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Re: NWA Domination

March 27th 2003
Los Angeles, CA - Memorial Sports Arena

The show starts off to the sounds of Guns 'N Roses' "Paradise City", the theme for the Los Angeles portion of this three day Historical Event!

Jim Miller, NWA President, makes his way out from the back, followed by all of the brand representatives (i.e. Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, Bret Hart, Shane & Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman, John Laurinaitis, Konnan, Eric Bischoff & Tod Gordon). Jim Miller reads an official "proclamation", which goes off without any real enthusiasm from the crowd. Miller finaly announces that the night's action is set to start, 16 tournament matches, capped off by The Rock taking on The Deadman in the night's Main Event. Miller thanks lastly Eric Bischoff for helping with things here in LA over the course of the day's preparations. Calling the night's action will be NWA Los Angeles' official broadcast team of Tony Schiavone & Jesse "The Body" Ventura!


The battle of the former Thrillseekers, opening the tournament off. Jericho & Storm exchange a handshake at the outset. A very quick and technicaly sound opening contest. The two men from the Canadian Stampede brand. Storm & Jericho exchanged a lot of quick counter holds in the early minutes, before turning things up a notch. Storm is sent to the apron but lands on his feet. Jericho charges but gets a forearm to the face. Storm tries for a Suplex out but Jericho blocks it, Jericho with a Suplex of his own, drops Storm stomach first against the top rope. Storm is on the apron, Jericho connects with a Springboard Dropkick, sends Storm to the floor! Jericho moves to the apron. Jericho runs off and and Storm catches him with a Super Kick to the face!

The Refereee counts both men up to a 9 count before they roll back in! Jericho counters a right-handed attack ininto a Pumphandle Backbreaker. Jericho gets a 2 count! Storm gets Jericho into the ropes, throat first. Storm hits the ropes and connects with a Dropkick to Jericho's back. Storm gets Jericho up into a Fireman's Carry position... TKO!! Unusual maneuver from Storm! Cover gets him only a 2 count! Storm measures Jericho for another Super Kick... But Jericho ducks under and locks in the Lion Tamer... NO! Storms turns it into a Cradle! 1...2....NO!!! Both men back up!

Storm connects with a series of rights on Jericho. Irish Whip on Jericho into the ropes.... Canadian Maple Leaf! Storm rolled through and locked in his version of the Single Leg Boston Crab! Jericho fights his way to the ropes. Storm tries to get Jericho off the ropes but Y2J holds on for dear life! Jericho is on his back and he clinches the ropes with both hands as Storm grabs both of Jericho's legs. Both men pull in different directions and Storm pulls harder and lifts Jericho in the air... Jericho gains control in mid-air... ENZIGURI!!!! Storm staggers on his feet while Jericho gets back up. Jericho off the ropes... Bulldog Jam! Jericho goes for the Lion Sault to follow-up! Storm puts the knees up but Jericho blocks the counter... into the Lion Tamer! Jericho stretches Storm and puts his knee in the back of Lance! STORM TAPS OUT! (7:21)


First time ever encounter between the two men. The crowd completely behind the Hitman, as he makes a triumphant return to the ring after a long hiatus. A very slow and methodic pace to the start of this matchup; going right down the Japanese style of wrestling's alley, which Kea is more than accustomed to. Kea gets the clear advantage after connecting with a Fireman's Carry Takedown and locking in an Armbar. Kea worked extensively on Hart's arm and shoulder in the first 5 minutes of the contest. Hart was able to turn the momentum around after fighthing himself out of a possible Death Valley Driver with some elbows to Kea's head. Hart landed on his feet and executed a nice Back Suplex.

Hart took control over Kea and targeted his back and lower body. Hart connected with a lot of front elbows to Kea's back and working and kicking at the leg. Kea had a quick second wind by quicky coming off the ropes with a big Forearm, followed by a big Spinning Wheel Kick, knocking Hart down! Kea measured Hart off the 2nd ropes. He measured the Hitman and flew off the turnbuckle but was caught by the legs, into a Catapult into the opposite corner! Hart connects with a Clothesline in the corner, followed by a nice Running Bulldog! Hart comes off the 2nd ropes with a Front Elbow Drop for a 2 count!

Kea came back into the match with a quick Death Valley Driver for a close near fall! Kea also delivered a Running Yakuza Kick followed by a Brainbuster Suplex out of the corner for another close near fall. In the closing moments, Hart countered Kea rushing at him in the corner with an Inverted Atomic Drop, followed by a Big Clothesline off the ropes. Hart then connected with a Side Backbreaker. Hart moved in for the kill, dropping a Headbutt in the groin of Kea. He then locked in the Sharpshooter, but Kea was able to reach the ropes! Hart & Kea back up again, exchanging blows. Hart with a Headbutt! Follows it up with a big Piledriver!! Hart locks in the Sharpshooter once more... KEAT TAPS OUT!! (12:56)


A big mismatch for Mysterio, going against the former NWA World Champion. Not so much in the size department as in the technical skills and know-how of Severn. Mysterio can be seen praying in the corner before the match starts. Severn takes control from the get-go on the masked superstar, Mysterio adorning the mask once again after a very special night of celebration down in Mexico. Severn shows his superior mat skills and grounding the high-flyer. Mysterio uses his size and quickness to evade Severn on numerous occasions; connecting with dropkicks and arm drags. Mysterio tries for a Hurrancanrana but Severn drops him with a Powerbomb. Severn then locks in the Beast Choker! MYSTERIO TAPS OUT! 2 straight taps out in the opening 3 matches of the night! (2:56)


