up and stares at “the Game”...*

Bischoff: Well speak of the devil. Do you know what I was just doing, Hunter?

Triple H: I don’t give a damn what the hell you were doing. Did you see me at No Way Out?

Bischoff (smirks): Haha, yes I did. I did indeed. But aren’t you curious what I was just doing?

Triple H: I don’t know; trying to screw me out of another title match?

Bischoff: Listen Hunter I’m sorry about last week, but the match was already made. However, I don’t go back on my decision. I don’t think that you should be in the world title picture right now. You’ve got bigger issues like...Kurt Angle.

Triple H: What are you saying Eric?

Bischoff: What I’m saying Triple H, is that I just signed a contract sent to me by Mr McMahon, stating that I, as the RAW General Manager, allow my superstar Triple H to face Smackdown’s superstar Kurt Angle...AT WRESTLEMANIA 22!

Triple H: What?! How the hell can you sign that without asking me first?!

Bischoff: No no Triple H, the match isn’t confirmed yet. I just said that I would...allow the match to take place. Whether you accept or not is up to you. You do want the match, don’t you Hunter?

*Triple H stares angrily at Bischoff, then smiles...*

Triple H: You bet your ass I do! Give me the damn contract and I’ll sign...

Bischoff: No no no, not yet Hunter. Until me and Teddy Long decide when to have the good ol’, official contract signing, you’re not going anywhere near that paper. Now, Triple H, let’s focus on tonight. I’ve decided that to build-up your match with Kurt Angle, I’m going to have you face off against some of his former opponents, partners, etc... Tonight, that plan begins, with...

*They are interrupted when Todd Grisham rushes in a very excited manner...*

Grisham: Mr Bischoff, sir...

*Bischoff gets excited too, perhaps ready to hear a news he’s been waiting for...*

Bischoff: Yes Todd?

Grisham: He’s on his way.

Bischoff: He’s on his way?

Grisham: He’s on his way!!

Bischoff: HE’S ON HIS WAY!!

*Triple H looks puzzled...*

Triple H: Who’s on his way?

*Bischoff suddenly calms down and reacts strangely...*

Bischoff: Never mind Hunter, what’s it got to do with you? You can’t just demand me to tell you! Why should I tell you? It’s my business! Why I should I tell you? Who in the hell...

Triple H: ALRIGHT! Alright! Who gives a damn anyway!

*Triple H walks off looking p*ssed off, unable to discover Bischoff’s secret. After “the Game” has left, Bischoff gets excited again...*

Bischoff: Yes yes yes yes!!

*Bischoff hurriedly follows Grisham out of the room as MNM’s music hits in the arena and we are ready for our second match of the evening...*

*As MNM make their way to the ring, it is announced that if AMW beat MNM tonight then they will get a title opportunity at WrestleMania 22. Also Melina, Mickie James, Trish and Ashley are all banned from the arena this evening*

Match 2: MNM (Mercury and Nitro) vs. America’s Most Wanted
Mercury and Storm are the legal men. Mercury chokes Storm in the corner. Storm falls down and Mercury executes a foot-choke. Mercury then tags in Nitro. Nitro walks over and begins stomping Storm in the gut. Mercury changes his mind about leaving the ring and gets back in to join Nitro in kicking the hell out of Storm. Chris Harris jumps in and begins to attack Mercury! Harris takes down Mercury with a clothesline. Nitro tries to fight Harris but gets chucked out of the ring! Harris yells at Nitro as Joey Mercury gets up. Meanwhile Storm is getting up as well in the corner. Storm can see that Mercury will nail Harris with the Virginia Necktie. As Harris turns round Storm rushes forward and nails Mercury with the Superkick! The ref reminds them that Nitro is the legal man. Harris gets out of the ring and goes to pick up Nitro. Nitro plays possum and gets Harris with a low blow. Nitro quickly slides back into the ring but Storm is ready and nails the Superkick on Johnny Nitro! Cover: 1-2-Nitro gets his hand on the ropes! Storm pulls Nitro more into the ring. Cover: 1-2-Mercury just pulls Storm off of Nitro. Mercury pulls Storm up by his hair and nails the Double underhook DDT on Storm. Mercury places Nitro on top of Storm and slides out of the left side of the ring. Cover: 1-2-Harris slides back in to pull Nitro off of Storm! Mercury jumps back onto the apron but Harris charges and knocks him to the ground. Harris lifts up Nitro into position and AMW perform the Death Sentence! Cover by Storm: 1-2-3!
Winners: America’s Most Wanted.

