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Re: JLA Puroresu


We see footage of last weeks LiveWire, the build up to the tag team match and the ultimate betrayal of Minoru Tanaka to the Great Sasuke. The video package ends with all of the CTU celebrating in the middle of the ring.

Styles- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire, we are here in the Jingu Stadium in Tokyo for the last LiveWire before the G1 Climax.

Jerry Lawler- We are only 4 days away from crowning are first ever JLA Champion!

Styles- And that’s not all! We will also be seeing who will be crowned the first Jr Heavyweight Champion as KENTA and Jushin Liger go at it one on one for the title.

Jerry Lawler- Well are Commissioner Antonio Inoki has made sure the CTU don’t interfere in the match giving KENTA fair ground for when he competes against the Control Terrorism Unit’s leader.

Styles- Well are Commissioner has another announcement to make tonight, get ready folks here he is!

JLA’s Commissioner Antonio Inoki makes his way to the ring as the fans rise to there feet in applaud. Inoki slaps the fans hands as he makes his way to the squared circle before taking a mic from the ring announcer.

Antonio Inoki- Ladies and Gentleman in 4 days time we will hold the first annual G1 Climax.

The fans scream in excitement as they think about the prospect of watching the prestigious tournament.

Antonio Inoki- We will crown the first ever JLA Champion along with the Jr Heavyweight Champion as KENTA and Jushin Liger go one on one!

Once again the fans rise to there feet and cheer as they imagine the contest between the legendary Jr Heavyweight’s.

Antonio Inoki- But we are missing two things aren’t we! The United States Title and U-30 Title!

The fans can’t stay still as they jump to there feet as they wonder what Antonio Inoki has planned.

Antonio Inoki- Yes, at the G1 Climax we will have two matches! The first for the U-30 Title with the young protégé Dragon Kid against the hottest prospect in wrestling! None other that Hiroshi Tanahashi!

The Jingu stadium erupts into a sea of cheers at the thought of Dragon Kid vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi for the U-30 Title!

Antonio Inoki- And then the United States Title! What to do…….Why don’t we have a good old fatal four way.

The fans tell Inoki that they like the idea immensely as they wait patiently to find out who will be involved!

Antonio Inoki- Yeah a fatal four way with……. Chris Jericho……..Lance Storm…….Low Ki and last but not least………………… Scott Steiner!

The Jingu Stadium is clearly thrilled with the announcement but there cheers turn to jeers and boos as the “CTU Revolution” hits the airwaves.

Jushin Liger is followed by the hated Black Tiger and Matt Morgan along with the despised Minoru Tanaka! The CTU make it into the ring as Liger begins to speak once the boos die down.

Jushin Liger- This is just like you Inoki, forgetting the CTU when it really matters!

Antonio Inoki- What the hell are you on about Jushin?

Jushin Liger- Forgetting about Matt Morgan in the fatal four way, and Minoru Tanaka in the U-30 match.

Antonio Inoki- I didn’t forget them, I just didn’t want them any way near those belts, because they don’t deserve it. Its bad enough your in the Jr Heavyweight Title match Liger!

Jushin Liger- You can’t do this to us Inoki, you better put Morgan and Tanaka in those matches or there will be serious consequences.

Antonio Inoki- You don’t scare me Liger! But you know what; let me go along with this. Morgan you don’t deserve to even sniff the United States Title, but Minoru! If you hadn’t joined back with these thugs, I would have had you in that match in a second.

Jushin Liger- You can’t do that Inoki, you can’t faze us out because we are holding this company on are shoulders!

Antonio Inoki- Ha ha ha, that’s a good one Liger! You know what, tonight! Minoru Tanaka will go one on one with none other than Brian Kendrick to see who faces the new U-30 champion! So now you’ve got what you want Liger, turn around and leave so I don’t have to see that God awful mask for a second longer.

Liger looks ready to talk but decides to drop the mic and turn as his members follow him.

Antonio Inoki- So there you have it folks the full card for the G1 Climax…….Oh wait, I forgot one little thing.

The fans watch with curiosity spread across there faces.

Antonio Inoki – You may have heard the rumour about ROH and JLA!

The fans erupt into cheers as they wonder what will come of this!