The two masked men, opposites in so many ways, set to do battle in first round action. One one side, the very charismatic Mexican La Parka, and, on the other, The Big Red Monster Kane! La Parka tried to distract Kane with his slick and corky dance moves but, the Big Red Machine wouldn't have none of it! Early on, La Parka tried to play the cat and mouse game, but Kane found a way to drop the proverbial mouse dead in his tracks with a Big Boot to the face! La Parka fought his way back with some blatant cheatin`; bringing his trusted steel chair into the match! The chair was used in all sorts of ways. The referee let La Parka have some lee-way, realizing that, this disadvantage for Kane could very turn back to haunt La Parka in the end. La Parka sat Kane on the chair, facing one of the corners. La Parka ascended the turnbuckles quickly... LA PARKINATOR!! (aka Whisper In the Wind/Sky Twister Press) La Parka covers Kane!! 1...2....NO!!! La Parka grabs another chair from the outside while Kane makes it back to his feet in the corner. La Parka rushes at Kane with the chair... BIG BOOT!!! La Parka ate that steel like a good hearthy breakfast! Kane picks La Parka back up by the throat.... CHOKESLAM! 1..2...3! Kane pins La Parka! (5:13)


Two former ECW Champions; both men left a path of destruction behind them, one Awesome Bomb and one Gore at a time. Pitted against each other in the tournament's first round. Both men with heavy brawling from the first seconds of the bout. Awesome with a Big Boot sends Rhyno to the outside. Awesome moves to the apron and runs off but Rhyno moves out of the way and Mike crashes against the guardrail. Rhyno pushes Awesome over the rail and then end brawling around with the crowd. No one really gets the upper hand and then end on the other side coming back into the ring.

Rhyno gets up on the top rope but Awesome cuts him off. Awesome climbs the turnbuckles and both men are on the top... SUPER BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! BOTH MEN CRASHED TO THE MAT!!! The referee reaches a 9 count before anyone can get back up. Both men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring with Awesome getting the upper hand. Awesome with an Irish Whip sends Rhyno into the corner hard. Awesome picks Rhyno up by the legs... SITDOWN ALABAMA SLAM! Awesome climbs the top rope and connects with a BIG MAN FROG SPLASH!!! Cover... 1..2....NO!!! Awesome comes off the ropes and Rhyno catches him... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Rhyno goes out to the outside and sets up a table perfectly placed right besides the ring apron. He gets another one and brings it into the ring.

The referee lets these two beasts have all this lee-way on the count of not wanting to get trampled by either one of them. Rhyno places the second table in the corner, perched verticaly. Rhyno measures Awesome and dashes at him, looking for a Gore through the table... but Awesome moves out of the way and Rhyno crashes head first through the wood!!! Awesome shakes the cobwebs loose and grabs hold of Rhyno... AWESOME BOMB FROM THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! G-G-G-GODDD!! The referee counts Rhyno out with his 10 count! Awesome wins!!! (8:08)


Once again, two former ECW alumnis set to collide in first round action; Super Crazy from the Mexico City branch and Tommy Dreamer from the Hardcore City branch. Both men exchange a handshake at the beginning of the contest. A highly impactful matchup at that, both men throwing caution to the wind. Super Crazy attempted a Moonsault Press early on but Dreamer cut him off. Dreamer climbed up the ropes and dropped Super Crazy with a SUPER BACK BODY DROP! Dreamer only got a 2 out of the ensuing pinfall attempt. Crazy came back with offense of his own, connecting with a Springboard Cross Body from the apron inside of the ring! As for Crazy, only getting a close near fall.

It really was a great showcase of innovative and high flying maneuvers between both men. Dreamer catched the foot of Crazy, who connected with an Enziguri! Crazy got back up and hit the ropes, looking for a Tornado DDT... but Dreamer threw Crazy off. Dreamer with the TOMMY-HAWK!! Plants Super Crazy! Tommy signals for the Spicolli Driver or even his trusted DDT! He gets Crazy back up and instead, hooks Crazy for a Piledriver attempt. Dreamer lifts Crazy quickly and loses control of the hold. Crazy counters the Piledriver into a huge DDT!!! Crazy goes to a corner, and Dreamer slowly gets back up. Crazy up to the top rope... DOUBLE JUMP MOONSAULT PRESS!! Crazy hooks Dreamer's legs! 1..2.....3!! What a surprise win for The Insane Luchadore!!!! (7:16)


Two former WCW World Heavyweight Champions; one a true legend and flagship bearer of the old NWA throughout the 80's and 90's, the other, the last of a dying breed in the last days of World Championship Wrestling. At the outset, Flair taunts Booker with a handshake but struts away the gesture to a chorus of "WOOOO"'s from the LA crowd. Flair used a lot of brawling to try and stop Booker's quickness to come into play. Flair jammed the head of Booker into the top turnbuckle numerous times, following that onslaught with series of chops and straight punches to the jaw. Flair tried to fly but Booker was quick enough to stop the Nature Boy, slamming him off the top rope to the mat in true Nature Boy fashion. Booker followed that with a beautiful looking Dropkick that sent the Nature Boy tumbling over to the outside.