*After the match the crowd is cheering heavily for AMW as Harris and Storm slide out of the ring and pick up the World Tag Team Championship belts. Harris and Storm raise the titles then drop them on the foot of the ramp. As they retreat to the back, Mercury checks on Nitro in the ring.*


*After the commercial it is announced that next week on RAW, in two Money in the Bank Qualifying matches, Shelton Benjamin will face “the Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “the Masterpiece” Chris Masters will face “the Man-beast” Rhyno.*

*Backstage, we see Chris Jericho in his locker room and the fans burst into cheering. Suddenly, a knock comes on the door. The door opens and the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels walks in! The fans are chanting both “Y2J” and “HBK”...*

HBK: Hey Chris, you heard the Main-event for tonight?

Y2J: Yeah I did - “the Highlight of the Night” Chris Jericho and “the Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels against Edge and a partner of his choice.

HBK: That’s right. I just came in here to say thanks for last week.

Y2J: No problem.

HBK: You saw what Edge did right?

Y2J: Well obviousl...

HBK: Exactly. So when the time comes to make the pin, you better make sure you tag me in to pin his ass.

Y2J: Hey Shawn, I don’t care what happened between you two. If I’m the legal man, the victory is mine.

HBK: Chris, don’t make this mistake. Edge is mine!

Y2J: Didn’t you understand me Shawn Michaels? I don’t give a DAMN what you demand! Last week I made Edge tap out, and at WrestleMania...I’ll make you tap out.

HBK: Good luck Chris, but umm...I think I’ve forgotten...could you remind me what happened last time we wrestled against each other at WrestleMania? (smiles)

Y2J: Yeah, very funny Shawn. See, you may have won last time, but that just gives me more strength. More determination, more ammunition. This time, the WWE Championship is on the line. This is the first time I walk into WrestleMania as the challenger to the world title and I will NOT screw up this opportunity. But the bottom line Shawn is at WrestleMania, when you tap and I am crowned new WWE Champion, you will never...EEEEEEVEERRRR....be the same....again!

HBK: That was really something Chris. Just let me remind you who you’re facing: “the Showstopper”, “the Icon”, “the Main-event”, “the Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels! And at WrestleMania I have no intention of tapping out; I have no intention of walking out without the WWE Championship on my shoulder.

Y2J: We’ll see about that...

HBK: Yeah, we will Chris. We will.

*An intense stare-down between Jericho and Michaels occurs...then Jericho takes a few steps back and leaves the room...*

*We go back to the ring, where Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the former WWE Champion makes his way to the ring to a loud pop! William Regal follows to booing from the crowd. However there is no referee in the ring. Before the match starts, Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron. It seems Bischoff is talking to us from the parking lot...*

Bischoff: Brock, you can’t just interfere in Main-events whenever you want. Last week, you had no right to intervene in MY Main-event and attack Randy Orton. You have to realise that the only man who can intervene is...me. Therefore tonight, I’m going to show you what happens when you interfere in Eric Bischoff’s business...

*Randy Orton’s music hits and the “Legend Killer” makes his way to the ring! The audience boo Orton heavily as he walks out with a referee shirt on! Lesnar looks p*ssed off as on the opposite William Regal looks very happy to have the advantage against Lesnar...*