Antonio Inoki- Well it is true, ROH and JLA have agreed to swap talent back and forth for monthly PPV’s. And with the G1 Climax coming up, what better way to show who is the better brand. None other than Taka Michinoku will go head to head against one of Ring Of Honour’s premiere stars…….Jack Evans!

The fans can’t believe they will see an ROH star in a JLA ring and at none other than the G1 Climax. Antonio Inoki leaves the ring as the fans cheer his announcements.

Nintendo DS

Styles- Hello and welcome back folks, we have heard so many mammoth announcements I can’t count!

Jerry Lawler – Well we had to take in a lot of information but I think I got the jest of it Joey.

Styles- Well we finally know the final card for the G1 Climax and boy is it a good one.

G1 Climax Tournament- First Round Brackets

Nakamura vs. Chris Benoit

Masahiro Chono vs. Sting

Yuji Nagata vs. Satoshi Kojima

Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

JLA Jr Heavyweight Title –

Jushin Liger vs. KENTA

United States Title –

Lance Strom vs. Chris Jericho vs. Scott Steiner vs. Low Ki

U-30 Title Match-

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Dragon Kid

ROH vs. JLA Match-

Taka Michinoku vs. Jack Evans

Styles- It’s a jam packed card but man I can’t wait!

Jerry Lawler- It’s going to be one hell of a night Styles, but this one has got to get started!

Styles- Of course, lets get are first match going with Ultimo Dragon taking on Juventud Guerrera!

Ultimo Dragon vs. Juventud Guerrera

Match Summary: Ultimo and Juvy start the match by circling the ring, suddenly Ultimo runs towards his opponent and looks for the lariat. Juventud does well to duck and reverts to a single legged dropkick to the face knocking Ultimo through the middle ropes and onto the apron before finally crashing to the outside mat. The fans watch with intent as they can feel a high risk manoeuvre on the horizon. Ultimo Dragon gradually makes it to his feet as Juventud runs towards him from in the ring. He jumps over the ropes and flips in mid air perfectly before crashing into Ultimo with force. Both men are on the floor as the Jingu Stadium stomp there feet with might whilst some scream there applause. The Slingshot Somersault Plancha is completed to perfection as the match makes a sudden impact from the start. The contest makes its way back into the ring and Juventud remains in control as he completes the Wheelbarrow Face Plant followed by the swinging DDT. The head of Ultimo takes the brunt of the pain as the cover is soon made. The referee makes the count but only reaches two as Ultimo’s right shoulder departs from the mat. The match turns momentum as Ultimo manages to make his mark in the match by connecting with an obscure inzigure kick to the back of the head. Asai remains in control as he completes the Bridging Fisherman Suplex to perfection gaining a two count before the bridge is broken.

Juventud Guerrera manages to get back into the match after pushing out of a vertical suplex and landing on his feet behind his opponent. Juvy connects with a dropkick to the back of Ultimo causing him to stumble forwards finally landing on his stomach. Juventud reacts well and takes the arm turn on it and flips forward completing the La Magistral cradle to perfection. The fans scream as the count is made but Ultimo manages to push out on the count of two. Juventud remains in control of the match as he connects with the Pumphandle Sit Out Facebuster followed by a Springboard Missile Dropkick.

The match looks to be finishing in Juventud’s favour as he locks in the wrist clutch before trying for the Michinoku Driver. The fans watch with intent as Ultimo squirms his way out of his opponents clutch and takes the legs on his way causing Juventud to fall forwards landing on his shoulders. Ultimo turns with him and completes the cover out of nowhere as the victory roll style pin is made. The fans watch as the three count is made causing a huge eruption of cheers from the fans. Juventud stands up in confusion and disbelief as he wonders how he managed to lose the match after looking likely to win it himself.

Winner – Ultimo Dragon – Via Pinfall

Styles- Ultimo Dragon gets the win!!!

Jerry Lawler- A great reversal from the Michinoku Driver Styles, Juventud looks astonished that he lost this one!

We go backstage with Jun Akiyama and Mitsui Yamada the LiveWire interviewer!

Mitsui Yamada- Akiyama, in 4 days time you will face Kenta Kobashi in the first round of the G1 Climax! However tonight you will come one on one with Kenta! How do you feel facing the man know as Kenta Kobashi in quick concession!