Booker followed suit on the outside, brawling around the ring with the Nature Boy. Booker brought Flair back into the match, going up top and connecting with a big Missile Dropkick! Booker goes for a lateral press and only gets 2 count! Booker measured Flair for a Harlem Sidekick but Flair ducked and Booker straddled himself on the top rope, crotch first! Flair came from behind and chopped the knee of Booker. Flair started to work relentlessly on the knee, until he was able to lock in the Figure 4 Leglock!!! Booker was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Booker & Flair wound up in a corner once again, Flair chopping and punching away at Booker. Booker fought out of the corner with punches and chops of his own. Flair accidentaly elbowed the referee in the face, dropped to his knees, and low blowed Booker T., unintentionaly! Flair with a nice Back Suplex, locks in the Figure 4 Leglock once more! Referee comes back to and Booker TAPS OUT!!! (9:24)


The last match before the intermission, both men intrical parts of NWA Texas, ran by Dusty Rhodes, and, we see Dusty up in one of the sky boxes with the rest of the NWA head onchos, having a glass of champagne, settling down for this very important contest. "Cowboy" by Kid Rock blares throughout the Memorial Sports Arena, as Jeff Jarrett makes his way down towards the ring. He sports his usual ring gear, with a new silver-colored leather long trench coat, cut off at the shoulders. His trusted guitar with him. Jarrett receives a cold reception from the LA crowd, as he mouths off at them all the way down towards the ring. Jarrett gets into the ring and poses on the second and first rope, his traditional show of his guitar, while some pyros explode behind him. Jarrett settles into the squared circle as.... "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed screeches from the sound system, the crowd going completely nuts for the "The Texas Rattlesnake"! Austin makes his way out from the back, full of purpose, and going straight to the ring without wasting a second! Austin gets up into the ring and goes for his first turnbuckle, passing right by Jarrett. Austin gets off the turnbuckles after his traditional rallying pose, Jarrett attacks him as soon as Austin turns around and this one is on and popping!!

Jarrett just hits Austin with punches and Austin goes down, his little black jacket still on. Jarrett takes Austin for the ride to the ropes, misses with a Clothesline attempt and Austin coming the other way with a LOU THESZ PRESS!! Austin opens up a can of whoop-ass on Jarrett, peppering him with rights. Austin gets Jarrett up and throws him out of the ring through the middle and top rope. Austin follows suit and takes of his jacket, wrapping it around the throat of Jarrett and dragging him around the ringside area. Austin uses the jacket to hip toss Jarrett down on the floor mats! Austin gets Jarrett backed against the guardrail and stomps a mudhole through the Chosen One! Austin gets Jarrett back into the ring and rolls himself back in as well. Austin moves in on Jarrett but he gets caught with a blow to the gut. Jarrett is able to get himself back up and rakes the eyes of Austin. Jarrett Snapmares Austin down and hits the ropes, dropping a knee against the forehead of the Rattlesnake. Jarrett then locks in a Seated Abdominal Stretch on Austin to slow things down a bit.

Jarrett breaks his own hold and gets Austin back up and into a corner. Jarrett unloads with some punches that rock Austin. Jarrett continues his onslaught with some kicks too. Jarrett takes Austin out of the corner and whips Austin into the ropes. Kick to the gut by Jarrett. Jarrett goes for The Stroke!! But Austin gets out of the hold! Jarrett stays on Austin and clobbers him with some forearms to the back. Jarrett with another Irish Whip but it's reversed by Austin! Austin ducks down and Jarrett goes for a Sunset Flip! But Austin holds on... and drops down on Jarrett, unloading with some punches!! Austin is merciless! Austin gets back up and mouths off, getting the crowd riled up! Jarrett gets up and Austin attacks with a series of punches. Austin with a whip to the ropes on Jarrett. Austin kicks Jarrett to the gut and goes for the Stunner!! But Jarrett pushes Austin off! Jarrett runs at Austin and he catches him... STUN GUN! Out of the Stunning Playbook! Jarrett goes down hard and Austin goes for a cover! 1..2...NO!!! Jarrett kicks out!

Both men get up and Jarrett connects with a punch. Jarrett hits the ropes for another punch. Austin is still up. Jarrett hits the ropes once more but Austin catches him, STANDING SPINEBUSTER! Austin lifts his arms in the air and smiles a wicked smile for the crowd. Austin grabs hold of Jarrett's legs and looks around him with this grin, Austin locks in the Figure 4 Leglock on Jarrett!!! Jarrett is in deep, deep trouble! Jarrett tries to reach the rope but he's too far away. Shoulders down! 1..2...NO!!!! Jarrett goes the other option and turns himself left and right until he can finaly turn both he and Austin around, the pressure is now reversed but Austin lets go quickly before the pain reaches his limbs. Jarrett is the worse for ware and they wind up in the middle of the ring, both back to a vertical base. Austin with some punches backs Jarrett to the ropes. Austin with a whip. Jarrett comes back around and turns the momentum around with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Nicely executed! Jarrett stomps away at Austin and shows his superiority!

Jarrett continues stomping away at Austin before showing off to the crowd. Jarrett goes back to the offensive and gets Ausint up. Irish Whip follows it with a nice Dropkick! Jarrett doesn't waste a minute and gets Austin back up... BACK SUPLEX!!! Cover by Jarrett only gets him a 2 count! Jarrett locks Austin in a Reverse Chin Lock. But Austin gets himself back up quickly. He fights out of the hold with some elbows to Jarrett's gut and hits the ropes. Jarrett swings widly with a right hand and Austin ducks under it. Austin comes back around with a big Clothesline that knocks Jarrett down. Jarrett back up walks right into some rabid punches! Jarrett escapes to a corner but Austin just follows his prey and continues with his attack. The punches turn into kicks and Austin stomps another mudhole right through Double J! Austin gets Jarrett out of the corner, nice Suplex by Austin. There's a lateral press but Austin only gets a 2 count!

Austin gets Jarrett back up but, Jarrett holds on to the thights and drives Austin face first into the corner, crashing against the second turnbuckle. Jarrett goes out to the outside and grabs on to his trusted guitar! Jarrett gets back into the ring but the referee stands in Jarrett's way! Jarrett goes to turn around but instead, whacks the referee across the head with the GUITAR! That's gonna be an automatic DQ! Jarrett brags to everyone who wants to listen! Austin comes up from behind, turns Jarrett around, kick to the gut... STONE COLD STUNNER! Jarrett is out like a light! Austin will move on in the tournament, Jarrett got Disqualified! (8:12)

After the bout, Austin had a beer bash, the fans getting a good energy boost right before the intermission.



