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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Sorry for the late review, I seem to be forgetting a lot of people in reviews. I'm not judging you on grammar because I know English is not your first language and I can still understand it pretty well anyway.

No Way Out Review:

Opening Video- This wasn't bad, but as others above me said, it could have focused more on the feuds instead of just listing the matches. Still was good and video packages are hard to write in my opinion. 7/10

Mexicools vs Carlito/Kennedy- Great way to open the PPV, starting strong. You made both teams look good with a lot of near falls, it was really entertaining. It dragged on a bit too long which could take away length from some more important matches, but still good. This really was a great match from start to finish, I didn't know who was going to win and it was just fun to read. I'm happy for the new champs and can't wait to see where you go with them. 9/10

Lashley vs Mysterio- Another solid match. Mysterio using his speed and agility to try and take down Lashley, kicks and dropkicks to the legs. Good job having just one big attack from Lashley knocking Mysterio down, really showing his strength. Back and forth action was good here, but Mysterio seemed to be getting a lot more offense in than Lashley even though Lashley dominated a portion of the match. Mysterio picks up the win in a pretty good match. Lashley isn't ready for a WrestleMania main event anyway. 8/10

Kid Kash promo- Pretty well written, Kid Kash acting like his cocky heel self. This should have hyped the ladder match more or attack Jamie Noble more, it was sort of a mixture of both that didn't work too well. Still, it was decent. 6/10

Kash vs Noble- GREAT match. I felt it was a bit too short, but still great. Noble dominates the first part of the match, showing he really wants to win the belt, but then Kash reverses the momentum with a missle dropkick to the ladder, taking out Noble. Awesome dangerous spots from the cruiserweights, like the belly-to-back suplex througg the table on the outside. In the end, Kash retains the belt, and I can't wait to see what's next for him. 10/10

Rock promo- Fantastic, you captured the Rock's character very well and this was very entertaining to read. I laughed when he was trying to remember his signature line, lol. Just really well written and then Carlito interrupts him, telling him he's not cool. Suddenly SCSA comes out, stuns Carlito and Kennedy, and celebrates with beer. Awesome moment. 10/10

JBL vs Undertaker- Two pretty big guys going at it, should be interesting. I think you made JBL look a bit too powerful, having one right hand knock down taker for 6 seconds just seemed too much. The Undertaker pretty much dominates the match as he should, with JBL getting in some minor offense when he can. JBL starts to get in some offense after changing the momentum with a back body drop, but even his best moves can't keep Taker down. JBL counters the Tombstone, hits the low blow, rolls Taker up and holds the ropes! It's a shame to see JBL win but at least it wasn't cleanly. 8/10

Christian promo- A bit too short. Christian could have said some more stuff to bash Burchill or hype the match tonight. Funny having Burchill show up with the sword pointed at him only to get slapped. This was decent and could have been longer. 7/10

Christian vs Burchill- This was an okay match, nothing special. Then again, it's good just to have a normal match on a PPV card to display some talent. The only thing I didn't like is how Christian basically destroyed Burchill. All of Burchill's moves (well, most) were reversed or dodged. This really made Burchill look weak and made Christian look unstoppable. This was a decent match, good length, pretty entertaining for a PPV match but just made Burchill look very bad. 6/10

WM22 Promo- NICE! I love when WWE does these kind of things to hype WM and this was just great. Benoit takes out a guy on the train with a crossface and is about to get jumped, but Carlito, kennedy, mysterio, etc show up and take out the rest. Now das cool. 10/10

Angle vs Benoit- A dream match for many people, watching Angle go against Benoit in a submission match. I wish there was some more mat wrestling, but this was still very well written and exciting. Benoit hits Angle with an enziguri? I guess it COULD happen, but I've never seen him do it. It was awesome having Benoit apply the Ankle Lock, only to have Angle reverse into his own Ankle Lock. I think you went overboard also having Benoit hit the Angle Slam, taking too many signature moves from Angle. Very long match which is good because these guys are trained for long matches. I wish I saw some more submission action and more mat wrestling, but still great. Triple H attacks Angle for revenge from a year ago! Benoit picks up the victory but it was with HHH's help! 9/10

Cena Promo- Again, pretty short and I wasn't really feeling it. Can't see Cena saying that stuff in that way, just seemed pretty off. Either way it hyped the main event which is always good, but it could have been longer and more detailed. 6/10

Main Event Cena vs Batista- MOTN in my opinion. I don't like either two competitors but this match was so well written with back and forth action making both men look strong and tons of near falls, just simply great. Good length, falling just a little bit shorter than the Submission Match, but that's okay because the Main Event doesn't have to be the longest. Great length, great entertainment, made both guys look strong, an awesome way to end the PPV. Cool spot with the back body drop through the announcers table. I loved how you made Cena lock on the STFU for a good portion of the match and keep trying to re-apply it, showed how vicious he was but also made Batista look strong by not tapping. Cena keeps trying to cheat by hitting Batista with the chain gang pendant, busting him open. Suddenly Batista makes a come back, giving it his all, going wild, and BATISTA BOMB! 1, 2, 3, and Batista remains the champion. Amazing match, it really was. 10/10

Overall- 106/140 = 75/100 = C, which seems bad, but what really brought it down was the promos. If you take away the promos that scored bad, you get an A-. The booking was great, putting the right wrestlers against each other and gave them appropriate length matches. Overall this was very exciting and entertaining for a PPV, and again the only thing that brought it down was some promos that just weren't very good or didn't fit and then the Christian/Burchill match. So basically I'd work on your promo writing and trying to make a wrestler look strong even if he is supposed to lose, even though you do that well most of the time. This really was great work Apple Spitter, I'm impressed, and hopefully we see HHH vs Angle at WM!

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