Jun Akiyama- It will be hard Mitsui, I know that! But I see this as an advantage! I thought Kenta Kobashi is my debut match at Noah, but his style and mine have changed significantly from that day. Tonight I can sum my opponent up, find his weaknesses, find his strengths and ultimately find out how to manipulate that in my favour. Kobashi is a legend in this sport of professional wrestling….I know that! But so far I’ve shown these fans that I can beat the best! Tonight I may lose I may win, one thing is for sure however I will not lose at G1!

Mitsui Yamada- Some people are saying that Kensuke Sasaki could interfere in your match tonight. As we all know, he had held a grudge over you after you took his place in the G1. Are you scared of what Sasaki may be planning?

Jun Akiyama- Scared! Ha ha ha ha ha! Mitsui, if Sasaki finds the courage to make it into my match tonight, I’ll show him just what I thought of his little attack last week! I’m not afraid of Kensuke Sasaki, I actually once respected him. But that respect went last week when he sucker punched me in the chin and continued to beat down on me. If Sasaki shows his face in that ring tonight, I hope he knows that I will not hold anything back…..He will regret ever messing with Jun Akiyama!

Styles- It looks like Akiyama is ready for both Kenta Kobashi and Kensuke Sasaki if he interferes in the match tonight!

Jerry Lawler- If I was Sasaki, I’d stay clear of Akiyama! He means business tonight!

Styles- Well King we have another match up for you, and it’s Taka Michinoku the man who will face Jack Evans at the G1 Climax against none other than Abismo Negro!

Jerry Lawler- The fans may not like him but the JLA fans may just get behind Taka Michinoku in his match against ROH’s Jack Evan’s.

Taka Michinoku vs. Abismo Negro

Match Summary: The match begins with some nice ground work from both stars as Taka begins to work on the legs of Negro. Both men make it to there feet but it’s Taka who has the advantage as he connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker off the Irish whip following up with a somersault senton. The fans begin to warm to Taka as they know he will represent JLA at the G1 but there hatred remains in some. Michinoku connects with a DDT as he drives his opponents head into the mat with force. The cover is made but Abismo Negro manages to kick out on two. The Luchador makes it back into the match by surprising his opponent with the standing dropkick. This leads to a double underhook backbreaker followed by a springboard moonsault. The pin is immediately made but Taka manages to kick out on two. The fans watch with intent as Negro looks for the delayed vertical suplex on his opponent.

He manages to keep his opponent up vertically for over 8 seconds before dropping back and ramming Taka’s back into the canvass. Michinoku arches his back in pain whilst Negro climbs the turnbuckle from the apron. He reaches the top and stables himself well on the small platform in which he has to perform. Michinoku slowly rises to his feet causing his opponent to react. Negro flings himself into the air gaining quite some height before crashing into his opponent with force. The Flying Crossbody is completed to perfection as Abismo immediately makes the cover. The count is made but stopped just before three as Taka manages to raise his right shoulder of the canvass.

The match remains in the Luchador’s favour until Taka Michinoku reverses the powerbomb into the hurricarana causing his opponent to flip violently forward onto his back. He uses the sudden reversal to his favour as he takes his stumbling opponent in his grasp and completes the Michinoku Driver. Negro lands hard on his shoulders and neck as the move invented by Taka himself is completed to perfection. The cover is made and Negro is unable to kick out as both his legs are hooked with might.

Winner- Taka Michinoku – Via Pinfall

Taka Michinoku makes it to his feet as his arm is raised as the winner. He walks to the right hand side of the ring and asks or a mic, the announcer obeys and Michinoku begins to speak.

Taka Michinoku – So I guess I’m the man who has to show ROH what JLA is all about! When the announcement was made, guys from the back came up to me and said “do us proud!” And I may not be well liked by you people, and I may not be well liked in the back! But at G1 I’ll give it my all against Jack Evan’s, and I’ll beat him till there’s not an inch of stamina left in his body.

The fans begin to cheer Taka Michinoku until he begins to speak once again!

Taka Michinoku- But I won’t be doing it for you people, I wont be doing it for JLA….I’ll be doing it for me and me alone……………………. You people expect me to bend over backwards when you have shown me nothing but disrespect.

The fans turn to jeers as Taka begins to speak yet again.

Taka Michinoku- So at G1 I will beat Evans! I’ll come back to LiveWire and you people can start kissing my ass! Because not only will I show what JLA is all about, I’ll show you people that Taka Michinoku is bigger than ROH, he’s bigger than JLA and he’s better that all you people combined.

