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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Lexington, Kentucky

*Opening video*


Styles: Welcome to WWE RAW, just 24 hours removed from Backlash, and what a night it was!

King: That's right Joey, Rob Van Dam & Shelton Benjamin still have not resolved their differences, as Shelton got himself DQ'd by hitting Van Dam with a chair in what can only be described as a classic match!

Coach: That wasn't all guys, Mickie James retained her Womens title beating Trish Stratus for the second time, in consecutive PPV's.

Styles: And check this out, in an unreal brawl, Kane Chokeslammed Big Show off the stage, and Big Show is now out for at the very least 2 months with spinal injuries.

*Video is shown of Kane Chokeslamming Big Show off the stage*

King: Kane has snapped and become a sadistic monster again, and he's going to be wanting destruction of anyone in his path!

Styles: But the big talking point of last night was John Cena walking out of Backlash still the WWE champion, after alligning himself with the McMahons, and screwing over HHH & Edge in the process!

Coach: I gotta admit guys, I'm beggining to dig John Cena as of late!

*No Chance* hits and the crowd boos the hell out of Vince & Shane as they walk to the ring seeming happy, despite their tag team loss last night. Vince struts around in the middle of the ring, while Shane gets a couple of mics

Vince: Thank you Shane. Now la.....

Vince is cut off as a huge *HHH* chant starts up, which disgusts McMahon


Crowd gives heat

Vince: Just 24 hours ago, you witnessed history! You saw John Cena retain against all the odds, once again. You saw myself and my son Shane here, turn away from that egotistical son of a bitch son in law of mine, HHH!

Crowd erupts at the mention of HHH, then boos Vince again

Vince: Why did we do it? I'll tell you why! Everytime that prick wanted something, he'd come sulking to me, and kissing my ass until I gave him a title shot, or a match, or whatever he wanted. HHH would have accomplished NOTHING if it wasn't for me! He'd still have his brash attitude, and he'd be telling people left, right and center to "Suck It"

Crowd pops at the DX mention

Vince: And I had enough. Last night when I lost to HBK and "God", I had a vision. I realized that you people will continue to boo John Cena.....

A *Cena Sucks* chant gets going

Vince: So why not turn this in my favour. I struck a deal with John, if he wanted to keep that belt, by any means necessary, and he did by the way, then he would have to allign himself with the McMahons. And John had no worries turning his back on all of you low lives, who he worked his heart out for, only for you to turn on him!

Crowd cheers

Vince: So at this time, I would like you to welcome your WWE Champion, John Cena!

*My Time Is Now* fills the arena to an amazing amount of heat, the boos literally rock the building it's so heavy. Cena walks out with a giant grin on his face and taunts the crowd with the belt, wavin the "You Cant See Me" pose to the crowd, who jeer him again. Cena then rolls into the ring and shakes hands with Shane, then with Vince, before hugging Vince, which garners more heat

Styles: O please, get a room. This is pathetic!

Coach: Shutup Joey, sit down and watch. These guys are running the show now!

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, yo!

The crowd boos heavily as Cena smiles

Cena: The champ is STILL HEEEEERE!

Cena raises the WWE title up high as the crowd boos again, and Cena keeps it raised high

Cena: Who ever thought, that John Cena would walk in, and walk out of this arena last night with this belt still around my waist? I don't think any of you do. All you did was hate me 'coz you ain't me!

Crowd boos Cena again

Cena: Although, I'll give HHH & Edge their dues, they fought well. But they had, as my good mate here would say "No Chance in Hell" of beating me.

Crowd boos

Vince: That was good John, and I think this is going to be the start of a solid business relationship.....

*The Game* cuts in to a massive pop as HHH walks out on stane looking pissed off, not wearing a snazzy suit like usual, but dressed in street clothes. He walks back and forth on stage, looking with a seething hatred towards Cena and the McMahons

Vince: Well look who it is, it's The Game, Tri....