The first match after the intermission pitted two former ECW alumnis once again. Tazz was looking in tremendous shape, back to wearing his singlet and looking all business. It was a quick and hard-hitting matchup as both men went at each other with everything but the kitchen sink. Tanaka used his very versatile artillery, while Tazz suplexed his way through advantages. Tanaka got a closer near fall after a Frog Splash from the Top Rope. Tanaka looked to hit the Diamond Dust out of the corner but Tazz countered into a Super Head-&-Arm Tazz-Plex. Tazz then dropped Tanaka with a Snap Brainbuster and quickly locked in the Tazzmission for the Submission Victory! (4:25)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 10)

The rock hard built of Norton to go up against the sheer never say die attitude of "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock. Norton really took control from the get go, just pounding away and demolishing Shamrock at every turn. Norton connected with a Flying Elbow Drop from the top rope on Shamrock but only got a 2 count on the ensuing lateral press. Shamrock tried to fight his way back into the contest with swift kicks and by trying submissions on every limb possible. But the sheer build of Norton didn't allow Shamrock to really affect "Flash". Shamrock almost got a quick near fall after a quick Inside Cradle but Norton was too big for Shamrock to keep locked in the Cradle for the 3 seconds needed.

Norton continued to dish out some heavy offense, hitting a huge Powerbomb on Shamrock but not going for a cover after hit. Instead, Norton went up to the top rope once more and looked to hit another Flying Elbow Drop to really finish Shamrock off. But Shamrock moved out of the way at the last split second! Both men got back up and Shamrock connected with a Roundhouse Savate Kick! Norton was woozy as hell. Shamrock then dropped the big Norton down with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and quickly locked in the ANKLE LOCK!!! Shamrock got to one knee and really put the pressure on the ankle... NORTON TAPPED OUT!!! (8:33)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 11)

Another one of our feature 1st Round matchups set to go here. "WALK" by Pantera blares through the sound system, announcing the arrival of RVD, and he's flanked with Bill Alfonso, his trusty whistle a-blowing. RVD takes his sweet time making it down to the ring, seeing that every front row fan gets to greet him the proper way. RVD sports a flashy neon green and black dragon singlet, custom made with the RVD initials and WHOLE F'N SHOW monicker on it. RVD makes it to ringisde and continues his meet and greet schtick. We can see NWA Detroit Michigan's Kevin Sullivan in the sky boxes, sitting down and looking on at one of his 1st faithfuls to compete in the first round, the other 3 yet to come. RVD makes it inside of the ring and poses for the fans once more before... "SEEK & DESTROY" (Live @ Woodstock '99) by Metallica blares through the sound system! The arrival of Sting is near! The lights go down a bit in the arena and lighthing starts to flash to add a special sense of feeling to this grand arrival. Sting makes it out from the back, his long black trench coat, and, trusted baseball hat in hand. Sting walks down towards the ring and inside the squared circle without any fanfare, eager to get this first time ever confrontation under way!

RVD & Sting meet in the middle of the ring, locking up with intent. RVD with a Side Headlock. Sting pushes him off against the ropes. Sting drops down and RVD runs over him. RVD stops and goes for a quick Legdrop but Sting moves out of the way. Both men are back up and Sting with the Side Headlock. RVD pushes him away to the ropes and RVD with a Split Legged Leap Frog. Sting stops his run and RVD turns around into a Hip Toss. RVD gets back up, Sting connects with a Dropkick! Sting takes RVD and whips him into the ropes... GORILLA PRESS SLAM!! What power shown by Sting on RVD! Sting gets RVD back up but Van Dam drives Sting in the corner. RVD unloads with some rapid fire punches to Sting's gut before uncorking a forearm to the face. Attempted Irish Whip out of the corner gets reversed. Sting goes for a quick Stinger Splash but breaks his crash as RVD moved out of the way. Big Clothesline out of the corner sends RVD rolling out of the ring to catch his breath while Sting waits on him in the inside.

RVD gets a word with Bill Alfonso and gets back into the ring. Both men lock up in the center of the ring and RVD brings Sting into the corner with the advantage. RVD forearms Sting after the break but Sting stands as straight as a flag pole. RVD hits Sting again but to no avail. RVD kicks Sting in the gut to stop this mount of adrenaline on the Stinger's part. RVD with an Irish Whip out of the corner, follows with a Running Roundhouse Kick in the corner. What impact! RVD snapmares Sting down and drops a Spinning Legdrop on his foe. Cover for a quick 2 count. RVD gets Sting back up and into an Irish Whip to the ropes. RVD hits the ropes himself and hits Sting with a Spinning Wheel Kick variation, using both of his legs to connect on his opponent. There's another ensuing cover for another 2 count. RVD gets Sting up to a vertical base into a corner and hits the Stinger with some forearm shots. RVD goes for a biel out of the corner but Sting blocks and reverses it into one of his own! RVD landed awkwardly on his neck!!! That's impact right there!

Sting screams out to the fans before taking RVD back up. Sting gets RVD up into a Fireman's Carry position but RVD fights out of the predicament. Sting backs up and RVD is able to land on his feet but on the apron. Sting turns around and eats a well placed extended Martial Arts Kick by Van Dam. Sting staggers backwards and RVD jumps up the top rope... FLYING CROSS BODY!!! COVER! 1...2....NO!!! Sting kicks out! Both men are back up and RVD Mules Kick Sting hard! Followed by a Dropkick sends Sting over to the outside! RVD looks on to the outside as Sting shakes the cobwebs loose. Alfonso whistles away as RVD hits the ropes... SOMMERSAULT PLANCHA! Connects on Sting! RVD gets back, a bit woozy, and slaps hands with Alfonso! RVD grabs Sting back up and hooks him up for a Suplex, draping him against the guardrail! RVD jumps on the apron and points to himself, as the crowd chants along " R V D ". VAN DAM SPIN KICK ATTACK!! RVD flew from the apron onto the back of Sting with a vicious Kick! RVD takes Sting back into the ring. SLINGSHOT SPLASH! 1..2....NO!!