At this Taka Michinoku begins to walk to the back as the fans boo him with might.

Styles- Out of all the people who could represent JLA, we have to have the most arrogant, cocky, egotistical jack ass in the locker room. Better than JLA my ass.

Jerry Lawler- I like him Styles, he isn’t bothered about representing JLA! He’ only bothered about showing these fickle fans that Taka Michinoku is the best around. If there where more like him we’d have ROH eating out our hands.


We return with Black Tiger and Mitsui Yamada.

Mitsui Yamada- Black Tiger, last week we saw you interfere in the Jr Heavyweight Battle Royal and costing Tiger Mask the Jr Heavyweight Title. Why did you do this?

Black Tiger- I did that……….

Suddenly Tiger Mask takes Black Tiger down and throws a barrage of fists to the head of his arch enemy. Black Tiger goes on the defensive before security guards break the two up. Tiger Mask fights out of the guards grasp and takes Black Tiger down once again before he is restrained for a second time. Tiger Mask begins to shout as he is held by the guards.

Tiger Mask- You’ll pay, you will pay you son of a bitch.

Styles- The rivalry between these two men is heating up more and more by the day.

Jerry Lawler – I wouldn’t like to be Black Tiger Styles, Tiger Mask looks pretty pissed about last week.

Styles- Wouldn’t you be pissed King, Black Tiger cost Tiger Mask the shot at the Jr Heavyweight Title!

Jerry Lawler- Well Styles we have a match coming up! You see I don’t need to squabble with you because I put my job first. We have a number one contenders match for the U-30 Title. The winner of this match will fight the winner of Tanahashi and Dragon Kid from the G1 Climax.

Styles- Well Jushin Liger made sure Minoru Tanaka gets a chance in this match, pushing his weight around for what Minoru did last week. Rewarding traitors must be a policy in the CTU!

Jerry Lawler- Shut the hell up Styles!

Minoru Tanaka vs. Brian “Spanky” Kendrick

Match Summary: The fans are clearly behind Spanky as they despise Minoru for what he did last week. Tanaka wears a CTU shirt which has the fans jeering him with might! During the match Kendrick rips the shirt off his opponent causing a huge cheer from the fans. Kendrick starts the match off well completing many kicks to the thighs and arms before finishing with a spin kick to the gut. Kendrick takes the head and completes the snap DDT causing his opponents head to crash violently into the canvass. The momentum of the move sees Minoru on his back breathing heavily and nursing his skull the best he can. Kendrick doesn’t make the cover instead he begins to work on the right leg of his opponent as he locks in the single legged Boston crab. The move is pulled off well as not only does the move concentrate on the right leg it puts pressure on the spinal cord.

The match goes well for Kendrick as he keeps his opponent immobile on the floor whilst causing significant pain. Minoru finally makes it to the ropes after suffering through the submission for over 18 seconds. The fans don’t worry however as Spanky stays in control and completes a number of suplex’s from the snap to the German Suplex holds. The referee drops to the floor and makes the count. Minoru manages to kick out on the count of two breaking the bridge in the process. Tanaka manages to get back into the match after Spanky remains in control for another 6 minute period. Tanaka completes a surprise German Suplex holds after he ducks the lariat. The bridge is broken along with the count as Kendrick shows his reactions are up to par. The fans endure Minoru Tanaka’s dominance in this quarter of the match as he completes a manner of kicks to the legs before completing the standing head scissors causing his opponent to flip violently to his back. Tanaka climbs the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes after pulling off a Tombstone Piledriver on his opponent. Spanky remains on the floor as Tanaka dives into the air before completing the Flying Elbow drop to the chest.

Kendrick gasps for breath before he is pinned to the floor he reaches the count of 2 before Spanky kicks out. Minoru Tanaka looks to pull his opponent to a vertical base but Spanky surprises him with a Superkick to the chin causing Minoru to stumble backwards before Kendrick launches into the air and completes the hurricarana. The fans get behind the American as he completes numerous chops to the chest before looking for Sliced Bread. Minoru reacts well and pushes his opponent over his back and onto his feet before completing a super kick of his own to the chin. Spanky stumbles into the referee signalling Matt Morgan to make an appearance causing a sudden barrage of boos from the fans. Morgan makes it into the ring as the referee fights to regain consciousness. Spanky stumbles to his feet and straight into the foot of Morgan before the CTU Monster grasps the head in a front face lock before draping the arm over his neck. He pulls his opponent into a vertical suplex before turning him into a modified side slam.

