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Re: NWA Domination


Paul Heyman, John Laurinaitis & NWA President Jim Miller all stand in the middle of the ring as the show starts, Heyman introduces Jim Miller and Mr. Miller goes on to talk about what a great show last night proved to be in Los Angeles. Jim Miller mentioned tonight's 8 tournament matches, plus all the other action set to take place.



The first sound that came through the curtains was that of Chicago natives, the Road Warriors! The crowd erupted as one of wrestling's greatest tag team made its way down to the ring. Their opponents for the night, former partners, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner & "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett. This match was all LOD. After barely a minute, Scott Steiner decided to leave his partner out to dry. Animal & Hawk demolished Jarrett without mercy; Hangman's Neckbreaker, Powerslam and to top it all off... THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Animal pinned Jarrett for the 1-2-3! (2:51)


Two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time set to compete in the second round of the NWA World Title Tournament. Both men from the NWA Canadian Stampede territory. Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring first, and he is then followed by Bret Hart. Both men getting a great reception from the Chicago crowd. This was truly a masterpiece this early in the night. Both men giving it all they had.

Both men met in the middle of the ring, shaking hands. Jericho and Hart locked up and Hart with the advantage with a Side Headlock. Jericho moves Hart into a corner and doesn't give him a clean break, with shoulder blocks in the corner. Jericho moves away and eats a boot in the gut. Hart comes back with a series of punches and puts Jericho in the corner. Hart unloads with right hands, european uppercuts and kicks to Jericho. Jericho is downed in the corner and uses the thights to send Bret face first into the second turnbuckle. The crowd starts to turn on Jericho, for good reason! Jericho is on the second turnbuckle... MISSILE DROPKICK!!!! Jericho with a lateral press but only gets a 2 count.

Jericho gets Hitman back up but Hitman with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Off the ropes... CLOTHESLINE! Hart gets Jericho back up, into an Irish Whip off the ropes... BACK BODY DROP!!! Jerich is up and into a Side Headlock from Hitman. Jericho gets to the ropes and pushes Hitman away. Hart comes back with a Shoulder Tackle takes Jericho down. Hitman hits the ropes, runs over Jericho. Jericho up, Leap Frog. Hitman runs under and Jericho connects with an Arm Drag takedown. Hitman is up, hits the Arm Drag on Jericho. Hitman is up against the ropes and Jericho runs at him. Hart elevates Jericho over to the apron. Hitman turns around and eats a shoulder to the gut. Jericho with a Sunset Flip coming in but Hart holds and breaks free... FRONT ELBOW DROP!!! Quick cover but only gets a 1 count.

Bret gets Chris back up but Jericho connects with a right hand to the gut. Jericho quickly grabs Bret and sends him shoulder first and in the ring post!! What a cowardly act on the part of Jericho to the legend that is Bret Hart. Jericho gloats for a couple of seconds while Hart is writhing in pain. Jericho moves to the apron and gets a hold of Bret's now injured shoulder. He takes the arm and drops off the apron, snapping it against the top rope! Jericho mouths off with some of the ringside fans before getting back into the ring. Hart is holding on to his arm as he gets up. Jericho with a well targeted DROPKICK to Hart's arm! Hart is down and hurt. Jericho moves in, Elbow Drop to the arm of Bret! Jericho locks in a top hand wrist lock on Hart, putting pressure on the injured shoulder.

Bret Hart tries to make his way back up to his feet, trying to will himself back up. Jericho keeps the pressure with his hold but Bret makes it to his feet. Bret is about to reverse the hold but Jericho snatches the hair and drives the Hitman down to the mat. More booing from the crowd, as Jericho just loves being in the limelight of such hate. Jericho gets Hart back up and rams his head against one of the corner turnbuckles. He then throws the Hitman out of the ring through the middle and top rope. The Hitman clutches at his shoulder, as Jericho looks on, targeting the Hitman. Jericho runs towards the corner...SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA! FROM THE INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE! WHAT A FEAT! Each time Jericho performs that high-risk maneuver, no matter how much one might hate him, one has to admire his athletecism. Jericho brags about this great show of offense and then brings the Hitman back into the ring.