Match 3: Brock Lesnar vs. William Regal (Special Referee: Randy Orton)
Lesnar hits Regal in the corner with multiple shoulder blocks. Regal falls down and Lesnar stomps angrily on Regal. Lesnar picks Regal up, throws him to the ropes and nails a hard Powerslam pin on the rebound. Cover (Orton makes a slow count): 1.....2.....Regal gets the shoulder up. Lesnar stands up and yells at Orton. Orton acts innocent and backs into the corner as Lesnar closes in on him. As Lesnar yells at Orton Regal crawls over and gets Lesnar with a low blow. Regal turns to the opposite turnbuckle of Orton and secretly tries to take out the brass knuckles. The fans boo Regal as he wraps the brass knuckles around his fist. Regal turns round and waits for Lesnar to stand up (meanwhile Orton acts as if he has seen nothing). Lesnar stands up, turns round and Regal nails the Brass Knuckles Punch. Cover: 1-2-Lesnar just gets the shoulder up! The fans cheer as Orton and Regal both cannot believe it! Orton picks up Lesnar and Regal nails the Brass Knuckles Punch once more. Cover:1-2-LESNAR GETS THE SHOULDER UP AGAIN! Regal looks shocked and Orton is irate! Orton yells at Lesnar, “you will be pinned!”. Orton slowly picks up Lesnar, then nails an RKO! Regal covers Lesnar and Orton makes a cocky but slow count: 1........2........3!
Winner: William Regal.

*After the match, Orton raises Regal’s hand as the crowd boos the hell out of them both. Then, Orton turns to Regal and whispers something in his ear. Regal nods his head and goes to the outside. Meanwhile Orton picks up Lesnar’s head and spits in the former WWE Champion’s face! Orton helps Lesnar up, then throws him out of the left side of the ring. On the outside, Regal has a steel chair. Orton picks up Lesnar, and Regal smacks Lesnar with the chair. It seems Lesnar is bleeding as Orton and Regal drag Lesnar up the ramp towards the announce table...Orton and Regal place a bloody Lesnar on the announce table. Orton picks up Lesnar, and hits a piledriver THROUGH THE TABLE! The crowd yells “Holy Sh*t!” as Lesnar is laid out. Orton slowly gets up and smiles as he looks down on Lesnar. Orton is happy to have gained revenge on Lesnar and his music hits as he and Regal exit the arena...*


*After the break, we see Eric Bischoff is still in the parking lot, waiting for someone’s arrival. Bischoff seems excited although keeps checking his watch. Suddenly, Bischoff’s cell phone rings. Bischoff answers..*

Bischoff: Hello? Yes. what?! He’s not coming? What do you mean he’s not coming?! I’ve been waiting here for ages and...well then when will he be here? What?! Hello?!

*The line must’ve cut off as Bischoff looks furious. meanwhile in the back area, Edge is shown standing outside a door. Edge wonders whether he should knock or not, then decides to knock. Edge walks in and it’s Kane’s locker room! Kane doesn’t look happy to see Edge. He stands up as Edge begins to talk..*

Edge: Kane listen. You know I have a Tag Team Main-event match tonight right?

Kane: Yes..

Edge: Well I need to find a partner. Now I’ve been busy backstage looking for someone but well, there’s no really who can match up to you. I mean, I saw the way you beat Rhyno last week. That was..great!

Kane: Why Edge, should I team up with a weasel like you?

Edge: Kane please. Just think of it for a second...”the Rated-R Superstar” Edge, and the “Big Red Monster” Kane in tag team action. On the same page Kane, we can be unstoppable.

Kane: You know Edge, the last time I was in the ring with you, it was because you were cheating with Lita on me. So if you think...

Edge: Kane that’s all in the past. Lita and I have no intention of angering you again Kane. All we want, all I want is a solid tag team partner.

Kane: I don’t...

Edge: Kane what’s happened to you? You know what? You want the truth? I did you a favour! Yeah that’s right. Lita made you weak. I mean look at you! You’re supposed to be a “monster”. With Lita next to you, you were getting soft. I made you a monster again Kane. In a way, you owe me..

*Silence between the two men...*

Kane: I’ll think about it.

Edge: I know you’ll make the right choice Kane. See you in the ring.

*Edge walks out of the room. Outside, Edge has a smirk on his face. Inside, Kane has a smile on his face. What’s going on in the mind of Kane?*

*In the arena, Triple H’s music hits and “the Game” enters the arena to a mixed reaction. Triple H does his usual entrance, then waits for his opponent. Suddenly on the TitanTron, a small video is shown...

