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Re: WWE: Thê Mørê Yøû €ãt, Thê Mørê Yøû §þît!

WWE Monday Night RAW
13th February 2005
Colorado, Denver

*We see footage of Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble followed up by footage of last week with Eric Bischoff announcing that Chris Jericho has jumped to RAW to challenge for the WWE Championship*

*"Across The Nation" hits as we cut to the Pepsi Center in Colorado, Denver where the fans are cheering like crazy. We see the magnificent pyro go off to starts off Monday Night RAW. We cut to the announce table where JR and King welcome us to RAW*

*Suddenly the lighting in the arena goes out and we see a countdown on the titantron in the dark arena. The crowd is already going crazy because they know what this means. The countdown:Y5J - Y4J - Y3J - !!Y2J!!

Chris Jericho’s pyro goes off and "Break the Walls Down" hits as the fans are going nuts. The lighting goes back on and we see Chris Jericho standing on the stage with his back turned at the crowd and holding up his arms horizontally in line with his shoulders. He brings the mic in his right hand to his face*

Chris Jericho: Welcome to the return of RAW…….is……Jericho!!!

*The crowd is now cheering heavily for Chris Jericho. Jericho looks around the arena with a big smile on his face. He then walks down the aisle and steps in the ring while the crowd just keeps on cheering. Chris Jericho tries to speak but the cheers interrupt him. He waits for a few seconds for the cheers to calm down*

Chris Jericho: Thank you, thank you. As you all can see, the return of the best era in RAW’s history has arrived. The return of “RAW Is Jericho”! Chris Jericho has come to make your Monday nights exciting again! Chris Jericho has come to make RAW a topnotch show again!

*The crowd cheers*

Chris Jericho: ….And with the presence of Y2J as your new future WWE Champion: You can count on RAW being one big party every week! Ladies and gentlemen, the new era has arrived on RAW, the era of the Y2J has returned!

*The crowd cheers even more*

Chris Jericho: Now you have a man here again who’s so awesome and charismatic that you’re gonna look forward to Monday Nights again, you’re gonna have a man who’s gonna make you jump up off your chairs, raise your hands in the air and scream “Lets go Jericho! Lets go Jericho! Lets go Jericho!”

*The crowd chants "Lets go Jericho" along with Chris Jericho*

Chris Jericho: Thank you. And come Wrestlemania, you all can watch at the resurrection of the Y-2-J era when I beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship at the grandest stage of them all! And after the dust has settled and all the smoke has cleared….., after Chris Jericho is standing triomfantly with the WWE Championship belt around his waist at Wrestlemania over a fallen HBK, RAW and all its people involved wil never, e….e….e….EVER be the same……again!!

*The crowd explosively starts cheering for Chris Jericho*

*"Sexy Boy" hits and the cheers go up even more. Shawn Michaels comes out carrying a mic and he gets into the ring. He looks around the arena first before he starts talking*

Shawn Michaels: Now hold on just a damm minute there Chris. You seem to be overlooking one important fact: The fact that you’re facing the Heartbreak Kid at Wrestlemania!

*The crowd cheers at Shawn Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: You see, you come out here and start talking about taking over RAW and becoming the new WWE Champion at Wrestlemania and all that. Now let me tell you: If you think that you’re match with me is gonna be a walk in the park, then think again! You’re going against The Showstopper……, The Headliner……., The Mainevent……, The Icon….., Shawn Michaels! And I’ll tell you what I’ve told every single person I’ve ever faced. The Heartbreak Kid lays down for absolutely nobody!

Chris Jericho: That’s great and all HBK but may I advise you to watch the Royal Rumble again? Did you see how I beat John Cena and won the Rumble all on the very same night? Well that just shows what Y2J is made off and I sure as hell didn’t win that thing for nothing! I WILL become the new WWE Champion at Wrestlemania!

Shawn Michaels: (nodding, no) Don’t get your hopes up Chris, it ain’t gonna happen. I…..

*"Metalingus" hits and interrupts Shawn Michaels. Edge and Lita come out to a good amount of boo’s. Edge starts talking while they get into the ring*

Edge: Oh Oh Oh wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that this jackass can come in here and push me out of the mainevent? That’s bullshit! It should be me maineventing Wrestlemania! Everyone here knows that I can kick your ass any day of the week Jericho. You…..

