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Re: Chikara - Season 12 Discussion Thread

Spoiler for WrestleCon show results:

- CHIKARA just tweeted this is the largest live crowd to ever witness a CHIKARA Event!!

1. Saturyne d. Kobald via a Moonsault

2. The Throwbacks vs The Batiri vs Ultramantis Black/Blind Rage vs The Devastation Corporation

- The Throwbacks are eliminated by the Death Blow on Dasher Hatfield by the Devastation Corporation

- The second elimination goes to Ultramantis Black and Blind Rage as Mantis rolls up Blaster McMassive

- The Batiri score the final fall and their 3rd point pinning Blind Rage via the Seventh Circle

3. Amasis vs Ophidian

- Ophidian is wheeled out in a wheelchair, and gets into the ring with Crutches

- Ophidian tries to hypnotize Amasis, but Amssis fools him!

- Amasis beats down Ophidian and Kobald, but the Batiri come in and the beatdown ensues, no official bell, Ophidian hits Amasis with his crutches

- Amasis avoids the red mist from Ophidian, and escapes, albet battered, the match is officially off

4. 3.0, Gran Akuma, and Marty Jannetty vs F.I.S.T.

- Icarus and Dunkerton are in purple and white while Taylor and Gargano are in black...a faction divided?

- Icarus makes Gran Akuma submit to the CHIKARA Special to win it for F.I.S.T. Afterword Gargano and Taylor get in Icarus's face, and Icarus shoves Taylor away!


5. Archibald Peck d. Tim Donst via the Cranial Crescendo

- Gavin tries to convince Jakob, Turtle, and Veronica that Donst is selfish. Donst attacks and cuts off a piece of his hair!

6. Soldier Ant/Colony XTREME Force vs The Colony and Frightmare

- The Colony XTREME Force are retroactively named King of Trios 2011 winners by Wink, the Colony are enraged!!

- Missile Assault Ant unmasks Frightmare and rolls him up for the win!

7. Eddie Kingston d. Hallowicked with a Backfist to the back of the head to retain his Grand Championship

8. Mike Quackenbush/??? vs Jigsaw and The Shard

- Quacks Mystery Partner is JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER!!

- Quack and Liger get the victory when Liger delivers an avalanche brainbuster on Jigsaw


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