RVD has got the advantage now and gets Sting back up to his feet. RVD with a forearm on Sting. RVD steps back, Leg Roll Cradle! 1...2.NO!! RVD is quick back up to his feet and he's quick up the top rope as well. FLYING SENTON ATTACK ON STING!!! RVD gets back up and takes Sting up. Slams him down! RVD springs up to the top rope.... FIVE....STAR...NO!!!! STING MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AND RVD HIT HARD! Sting gets RVD back up quickly... SCORPION DEATH DROP! Sudden impact! Sting hooks both legs! 1...2.....3! (7:59)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 12)

On paper, a mismatch for sure, but, the experience and resourcefulness of Raven need not be overlooked. Brock Lesnar was amped up, but, Raven was one stoic individual, seated in the corner, down, and, even when the bell rang, no movement from Raven. Lesnar got too frustrated to wait, and after almost a full minute of waiting, he moved in on Raven. Lesnar got in Raven's face and, out of nowhere, Raven kick Lesnar in the lower regions! Raven rolled out of the ring and took out from under the ring a trash can filled with objects. But Lesnar was too pumped up to let this thing get any farther. Raven looked to hit Brock with the Trash Can Lid, but Brock kicked Raven hard in the gut. POWERBOMB!! by Lesnar! Lesnar raged on, picking Raven up and placing the trash can in place. F-5!!! ON THE TRASH CAN!! 1..2.....3!!! Lesnar wins without a doubt! (1:15)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 13)

Two men who never faced each other set to go at it in our 13th match of the 1st Round. And, it sure promises to be something special, as these two men skills should gel perfectly together to give us a tremendous bout. Maybe, the sleeper bout of the night. In the opening minutes, Scorpio surprised everyone, especially Angle, when he was able to control the mat game over Kurt. Scorpio's extensive time in Japan really showing dividends. Angle couldn't find a way to pinpoint any of Scorpio's body parts. Scorpio had that cockiness about him that just made Angle go completely nuts at one point. Angle's rage almost cost him this match, as he ran right into a Jumping Tombstone Piledriver but he was able to kick at 2 and a half!

Angle was able to turn this match around after Scorpio missed with a Sommersault Senton from the 2nd Rope! Angle started to work on Scorpio left shoulder and didn't relent. Angle locked on an Arm Wringer but Scorpio rolled on himself, and tried to knip up to get the momentum back. But Angle brought him down each time he tried some fancy out of the hold. Eventually, Angle was able to lock in an Armbar and put one of his knees right against the jaw of Scorpio to really put him at a disadvantage. Scorpio was able to turn the Armbar in his favor but Angle was quick to drive 2 Cold in a corner to break the hold. Angle tried to unload with a vicious Right Hand but Scorpio ducked under and caught Angle the other with an Arm Drag! Scorpio synched the arm a little bit like Kurt did earlier to stop Angle's momentum from getting too much of a challenge for 2 Cold.

Both men went back and forth in this one, until the very end. Which saw Angle try for an Armbar Takedown but, Scorpio held on to the top rope while Angle went down hard on the mat. Scorpio connected with a 1st rope springboard Legdrop and then motioned for another big move that might involve him going to the top rope. Scorpio Body Slammed Kurt into position and went up the top rope. SCORPIO SPLASH.....MISSES! Angle moved out of the way! Scorpio hit hard and get himself back, walks right into an ANGLE SLAM!!! 1...2....3! (12:33)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 14)

The tournament rages on, down to the last 3 matches of the 1st Round. This contest should prove to be a great challenge for both men, as the opposites will definitely look to play a big part in this one. Steiner's immense strenght and dangerous suplexes, to try and topple Guerrero mat skills and tremendous speed. Surprisingly enough, this was an all out assault on Guerrero by Steiner in the early going; Back Suplex, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, German Suplex, you name it, Guerrero took the pain and survived as best he could. Steiner looked to finish this onslaught with a little flashback to the days of the Steiner Bros. with a Frankensteiner. Scott whipped Eddie off the ropes... Eddie caught Steiner and dropped with a Powerbomb!!! JACKNIFE COVER! 1..2....3!!!! UPSET! (5:01)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 15)

One final match before the Main Event, and it will be nothing short of a classic. Both men, fighthing for the only that matters to them in life, a World Heavyweight Championship and there will be only one man who will advance closer to that goal here tonight.


The first one out of the gates is Triple H. Going about the same entrance he used to, as a way to intimidate and pump himself up to the highest level possible. A reaction for a fan favorite leads way to HHH making his way down to the ring and posing on the apron, squirting his water out into the air. HHH enters the ring and poses in one of the corners as he awaits his opponent for tonight.


Chris Benoit makes his way out to the ring next. No BS for The Crippler as he's the last one from the Canadian Stampede to compete here tonight, and already 2 of the 3 men have advanced with a chance of a third man advancing in the tournament right now. Benoit makes it to the ring and gets right into HHH's face. as this bout is set to begin.

It's a slow and methodical pace to the matchup. Both men, true masters of their craft, neither, wanting to make a mistake or a hasty decision. HHH takes the early advantage while on the outside, ramming Benoit back first against the guardrail and punching away at his weakened foe. Benoit reeling from the offensive onlsaught. HHH gets Benoit in the ring and connects with the Spinebuster off the ropes! Cover! 1...2....NO!!! Benoit is breathing hard, maybe one of his ribs was bruised or damaged during the altercation on the outside.