Chris Jericho: Would you PLEASE just shut the hell up!!!!

*The crowd cheers after hearing that*

Chris Jericho: Now listen up you assclown, and that 2 dollar cheap whore next to you to, listen up!

*The crowd bursts into cheers for Chris Jericho and starts a “Slut! Slut!” chant towards Lita. Lita looks bothered by the chants and we can hear Edge yell “Shut the hell up!”*

Chris Jericho: How about you and me, tonight man to man. I’m giving you the chance here to back your tough talk up by letting you step in the ring with excellence himself: Chris Jericho, and I’m gonna show you why I’m maineventing instead of you. And after tonight, you’re gonna have no more reasons to ever step in Chris Jericho’s business again after I kick you’re ass tonight!

Edge: You’re on Jericho! I will show you that your Rumble victory was just a big fluke. The Rated R Superstar will win tonight and I’m gonna show everybody around the world that I should be maineventing Wrestlemania, not you! Nobody will keep me down anymore, I AM gonna get my WWE Championship no matter what I have to do!

*"Burn In My Light"* hits and Randy Orton comes out to little reaction. He stands at the stage holding a microphone*

Randy Orton: Now if you girls are done fighting, maybe we can focus on the man who truly deserves the mainevent spot at Wrestlemania? It has always been my destiny to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. And I refuse to let it pass me because some Smackdown guy decides to jump to RAW. I demand a chance to earn my shot at Wrestlemania in tonights mainevent match!

Chris Jericho: Hey you had your chance at the Royal Rumble Orton! And you screwed up! Stop being such a whinebaby about it!

*"I’m Back" hits and Eric Bischoff comes out on the stage*

Eric Bischoff: Now it seems to me that our new addition isn’t well appreciated here. So I’m gonna let Chris Jericho prove himself tonight to the RAW lockerroom by putting him in a Triple Threat Match with Edge and Randy Orton where the winner will be the one going to Wrestlemania to face Shawn Michaels! And the special referee will be the WWE Champion himself: Shawn Michaels!

Chris Jericho: Hey, what the hell are you doing Bischoff? I won the Royal Rumble, I deserve to be maineventing no matter what!

Eric Bischoff: This here is MY house Chris and I call the shots here. You’re mainevent spot at Wrestlemania is on the line tonight, so you better go and prepare yourself!

*The camera gives shots of all 4 men’s faces before we go into commercial. Edge and Orton look happy while Jericho looks very upset that his title shot is put on the line. Shawn Michaels just looks at all the three other men while he’s holding the WWE Championship belt on his shoulder*


*"Ball and Gag" hits and the Bashams make their way into the ring. They don’t get much of a heel reaction as they make their entrance*

*"Guilty As Charged" hits and America’s Most Wanted come out to little reaction. Chris Harris is bringing handcuffs to the ring while James Storm is still drinking on a bottle of beer. James Storm adfundums the beer once he stepped into the ring. Doug Basham gets into the ring and the match gets underway*

Tag Team Match
The Bashams vs. America’s Most Wanted

Match Summary: It was a decent showing by AMW and the Bashams. It wasn’t a squash match because The Bashams isolated and worked on Chris Harris for a big part of the match.The turning point came when Harris clotheslined Doug Basham and he made the hot tag to James Storm. Storm then cleaned houseon Doug and Danny, landing suplexes, clotheslines and dropkicks to gain momentum. He threw out Danny Basham and Superkicked Doug Basham. He then put Doug Basham in a front waistlock and put him on his knee. Harris then went to the top turnbuckle and hit the legdrop on Doug Basham while he was being held by Storm(The Death Sentence). Storm then pinned Doug Basham for the three count and their first victory in the WWE.

Winners by Pinfall: America's Most Wanted
Match Length: 7:36

*After the match Harris and Storm put Doug in the corner and handcuffed him to the ringpost. Danny tried to interfere but Storm hit him on the head with his beer bottle. Danny then also got handcuffed to the other ringpost while AMW celebrated their debut victory*

*Chris Harris gets on the mic before they go back backstage*

Chris Harris: MNM, you’re still on our wanted list! You punks better watch your backs because “Wildcat” Chris Harris and “Cowboy” James Storm are coming to claim your Tagteam titles!