Jericho comes into the ring as Bret Hart moves back to his feet. Jericho bounces off the ropes and comes off with a RUNNING BULLDOG!!! Driving the Hitman hard into the mat, face first. Jericho gets back up to his feet, with a huge grin on his face, going ahead and mimicking the Hitman's gesture, mocking him. Jericho looks at Bret, he has him in the position he wants and goes off towards the ropes... LIONSAULT!! NOBODY HOME!! Hart moved out of the way. Bret is almost back up to his feet and Jericho is almost there as well. Quickly, the Hitman surges up and rolls Jericho up with an Oklahoma Roll! 1..2...NO!! Jericho gets out and smashes the Hitman with a Forearm to stop this sudden burst of energy. Jericho gets The Hitman back up. Irish Whip off the ropes. ONE MAN FLAPJACK! Lateral press... 1..2...NO!!

Jericho gets the Hitman over to his side and locks in the Top Hand Wristlock once more. Slowing the pace of this match down again. Jericho lets go and just stomps at the shoulder without mercy, until the referee steps in to break up this senseless offense. Jericho gets Hart up to a vertical base. Jericho unloads with some forearms and brings the Hitman to a corner. Jericho hits one more forearm before the Hitman starts to hit back. Each blow connecting harder and harder on Jericho. Hart rams the head of Jericho into the turnbuckles. Hart with an Irish Whip. Hart ducks under and Jericho catches him.... POWERBOMB!! WITH A PIN!! 1...2...NO!!! Hitman kicks out!

Jericho gets Bret back up. Forearm across the back. Jericho gets Hart into a corner and connects with a Knife Edge Chop. Jericho grabs the arm of the Hitman and wraps it around the ropes, putting terrible pressure on the shoulder. Jericho walks out from the corner and targets Hart. Jericho runs at Hart but Bret moves out of the way! Jericho leaped and connected hard with the top of the ringpost, going overboard and landing on the apron, clutching at his forehead. Bret comes in and gets Jericho up to his feet, and, Bret moves up the turnbuckles, moving Jericho along with him. Both men have reached the second ropes and now, Bret moves in for the top turnbuckles. Bret has Jericho hooked up.... TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX!! Both men landed hard! Jericho rolls backwards as does Bret, but Bret's shoulder is in too much pain and Jericho hooks Bret up with a Cradle! 1...2....3! Just like that, Jericho will advance to the Quarter-Finals of the tournament!! (12:38)



What a battle set to take place. Severn, the former NWA World Champion and former UFC Champion, set to tackle probably is most difficult task in his pro wrestling career, the Big Red Machine, Kane! Severn and Kane stand at each side of the ring, Kane still as a statue, Severn, in his fighthing stance, ready to pounce. The matchup begins with Severn trying to get Kane down by any means necessary. By his legs, by his waist, any he can. But Kane's tall frame gave him a clear advantage from the get go. Severn locked himself in a test of strenght with Kane, which he turned into a ruse to kick Kane in the gut and lock in a Cross Arm Breaker! Kane was writhing in pain but he was able to reach the ropes with his long legs.

Kane was able to turn this match around and cornered Severn in a corner, to kick away and punch away at the very dangerous MMA fighter. No one could really get the clear cut advantage but, in the end, Kane irish whipped Severn into the ropes and hit him with a Big Boot! Kane followed it up with a Chokeslam for the 1-2-3! (6:33)



Another tag team attraction match, as, NWA East Coast's Jeff & Matt Hardy, set to do battle against high-flyers of their own, Rob Van Dam & 2 Cold Scorpio. The advantage clearly with the Hardys in term of tag team experience in this one. And it showed right off the bat as they dominated RVD & Scorpio whenever they were in the ring against either Jeff or Matt. Scorpio found himself isolated for a good portion of the bout. Scorpio survived a flurry of offense from the Hardy Boys, including a Side Effect from Matt and a Reverse Twist Of Fate from Jeff.