The Mount Morgan Drop has the fans booing with might. Morgan quickly slides out of the ring as Tanaka has watches all of this from the corner whilst catching his breath. Minoru forces the referee to his senses before making the cover whilst hooking the right leg in the process. The referee slowly makes the count as the fans plead for Brian Kendrick to kick out. He doesn’t as the three count is made to the jeers of the fans.

Winner – Minoru Tanaka – Via Pinfall

Styles- What a match but it has to be soiled with Matt Morgan of the CTU interfering and costing Brian Kendrick the match.

Jerry Lawler- It was one hell of a match Styles, Matt Morgan helped out his friend…What’s wrong with that?

Styles- You’re a Jackass King!

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JLA Puroresu Wrestling Figures

We return with Black Tiger storming to Antonio Inoki’s office. The JLA commissioner is unprepared for this and is taken by surprise by Romano.

Antonio Inoki- What the hell?

Black Tiger- Did you see what Tiger Mask did to me! Did you!!

Antonio Inoki- I did and I must say…. You deserved it Tiger! You cost Tiger Mask the Battle Royal last week, If I was Tiger Mask I would do more than take a swing at you.

Black Tiger- I want Tiger Mask to be punished Inoki… I don’t care how I just want to see him pay for what he did.

Antonio Inoki- Oh he’s not being punished Tiger, in fact you and your little pal Matt Morgan are going to take a little trip.

Black Tiger- A trip?

Antonio Inoki- Yeah a little trip for both of you, you know for your troubles over the past two weeks.

Black Tiger- What the hell are you on about….Where?

Antonio Inoki- Chicago Illinois, you and Morgan will be going to ROH for the Survival Of The Fittest PPV. Your going into unknown water, to fight a team from Spartanlax’s company.

Black Tiger- You can’t do that!

Antonio Inoki- Oh yes I can BT! You see I don’t want you anywhere near the Sumo Hall for the G1 Climax. I’ve got enough to worry about, I don’t want to look out for you and Tiger Mask all night, and Morgan will probably not get the best reception from Spanky.

Black Tiger turns around in a huff and makes his way towards the door!

Antonio Inoki- Oh yeah….Tiger. Do JLA proud.

Styles- Well Black Tiger and Matt Morgan of the CTU are going to the Survival of the Fittest PPV in Chicago Illinois! I think I’ll order this PPV just to see how are guys get on.

Jerry Lawler- Well those ROH guys have no chance against the Control Terrorism Unit. Just think about it, we kick there asses on there own ground along with kicking there asses at the Sumo Hall. Man this is going to be great!

Styles- I wouldn’t be so sure of that King, those ROH guys are pretty tough. Nevertheless I hope the Puroresu wrestlers kick there asses even if it is Black Tiger and Matt Morgan.

Jerry Lawler- It’s time for are main event Styles, Kenta Kobashi is making his JLA Debut against the man who he will face in the first round of the G1 Tournament….Jun Akiyama.

Styles- Man this is going to be great!

Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

Match Summary: The fans are hyped up to see Kobashi for the first time in a JLA ring but they respect Akiyama greatly and give him an arousing applause as he limbers up for the match. The contest begins to the excitement of the fans as both men try some ground work. The larger frame of Kobashi has him gaining the advantage as he works on the legs by turning the right into an Achilles Tendon Hold. Akiyama makes it to the ropes soon after before he is hit with a knife edge chop to the chest followed by three more stiff shots. The match remains in Kobashi’s favour as he bends his opponent backwards before hitting a back hand chop to the throat. Akiyama drops to the canvass as the Burning Sword is completed. The cover is made but Akiyama kicks out on two. Akiyama makes it back into the match by blocking a clothesline from his opponent before completing the enzigure kick to the back of the head. Kobashi is hit with the Exploder suplex from his opponent as he is soon pinned to the floor.