HHH: Shut it!

The crowd pops as Vince's face changes to a stern look

HHH: I gotta admit, last night, you got me. Crafty. I didn't see it coming, when you, being the big man you were, had Shane there to do the dirty work and hit me with the chair. I had eight stitches back here. It still hurts.

HHH holds the back of his head

Vince: I could care less Hunter, your days of being at the top are over. It's time to move on, you're past your prime.

HHH: That's rich coming from you Vince, you've hit the pensioners age and you still think you've got what it takes to wrestle. You should've been in a nursing home 5 years ago.

Crowd laughs, Vince is getting pissed in the ring

Shane: Hey Hunter, why don't you come down here and back that big mouth of yours up huh? C'mon!

HHH smiles and thinks for a moment, the crowd have come alive, cheering for The Game, as he nods and heads to the ring. HHH gets in and right in Shane's face, but Vince steps in between them to heat

Vince: Hunter if you lay a finger on my son I'll see to it you never wrestle for the WWE championship again!

HHH backs off, and leans against the ropes

HHH: Vince you of all people know that you don't ever try and play The Game, I'm the King of Kings and I should be sitting back at my throne if it wasn't for you.

Vince: If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have been the "King of Kings" even once Hunter, don't you dare try and tell me you'd be something, I MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE! But the time has come to make someone else the leader of the WWE, and that man is John Cena. And there's nothing you can do about it.

HHH: No?

Vince: HELL NO!

HHH strokes his beard

HHH: I'm not gonna tip-toe around the issue anymore, Vince, I want a shot at THAT title, tonight!

The crowd cheers, while Cena shakes his head and makes a "No" motion with his arms

Vince: You cocky bastard, you think you can just come out here and ask for a title match? You can have your title match, over my dead body!

Crowd boos as Vince smiles right in front of HHH, who takes a step back and levels the chairman with a right hand, and the crowd goes wild. HHH starts pummeling on Vince, but Shane & John Cena attack HHH and now it's 3 on 1 against HHH

The trio continue to put the boots to HHH, then the McMahons hold HHH up while John Cena gets the WWE championship, and raises it above his head, ready to hit HHH on the head with it, but EDGE SHOWS UP FROM NO WHERE AND SPEARS JOHN CENA!

The crowd cheers as Edge levels Shane with a right hand, and Vince quickly rolls out of the ring, joining John Cena and his son Shane

Vince: Edge you good for nothing piece of crap! I'm not standing for this, tonight it's going to be you Edge, teaming up with HHH, and you're gonna face John Cena, Shane and myself in a handicap match!

The crowd cheers as the McMahons & John Cena retreat up the ramp, while inside the ring Edge & HHH share an uneven staredown as we fade to a commercial


Styles: Welcome back to RAW folks, if you missed what transpired before the break, Edge saved HHH from a beat down, and now tonight they will team up to take on the McMahons and John Cena in a handicap tag match!

Coach: What was Edge doing, sticking his nose in business that didn't concern him!

King: I think Edge feels the same hatred for John Cena, and the same feeling that he was robbed by McMahon last night, Edge was the man in prime position to win the Triple Threat match when the McMahons showed up and ruined it last night!

Styles: But can HHH & Edge get along tonight? That's the question.

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits to fair heat as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for the opening contest, in his pimped out fashion, not looking too pleased with being unable to put RVD away last night

Shelton: Rob, take a look at what I do to Charlie Haas right here, because that's what I'll be doing to you next time we meet boy!

*World's Greatest* hits to a good pop as Charlie Haas runs to the ring, ready for this big opportunity

Match 1
Intercontinental Championship
Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

Terrific contest between the two, a big improvement over their pre-Backlash outing.
Haas starts off brightly, constantly putting Shelton on the back foot, but a slip-up while Haas was going for a sunset flip, gives Shelton his chance to get back into the match.
Shlton dominates the middle period, controlling Haas and keeping him grounded, although at times he finds it hard to do as Haas seems to have Shelton scouted for all his favoured moves.

