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Re: JLA Puroresu

LiveWire Review-

First off, I don't know many Japaneese wrestlers, sorry. But you seem to have a great knowledge of the wrestlers, their gimmicks, their movesets, etc, so I'll just be reviewing how well it was written and such. So it won't be the best review, but I hope I can help!

Opening Promo/Segment- G R E A T! Liger is one of the few japaneese wrestlers I know, and you wrote out his heel character perfectly. Interested to see what the CTU does now with Tanaka back in the group...it can't just be 'water under the bridge'. Got me hyped for the tag match

Hiroshi vs Abismo- What an upset! It was a well written match, both men remaining equal until Abismo started to get the upperhand. Then Hiroshi reverses the special in mid-move and turns it into a pin! Never saw it coming, and a great win for Hiroshi

Sasaki segment- Setting up for a run-in during the Kobashi vs Akiyama match maybe? Either way, good segment, and I see a feud-in-the-making

Sting and Muta vs Psicosis and Juventud- Great tag team action. You made both teams look strong, and it could have gone either way at some parts. Glad to see Muta and Sting get the pin, making their way up the tag-team ranks of the company

Tanaka/Delfin segment- What the hell is Tanaka going to do?! Everyone is advising against rejoining CTU!

Storm vs Kendrick- I'm not a great fan of Storm, but he definitely has the ability to wrestle. I loved how Storm dominated the match, showing almost a ruthless side of him, constant assault on Kendrick. Great to see him get the win, and can't wait to see his next match

Liger and Black vs Tanaka and Sasuke- Extremely well written match. CTU dominating Sasuke, the suspense building and building for whether or not Tanka will even make it in the match. Tanaka gets tagged...edge of my seat as a chair is tossed to him....Liger is pleading, Sasuke is back on his feet, Black is down....TANAKA HITS SASUKE AND CTU IS REUNITED! Man this storyline keeps getting better. I can't wait to see where you go with this, beautiful match and ending

Tiger/Mask segment- If I remember correctly, Black Tiger and Tiger Mask are huge rivals, right? Good job having yet another person thinking Tanaka's choice was a bad one, and then just having a face get a cheap pop by insulting Tiger

Battle Royal- As I say in almost every review, multi-man matches are the most challenging to write, and you did it in a very effective/unique way. Great lucha high flying action as well as power moves, all the men giving it their all, but KENTA comes out on top, one of my favorite japaneese wrestlers. again, well written match and such a knowledge of moves, you describe everything perfectly

10/10, truly great show, and it gets better and better. The storylines are having me on the edge of my seat, the moves in the matches flow very well, the length is great, its just all amazing! The only thing I would do is make longer promos/segments (I need to do the same thing for my BTB). Keep up the great work, and remember, I gave you that score and I don't even know 3/4 the wrestlers you use! That's saying something!

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