Akiyama hooks the right leg but Kenta manages to kick out on two. The fans watch with intent as Akiyama looks for the hurricarana but Kobashi turns it into a Power bomb. Kenta drops to his knees to add more force into the move as the back and shoulders of Akiyama take the brunt of the pain. Kobashi connects with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, as the back of Jun snaps back with the force. Kobashi walks towards his opponent and signals the fans as they react with cheers. The Machine Gun chops come with might as the rabid back hand chops cause a sickening sound throughout the Jingu Stadium. The chest of Akiyama turns a horrible shade of maroon before Kobashi connects with toe kick to the gut whilst his opponent is still trapped in the corner of the ring. He takes the head in a standing head scissors before forcing his opponent onto his shoulders and powerbombing him into the turnbuckle. The force of the Turnbuckle Powerbomb is immense as Akiyama drops to the canvass holding his head in pain. Kobashi pulls his opponent into the centre of the ring before dropping onto the chest and hooking the right leg. Akiyama somehow manages to kick out before the third count is made.

The match remains on Kobashi’s favour as he is clearly not let his form down in his absence. Kenta drops his opponent down on his back and completes the scoop slam. Kobashi climbs the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes before turning on the squared circle. The moonsault is imminent and happens soon after Kobashi turns on the ring. Kenta flips backwards straight into the knees of Akiyama as he does well to reverse the move. Kobashi gasps for breath as he slowly makes it to his feet; he doesn’t make it as his opponent connects with a Running High Knee. The move is pulled off to perfection as Jun Akiyama signals the Sternness Dust Gamma. Suddenly Kensuke Sasaki’s music comes up on the PA system causing the fans to rise to there feet in shock. Akiyama stands by the ropes and tempts Kensuke Sasaki to come out but he doesn’t.

Akiyama doesn’t dare turns his back on the entrance giving his opponent time to rise. Finally Jun turns as the music of Sasaki stops and the man doesn’t show up. Kobashi is ready for him as soon as Akiyama turns he is hit with the finishing Burning Lariat! Kobashi quickly makes the cover and reaches the three count.

Winner – Kenta Kobashi – Via Pinfall

Styles- Kenta Kobashi picks up his first win but with help from the distraction.

Jerry Lawler- Kensuke Sasaki’s music came over the PA but the guy didn’t show up, however he did cost Akiyama the match so I guess this was his plan all along.

Styles- It looks like Kobashi has something to say.

Kobashi stands in the ring with a mic as Jun Akiyama gradually makes it to his feet.

Kenta Kobashi- Akiyama, you did well! At G1 I want you to bring the fight you brought tonight.

Kobashi holds out his hand which Akiyama shakes.

Kenta Kobashi- There is one more thing, Kensuke Sasaki! If you try this shit again at G1 I will gladly take you down with out a second thought. Tonight I took the opening but at G1, I won’t be hitting Akiyama with the lariat I will be hitting you. At G1 I want a fare match, none of this mind games bull shit.

At this Kobashi rolls out of the ring and leaves Akiyama standing in the squared circle. Kobashi makes it to the curtain when suddenly Sasaki runs through the Jingu crowd and into the ring protected with a steel chair. He smashes the chair over the back of Akiyama as Kobashi turns and begins to charge towards the ring. Sasaki holds his chair up to his side and tempts Kobashi to enter the ring. Kenta is hesitant as he knows when to choose his battles. Akiyama knows this and rams the chair into the side of Akiyama’s head. Kobashi has had enough and rolls into the ring trying to take Jun off guard. He doesn’t as Jun swings the chair straight into the head of Kobashi knocking him to the floor. Akiyama smashes the chair one again into the head of Kobashi before picking up the mic which Kenta dropped.

Kensuke Sasaki- You shouldn’t of got involved Kobashi. This was between me and Jun here. So at G1 I’ll stay out of the match, but this isn’t over! This is far from over Akiyama!

At this Sasaki rams the chair once again into the back of Akiyama before dropping the chair to the floor. The show ends with Kensuke Sasaki smiling over the fallen Kobashi and Akiyama.

G1 Climax Card!

Predictions will be welcome.

JLA Puroresu vs. ROH

Jack Evans vs. Taka Michinoku

U-30 Title Match

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Dragon Kid

United States Title Match – Fatal Four Way

Scott Steiner vs. Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho vs. Low Ki

Jr Heavyweight Title Match

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. KENTA

G1 Climax Tournament –

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Chris Benoit

Masahiro Chono vs. Sting

Yuji Nagata vs. Satoshi Kojima

Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

Overall Winner-
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