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Re: PWA Legacy - April 7

Originally Posted by michiganct View Post
Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, for his first official in-ring interview, please welcome, The Tutor.

(Tutor comes out in street clothes)

"For 30 something years, I've been a fan of this sport.

(interrupted by BOOS)

What? You mad I'm not out here doing my "college professor gimmick? Where's my big book? I'm supposed to sit here and spout of cool and intellectual words and tell you that class is dismissed? Screw it. And screw all of you.


Oh you don't like me? Big deal. You know who else doesn't like me? The commissioner. He's had it out for me since day 1 and I did nothing but play by the rules. I did his stupid little professor gimmick. I spent a year reading the god damn dictionary so that I could sound like an asshole instead of a wrestler who just wants to come out and kick some ass.

(Smark cheers)

Well no longer. I'm not following the damn rules. I make my own rules. As I was saying, I've been watching this sport for 30 years and I watched rule breakers dominate this sport. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Million Dollar Man. The NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR! WHOOOOOOO

(Smark cheer)

Macho Man Randy Savage. Bless his soul. The NWO! Roddy Piper. Degeneration X. You have CM Punk over there in the WWE


Bully Ray in TNA


Hell. Even the UNDERTAKER is a badass rule breaker. What do all those names have in common? They were ALL successful. I can't sit and wait for the guys in the back, behind their suits and desk to give me my well deserved shot at the PWA Title. I have to go and take it myself. That's why I have been refusing to fight. I've been disrespected. You know DAMN well that I deserve a PWA title shot, not stuck down here in the Hardcore division.


SO go ahead boss, Mr. Tough Guy....put me in the ring with four nobodies to try and take this title off me. I will carry the tradition of the company rule breaker and I will rise to the top. I'm coming for you Powell..oh yeah..............class dismissed

(Throws the microphone into the crowd)

Coming out on stage. Holding the hardcore championship over his shoulder.

"Seeing as I knocked you the hell out last week. And the fact. They had to roll your ass out the ring. I don't think you deserve any kind of title shot. Hell. if anything this is your title shot for the hardcore championship. Because I'm walking in with this belt and Ill be damned if I dont walk out with it. Now list to the crowd howl for me. They know you don't stand a chance. Neither do these other weaklings that step into the ring with me. Now Say with me " Mike Hero Is a Best Damn Wrestler In Universe." "

The Crowd Repeating his every word.

Tosses the mic onto the ground. walking towards the crowd. Jumping in disappearing in the waves of his clamouring fans

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