Towards the ending, Shelton has Haas in a waistlock. Haas battles to his feet and elbows Shelton to the jaw. Haas now jumps up and rolls through with a HH pin 1.....2....Shelton kicks out.
Haas fires up with multiple clotheslines to Shelton, then a back body drop.
Haas now gets Shelton in position for a German suplex, but Shelton lands on his feet, and Haas turns right into a shin kick to the head. Shelton hooks the leg 1.....2....Haas gets a shoulder up!
Shelton is shocked, but he waits for Haas to get up, and as he is about to hit the T-Bone *One Of A Kind* hits to a huge pop.

Shelton lets Haas go and turns to the titantron to see RVD out on stage with a bandage over his forehead from last night's chair shot.
Shelton dares RVD to come and get some, but he has taken his eye off Haas, who sneaks up on Shelton, spins him around and nails a T-Bone of his own! Haas covers and gets the win to a huge cheer, and a shock upset

Winner @ 11:34 - Charlie Haas
New Intercontinental Champion

Haas rolls outside and falls to his knees, celebrating, as he is handed the IC title, and he hugs it, then jumps into the crowd and celebrates with them, while Shelton is in total dissaray in the ring, he looks at RVD who is still on the stage, smiling back at Shelton, RVD then heads backstage with Shelton throwing a fit in the ring

Styles: Charlie Haas has done it in only his second match back since he re-joined the company, Haas has beaten Shelton Benjamin to become the Intercontinental champion!

King: Albeit with a little help from Mr. Monday Night, but it could not be a better victory for Haas, the second time in 3 weeks he has beaten Shelton!

Coach: Shelton would still be champ if not for RVD! I hope Shelton makes him pay, this was just low from RVD!

Styles: Coach, please, remove your lips from Shelton's ass! Get over it, your boy lost!

We go backstage and see Vince hobbling down the halls with Shane by his side, looking very displeased

Vince: I'll make that no good SOB pay, do what you can Shane, I want HHH leaving this arena tonight on a stretcher!

Shane: I'm on it..

[I]Shane rushes off down the hall, as Vince continues walking, and opens the door to his office

We got to another commercial with Vince closing the door


We return to see a shot of the Rupp Arena from the outside which gets a pop from the crowd, we then come into the arena and see that Christian has the Peep Show set up. The crowd is cheering for Christian, who seems pleased to be back

Christian: You are looking at Captain Charisma, and I'm back baby, and better than ever. Where my peeps at?

The crowd gives a pop as Christian points out into the crowd

Christian: O wait, this is Lexington isn't it? My bad, put your hands down, you don't deserve to be pointed at by me. You don't deserve to be in those seats watching me right now, you don't deserve to breathe the same air I breathe.

Crowd boos Christian

Christian: But I'll make an exception just for tonight, 'coz you guys do good chicken!

Crowd boos Christian even louder, as Christian cracks a smile

Christian: But seriously, how many of you pre-ordered your tickets to this event, and thought that Christian would be back, and ready to roll like the old days? I bet none of you did. Then again, it's not your fault, your intellect let you down, when you heard RAW, you thought you were buying tickets to a chicken eating contest....

Crowd boos Christian again, with his jokes getting lame and repetitive

Christian: OK, OK, I'll stop. As you may remember, last year I left this company on my own, I wasn't "fired". I told that old man....

Crowd pops, as Christian insults McMahon

Christian: That if I wasn't given the respect I deserved, I'd leave. Did you know what happened when I left. You guys got stuck with Vanilla Ice as your World champion, and a guy from the retirement village as your Intercontinental champion!

Crowd boos Christian, after popping when he'd insulted Cena

Christian: I was the backbone of this company, I sold merchandise, I sold out arena's world wide, so all the ladies could get a sneak at the Peeps Package, and all the guys could worship me......

