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Re: Chikara - Season 12 Discussion Thread

The Young Bucks are the 13th team added to the TWGP.

And here are spoilers for tonight's first show of the Southern doubleshot:

Spoiler for Battle Not With Monsters Spoilers:
Results for the here! WARNING!! If you dont want Spoilers, DONT READ THIS POST!! Will be updated as the show progresses

- The show is all set to begin, but Gavin is nowhere to be found...

- Our hosts for the evening are...Tim Donst, Jakob hammermeir, Steve The Turtle Weiner, and Veronica...

1. Ophidian/The Batiri d. The Colony (Fire and assailANT)/Los Ice Creams after Kobald pinned assailANT

2. Saturyne d. Missile Assault Ant

3. The Colony XTREME Force (w/deviANT as a possible replacement for Soldier Ant as leader) vs 3.0 (Currently in Progress)

- An Impromptu Six Man pits deviANT and XTREME Force vs. 3.0 & Gran Akuma

- Colony XTREME Foce d. Booyakuma via Top Rope Legdrop on Akuma by Arctic Rescue Ant

4. The Shard d. Amasis via reversing a prawn hold into a pin

- Gavin just showed up, wrapped in duct tape, claiming Donst locked him in a closet!!


5. Archibald Peck d. Jigsaw with a Handful of Tights Rollup

6. Mr. Touchdown d. Chiva Kid via the Flea Flicker to retain the YLC

7. The Spectral Envoy d. F.I.S.T. after a miscommunication by F.I.S.T.

- Gargano blames Sugar, Gargano superkicks Sugar, Icarus Spears Gargano...Gargano says he quits?

8. Eddie Kingston d. Green Ant via a Backfist, a Backdrop Driver, and ANOTHER Backfist to retain the Grand Championship.


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