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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Raw Review:

Good opening promo with the McMahon's and Cena, gave the explanation for Cena heel turn, which by the way was done very well. I liked HHH interupting and then starting a brawl off, good having Edge make the save, but i'm in two minds whether he has HHH back in the handicap match later.

Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin: Good summary of the match, with a shock victory for Haas to become new Intercontinetal Champion, i liked how RVD cost Benjamin the match furthering their feud by the looks of it.

Nice segment between Vince and Shane, possibly a plan for the handicap match?

Peep Show was good. I like the heel turn for Christian, but as a face would have been nice, but i like the comparison he kept making with his lines similar to the Rock, who only goes interupts, nice dialogue from Rock and good way to finish the promo with The Rock standing tall.

Nice Kane segment, promoting Kane losing it.

Eugene/Goldust vs La Resistance: A good filler match for Kane to take out his frustration, i like how you had Kane destroy all four superstars putting over him as a pyschotic monster.

Mickie James vs Gail Kim: Nice to see Gail Kim back wrestling, decent match to put Mickie over further as champion, look forward to see what you have prepared for her.

Good McMahon promo, it will be interesting to see what they have planned for the handicap match, and i like the stipulation offered for Shelton Benjamin to get revenge on RVD.

Decent Edge/HHH promo, the ending maybe hinting at Edge screwing HHH in the main event.

AMW vs Cade/Jindrak: Decent opener for the tag title tournament and nice to see the debuting AMW advance, good tag match, with typical tag pyschology, a bit suprised AMW didn't win with the death sentence.

Nice challenge by Christian, look forward to the match next week if The Rock accepts....Which he does, a good match scheduled for next week, plus finding out who the new GM is, look forward to that.

Edge/HHH vs John Cena and Vince and Shane McMahon: Decent main event, written out well with the face team dominating, Cena and the McMahons taking advantage until Vince cocks up, with allowed the hot tag to HHH, nice to see him clear house and the turn made by Edge screwing his partner. Good aftermath having Cade, Test, Masters and Jindrak seemingly join the McMahon-Cena faction destroying HHH, good choices for the group. And the save from Stone Cold of all people didn't expect that, nice how he took down everyone and then just as it seemed HHH and Austin had the advantage the numbers game took over, but another save from Scott Hall, again didn't that, 2 shocks in one night, i was actually expecting HBK and a DX re-union.

Nice finish to Raw, which was overall well written, some good matches with the main event standing out. The promo's where well written and leaves next week Raw quite anticipating.

Smackdown Review:

Good opening promo by Teddy Long, built up Smackdown well announcing the matches. I like the introduction of the TV Title, should be a good addition. Good Segment with JBL/Lesnar/Benoit and Goldberg, the 4 Way Match should be good especially now with it No.1 Contenders Match.

Good promo from Melina continuing the open challenge for MNM and what a way for the Hardyz to return accepting.

MNM vs Hardy Boyz: Great opening match, some what reminscement of Hardyz vs Edge/Christian. Good start to the match that didn't let down and great win for the Hardyz hitting their signature spot.

Good Kurt Angle promo and great to see Ken Kennedy pushed into a match with Angle which should be good.

Interesting to see Hogan back on Smackdown, i wonder what role he'll have.

Booker T vs Boogeyman: Suprised to see Boogeyman return, but a nice way for him to go out with Booker seemingly injuring him, decent match, hopefully something more out of Booker T and Sharmell.

Decent Miz promo, a shame he doesn't get his debut today, but shocked to see his first match a title shot.

Gregory Helms vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick: Excellent cruisers match, nice to see them get some spotlight. The match was well written and very realistic, great ending with Helms pushing away London to the outside and cheating the win from Kendrick, great way to put Helms over.

Paul Burchill vs William Regal: Another great match, and what a way for Burchill to get his first title reign beating Regal, well written and great aftermath having Miz lay out Burchill to build up their match next week.

Good segment with MNM, and the returning Basham Brother next week, MNM seem to take them lightly, maybe a 3 way tag team match for Judgement Day?

Kurt Angle vs Ken Kennedy: Good match, put both superstars over well. Nice signature spots from Angle and good to see him retain, i was kind of expecting a DQ finish, but good how he made Kennedy tap out, i got a feeling this is a feud in the making.

Nice limo segment, wonder who is inside.

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio: The good matches keep on rolling. Great announcement by Teddy Long changing this to No.1 Contenders for the US Title, decent back and forth match, with Rey having to use both of his secondary finisher to win the match. Great promo by Orton to close the match, i wonder what he has planned.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar vs JBL vs Chris Benoit: Excellent main event, with all four superstars doing really well, some great moments and tense finale. I thought JBL had it won but for the distraction and what a way for Kevin Nash to return causing the match to be No Contest, Good ending having Angle lay out Nash only for Angle to make the save and then have Undertaker return, great ending to Smackdown.

Overall great Smackdown, well written with great matches and good promo's. Main event scene looks very strong and it looks as if Smackdown can be going places.
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