The Hardys tried to close the books on this match when Matt hooked Scorpio for a Powerbomb, and Jeff flew off the top rope with a Flying Clothesline in a tremendous double team maneuver! On the ensuing cover, RVD came in to break up the pinfall! Scorpio was able to turn things around after Leap Frogging out of the corner from a whip, and then hitting a Savate Kick on Matt Hardy. The tag was made to RVD and things really turned around from that point on. RVD hit a Twisting Springboard Crossbody on Matt Hardy for a 2 count. RVD then Powerbombed Matt down and followed it up with a Split Legged Moonsault for another near fall. RVD slammed Matt into position for a possible Five Star Frog Splash but, Jeff intervened and this brought Scorpio into the match as well!

A 4-way brawl ensued between these great athletes, and the match wound up through that turmoil with fast paced action. The Hardys Double Clotheslined RVD out of the ring hard! Scorpio tried for a Stereo Clothesline of his own but the Hardys ducked under and caught Scorpio coming off the ropes with a Double Spinebuster!! The Hardys screamed out to the crowd, getting rid of their shirts, making all the Chi-Town girls go crazy! Matt picked Scorpio up.... TWIST OF FATE!! Right in position for Jeff's Swanton! But RVD grabs Matt from the outside and pulls him out of the ring, RVD throws Matt over the guardrail into the crowd! Jeff is up top... SWANTON BOMB! Connects! Jeff is still down on the mat... RVD up top quickly.... FIVE...STAR...FROG...SPLASH!!! JEFF HAS BEEN SQUASHED! COVER! 1..2...3!!! What an ending! (13:46)



These two men went it tooth and nails from the very first second of this match. Super Crazy tried as best he could to match his quickness and speed against Awesome's sheer size and strenght but he couldn't get the job done. Crazy did connect with a wicked Top Rope Tornado DDT on Awesome but that got him only a 2 count! Awesome was able to hit his BIG MAN FROG SPLASH shortly thereafter and then dropped Crazy with an AWESOME BOMB!!! for the pinfall victory and a very convincing one at that! (5:52)



The first ones out were the Triple Threat, Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers" bringing them out to a very good reaction from the Chicago crowd! Shane Douglas, flanked by Francine, Bam Bam Bigelow, and, Chris Candido, flanked by Tammy Sytch; alot of whistling going on! Douglas and his gang got on the mic and Douglas was as crass as ever. He talked about not being involved in the NWA World Title tournament, maybe because the head onchos were scared that a repeat of the 1994 tournament would be on hand and their precious belt would end up in the trash again. Then Douglas trash talked both Flair & Austin, who are scheduled to wrestler after this 6-Men Contest and that all his career, he's taken a backseat to the "Nature Boy" and that he was sick of it. Douglas continued to rant, but "Thunderkiss '65" by White Zombie burst out onto the sound system and, rushing towards the ring, was the Triple Threat's oppisition for the night: THE PITBULLS & SABU!

This was an all out brawl that saw all 6 men battle it out around the ringside area, in the crowd and such. The match ended with Sabu & Douglas in the ring, Sabu being perched on the top, looking for a Super Frankensteiner through a table. But Douglas countered and locked Sabu... SUPER PITTSBURGH PLUNGE THROUGH THE TABLE! Douglas covered Sabu for the pinfall victory! (5:05)



This is going to be the last match before tonight's intermission, and what a first half already, and this one is going to be a classic. Two tough matches for these two last night; Flair beating Booker T. and Austin beating Jeff Jarrett. "ALSO SPRACH ZARATHRUSTA" begins to play, announcing the arrival of Ric Flair to the ring. Wearing a fancy and extravagant black and silver robe with red feathers down the aisle. Flair makes it to the ring as the Chicago crowd starts to "WOOOO" and Flair returns the wooing back! "GLASS SHATTERS" blares out next and Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring in menacing fashion. Austin makes it to the ring and does his corner taunts before settling in into his corner, awaiting the opening bell.