*AMW walks backstage still under little reaction but we can hear a few cheers here and there*

*We cut to the parking lot where we see a limousine park. The driver gets out and opens the door and we see Triple H stepping out of the limousine. We see Todd Grisham approaching Triple H as he gets out of the limousine*

Todd Grisham: Triple H can I ask you a few questions?

*Triple H stops and looks straight into Todd’s eyes with an angry look*

Todd Grisham: Uhhhh, what are your thoughts on what Kurt Angle said on Smackdown?

Triple H: What did he say?

Todd Grisham: Well after he was asked his thoughts about how he eliminated you in the Royal Rumble, he claimed that he actually didn’t need to do that because he could beat anyone with ease.

*Triple H looks pissed off after hearing that and he just walks away without saying anything*

Todd Grisham: Triple H one more question! What do you think of the #1 Contenders match made tonight?

*Triple H suddenly stops and goes back to Grisham*

Triple H: What contender’s match? I thought that Chris Jericho already is challenging for the WWE Championship?

Todd Grisham: No, Eric Bischoff has put his Wrestlemania spot on the line tonight in a Triple Threat match against Edge and Randy Orton.

*Triple H looks very surprised when he heard that*

Triple H: Are you kidding me?

Todd Grisham: No kidding.

Triple H: Well its a Fourway match now……

*Triple H leaves the scene and we cut to Commercials*


*"Aint No Stoppin Me Now" hits and Shelton Benjamin makes his way into the ring. He gets accompanied with the usual cheers for him*

*"Just Look At Me" hits and Rob Conway comes out to a decent amount of heel heat. He does his usual showing off and gets into the ring*

Singles Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Conway

A decent TV match. Shelton Benjamin looked great out there as always and Rob Conway did decent enough. Rob Conway played his cocky personality very well but Benjamin was looked to be the better man. The ending came when Conway was setting up Benjamin on the ropes for the Ego Trip but Benjamin moved out of the hold landing on the apron. He gave a shoulder thrust through the ropes into Conway’s gut, Conway stumbled back and Benjamin hit a Springboard Bulldog. Benjamin then waited for Conway to get up and he then hit him with the T-Bone Suplex for the 1-2-3. Another victory for the best pure athlete on RAW: Shelton Benjamin!

Winner by Pinfall: Shelton Benjamin
Match Length: 6:25

*Benjamin grabs a mic after the match is finished. The crowd gives him some decent cheering as he is about to speak*

Shelton Benjamin: (breathing heavily) Thank you all for cheering and supporting me here tonight, I appreciate every single fan out there cheering for me. You all have my respect!

*The crowd gives him a cheap pop*

Shelton Benjamin: Now I just wanna say that next week, I’ll be giving a big announcement regarding Wrestlemania. Its gonna be huge! I guarantee you that!

*Shelton Benjamin drops the mic and proceeds to backstage with a smile on his face while the crowd still gives him cheers*


*We come back and we cut backstage where we see Muhammad Hassan walking in the hallway with the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. The crowd immediately starts booing and chanting "USA! USA!" After sometime, We see Rob Van Dam walking into the scene and putting his hand on Hassan’s chest to stop him*

*The crowd cheers at the sight of Rob Van Dam*

Rob Van Dam: Hey dude, I don’t know who you are messing with, but I still want my title shot at your Intercontinental Championship. You can’t avoid me forever Hassan, so you just give me my shot already!

Muhammad Hassan: I already told you, the only way you’re gonna get a shot at my Intercontinental Championship, is on MY terms. The great Muhammad Hassan only steps in the ring with truelly great wrestlers, and you are NOT a great wrestler in my eyes.

*The crowd boo’s Hassan*

Muhammad Hassan: So I’m not giving you a title shot, you’re going to fight for your title shot! Next week, there will be a six man over-the-top battle royal and the winner of that will face the great Muhammad Hassan at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship! We will see if you can overcome this challenge if you want to be my opponent!