*IF YA SMELL* hits to an electric ovation, as the crowd blows the roof off the building and THE ROCK makes his way to the ring, the crowd still going banana's. Rock poses on the turnbuckle, soaking up the tremendous pop, then gets a mic and gets into the ring

Christian: What are you doing? I haven't introduced you y.....

Rock puts his hand up in front of Christian, while the crowd cheers. Rock tilts his head forwards

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Kentucky!

The crowd goes wild and starts a massive *Rocky* chant, while Christian shakes his head and tries to talk, only to have Rock slap his mic to the floor to a huge pop


Crowd cheers again while Christian holds his hands up, and backs off

Rock: You stand here in this very ring, and you run your mouth, with the same old boring chicken jokes, you say you were the backbone of this company. You must be on crack!

The crowd pops again and another *Rocky* chant gets started

Christian: Rock, while you were off making your shoddy movies, I rolled like only Captain Charisma can an.....

Rock: And you rolled straight into the un-employment line, and through the doors of TNA! You accomplished about as much as a chippendale dancer!

The crowd goes wild as Christian seems to be getting annoyed with The Rock

Christian: You better watch it Rock, or I'll show you what a real People's champion can do when he's pissed!

Rock: Excuse me? Are you sure you're all there today? Have you been backstage downing all of Austins beer?

Crowd cheers

Rock: Hows your lips?

Christian: What? They're fine....

Rock: Well if you keep running them like you have so far The Rock's gonna smack 'em off your face, pick them up and make you kiss my American ass!

Crowd erupts as Christian takes a step back, and goes to hit The Rock, but The Rock ducks it, then loads up Christian and plants him with a Rock Bottom!

Rock now mounts the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd to a huge pop as Christian lays out in the middle of the ring

Styles: The Rock is back, and Christian just found out in the worse way possible!

Coach: That was uncalled for from The Rock! Christian didn't want to fight, and the People's "Chump" hit him with a cheap shot!

King: Coach do you honestly believe the crap that comes out of your mouth? Good god, stop sucking up to everyone the fans seem to hate.

We go backstage now and see Kane walking down the halls, breathing extremely heavily, he gets a mixed reaction from the fans, but the boos far outdo the cheers

Kane then stops and holds his head, like it had just started to hurt. Kane moves around, holding his head and puts a hole in the wall with a punch. Kane then walks away still holding his head, and we go back to the commentary team, who all seem confused

King: Alright then.........

Styles: Well something is obviously up with Kane, don't go anywhere we'll be right back!


We return and see Eugene & Goldust in the ring, ready for action

*The Resistance* plays and the crowd boos as Dupree & Conway come out, waving the French & Quebec flags around to more heat

Match 2
Tag Team Tournament Match
Goldust/Eugene vs La Resistance

A fairly bland match, filled with the comedic antics of Goldust & Eugene throughout, but when Resistance get serious and isolate Eugene, the light crowd support dies out, with the fans not really into the match.

Resistance work on Eugene for a while, then Conway goes to smash his head into the turnbuckle, but Eugene rebounds out angry, and as Conway tries it again, he gets the same result.
Eugene now fights back with right hands, then sends Conway to the ropes, and takes him up in an Airplane spin. Eugene drops Conway, and Dupree runs in only to be taken down with a dropkick.
Eugene tags in Goldust who comes in like a house of fire with knock downs left, right and center.

Goldust now sets up Conway for the Golden Globes, but as he is about to deliver, a large pyro display goes off and KANE is making his way to the ring, with the 4 in ring combatants looking fearful.

Kane steps into the ring and nails Eugene with a right hand, and the ref calls for a DQ

Winner @ 7:21

Kane now nails the charging in Goldust with a big boot, then pulls Rene Dupree up and drills him to the mat with a Chokeslam! Kane now scoops up Goldust again and plants him with a Tombstone!