Both men circle each other, Flair with a little strut and a sway of his hair, before he moves in to lock up with Austin. But Flair goes right for Ausin's eyes with a well placed thumb. Flair lets out a "WOOO". Flair with a wicked chop echoes through the Rosemont Horizon! Flair with an Irish Whip off the ropes. Flair going for a punch but Austin blocks. Another punch blocked by Austin and Flair just knees Austin in the gut. Flair with a Snapmare takedown on the Rattlesnake. Flair hits the ropes and misses with an Elbow Drop! Both men up and Austin moves in on Flair. Flair backs off into a corner and Flair with a kick to the gut. Flair takes Austin in the corner and hits a Chop! Austin comes back with a right hand and Flair with another Chop! Irish Whip out of the corner, reversed by Austin! Flair hits the corner hard... BACK BODY DROP!!! Out of the corner!

Austin hits the ropes and Flair gets back up... LOU THESZ PRESS!! AUSTIN UNLOADS!!! What a flurry of punches on Flair! Austin gets back up, hits the ropes and connects with the Front Elbow Drop! Flair writhes in pain, holding the bridge of his nose! Flair gets taken back up by Austin and into the ropes. Flair with another thumb to the eye and Austin backs off. Flair yells out "NOW I GOT HIM!". Flair hits ropes and Austin jumps out of nowhere with a Clothesline! Flair goes down hard! Austin gets into position as Flair gets back up... kick to the gut... STUN... NO! Flair pushes Austin off and sends him right into a corner chest first. Flair moves in and turns the man around, connecting with a series of Knife Edge Chops! Flair hooks Austin out of the corner. SUPLEX! Flair with a lateral press but only gets a 2 count.

Flair gets Austin back up and unloads with a Knife Edge Chop. Flair with another Snapmare takes Austin down. Flair goes down and puts his knee against the spine of Austin, and then uses his hands to pull at Stone Cold's jaw! Great way to slow the pace of the match and put pressure on the neck of Austin. Austin finds a way to slither out of the hold and to get himself back up. Austin fights out of the hold and hits the ropes. Flair with a Knee Lift! Stops the Rattlesnake's momentum. Flair grabs Austin from the mat and gets him back up. Austin turns the momentum around quickly with a STUN GUN! Flair got straddled and find himself reeling, draped against the second rope. Austin hits the ropes. dropping his weight on Flair! Austin gets Flair up by his legs, drops him down with a SPINEBUSTER!

Austin moves towards the corner and climbs the inside second turnbuckle! FRONT ELBOW DROP!!! From the second rope connects on Flair!!! Austin gets up and lifts his middle fingers in the air, riling the crowd up! Flair is getting up and Austin moves in on Flair. Unbeknownst to the referee, Flair connects with a low blow!! Austin goes down, holding his lower region, as Flair gets up, showing us his tremendous physique and woooing the crowd. Flair moves in on Austin with stomps. Flair drops an Elbow on Austin. Flair gets Austin back up and hooks him up for another SUPLEX! Flair goes for another cover! 1....2....NO!!! Flair gets Austin back up and hooks him for a possible Piledriver attempt! Austin Back Drops Flair out of the hold! Flair is up and walks right into a Scoop Slam by Austin. Austin hits the ropes, drops a Knee across the chest of Flair. Austin goes for the first cover of this match and he gets only a 1 count!

Austin gets Flair up and into the ropes. Austin bounces off and misses with a Clothesline. Both men continuing their run and hit each other in the middle of the ring with a Double Clothesline!! Both men are counted by the referee until a 3 count! Flair kicks Austin the left knee and connects with a straight right hand. Flair hooks Austin.... PILEDRIVER!! RIGHT ON THE SURGECIALY REPAIRED NECK OF AUSTIN!!! Flair moves in for the kill, as Austin lays there unconscious... FIGURE 4 TIME! NOOO!!! Austin CRADLES FLAIR!!! 1...2...NO!!!! Flair is up and he gets Austin up. Flair hits the ropes and Austin blocks a Right Hand attempt.... Austin connects with a right hand of his own. Rocks Flair. Kick to the gut. STONE...COLD...STUNNER! Austin covers Flair! 1...2......3!!! (9:14)




We're going to start the second half of this show with more tournament action, and a battle of two very dangerous men going at it. It's the Tazzmission versus the Ankle Lock. The Tazz-Plex versus the Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Tazz versus Shamrock for the first time ever. There was a great feel of intensity running through the Rosemont Horizon, as everyone was either siding with Tazz or Shamrock, but, either way, they wanted these two to just go at it full force. And that's what they did. No man really gained an advantage. It was a see saw battle throughout. Tazz using as much suplexes as wear down holds. Shamrock using his great agility as much as wear down holds as well.

