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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Smackdown Review

Intresting promo was ok but it kinda strayed from everything and it certainly could have been longer. Two debuts in one night, much less one promo is not the way to go! TV Title's back and we get a good match there and the main event sounds good too

The Hardy Boyz are back and they seem to be working together real good once again. Anyways, they get a win over MNM and I'd personally like to see a Ladder Match at Judgment Day for the titles, that certainly would be a good match to witness

Angle interview was kinda dull. Kennedy comes in and saves it but it didn't last too long? I don't think Angle would be saying "Get Your Panties on" but it was a decent segment. World Title match tonight and Angle is surely going to pick up the win

Booker T gets himself DQ'd with the help from Sharmell and that was not to be unsuspected. Seems a rematch coming down the road, perhaps at Judgment Day to get rid of this feud. Either way, I see Booker T picking the win up if Boogeyman isn't injured too much

The Miz! Wonder what you can do with him because his "Reality Check" gimmick seems totally cool. Anyways, made it seem like he's afraid of Funaki and I don't think he would be but he gets a title shot against Regal or Burchill next week, cool?

Cruiserweight Triple Threat was good and a very competitive match at that but I don't know where this goes from here? Will Helms be having a match at Judgment Day is what I wonder. And if so, maybe perhaps London and Kendrick would be good again

Burchill and Regal have an good match and it results with Burchill taking the Television title which was predictable. Miz comes out and the chair gets used again tonight but my the Miz. Chair shot and another Reality Check this time handed out to Burchill

MNM are shown again and Long talks to them and another team is returning next week! Oh, the Basham Brothers are back and with this being announced, I'm saying the Bashams will win because first, this was announced, and second, it's their return match

Decent match between Angle and Kennedy but Angle is able to withstand the challenge and retains via Ankle Lock. Not sure who Angle is going to face though and I'm really intrested to find out because there really is any way it can go

Orton/Mysterio have a rematch from a few weeks ago in real life Smackdown and this seems similar to it. Anyways winner gets number one contedership to US title and right away I knew Mysterio was going to get the win and JBL/Rey next week sounds pretty good

Main event seemed pretty good even though Benoit seemed kinda out of the environment in there. Anyways Kevin Nash debuts and well, it is ok and I think I see an Elimination Chamber coming from this match because there really is a lot of superstars right now wanting the title
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