HHH continues with his attack, whipping Benoit into the corner and connecting with a Corner Clothesline. HHH presses on with shoulder blocks, targeting the ribs of Benoit. Out of the corner, HHH tries to go for the Pedigree, but Benoit fights out of it and uses a Catapult on HHH! HHH is sent flying over the top rope and lands awkardly on the outside! HHH caught his head against the ring post and then tumbled on the apron and caught one side of the steel steps. Benoit was able to catch his breath a bit, before going back on the attack. Benoit followed HHH on the outside and violently rammed his head against the guardrail. Followed it with a Snap Suplex on the outside!

Benoit brought HHH back into the ring and Irish Whipped The Game off the ropes. HHH reversed it and missed with a Clothesline! Benoit ducked under and hooked a GERMAN SUPLEX!! BENOIT HOLDS ON! BENOIT HITS THREE CONSECUTIVE GERMAN SUPLEXES!! COVER! 1...2....NO!!! Benoit gets HHH back up and tries for a Butterfly Suplex, or even a Pedigree at the most but HHH fights out of it with all he's got, Back Dropping his foe and getting himself out of this predicament. HHH attacks Benoit with some right hands, before pushing him against the ropes for a Whip. HHH misses with a Clothesline, with a Back Elbow to other way and then hits a Running High Knee!!! HHH takes some time to catch his breath, some heavy action in the early stages of this contest.

HHH gets Benoit back to his feet and connects with some right hands. HHH hits the ropes...FACEBREAKER! Follows it up with a REVERSE SUPLEX!!! What impact! Cover! 1...2...NO!!! HHH waits on Benoit to get up after this big maneuver. Kick to the gut. HHH hooks the arms of Benoit... PEDI-NO!!!! Benoit just Back Dropped HHH out of the ring to the floor!!! Benoit drops down to one knee to catch his breath and looks out at Hunter on the outside. Benoit gets back up, hits the ropes, full head of steam... SUICIDE DIVE! Through the middle of and top rope! Connects with The Game! Benoit on the outside, Irish Whips HHH into the barricade hard! Benoit catches HHH coming off the whip with the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!! ON THE OUTSIDE!!! BENOIT HAS HHH LOCKED IN!!! The referee steps out to tell Benoit to break it, or else both men will be counted out!! HHH is tapping out but there's nothing the referee can do! Benoit finaly relinquishes and as heated words with the official.

Benoit gets HHH back into the ring. Benoit has HHH in the corner and unloads with vicious Knife Edge Chops that echoe throughout the Memorial Sports Arena. Benoit lifts HHH up the ropes. All the way to the top... SUPERPLEX! Nicely executed but Benoit landed hard on his own neck! Benoit is able to cover HHH... 1...2...NO!!! That wasted amount of time allowed HHH to kick out. Benoit gets HHH back up with a Waistlock. Benoit hammers the back of HHH with forearms before trying to lock in another series of German Suplexes... but HHH fights back with back elbows to break the hold. HHH with a whip to the corner. HHH comes in with a Back Elbow! HHH gets Benoit out of the corner and ascends the 2nd rope. FLYING AXE HANDLE!!! HHH mocks Benoit, as he does the "Cut Throat" motion! HHH moves in on Benoit... CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! BENOIT'S OWN HOLD BEING APPLIED TO HIM! BENOIT FIGHTS WITH ALL HE'S GOT! HE REACHES THE ROPES!

HHH is inches away now from victory. He gets Benoit up and goes for a Neckbreaker. But Benoit fights out of it and turns it into a German Suplex! Benoit connects with a series of 4 German Suplexes!!!! Benoit gets back up, and motions he's going up to the top rope! Benoit has HHH in sight... SWANDIVE HEADBUTT!!!! NOBODY HOME!!!! BENOIT HIT EXTREMELY HARD ON THE MAT! HHH is back up and he gets Benoit up... PEDIGREE!! Connects! HHH turns Benoit around, hooks the far leg... 1..2......3! (11:35)

1st ROUND MATCH (NO. 16)

Bob Artese points to a section of the arena and announces the live performan of the ones and only, Metallica!


All the fans in Memorial Sports Arena start clapping their hands to the sounds of Metallica's Lars Ulrich on the drums. The long and winding opening leads way for the arrival of The Deadman! The Deadman walks out to the ring his hair having been cut short from the last time he was seen. A black bandana around his head, a red hoodie and some black leather pants, looking all purpose with some MMA style black gloves, ready to throw those hooks to whomever might step in his way. The Deadman makes it to ringside and walks into the ring, getting praise from the each of the ring, as he poses for the LA crowd. Metallica finishes its rendition and James Hetfield sends out a big shoutout to The Deadman, which is returned in kind.


The crowd goes crazy for the arrival of The Rock. Live in LA! The Rock blares out from the back to the amped up sounds of the Mashed Out Posse! The Rock makes it to the ring and goes up the steps and into the ring, going up one of the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd! The Rock poses on one more turnbuckle corner before settling himself down and awaiting the official introductions for this Main Event here at March Madness, the Los Angeles edition.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your Main Event. And it is the last 1st Round Match of the March Madness, National Wrestling Alliance, World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from Death Valley, weighing in tonight at 301 pounds, ladies & gentlemen! THE! DEAD-MANNNN!


And the opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in tonight at 276 pounds, this is THE! ROCKKKKK!!!


Both men stand tall in their corner and the bell rings to start this match up officialy!