Tazz used a T-Bone Tazz-Plex on Shamrock but he only got a 2 count. Shamrock came back with a Superplex on Tazz and got himself a 2 count as well. Twice, Tazz tried to lock in the Tazzmission, but Shamrock had counters for it. Same went for Shamrock, who tried three seperate times to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Tazz was able to get out of it before any damage could be done.

In the end, Shamrock had Tazz perched on the top rope. SUPER FRANKENSTEINER! Shamrock with a cover only got a 2 count! Shamrock snapped and hooked Tazz for a Belly-to-Belly. But Tazz countered with vicious headbutts. Shamrock got turned around and Tazz swooped in with a vicious SAITO TAZZ-PLEX! Tazz followed that up with a vicious Lariat. Tazz with an Irish Whip but it was reversed. Shamrock with a Leg Lariat!! Shamrock once again is on the verge of snapping! Shamrock with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! Takes Tazz down. Shamrock grabs the foot of Tazz. Tazz rolls on himself and pushes away Shamrock. Shamrock crashes face first into the corner. Tazz moves in from behind.... TAZZMISSION!!! BUT SHAMROCK DOESN'T GO DOWN!!! TAZZMISSION PLEX!! SHAMROCK GOT DROPPED RIGHT ON HIS NECK!!! Tazz moves in on Shamrock he's gonna lock in the Tazzmission... Shamrock just snapped out of nowhere and dropped down, leg trip, into the ANKLE LOCK!!!! SHAMROCK DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND JUST TWISTS TAZZ'S ANKLE!!! TAZZ WON'T TAP....TAZZ TAPS OUT!! (12:28)



Brock stood right in front of another icon of this sport, here tonight, in Sting. We can see in one of the press boxes, sitting with Dusty Rhodes, one Hulk Hogan, probably reminiscing about Hogan's encounter with Lesnar last year. And if Lesnar can do the same to Sting as he did Hogan, it will be a black day in wrestling history. But Sting's great courage would not stop him one bit, especially with what's at stakes. Sting really had some sort of advantage in the early going, throwing Dropkicks, Flying Clotheslines and everything else he could at Brock.

At one point, Sting countered an F5 attempt with a DDT! This set Brock up for the Scorpion Deathlock! But Brock's strong legs were used to push away Sting and send him crashing into a corner. Brock ran in to hit Sting but Sting moved out of the way. STINGER SPLASH! Sting went for a second one but Brock caught Sting in mid air and drove him down to the canvas with a Spinebuster! Brock got up and picked up Sting too, up on the shoulders of Brock went Sting... F5!!! Brock covers Sting! 1...2....3!!! What an impressive and dominating victory! (7:18)



The Dudleys arrived to the ring first and, they riled the Chicago crowd up to the point of having a few fans jump over the guardrail. The bullying of Buh Buh Ray & D-Von stopped once Dreamer & Tanaka made their way down to the ring. This match was a good ol' fashioned ECW barn-bunner! A lot of chair shots exchanged and a few crashing tables. In the end, Buh Buh Ray Super Bombed Dreamer through a Table from the second rope! (4:53)



Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero set to do battle and both men had very different 1st round matches last night, but both men seem to have recuperated and look to be in great form, mentally ready to advance in the tournament further. The first 5 minutes were as technicaly sound as we've seen in the tournament thus far. Angle worked extensively on Guerrero's neck, while Guerrero worked on Angle's leg.