*The crowd cheers at the match announced*

Rob Van Dam: Well that battle royal isn’t a challenge for me dude, its just another platform to showcase R-V-D’s skills and I’m gonna show you that Rob Van Dam is the best athlete on RAW, hell I’m the the whole fucking(bleeped) show! I’ll see you at Wrestlemania, dude!

*Rob Van Dam walks away as Hassan looks on in a worried manner*

*We cut to Maria backstage who’ standing with MNM, Melina and Mickie James*

Maria: Hi!!! I'm Maria here along with MNM and Mickie James.

*The crowd starts booing at the sight of MNM and Mickie James*

Maria: MNM, last week we saw two men who call themselves America’s Most Wanted attack you and they said that they are coming to haunt you for attacking helpless women and for your World Tag team Championships. And earlier tonight they said again that they are coming for your Tagteam Championships. What do think about all this? Do you think you can hold onto your tagteam championships?

Melina: Maria, missie….. you’re really not of the brightest breed are you? Of course MNM will hold onto the tag team championships! Those two …….cowboy…..freaks did what? They attacked MNM last week while we were just handling our own business. Well America’s Most Wanted can threaten us all they want, but MNM is more then capable of defending their titles against anyone. My boys are the best thing going in the tagteam division and we deserve to be in the spotlight and we are not going to give the spotlight away to those 2 lunatics. Now if you’lle excuse us, Mickie and me, the Women’s champion have to prepare for our match tonight. Bye!

*MNM and Mickie James leave Maria as we go into commercial*


Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus & Ashley vs Melina © & Mickie James w/ Mercury & Nitro

Summary: The match started with Trish Stratus and Melina, Trish got the better of Melina in the early going and was in control untill Mercury made an illegal interference against Stratus and Nitro threw off Ashley onto the outside mat, which gave Melina the chance to tag in Mickie James. James immediately took down Trish with a spear and began to hit some mounted punches. Ashley tried to interfere but again Nitro and Mercury came in and took her out of the ring. Mickie James further worked on Stratus, hitting her with DDT’s, Suplexes and she even landed Trish’s own finishing move on her: The Mick-Kick. Melina then asked for the tag because she wanted to finish Stratus by herself. She picked up a groggy Stratus, bitchslapped her and then ran in the ropes and hit here with a running facebuster. Trish Stratus was down and out in the ring while Mercury and Nitro were holding back Ashley on the outside. Then suddenly Chris Harris and James Storm came running out and attacked Mercury and Nitro, laying some shots to the face and whipping them against the ringposts. Ashley then quickly ran into the ring and started clotheslining Melina and Mickie in a burst of momentum. Melina was down on the mat and Mickie James rolled out of the ring and fell on the outside. Ashley was forced back on the apron by the referee because she wasn’t the legal woman. Stratus then started to get back to her feet, she saw Melina getting up to and she immediately grabbed Melina’s head and hit the Stratusfaction on her giving Stratus the 3-count and the victory!

Winners by Pinfall: Trish Stratus & Ashley
Match Length: 4:57

*Trish Stratus didn’t have much time to celebrate because Mickie James quickly got in the ring to attack Trish but Trish quickly rolled out of the ring and celebrated with Ashley. Harris and Storm were handcuffing Mercury and Nitro to the ropes. After that they also left with Trish and Ashley while taunting Mercury and Nitro*

*We cut to Eric Bischoff’s office where we see Bischoff sitting behind his desk talking to Triple H*

Eric Bischoff: I’m sorry Triple H, I can’t put you in tonights mainevent. The match has already been booked and there’s nothing I can change about it.

Triple H: What the hell are you talking about Bischoff, you’re the general manager of RAW. You can do whatever you want with the matches.

Eric Bischoff: I’m sorry Triple H, I really can’t do anything about it.

Triple H: Don’t bullshit me Bischoff! You can add to that match if you want. I’m not an idiot here, why are you refusing to add me to the match?

Eric Bischoff: Ok, ok, you want to know why I don’t want to add you to that match? Because quite frankly I’m sick of you constantly trying to get into the mainevent! You may be one of the best there is, you may be a ten-time World Champion but enough is enough Hunter!