Kane isn't done, as he goozles Eugene and Chokeslams him to the mat. Kane now turns to Conway, who is getting out of the corner, and drills him with a Chokeslam also! Kane now stands tall and lets off his pyro, and heads to the back still holding his head and looking demonic as ever

Styles: MY GOD! Kane just destroyed the 4 men involved in this tag team contest, what carnage.

King: He's a madman, and someone's gotta stop him!

Coach: The man is clearly out of his mind and in need of a long trip back to the mental ward.

Styles: Kane has really turned into his old, twisted, evil self.

[I]We cut to the backstage area and see Kane making his way through the halls, moaning and holding his head still. He passes a snack table and knocks all the snacks iff it, then comes to another table with beer on it, and tips it over. Kane continues to walk off

King: I can't wait till we get our new GM Styles, this place is a madhouse with Vince running the show and letting everything go![/COLOR][/B]

*Mickie* hits to no reaction whatsoever as Mickie James runs to the ring, with her Womens title still on her shoulder, however, she is not dressed like Trish anymore, she has her brunette hair back

*Asian Sensation* plays and Gail Kim makes her way to the ring

Match 3
Women's Championship
Gail Kim vs Mickie James (c)

Match seems to have been kept short, as neither woman dominates, but Mickie seems to be in far better shape than Gail, who is struggling to keep Mickie down.

Gail goes for a suplex, but Mickie counters with a DDT, then makes a cover and Gail kicks out at 2.
Mickie screams at the ref for a faster count, then measures Gail, waiting to strike with the Mick Kick.
Gail gets to her feet and walks right into it, and Mickie picks up an easy win.

Winner @ 3:57 - Mickie James
Retains Women's Championship

Styles: Mickie james beat Trish Stratus last night, and just 24 hours later breazes past Gail Kim, she's gonna be a tough girl to beat.

Coach: She sure is Joey, I'll go and say she's the best Women's champ we've ever had.

King: Idiot.....

Styles: Coach's views are always obscured......

King: He keeps putting both his contacts in the one eye!

The camera goes backstage, and we are in the presence of Vince McMahon, who is warming up for later, when Shane walks in

Vince: Is it taken care of?

Shane: It's done dad, don't worry about it. They've got, no chance.

Vince: In hell.

The McMahons start laughing as Shelton Benjamin walks in

Vince: Ah Shelton, what can I do for you?

Shelton: Did you see what happened earlier?

Vince: Yes I did.

Shelton: Well I don't think that's fair Vince. RVD showed up and cost me my Intercontinental title!

Vince: I tell you what Shelton, next week, you get to pick RVD an opponent. It can be anyone you want?

Shelton: Anyone?

Vince: Anyone.

Shelton: Cool, thank you Mr. McMahon.

Shelton walks out as we cut to a commercial


We return and HHH is in his locker room, taping up for the main event, which gets a big pop. Edge then walks in

HHH: Hey.

Edge: Hey Hunter, look, I just want you to know, earlier on, I didn't do that to help you, or be your "friend". I did that because those bastards robbed me of MY title, that I would've won.

HHH: Hey that's cool, I mean I don't like you either, but we gotta put our differences aside, just for tonight if that's the case.

Edge: Yeah, because no matter how much I hate you, it cannot compare to a tiny shred of the hatred I have for Marky Mark.....

Crowd cheers for the John Cena insult

HHH: Ditto. Let's just get the job done.

HHH extends his hand, and Edge accepts it. HHH then grabs his water and walks out, while Edge cracks a smile before walking out after him

We return to ringside and *Reflection of Perfection* hits to little heat as Cade & Jindrak make their way down, ready for their tag tourny match

*Death Sentence* hits to a good pop as James Storm & Chris Harris, America's Most Wanted, make their way to the ring, slapping a few high fives with the crowd

Match 4
Tag Team Tournament Match
AMW vs Cade/Jindrak

Pretty good match, which sees AMW control the most of it, showing how impressive they are as a tag team.
Cade however has managed to work on Harris for a few monents, and he tags in Jindrak.

