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Re: Re: Re: People

Originally posted by xxtorriewilsonxx

OK listen you moron.

1) you are not very attractive: stfu u do not know what i look like so u cant judge that ASSHOLE.
2)You are a female, he was horny, and you're easy : u talk as if u know me, No i am not a slut easy or anything so again STFU
3) guess you're the one who told everyone he messed around with you : No it just got spreaded round by some people i know .
4)so it's your fault in the first place.- how the fuck is it my fault U fucking dickhead.
5)And if you want to copy off of some shitty musician and dress like her, that's your problem. - Learn to read the first page ASSHOLE
6) Did you not think you would get a razzin for dressing like Avril Lavigne? Jesus Christ. - DO I FUCKING DRESS LIKE HER NO. SO ONCE AGAIN SHUT THE FUCK UP!

you are really pathetic you sad basterd.
Wow, that was a really intelligent post. How much fucking thought did you put into that? Why else would the guy deny he messed around with you if you weren't good looking? If you were decent looking, he probably would brag about it unless he's under 10 years old. THINK ABOUT IT. When a dude screws around with a decent looking girl, the first thing he does is brag to his buddies. Trust me. He doesn't want anything to do with you because you are unattractive. That has to be it. YOU ARE IN DENIAL. While you are reading this, go take a look in the mirror. You know I'm right.

And the clothes you described sound alot like what Avril wears. And you are not going to get away with dressing like a punk without getting picked on. Quit being a fucking baby and deal with it.

And I'm a sad bastard? Once again, go look in the mirror.

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