Deadman is first out of the gates, approaching and circling around Rock. There's a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring and neither man budges as they let go. Deadman and Rock walk around each other some more before doing anything and you can just feel the electricity in the air. There's another collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring and the Deadman goes into a Side Headlock. Rock tries to put his hand in the face of the Deadman to fluster him, but to no avail. Rock pushes against the Deadman and they go into the ropes. Rock pushes the Deadman off the ropes. Deadman comes back around with a Shoulder Tackle, knocking Rocky down. Deadman hits the ropes and Rocky rolls over to his stomach. Deadman runs over him and Rocky gets back up. Leap Frog by the Rock. Deadman hits the ropes again and Rocky goes for a Hip Toss but Deadman blocks it. Rock tries a lift but Deadman blocks again. Rocky with a quick Arm Drag takes down the Deadman out of nowhere. Deadman gets back up and gets slammed down by the Rock with a quick Body Slam!

The Rock tries to press on but the Deadman pushes Rock away with his legs! A great amateur maneuver by the big man! Both men are back up and there's a standoff in the middle of the ring! The crowd appaulds both men for the energy and wrestling know how shown in the first minute of this contest. The Deadman and The Rock approach each other and it looks like tempers are about to flare. Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, Deadman with an Arm Wringer. Deadman elbows the arm of Rocky, right on the shoulder joint. Deadman puts the pressure but Rocky slips out of the hold. Collar and elbow tie up and this time Rocky with an Arm Wringer and quickly unloads two stiff elbows to the shoulder joint of the Deadman. Wring of the arm by Rocky and the Deadman slips out, shaking at his arm. The Rock stands on his two feet and cocks his eyebrow, extending one his arm and telling the Deadman to "JUST BRING IT!"! Another tie up and Rocky with a Side Headlock. Rocky synches it in with great roughness.

The Deadman pushes Rocky against the ropes and bounces him off. The Rock comes off the ropes and gets taken down with another Tackle. Deadman hits the ropes and runs over Rocky. Rocky gets up, Leap Frog! The Deadman continues his run and Rocky goes for another Leap Frog but he doesn't have enough mustard, Deadman catches him with a POWERSLAM!! Cover! 1..2....NO!! The Deadman gets Rocky back up. Irish Whip off the ropes, misses with a Back Elbow. The Deadman with a Boot up but Rocky hangs on to the ropes. Rocky bounces off the ropes, LEAPING LARIAT!!! What height on the leap! A quick lateral press but only gets Rock a 1 and a half count. Both men are up, Rock with an Arm Drag takedown, locks in an Arm Bar but the Deadman is already on his knees. Not wanting to have any sort of pressure applied to him. Rock with an Arm Wringer! Rock synches the arm and flips Deadman on his back. Rock with a Stomp on the arm. Rocky gets the Deadman back up, still holding on with an Arm Bar. Deadman goes for a Body Slam out of nowhere but Rock slips out and Body Slams the Deadman down! The Rock goes for a quick elbow drop but the Deadman moves out of the way and up. He himself tries an elbow drop but Rocky moves out of the way too and both men are back up!

Both men with a tie up once again in the middle of the ring. Rock with a knee to the gut, follows it up with a straight punch. The Rock with an Irish Whip on the Deadman off the ropes. Rock ducks down and the Deadman comes back with a Jumping DDT!! What a maneuver! There's a lateral press! 1...2...NO! With Rock still down the Deadman drops two consecutive elbow drops on him. Another cover for a 2 count again. The Deadman gets Rocky up by the arm. Deadman with an Irish Whip on the Rock. Deadman catches Rocky with a Military Press into a Hotshot on the ropes. Rock dropped throat first and went down hard! The Deadman raises his clenched fist in the air, signifying someone's about to embark on their "Last Ride". The Deadman gets Rocky up and into position. Deadman lifts Rocky up high in the air, raising him by his trunks... But the Rock slips out behind and lands on his feet. Rock pushes the Deadman right into the turnbuckles chest first! The Rock then unloads with a series of rights, finishing one with one final smack! Right dab in the jaw of the Deadman! The Rock lifts the Deadman up and straddles him on the top turnbuckle. Rocky gets up on the second turnbuckle and hooks the Deadman up.... SUPERPLEX! COVER! 1...2...NOO!

The Rock gets The Deadman back up and into a Side Headlock. Quickly out of the hold after some rib shots, the Deadman takes the advantage back. The Deadman hits the ropes and gets a kick to the gut. The Rock with an Irish Whip off the ropes on the Deadman...CRUCIFIX DDT! The Deadman tried for a Clothesline but the Rock used his great ability to counter and come up with a devastating maneuver all at once! The Rock gets the Deadman back up and starts hitting him with rights, until the Deadman stands still. The Rock hits a kick to the knee to stop this sudden revival. Irish Whip on the Deadman. SAMOAN DROP! COVER! 1..2..NO! The Rock gets the Deadman back up once again. Against the ropes Rocky hits the Deadman with a right hand. The Undertaker comes back with one of his own. The Deadman with an Irish Whip gets reversed... SPINEBUSTER! Here it comes, The Rock gets into position and takes off one of his elbow pads... THE MOST... ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN ALL OF WRESTLING....PEOPLE'S ELBOW!! THE ROCK HOOKS THE LEG!! 1...2.....NO!!!!

The Rock can't believe it but The Deadman is not going to go down that easy! The Rock picks the Deadman back up but the Deadman throws some punches from his knees that connect with the midsection of Rocky. The Rock fights back with some elbows to the top of the Deadman's head. The Rock with a right hand but the Deadman comes back with a flurry of rights and lefts to the gut, finishing the flurry with an uppercut that rocks, no pun intended, the Rock back into a corner. The Deadman gets back up and follows Rocky into the corner. Rock with a kick to the gut, gets The Deadman by the hair and rams his head against the top turnbuckle. The Rock with an elbow to the top of the Deadman's head. The Rock with an Irish Whip out of the corner. Rocky runs in but eats a boot. The Deadman moves in on Rocky but get kicked in the gut. Rock tries a Bodyslam but the Deadman is quicker to execute and slams the Rock down on the mat and collapses. Both men get back up and Rocky runs at the Deadman... BIG BOOT!!! Rock goes down! Deadman hits the ropes... Big Legdrop!!!

