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Who would you be okay with endng Undertakers Streak?

Rules- Keep it short, no more than 3 choices.
Please do not post - 1. Nobody, 2. Nobody, 3. Nobody.
If you would like to see him retire with 21-0 then that's fine.

Who in the WWE is worthy of ending the streak?
I wouldn't want it to be an up and coming superstar because I do not trust the WWE and how they will manage their new superstar. Let's say the shield are the ones who end the streak. With WWE's given history after the shield beat the streak at WM, the WWE would probably have the shield buried in the weeks following. With that being said here are my 3.

Kane(monster heel)- Best storyline with the undertaker and the most history. Kane ends the streak then inducts his "brother" into the hall of fame the following year.

Brock Lesnar - If Brock was willing to become a more active superstar. This could potentially be the most entertaining and realistic storyline to date with their encounter at a UFC event. Undertaker is often noted as being the best pure striker in the WWE. So why not have him vs Lesnar in a cage style match. No holds barred. Taker's hell gate, vs lesnar's kimura lock. It will all depend on taker's physical health

Sting- at WM 30, undertaker is at odds vs whomever he is facing. He is about to lose because his opponent is cheating. Then bam, sting in his Crow gimmick comes from the rafters and saves undertaker and his streak. This would set up a thank you and mutual respect the following day at raw. Taker would say, my streak would be over if it weren't for you. And the only way he can redeem himself is if he beats Sting at WM 31. This would set up a year long mutual respect fued. The Icon vs The Undertaker.

What do you guys think? Thank you
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