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Re: JLA Puroresu

Jack Evans is going to pin Taka Minchoku- 1, 2, 3! That's a promise from Ring of Honor!

LiveWire Review:

Inoki/CTU segment- Great job here. Inoki is just announcing the PPV matches, not doing anything wrong, when the top heels come out and start messing with him. Inoki seems to like Tanaka, but just wishes he didnt rejoin CTU. Well written, Liger very in character, and good announcements. Can't wait for the ROH vs JLA match!

Dragon vs Juventud- Awesome match, I just felt there were too many dropkicks/suplexes (I know they use those moves a lot, but there was a whole paragraph with just those moves). Other than that, it was well written and made Juevntud look really strong until Ultimo got the reversal into a pin, surprising everyone with the three count. I love Ultimo, so him winning is always good.

Akiyama segment- Short, sweet, and to the point. Akiyama is positive that, whatever happens tonight, he's going to beat Kobashi at G1. Also, Sasaki may interfere? Interesting

Michinoku vs Negro- Nice display of moves be each opponent, Negro taking the upper-hand during the match. I actually haven't seen Negro wrestle, but I hear he's a high-flying kind of guy, and you represented him that way. Michinoku reverses the powerbomb and then quickly goes for the finish! He got it! He basically stole the victory from Negro

Michinolu promo- Whethere you love him or hate him, he IS going to represent your JLA against my ROH. Too bad he won't be winning, but maybe the fans will start to respect him. Good promo, keeping him a heel while still trying to get the fans respect

Black/Mask segment- Not much to say, Tiger trying to get revenge for getting screwed out of his shot at the title. I really like this feud, and I can see it escalating very fast. Love to see a match between these guys

Tanaka vs Kendrick- Very long and well written match. Kendrick working on those legs and giving it his all to pick up the victory for his shot at a title. Kendrick seems to be dominating until Tanaka gets a surprise german suplex on him. Now Tanaka is in control...but wait, Kendrick hits the superkick! Damn, now Tanaka hit the superkick and Kendrick knocks the ref down. Now Morgan runs in....and this is over. CTU steals a victory for Tanaka, and I'm sure the wrestlers backstage are just as pissed as Kendrick

Inoki/Tiger segment- Inoki continues to take no crap from the CTU, telling Black Tiger deserved what he got and is going to get punished. But here's the best part: he's getting punished by wrestling two of my ROH stars at the PPV this sunday! I can't wait to have my guys kick their ass!

Kobashi vs Akiyama- Of course, MOTN. All your matches are so descriptive and well written, I can visualize the matches. Great way of showing how powerful Kobashi is in his debut match at JLA. Kobashi dominated the whole match, and just when Akiyama was about to make his comeback, Sasaki's music hits, but there's no Sasaki?! Kobashi uses this to his advantage and finishes the match.

Sasaki/Kobashi segemnt- Well there he is, running in and attacking Akiyama when Kobashi left the ring. Kobashi tried his best to help, but metal chairs hurt a lot don't they? Great hype for the G1 match, hopefully it does remain a fair match!

Overall- 9/10. All of your matches are written well and show a great display of moves. Also everyone is in character and the feuds are really intriguing. The only thing is, most of your matches follow the exact same pattern: One of them dominates the first half of the match, then the other starts to make a comeback. It could go back and forth, have someone dominate the entire match, have a few comebacks, etc. Just got a little repetitive in this show, your others shows usually vary a lot. I can't wait to see how Jack Evans does again Taka Michinoku. Also, Black Tiger and Matt Morgan will not be walking out of ROH with a victory.

JLA Puroresu vs. ROH

Jack Evans vs. Taka Michinoku

U-30 Title Match

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Dragon Kid

United States Title Match – Fatal Four Way

Scott Steiner vs. Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho vs. Low Ki

Jr Heavyweight Title Match

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. KENTA

G1 Climax Tournament –

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Chris Benoit

Masahiro Chono vs. Sting

Yuji Nagata vs. Satoshi Kojima

Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

Overall Winner- Kenta Kobashi

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