The video shows clips of Kurt Angle’s rivalry with the Big Show, such as their matches from Armageddon 2002, No Mercy 2005, the Royal Rumble 2005, and other memorable moments from their feud such as Show throwing Angle off the ledge when we was Smackdown GM and Angle shaving Show bald. After the video ends, Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd...*

Match 4: Big Show vs. Triple H
Show hits HHH with a headbutt in the middle of the ring. Show then goes to leg drop HHH and connects. Cover: 1-2-HHH kicks out. Show picks HHH up and throws him to the corner. Show hits “the Game” with the World’s largest chop. HHH falls down in pain but Show picks him up and hits another loud chop. Show then places HHH on the top turnbuckle and it seems the 7-ft giant is going for a superplex. Show climbs to the second turnbuckle but HHH assaults Show with right hand after right hand and the big man falls crashing to the mat. HHH goes for the Diving Fist Drop but Big Show lifts up his arm and catches HHH by the throat! Show stands up as HHH tries to get Show’s hand off his neck. Show picks up HHH and nails the Chokeslam! Cover: 1-2-HHH kicks out! Big Show can’t believe it! Show grabs HHH by the throat ready for another Chokeslam. Show lifts HHH into the air but “the Game” reverses with a DDT! Pin by HHH: 1-2-Big Show kicks out. HHH runs to the ropes and then connects with a Knee drop to the head of Big Show. HHH slowly picks up Show. HHH kicks Show in the gut, then again to make Show fall to his knees, and sets up the big man for the Pedigree. Show reverses by picking HHH up, then grabs “the Game’s” head with his right arm and nails an Emerald Fusion on HHH! Cover: 1-2-HHH gets his foot on the ropes. Show can’t believe his luck and picks “the Game” up. Show throws HHH to the opposite (upper-right) turnbuckle. Show charges but HHH reverses with an elbow to the face. HHH climbs the top turnbuckle. HHH goes for the Flying Double Axe handle but Show ducks and counters by grabbing HHH’s throat again! Show goes for the Chokeslam but HHH elbows Show in the face. Show spins round and then turns back to HHH, only to get kicked in the gut followed by the Pedigree! HHH is about to cover when..
Kurt Angle’s music hits the arena! The audience is on it’s feet ready to see Angle as HHH completely forgets Big Show and walks over to the ropes to await Kurt Angle. The music plays but Angle is nowhere to be seen. After a few moments the entrance video ends and the crowd boos. HHH looks annoyed and turns round, but Big Show is back up! Chokeslam by the big man to HHH! Cover: 1-2-3!
Winner: Big Show.

*Big Show leaves the ring as HHH is down on the mat. Suddenly out of nowhere, Kurt Angle jumps over the barricade and into the ring! Angle gets in the ring behind HHH. As “the Game” gets up, Angle grabs him from behind and nails the Angle Slam! The crowd boos Angle as he then applies the Angle Lock! HHH is tapping out as Big Show suddenly comes running down back to the ring! Angle quickly lets go of HHH and escapes through the crowd. HHH looks p*ssed as Big Show checks on him.


*After the break, Edge is backstage in Eric Bischoff’s office..*

Bischoff: So Edge, did you find a partner?

Edge: I think I have, but...

Bischoff: Where is he?

Edge: Kane? The last I saw of him he was in his locker room.

Bischoff: Well I hope you’re sure, because if Kane doesn’t show up tonight, you’re in a Handicap match!

Edge: What?! That’s unfair damnit!

Bischoff: Life’s unfair, Edge. You just have to get used to it. Besides, you asked for it when you attacked HBK last week. And do you know what Edge? I’m banning Lita from ringside! Now go get ready for the match, because it’s NEXT.

Edge: You’ll regret this Eric.

Bischoff: OK Edge, OK. Now just go.