Jindrak whips Harris to the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but Harris blocks it, and counters with an inverted STO, drilling Jindrak's face to the mat.
The crowd claps on Harris, who tags in James Storm.

Storm hits the ring, takes down Jindrak with a clothesline, then knocks Cade off the apron.
Storm now ducks a clothesline from Jindrak and nails the Eight Second Ride to Jindrak! Storm then goes to cover Jindrak, Cade gets into the ring, but Harris hits him with a superkick, and the ref counts the 3 for AMW to advance

Winners @ 8:41 - AMW

Styles: America's Most Wanted were signed from TNA, and have made an immediate impact here, picking up a win and advancing to the next round of the tag title tournament.

Coach: I gotta admit, I'm impressed, but I'm dissapointed with my boys Cade & Jindrak.

Todd Grisham is now backstage

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen I am here, waiting to get an interview with Christian, and here he comes. Christian, what do you have to say about The Rock, after he gave you the Rock Bottom tonight?

Christian: Todd, if the People's Champ has a "People's Testicle" at all, he'll have no problem stepping into the ring with Captain Charisma next week here on RAW, so I can show him how the smack is layed down around here now. And that's how I roll!

Christian picks up his bag and heads into the parking lot, as we go to a commercial


We return, and we see Todd Grisham approaching The Rock, who is also on his way out of the arena

Grisham: Rock, can I have a word, what do you have to say about Christian's challenge?

Rock: The Rock heard every little word that canuck had to say. Christian wants to act like he runs the show, like it's his house. Well Christian, what The Rock is gonna do next week, is accept your challenge for a match.....

Crowd erupts

Rock: But that's not all. The Rock is gonna bring you a present. You see The Rock's gonna shine up his left boot, turn that sucka sideways, and stick it straight up, YOUR CANDY ASS! IF YA SMELLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING!

Rock drops the mic and storms off to a massive cheer as Grisham sends it back to ringside

Styles: That's gonna be a huge match! The Rock vs Christian next week here on Monday Night RAW!

King: I can't believe it, how big is next week gonna be? We find out who our new GM will be, we get a massive match, it'll be huge.

Coach: Christian's gonna shut up that smartass Rock next week, once and for all!

*Metalingus* hits to a mixed reaction, as Edge runs out on stage, and seems to be turning face as he plays to the crowd and pumps them up, getting some pops. Edge slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle

*The Game* hits to a huge cheer as HHH storms to the ring, spraying the water out and posing on the turnbuckle, looking pissed off and focused at the same time

*My Time* hits to a massive amount of heat as John Cena walks out and holds up the WWE title, then blows off the crowd with the middle finger, with Shane & Vince by his side

Match 5
Main Event
2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match
HHH/Edge vs John Cena/Shane/Vince

Terrific main event contest, which sees the faces in control as we go to the first commercial break during it.
We return and see that HHH is beating the hell out of John Cena, while Shane & Vince watch on, looking a little worried.
HHH then tags in Edge who also goes to work on Cena.

Edge rebounds off the ropes, but Shane pulls the top rope down, and Edge goes out crashing to the floor.
From this point, the McMahons take control, while HHH tries to tell the ref what's going on, Shane whips Edge into the steel steps, then Vince chokes him with a cable.
We go to our final break with Cena in control of Edge.

As we return, Shane is dancing around, firing some jabs at Edge, who tries to fight back, but Shane connects with a front dropkick, taking Edge down.
Vince now holds out his hand and wants in.
Vince is tagged in, and he flexes to some boos from the crowd, then goes to the middle rope and looks to drop an elbow to Edge, who gets a foot up, and Vince lands on it jaw first, taking him down, and the crowd comes alive.

Edge starts crawling to his corner, but Cena gets in the ring and tries to stop him, only to get an Enziguri for his trouble! Edge tags in HHH and the crowd erupts.

