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Re: Boy, 5, Shoots And Kills 2-Year-Old Sister, Police Say

Originally Posted by Bloodbath View Post
So what exactly does a black rifle have anything to do with child safety again? Awesome ad here with the child and her finger on the trigger, which is pretty much THE don't of gun safety unless you're ready to fire. Also, are you mad that long rifle purchases are still backordered for most companies that manufacture them?

Originally Posted by its177 View Post

Originally Posted by floyd2386 View Post
It doesn't matter how old the kid is really, it's very obvious the parents themselves have no right to own any guns. Young kids can in fact safely own and use potentially dangerous things if they are taught right and supervised.

My uncle taught his kids damn right, but sadly there are obviously parents out there with less common sense than my 8 year old cousin. It's the parent's fault and nobody elses.
Pretty much.

Originally Posted by Tyler Durden View Post
That's the whole fucking problem though, your GOING TO FORGET ONE DAY. Then bam your 2 year old daughter is dead.
That's really interesting because I've been handling firearms for the better part of 15 years now and have not had a negligent discharge of any kind. Perhaps that is because I was taught gun safety and care on expert levels at a young age and never had a gun thrust into my hands by anyone which is seemingly the case here. I understood that if I wanted to learn about them, I would have to demonstrate safety knowledge about them first. My parents never gave me any type of firearm, either. I didn't have my own personal one until I left the military.

I'm so fucking sick of these ignorant assholes who think they're tough guys with their guns and shit
So what are you saying? The 5 year old kid thought he was a tough guy? What the fuck is this and what does it have to do with this discussion? Jesus.

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