*Edge looks angrily at Bischoff, then leaves the room..*

*Edge’s music hits in the arena and the “Rated-R Superstar” makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Lita, and to major heat from the crowd. After a few moments Kane is nowhere to be seen and so the music of Chris Jericho hits and “Y2J” makes his way to the ring to the loudest pop of the night so far. The WWE Champion, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels follows to a very loud pop as well, and it seems this match is now a One on Tag match..*

Main-event: Edge vs. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels
Jericho takes Edge down with a bulldog. Y2J then runs to the ropes and goes for the Lionsault but Edge lifts his knees up. Edge then jumps up and nails Jericho with a fierce DDT. Cover: 1-2-Jericho kicks out. Edge stomps on Jericho, then locks him in sleeper hold. Jericho tries to fight out of the hold but can’t. The ref begins to count; he raises Jericho’s arm and lets go: 1......2.....Jericho gets the arm before 3 to a pop from the crowd. The people are chanting “Y2J” loudly as Jericho elbows Edge in the stomach. After a few elbows Edge lets go of Jericho. Jericho runs to the ropes and hits Edge with a running Twist elbow attack on the rebound. Edge gets up and Jericho hits another elbow attack. Jericho climbs to the top turnbuckle. Edge gets up and slowly turns round. Jericho goes for a cross-body and connects it but Edge rolls through and covers Jericho! 1-2-Jericho just kicked out! That was close! Edge goes to pick up Jericho but Y2J reverses with a roll-up! 1-2-Edge kicks out! Jericho goes to headlock Edge but Edge pushes Y2J to the (lower-right) turnbuckle. Shawn Michaels then tags himself in! Jericho tells the ref he didn’t even tag HBK in but “a tag is a tag” says the ref. Jericho gets out of the ring as HBK nails Edge with hard right hands. HBK throws Edge to the ropes. Edge holds onto the ropes and HBK jumps and does a dropkick in the air for nothing. HBK gets up and Edge charges forward and connects with the Spear! Cover: 1-2-Jericho breaks the count. Jericho pulls Edge by the hair and thrusts him into the lower-left corner. Jericho chops Edge in the corner as the ref yells at him to get out of the ring. HBK pulls Jericho off of Edge and hits a few chops himself. Jericho shoves HBK and HBK shoves Y2J back. The partners get in each other’s faces as the referee is still telling Jericho to get out of the ring. Jericho slides out of the ring and HBK turns back to Edge, who is still in the corner. HBK picks Edge up and places him on the top turnbuckle. HBK climbs to the second turnbuckle. HBK goes for the superplex but Edge reverses it in mid-air into a cross-body press pin! Cover: 1-2-HBK just kicks out! Edge goes to the upper-right corner and prepares for the Spear. HBK slowly turns round and Edge rushes forward. HBK moves out the way and Edge runs into the lower-left corner. Edge dizzily walks backwards and turns round. HBK pulls Edge’s legs, thrusting the “Rated-R Superstar” down to the mat. HBK then applies the Walls of Jericho to Edge! Chris Jericho looks irate! Edge gets to the lower rope but HBK pulls Edge to the centre of the ring! Just when it looks like Edge might tap out, Chris Jericho gets in the ring and breaks the hold! Jericho then goes back to the corner and HBK yells at him. HBK gets in Jericho’s face when Jericho suddenly tags himself in! Y2J’s plan worked! HBK exits the ring as Edge begins to stand up and Jericho waits. Edge then turns around and Jericho nails Sweet Chin Music on Edge! Jericho goes for the pin! 1-2-HBK pulls Jericho off of Edge! HBK and Y2J go toe-to-toe once more when...
The pyro’s erupt and Kane’s music hits; the “Big Red Monster” makes his way to the ring! HBK and Y2J stare at each other, then start to argue, both telling the other to go and stop Kane before he gets to the ring! Kane steps over the top rope and into the ring. HBK rushes over to Kane but Kane reverses by back dropping the WWE Champion over the top rope! Edge is getting to his feet and Kane helps him up as Y2J doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as HBK and stays in his corner. Edge thanks Kane, but the “Big Red Monster” grabs Edge by the throat and nails a Chokeslam! Y2J looks surprised but doesn’t waste time and goes for the pin on Edge! 1-2-3!
Winners: Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.

*Kane leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as HBK slides back into the ring (with the WWE Title belt). HBK is not happy to see that Jericho pinned Edge. Meanwhile Edge slides out of the ring and looks p*ssed that Kane turned on him. Edge walks up the ramp as HBK and Y2J simply stare each-other down in the ring. HBK holds up the WWE Championship and gestures that it belongs to him. Y2J gestures that the title will be his and the show closes with HBK and Y2J both still standing in the ring, both still determined that they will walk out the winner at WrestleMania 22...*


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