Triple H: So you’re telling me that you’re gonna try to keep me from MY WWE Championship belt? I thought you were a smart man Bischoff, you should know that you don’t try to keep Triple H from his WWE belt. That belt WILL eventually find its way back to my waist and I will do ANYTHING to make sure that happens!

Eric Bischoff: That can all be just right Hunter, but right now you’re getting nowhere near that belt. And instead of nagging about how you should be champion, try to actually prove yourself that you’re the best on the face of the planet! Once you’ve proven that you’re really the best in the business, that you’re really dedicated to the business, that you truelly are that damm good THEN you can get back in the title hunt. But for now, you ain’t gonna get near that gold!

Triple H: You want me to prove myself Bischoff? I’ll just do that then, you just watch me………

*Triple H storms out of Bischoff’s office*


*"Slow Chemical" hits, the fire pyro goes off at the stage and Kane comes out and make’s his way to the ring. He steps over the toprope into the ring and does his raising arms gesture and lets the firy pyro go off in the ringposts*

*"Man Beast" hits and Rhyno comes out looking intense as always. He stomps his way down the aisle and slides into the ring. The bell rings and we are underway*

Singles Match
Kane vs Rhyno

Match Summary: It was a decent big guy brawl. It was power move after power move from both men at a very good pace. The ending came when Rhyno threw Kane over the toprope. When Kane came back on the apron, Rhyno nailed him with a Gore through the ropes sending both men crashing against the barricade. Rhyno got up first and put Kane back in the ring. Rhyno was signaling for another Gore as Kane was getting up. Rhyno charged at Kane but Kane hit a big boot against the face of Rhyno instead. HE then picked up Rhyno and gave him the Chokeslam From Hell for the 1-2-3.

Winner by Pinfall: Kane
Match Length: 8:57

*Kane stands up over a down Rhyno, looks around in the crowd and does his arm raising gesture where his fire pyro goes off in the ring. He then looks onto Rhyno who’s still not showing any sign of life as he goes backstage*


*"What Rush" plays at Background and We see Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal make their traditional entrance under their traditional powerful music*

Narrator: They are the most popular tag team of all time.

*We see The Road Warriors dominate in a match*

Narrator: They are the only tag team to win tag team titles in all major promotions.

*We see flashes of them winning tag team titles in all three promotions*

Narrator: They are the longest lasting tag team in the history of professional wrestling for over 20 years.

*We see Hawk and Animal raising eachothers arm in the ring*

Narrator: Untill tragedy struck…….

*The music changes to a slower and sadder sound and we see a newspaper article that says that Road Warrior Hawk has died in his sleep on 19 October 2003*

Animal: He was my lifetime partner, he was a great guy, a loving father and my best friend.

Narrator: But now, both Animal and Hawk will get their dues when they get inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2006.

*Graphic shows with the Road Warriors and the Hall Of Fame logo*

*We cut back and we see Shawn Michaels is in the Referee dress with the WWE Champioinship, coming down to the ring*


*"Metalingus" hits, the smokes blows from under the titantron and Edge along with Lita comes out of the smoke under enormous booing. He has an arrogant smile on his face as he walks towards the ring. He kisses Lita, taps her ass and slides into the ring. He remains on the mat and does the humping on the floor move. He then goes to the turnbuckle and taunts the audience. He jumps back off and has a quick staredown with Shawn Michaels. He then proceeds to the ropes and he leans over the ropes and further taunts the crowd*

*"Burn In My Light" hits and the boo’s quiet down as Randy Orton comes out and does his usual entrance. He gets into the ring and stares at Edge and Shawn Michaels when he walks past them as he goes to the top turnbuckle and does his Destiny pose*

*"Break Down The Walls" hits and the crowd suddenly explodes in cheers for Y2J! We see the countdown on the titantron and we then see Chris Jericho standing with his back towards the ring with his arms raised. He turns around and starts working the crowd along the aisleway. He has a serious look in his eyes because he realises that his mainevent spot is on the line and he doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose it. He gets in the ring and stares down everybody in the ring*

*Shawn Michaels checks every man in their corner and he then calls for the bell and we’re underway*

Triple Threat Match for the WrestleMania Main Event Spot of Chris Jericho
Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho
Special Guest Referee: WWE Champion Shawn Michaels

