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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

RAW Review

This was one of the first show's I've read from you, and I'm impressed. No let's get onto the show.

Opening Promo-
This was a great segment with everyone in character, and especially Chris Jericho hitting some of his trademark line's. I'm looking forward to the Main Event match, and I think that Y2J will win this match.

Bashams vs. AMW-
This was an o.k match, and I am glad that AMW won this match. I'm looking forward to a MNM- AMW feud.

HHH Segment-
I like how HHH just arrived to the show, and immediately said that the Main Event was now a Fatal 4 Way match. I think it will be HHH vs. Angle at Mania, which should be great.

Shelton vs. Conway-
This was a pretty good match. I'm glad that Shelton won the match, and I think his big announcment next week will be the MITB 2 match at Mania.

RVD/ Hassan Segment-
This was a good showing, but Hassan seemed a little out of character. RVD vs. Hassan at Mania should be good. I think that you should put RVD in the possible MITB match.

Trish/Ashley vs. Melina/ Mickie-
I don't really like women's matches so I didn't like this match that much.

HHH/ Bischoff Segment-
This was good as Bischoff didn't back down from HHH. I like how HHH ended this saying I'll prove you.

Kane vs. Rhyno-
This was your worst MOTN beside the women's match. I thought that this match could have definately been longer. Nice to see Kane win though.

HOF Induction-
I like how The Road Warriors are going to be inducted into the HOF this year.

Main Event-
This was easily the MOTN. I really liked this match, and I'm really glad that Chris Jericho won the match. Brock Leasner comes out and destroy's RKO with a powerbomb through the announcer's table. Leasner vs. RKO at Mania, that's cool. Edge attacking HBK at the end was good, and maybe we will see a triple threat match at Mania? Who know's.

Overall this was a great show with alot of great things. I am know a loyal reader to this BTB after this show. Great Show man 90/100.
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