The Deadman is back up and so is the Rock. Deadman with some rights on Rocky. Irish Whip by The Deadman. Back Elbow sends the Rock down. Rocky back up and walks right into another big Right Hand. Another whip into the ropes... BACK BODY DROP!!! Deadman hits the ropes and drops an elbow! There's a lateral press but Rocky kicks out at 1! The Deadman has got the momentum on his side and he's got Rocky going off the ropes once more. A big kick to the gut stops the Brahma Bull dead in his tracks. The Deadman with another Body Slam followed by another Big Legdrop! A cover only gets the Deadman a 2 count! The Deadman gets The Rock up, an Irish Whip sends Rocky off the ropes... SIDEWALK SLAM! What power upon impact! There's a cover! 1...2....NO!!! The Deadman gets Rocky back up, big boot to the ribs. The Deadman bounces off the ropes, big Right Hand knocks Rocky down! There's another near fall for the Deadman!

The Deadman is really closing in on a victory. Russian Legsweep by The Deadman on The Rock. The Deadman locks in a Reverse Chin Lock on Rocky to slow the pace of the match down. After about 20 seconds in the hold, The Rock fights himself back to his feet. Elbows to the side and The Rock is free from the hold. Rocky hits the ropes but The Deadman connects with a Knee Lift sending the Rock doubling over down to the mat, clutching at his stomach in pain. The Deadman gets Rocky back up, Body Slam to the mat. The Deadman hits the ropes with velocity... BIG LEGDROP!!! That's the second or third time the Deadman hits this maneuver but he got so much more height on the blow this time around! The Deadman doesn't go for a cover, instead he gets back up and stomps at the forehead of Rocky for good measure. After two more well placed stomps, the Deadman gets Rocky back up. Big kick to the ribs. Rocky falters down to his knees.

The Deadman continues his onslaught. Big VERTICAL SUPLEX ! Cover! 1...2.....NO!!! The Deadman is getting flustered but he hasn't begun to unload with his big moves yet. With Rocky down the Deadman stomps away. He then hits the ropes and drops a knee across the sternum of the Rock. Cover only gets him a quick 1 count. The Deadman gets Rocky back up and hits him with a right cross. The Rock fires back with a right hand. Back and forth they go! The Rock goes for a big right hand but The Deadman is quicker and slams the Rock down with another Body Slam. The Deadman gets Rocky to get up and then hits the ropes. The Rock kicks the Deadman on his way back.... DDT!! The Rock just planted the Deadman out of nowhere to turn the momentum around! Both men are down! The referee is up to a count of 4 as they start getting back up to a vertical base. The Rock hits with two straight right hands, followed by an Irish Whip off the ropes... SPINEBUSTER! We're not going to see another People's Elbow, but rather, a SHARPSHOOTER! The Rock can't apply it as properly as some other competitors we saw here tonight and The Deadman is able to get out of it.

The Rock & The Deadman get back up. Body Slam by The Rock, setting up this time for another People's Elbow! The Rock gets rid of his second elbow drop and motions for his patended maneuver! The Rock hits the ropes once, twice... THE MOST... ELECTRYFYING MOVE.... NO!!! The Deadman moves out of the way and The Rock hits nothing but canvas! Both men are up...The Deadman kicks The Rock to the gut! Deadman motions for another possible Last Ride! The Deadman has got the Rock....Rock with a Back Body Drop!!! The Rock gets into position... The Deadman gets up... ROCK BOTTOM!!! ROCK BOTTOM!!! The Rock hits the Rock Bottom! The Rock covers The Deadman! 1.....2.........3. NOO!!!!! The Deadman kicks out!!! The Rock is incredulous. He gets The Deadman back up to his feet. The Rock hits the ropes... GOOZLED! The Deadman has got the Rock by the throat.... CHOKESLAM! Out of nowhere, The Chokeslam! The Deadman pins the Rock! 1...2.......NO!!!! Rock kicks out!

We're at a stand still between these two tremendous athletes. And both men are up once again, spent, in the middle of the ring, one of these men to advance in the tournament to crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion! The Rock lands a right hand first, and a second one, and a big third one. The Rock with an Irish Whip off the ropes. The Rock ducks down... The Deadman stops and hooks The Rock....LAAAAST RIDE!! WHAT IMPACT! The Deadman falls on Rocky and covers him! 1....2.......3!! (23:16)

The Deadman wins the last match of the night, in front of a Los Angeles crowd that was on the edge of their seat throughout. The 16 1st Round matches are now history, and tomorrow night, in Chicago, the NWA Wrestlers will once again test their will to win against each other in the 2nd round of tournament action.

Before the show concludes, Mark Calloway and Dwayne Johnson exchange a heartfelt handshake, as The Rock lets The Deadman have his moment in the sun. Bob Artese jumps on the house microphone and wishes everyone a good night, and to make sure to drive home safe as the concludes, to the sounds of Metallica's heavy metal melodies.

Quick Results
1- Chris Jericho beat Lance Storm
2- Bret Hart beat Taiyo Kea
3- Dan Severn beat Rey Mysterio
4- Kane beat La Parka
5- Mike Awesome beat Rhyno
6- Super Crazy beat Tommy Dreamer
7- Ric Flair beat Booker T.
8- Steve Austin beat Jeff Jarrett
9- Tazz beat Masato Tanaka
10- Ken Shamrock beat Scott Norton
11- Sting beat Rob Van Dam
12- Brock Lesnar beat Raven
13- Kurt Angle beat 2 Cold Scorpio
14- Eddie Guerrero beat Scott Steiner
15- Triple H beat Chris Benoit
16- The Deadman beat The Rock

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