Both men opened up their offense a bit, which really turn the attention of the crowd even more on this great match. Angle pulled out all the stops, getting near falls following a Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and a picture perfect Moonsault!!!! Angle was able to lock in the Angle Lock as well, but, Guerrero was able to reach the ropes, some damage evident on Guerrero's ankle. Guerrero had a flurry of offense of his own, connecting with a nice Slingshot Rolling Splash, a Spinebuster, and getting Angle locked in a Sleeper Hold! Angle had reached the ropes, on a desperation attempt, which broke the hold, but Angle was out like a light. Guerrero let Angle lay on the mat and climbed up the top rope, connecting with a FROG SPLASH!!! But Angle was able to kick at 2 and a half!

Later on in the bout, Angle locked in Guerrero in a Torture Rack, showing his great leg strenght. But Eddie was able to counter out of the move by punching Angle's face and then twisting around in a BULLDOG JAM!!! Guerrero tried for another Frog Splash but he was too slow getting up the top rope and Angle caught him. SUPER ANGLE SLAM! Angle covered Eddie for the 1-2-3 victory! (12:55)



What an unlikely duo of Rock & Booker, two former rivals, now being paired together, as they take on the reunited Edge & Christian. There was a lot of theatrics in the opening minutes of this one, as Rock & Booker had a hard time getting along, causing them to lose control of this match pretty quickly. Edge & Christian found their gears rapidly for two men who had been not teaming with each other for the better part of two years. E & C double teamed Booker for a majority of the match, keeping him as far away from the Rock as possible.

Edge & Christian pulled out a slew of double team offense, none more impressive than when Edge took Booker up on his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry position, as Christian was on the second rope, launching himself and catching Booker for an Assisted Elevated Planting DDT!!! The cover was broken up by the Rock! Christian had Booker at his mercy and looked for a possible Piledriver. Booker Back Dropped Christian out of the hold, from the ring, all the way out to the floor! This gave Booker enough time to tag in the Rock for the hot tag. Rock came in and cleaned house on Edge, while Christian was still on the outside. Edge walked into a series of right hands which led to a Spinebuster! A People's Elbow ensued as well as a blind tag from Booker. Christian was getting back in, targeting the Rock from the top rope. In came Booker, catching Christian flying off the turnbuckles... BOOK END!!! Cover! 1...2....3!!!! For a few minutes, tension was still apparent between the two, The Rock not too pleased at how the match ended (8:22)



This is our night's main event, the final match of the tournament's second round. Two former rivals set to do battle. HHH ousted Chris Benoit last night, while The Deadman won over The Rock in last night's main event.


The first one out from the back is The Deadman. Calloway looks ready to go tonight, as he makes his way down to the ring, throwing some fists and uppercut through thin air, trying to pump himself up even more. The Deadman reaches the ring and gets in, posing for the fans with assurance. Awaiting his opponent.


Next out is HHH. Water bottle in hand, he steps out from the back and stands still, spurting out water as he makes his way down to the ring with a vicious look in his eyes. HHH makes it to ringside and jumps on the apron, turning his back to the Deadman, as he poses for the fans, spurting out some more water and showcasing his great physique to all. HHH makes it inside of the ring, and then climbs in one corner, posing again, before settling in and awaiting the sound of the bell.


The match starts off with Calloway rushing the Game. HHH ducks out of the ring to try and create some separation between the two. But The Deadman follows suit and attacks The Game with some rabid punches. The Deadman rocks HHH. The Deadman climbs back onto the apron and hits HHH with a boot to the face. He grabs HHH by the hair and drags him up the apron. Clotheslines HHH back into the ring. HHH is getting hammered early on. The Deadman moves back into the ring, bounces off the ropes. HHH with a kick to the gut, follows with a series of right hands. The Deadman comes back with a kick to the gut himself and a big Right Hand. The Deadman bounces off the ropes once more. HHH misses with a Clothesline. The Deadman comes back the other way... SPINEBUSTER! HHH doesn't go for a cover and just mounts The Deadman, peppering him with lefts and rights until the referee steps in to break up the flurry of offense!

