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4th Smackdown

Welcome to Cruiserweight Action

Match 1
Low Ki vs. Funaki
Low Ki wins vi a Dragon Clutch

Match 2
Nunzio vs. Tajiri (Hardcore)
Tajiri wins from the kick of death.

Match 3
Noble and Kidman vs. Super Crazy and Spanky
Kidman wins via belt shot on Super Crazy.

End of Cruiserweight Action.

Match 1
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Matt wins via Twist of Fate from Kurt Angle interference. They double team him until Eddie comes in and saves them.

Eddie: If you got nothing but cheating on your minds why don't you face off against me and Edge right now.

Kurt: Ok you snotnosed punk

Match 2
Kurt and Matt vs. Edge and Eddie
The match ends in a DQ because Brock destroys everyone in sight. After that Brock sets his targets on Kurt. Just then Kurt grabs the mic.

Kurt: Whoa Whoa Whoa. Brock I know you don't want to hurt me. And if don't hurt me now I will prove our loyalty. Together we can take out Edge and face off one on one.

Brock walks away.

Match 3
Kanyon vs. Rikishi
Kanyon wins via Flatliner. TMW then come out and injure Kanyon.

Match 4
Brock vs. Nathan Jones
Brock wins again via F-5. Kurt comes out and trys to shake his hand. Brock refuses and walks away.

Eric is shown in the background. He goes into the ring.

Eric; Vince come out right now.

Vince enters the ring.

Eric: I know you think having Undertaker win the WWE title would be the feather in your cap since he refuses to respect the WWE and his fans.

Vince: Yes, and I will support the Undertaker by being at ringside at the Pay Per View as a "Fair Spectator"

Eric: Fine you want to be in the Taker's corner. While to make it fair I will be in the Wolverine Machines corner. And I will make the deal sweeter. If Taker wins I give you my control in the WWE, but if Beniot wins, I want a match against you in the final WWE show in history.

Vince: I will give you my answer next week.

Beniot vs. John Cena
John Cena wins from interference from the Undertaker. He uses the Undertaker Chair Choke Thrust. As there about to go off air Vince raises Undertakers hand.

End of Show

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