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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by DetroitRiverPhx View Post
Face wrestlers get over with moveset - if you don't have one, you almost have to be heel first to get fans to care about you in any way. You can't debut as a vanilla babyface with a bland moveset and expect to get over.

Bo should go heel - either the Rock path or the Angle path. He could turn on the fans for hating him when he was trying hard to be the good guy or he could be over the top face - like Angle with his Three I's, and be oblivious to fans hating him. Or you make him delusional/self-denial face - He could think/claim they're saying Bo!oooo when they're booing. He could explain the "No More Bo!" chants as being "No, More Bo!" in that the fans want to see more of him, and he could name his finisher "You Suck" and then claim hyped fans are chanting for him to hit his finisher all the time. If there is a "You Can't wrestle" he can pump his fist in acknowledgement and believe they're saying "You CAN Wrestle!"...
This is all really spot-on. They can't expect Bo to get over with such a bland gimmick and no exciting moves. That rope running bulldog was OK, step in the right direction, but in general his offense is super boring.

I honestly felt pretty bad for him during that match...the kid clearly tries and while in general I do feel he sucks, he isn't quite as bad as everyone here seems to think. You all gotta admit his selling was great, he really made it look like Barrett killed him a couple times, and that's a valuable wrestling skill. Like he could be half of a decent tag team at some point.

But I think turning him heel could be the answer for sure. Give him a total troll type gimmick, I like the Angle path idea, many fans clearly love to hate him so encouraging that is the way to go.
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