The Game knocks down Vince, then again. HHH whips Cena to the ropes and connects with a high knee to the champion. HHH now pulls Shane in over the top rope, and nails him with a right hand. HHH takes Shane to the corner and starts teeing off on him, right after right. HHH then exposes Shane's chest and nails a savage knife edge chop to Shane. Cena runs at the Game, who loads him up and plants him with a Spinebuster, but the feet of Cena on the spin hit the ref, who is out. HHH doesn't realize and plants Cena with the Pedigree. HHH makes the cover, but there is no ref. HHH slaps the mat in frustration, and is hit with a SPEAR FROM EDGE!

The crowd is shocked as Edge smiles, standing above HHH. Vince sees this, and Edge shakes Vince's hand! The crowd gives massive heat as Edge revives the ref, and he makes the count, as Vince covers HHH 1.....2.....3

Winners @ 14:43 - John Cena/Shane/Vince

The crowd boos as Shane waves to backstage and Chris Masters, Test, Jindrak & Cade all run to the ring, and all start beating down on HHH.
Vince wraps his belt around his fist, and as Cade & Test hold HHH up, Vince nails HHH with a right hand, which busts the King of Kings open, and the crowd continues to jeer

Vince now says something to Masters, and the Masterpiece puts the Masterlock on HHH to more heat. Masters thrusts HHH around for a while when

*GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the roof is blown off the building with a gargantuan ovation. All the men in the ring turn to the titantron, and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN shows up in his pickup truck to a blistering ovation. Vince McMahon looks ready to faint, and yells that Cade & Jindrak go and get him. They hop out of the ring and head up the ramp to Austin

Austin hops out of his truck and slams the door into the face of Jindrak, then nails Cade with a right hand, and drags him onto the hood, then the roof of his truck and nails him with a Stunner, and Cade falls back into the tray of Austins truck. Austin now points to the ring, and Vince is ready to crap himself

Austin gets into the ring and nails Test with a right hand, then Masters, then Cena, then he hits a Stunner to Edge! Austin then clotheslines Masters out to the floor and nails Cena with a Stunner! Austin now turns his attention to the McMahons, who are backing away to the corner

Chris Masters gets back in the ring and goes to hit Austin, but Austin scouts it well and raises his leg into Masters groin! Masters hops around in pain, and HHH hooks his arms and drills him to the mat with a Pedigree! Vince & Shane back away from Austin still, but Vince eventually pushes Shane to Austin, who boots him to the gut and nails him with a Stunner! Austin is about to go for Vince, but Test & Jindrak have gotten back up and take Austin off his feet.

The two start beating on Austin, HHH gets to his feet, but Jindrak nails him with a swift left hook, taking him down. Vince joins Test & Jindrak beating down on Austin, but a masked man has jumped the barricade! The man gets up to Vince and TASERS HIM! The man then tasers Test, and nails him with a right hand, taking him out to the floor. The masked man pulls Jindrak to the middle of the ring, lifts him up and drives him down with an OUTSIDER'S EDGE!

The crowd erupts as the masked man reveals himself to be SCOTT HALL! The crowd is going insane, blowing the roof off, as Hall helps Austin & HHH to their feet, and the trio stand tall in the ring while Vince and his henchman retreat up the ramp damaged and defeated, with Vince mouthing the words "You'll pay for this you pricks!"

Styles: Hall, Austin, HHH! My god, Vince didn't expect this!

King: I can't believe it, Austin & Hall are back!

Coach: What the hell is going on around here, it's a revolt against the boss!

Styles: What a night's it's been, we'll see you next week on RAW! What a night!

The show ends as HHH akwardly thanks Austin & Hall for their help, and Austin calls for a few beers

*Well there you go, it's not great, remember it's my first show in 3 months or so, so if there is rust, it'll improve. Atleast I got it up this early. Enjoy*


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