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4th Raw

Triple H comes out and introduces the Kliq with him.

Triple H: As all of you know, me and Shawn Michaels will face off at Wrestlemania. And as of right now I have no opponet to dominate at No Way Out. So I will put out a challenge. To anyone who comes out. I will face them at No Way Out.

(Breakdown the Walls plays)

Triple H: You never give up do you Jericho. So even with that broken arm you still want to face me.

Jericho: Yes. If this is the end. I will do anything to make our company great til the bitter end. But there is one thing I want more then anything else. And that is a title shot at Wrestlemania.

Triple H: First off there is no way I am going to fight anyone with a broken arm. And second there will be no title shot involved.

Jericho: You know what Triple H. I am sick of how you are treating this company. And I am not the only one.

(Out come Rob Van Dam, Test, Booker T., Dudleyz, and Tommy Dreamer.)

Jericho: Get them.

(The Dudleyz attack Nash and Steiner. Rob Van Dam chases Michaels out. Now Booker T. and Test hold down Triple H.)

Jericho: Well not so tough when your boys are gone. Now you give me the match and the title shot. Or you end up just like me.

Triple H: Yes. And I will kick your ass. And I will end your career at No Way Out.

Match 1`
D-Lo Brown vs. Tommy Dreamer
D-Lo Brown wins by using the ropes.

Match 2
Victoria and Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus and Molly Holly
Trish wins with a Stratusfaction.

Victoria: Thats it Trish. I hate your guts, so if you want my title you will face Gail Kim at No Way Out and if you win you will face me at Wrestlemania.

Triple H is backstage.

Triple: I can't believe them Dudleyz they should pay. Let have them in a handicap match against Sabu, Rhyno, Lance Storm, and Christian.

Shawn Michaels: Better yet lets give them a title shot at No Way Out because.

(HBK whispers to Triple H)

HHH: That sounds even better. Make the Handcap match now anyway.

Match 3
Raven vs. Hurricane (First Blood) Hardcore Title
Hurricane wins a chair shot.

Match 4
Dudleyz vs. Sabu/Rhyno/Lance Storm/Christian
Sabu wins the match. They all do there finishing manuvers on them. They proceed to put the Dudleyz through two tables.

Match 5
Booker T. vs. Triple H
Booker T. wins thanks to inference from Jericho. There Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner come in and bust up Booker T.

Shawn Michaels vs. Test (WWE Title)
After 10 minutes of wrestling. Test hits the big boot and becomes champion.

Triple H: Congratulations Test. Too bad that win doesn't count. The big boot is a legal as of 9 pm. Central Time. So your winner by disqualification is Shawn Michaels.

(The lights go out.)

Voice: Triple, you and your Kliq will go down at No Way Out. And you guys will lose everything.

(The lights go back on. HBK is knock out. And Jericho attacks Triple H as they cut away from Raw.)

Voice: See you at No Way Out.

(End of Show)

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