Match summary: Orton and Edge waisted no time in the beginning and immediately started double teaming on Chris Jericho. They dominated the entire early going by working on Chris Jericho together. Then suddenly Orton hit an unexpected RKO on Edge and went for the cover but Lita interrupted the count. Orton threw her off to the outside and Jericho then got up and nailed Orton with an enzuigiri turning the tide to his advantage. What followed was a back and forth match between all three participants. The ending came when Chris Jericho had Edge locked in the Walls Of Jericho, Edge was about to tap but Orton interrupted the submission with an RKO to Jericho. Edge was trying to get back to his feet but he got RKO’d to. Randy Orton now was the only man standing and it looked like he was sure to win but then Brock Lesnar came running in and decked Orton from behind. He picked Orton up on his shoulders and hit him with the F5. Shawn Michaels apparantly didn’t care much for Orton because he didn’t call to end this match, he just let Lesnar continue the assault. Orton was knocked out from that sudden F5 but that wasn’t enough for Lesnar. He grabbed Orton on his shoulders and took him up the stage to the announce table and powerbombed him trough the announce table! Randy Orton’s lifeless body was lying there on the broken announce table as Lesnar slowly went back to the backstage with a big smile on his face knowing he had his sweet revenge. Meanwhile back in the ring, Edge and Jericho were slowly getting back to their feet. Chris Jericho hit Edge with an enzuigiri and Edge went down. Jericho then went for the Walls Of Jericho but Edge was fighting back with punches to the head, he pushed Jericho away against the turnbuckle with his feet. Jericho immediately went back to grab Edge but Edge gave him a lowblow which Shawn Michaels didn’t see from where he was standing. Lita then handed Edge a chair but Shawn Michaels didn’t allow Edge to use it and tried to take it from him. Lita then lowblowed Shawn Michaels from behind and Edge hit him with the chair. Shawn Michaels went down from the chairshot and Edge looked on Shawn Michaels with a big smile, he turns around with the chair and Jericho hit a dropkick to the chair driving it against Edge’s face! Jericho went for the cover but Shawn Michaels was still down. Jericho went over to Shawn Michaels and picked him back to his feet. Shawn Michaels was back on his feet and Jericho went back to pick up Edge but Edge hit an uppercut to the face of Jericho which made him stumble to the turnbuckle. Jericho bounced back and Edge went for the Spear but Jericho jumped aside making Edge hit the ringpost shoulder first. Edge staggererd back from the ringpost and Jericho then dropped Edge to his back and applied the Walls Of Jericho. Edge tried to reach the ropes but Jericho pulled him back in the center of the ring. Orton was still out cold on the announce table and Edge had no choice but to tap out to the Walls Of Jericho.

Winner by Submission: Chris Jericho
Match Length: 15:25

*Chris Jericho looks very relieved that he held onto his contendership. Shawn Michaels goes to Chris Jericho, looks at him and raises his arm to appoint the winner. The crowd pops at the scene of Shawn Michaels respecting Chris Jericho by raising his hand and calling the match fair and square.

Chris Jericho then goes to the turnbuckle to celebrate and work the crowd who give him a nice ovation for his performance. He then leaves the ring and proceeds to the back under cheering from the crowd. Meanwhile back in the ring, Edge gets back to his feet and looks pissed off that he lost. He sees Shawn Michaels standing in front of him and in his frustration he shoves Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels doesn’t appreciate this and starts hitting away at Edge. Both men are now brawling in the ring, Shawn Michaels starts to gain the upperhand untill Lita comes in and hits Shawn Michaels in the back with a chair. Shawn Michaels is stunned from that sudden chairshot and this gives Edge the time and room to hit the Spear! Shawn Michaels is down on the mat and Edge starts stomping away at Shawn Michaels.

Chris Jericho all off the sudden sprints back into the ring and takes down Edge! He starts hitting away at Edge but Edge covers up and manages to quickly roll out of the ring. Edge and Lita are backing down in the aisle while Shawn Michaels starts to get back to his feet. The show closes with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels staring at eachother in the middle of the ring while Edge is backing down in the aisle and Orton is still out cold on the broken table*


"ICH WILL FICKEN!!!" (Rammstein - Das Alte Leid)

Deep huh? think about it...

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