HHH tries to get Calloway up to his feet but eats an elbow to the jaw. HHH tries again but before he can get close, The Deadman throws a kick HHH's way. HHH eats the boot right on the bridge of the nose. HHH falls back and is draped against the bottom rope. The Deadman moves over out to the apron, LEGDROP!! Catching the back of HHH's head and upper back region! The Deadman gets back in the ring and gets HHH up. Irish Whip off the ropes... BIG BOOT!!! The Deadman covers HHH! 1....2...NO!! HHH is getting back up slowly and The Deadman hits the ropes... SIDE SUPLEX! HHH caught The Deadman unaware and capitalized! Into a lateral press! 1...2..NO! HHH grabs on to the legs of The Deadman, who's awfully close to the ropes. Calloway's head is under the bottom rope and HHH, with a Catapult attempt, straddling the neck of the Deadman against the bottom rope! Vicious impact!!

The Deadman moves out to the outside, trying to catch his breath, choking from this sudden maneuver. HHH follows suit and hits The Deadman with a forearm to the back before rolling him back in. HHH moves in behind the Deadman... SLEEPER HOLD! We've seen that maneuver used twice tonight, and, even though it is really a basic hold to apply, any man will falter and lose consciousness once thee flow of blood is cut off from reaching the brain! HHH synches the hold in on the Deadman who's going out! The Deadman won't go down, but, it's been almost 40 seconds he's endured the hold and.... HE'S DROP DOWN TO HIS KNEES WITH A JAWBREAKER ON HHH!! The hold is broken and in a big way! The Deadman is back up, into a corner and HHH is up as well. HHH runs at the Deadman and eats boot! HHH comes back in but the Deadman is waiting for him with wicked right hands that rock HHH! The Deadman out of the corner, hits the ropes.... JUMPING DDT!! HHH got planted! Cover! 1..2.....NO!!

The Deadman and HHH get up and Calloway kicks Hunter in the ribs. The Deadman bounces off the ropes and Hunter is back up... HIGH KNEE!!! Knocks the Deadman down!! The Deadman gets back up, HHH with a kick to the gut. HHH locks in the Pedigree....but Calloway back drops HHH out of the hold, over the top rope to the floor! The Deadman moves towards the apron and jumps at Hunter, but he moves out of the way and The Deadman comes crashing down, abdomen first against the guardrail, letting out a deep scream from his lungs. The Game unloads with some right hands on the Deadman, before ramming his head against the guardrail. HHH brings Calloway back into the ring. HHH puts the boots to his opponent, and chokes him with the sole of his boot, getting added pressure from the ropes. HHH gets The Deadman back up to a vertical base and takes him to a corner. HHH unloads with straight rights until the Deadman fights back! The Deadman gets himself out of the corner and lefts and rights, hits the ropes, and gets caught with a Knee Lift!

HHH motions to the crowd that he's gonna end the Deadman right now. HHH gets The Deadman back up and whips him into the nearest corner hard. HHH comes in methodicaly and climbs the turnbuckles for a 10 punch attack. 1.....2....3.....4....5...6....The Deadman puts his hands on HHH's trunks, he's going for the Last Ride from the corner!!!! But HHH holds on to the top turnbuckle desperately. The Deadman pulls as hard as he can but HHH holds on to the turnbuckles and it comes off right into the hands of HHH. The Deadman pulls one last time and drops HHH down with a LAST RIDE!! But HHH rolled out of the ring to the apron. The Deadman is down as well and, by the time he gets his wits back about him, HHH is already stirring somewhat. Calloway goes over to the apron and picks HHH up by the hair. A lifeless body. But The Deadman gets HHH up, somehow. Out of nowhere, HHH grabs onto the head of the Deadman and rams it across the expose turnbuckle cover!!! The Deadman is out on his feet. HHH comes in to the ring, kicks his foe to the gut.... PEDIGREE!! COVER! 1...2......3...NO!!!!! THE DEADMAN KICKED OUT!

HHH is furious. He gets The Deadman back to his feet, hooks the arms.... PEDIGREE!!!!! ONE MORE TIME!!! HHH hooks the far leg! 1....2........3! (9:19)

HHH wins a big victory over The Deadman, although, under some scrupulous set of circumstances, some would say, but when a title as prestigious as the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, no one can deny a man from attaining that goal any way he can.

WWWF is Coming...
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