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Re: JLA Puroresu


We open with footage of last weeks LiveWire with Minoru Tanaka being eliminated by Jushin Liger his fellow CTU member. We then cut to Tanaka keeping Liger’s enemy The Great Sasuke in the match by catching the wrestler before his feet touch the ground. Jushin Liger however wins the match to the shock of everyone. The closing footage is of Jushin Liger looking towards Minoru Tanaka from behind his mask.

Styles- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire! We are coming off an explosive show which saw what we think was Minoru Tanaka turning his back on the CTU and Jushin Liger!

Jerry Lawler- Well we don’t know that for sure Styles!

Styles- What do you mean King! Tanaka intentionally tried to cost his leader the battle royal match. If that isn’t turning your back on someone I don’t know what it!

Suddenly “CTU Revolution” hits the airwaves causing the fans to suddenly react with jeers and boos. The fans are clearly not happy to see Jushin Liger, Black Tiger and Matt Morgan as they make there way to the squared circle. Clearly there is no Minoru Tanaka with the group as Jushin Liger takes the mic as his fellow allies stand behind him.

Jushin Liger- Last week, we saw the greatest act of betrayal from who we thought was not only are ally, but are friend.

The fellow CTU members shake there heads as Black Tiger slaps his heart.

Jushin Liger- Minoru Tanaka, turned his back on the people who made him!

The fans begin to jeer Liger before he speaks again.

Jushin Liger- Minoru wouldn’t even be with the JLA if it wasn’t for us! Wouldn’t he boys!

Black Tiger and Matt Morgan shake there heads.

Jushin Liger- Now you might think I’d be annoyed that the man we made and helped bring up would try to cost me the JLA Jr Heavyweight Title! But I’m not! Seriously, I’m a kind and generous man along with Tiger and Matt here!

The fans begin to boo with might at Liger’s sarcastic remark.

Jushin Liger- You don’t believe me! Okay just to show you that we… the Control Terrorism Unit are kind and considerate men. We will gladly take back Minoru Tanaka!

Styles- What?

Jerry Lawler- I told you Jushin Liger was a nice guy Styles!

Jushin Liger- Come on Tanaka come out here, we won’t bite! Well I can’t say that for Black Tiger here! Ha ha ha!

Minoru Tanaka’s music hits the airwaves causing the fans to cheer with might. Tanaka looks cautious as he gradually makes his way to the ring.

Jushin Liger- Come on Minoru, we’ve not got all day!

Minoru climbs into the ring before taking a mic from the ring announcer. He keeps his eyes on all three of the CTU members before he begins to talk.

Minoru Tanaka- What is your game Jushin?

Jushin Liger- I don’t play games Minoru…You know that! I’m here to offer you an invitation back to the Control Terrorism Unit.

Minoru Tanaka- And why the hell would I want to do that?

Liger looks back at Black Tiger and Matt Morgan before speaking yet again.

Jushin Liger- Good point Tanaka! I mean we didn’t really treat you like royalty, and we did kind of take you for granted. Now that I think about it, I think I would have left if I was you. But me, Matt Morgan and Black Tiger are willing to forgive what happened last week. We know you didn’t mean to catch Sasuke hence keeping him in the match. You just got caught out, and you felt……..Scared!

Minoru Tanaka- I fear no one!

Jushin Liger- Okay, okay! But think deep Minoru, what the hell are you going to do now that you are on your own. When you where with CTU, you had three men who had your back, three men who would do anything to make sure you picked up the win. Now you’re on your own, in the big wide world of JLA. Just think about it Tanaka, when your with the CTU you can get anything you want.

Styles- Oh yeah!

Minoru Tanaka- And you really don’t care about what happened last week?

Jushin Liger- Water under the bridge!

Tanaka begins to contemplate what to do next! Whilst Liger waits along with Morgan and Black Tiger! Suddenly Inoki’s music hits the airwaves to a huge amount of applaud. Inoki the JLA LiveWire commissioner stands by the titan tron with a mic in hand.

Antonio Inoki- Tanaka, I can’t believe that you are actually thinking about joining these men again. You did the hard part, you made the first step! Now these men are trying to haul you back into the boat. Think about it! Why would Liger and his cronies care about having you in there group! Well in my humble opinion, it’s because they want you on there side instead of the other way around! They fear you Tanaka, they fear you!

Jushin Liger and his fellow CTU members begin to shout towards Inoki whilst pointing there fingers towards him clearly disagreeing with the LiveWire commissioner.

Antonio Inoki- Buy hey, it’s not my decision! So this is what I’m going to do, tonight we will have a match, it will be Jushin Liger and Black Tiger teaming up to take on…….Minoru Tanaka and……………….The Great Sasuke!

The Japanese fans rise tot here feet popping greatly whilst Inoki smiles.

Antonio Inoki- I believe by the end of the night we will see whose side you truly on. I hope you choose wisely Tanaka!

At this Inoki turns his back and walks behind the curtain leaving the Control Terrorism Unit and Minoru Tanaka in the ring!

Jushin Liger- Don’t listen to him Minoru, you know the CTU is the place to be. People would kill to be part of this group; at G1 we will hold the Jr Heavyweight Title! And guess who will be my first opponent, you Tanaka. For eliminating you on last weeks Royal Rumble! Just think about that……Just think about holding the Jr Heavyweight gold with the CTU behind you all the way!

Styles- Minoru Tanaka can’t actually be buying this can he?

Jerry Lawler- Liger has seen the errors of his ways Styles and he wants to make up for it. He’s offering Tanaka a second chance without any repercussions.

Styles- No repercussions, that’s a good one King!

Harry Potter
Fifa Street

Styles- Well tonight we have the second Battle Royal to decide who will take on Jushin Liger at the G1 Climax for the Jr Heavyweight Title. But also we will see Minoru Tanaka teaming up with The Great Sasuke to take on Jushin Liger and Black Tiger of the CTU.

Jerry Lawler- Well I don’t think that match will last long Styles. Minoru Tanaka is going to turn his back on Sasuke and make right his fault last week. It’s that simple!

Styles- I don’t think sure King, I believe Tanaka will see that he made the right decision last week and keep out stay strong against the allure of the CTU.

Jerry Lawler- He’d be a foolish man if he did Styles.

Styles- It doesn’t matter King for now, because we have are first match of the night with Tanahashi taking on Abismo Negro!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Abismo Negro

Match Summary: Negro takes the match by the scruff of the neck by connecting with an early spinning heel kick to the chin followed by a standing dropkick to the chest. Tanahashi takes the blows and is eventually hit with a double underhook back breaker. The pin is made but Tanahashi manages to kick out on one. Negro remains in control of the match eventually pulling off the Powerbomb into the prawn hold pin which reaches the referee’s count of 2. Tanahashi finally gets back into the match as he hits the inzigure kick to the back of the head followed by a belly to belly overhead suplex.

Tanahashi completes the snap suplex soon after as his opponent arches his back in pain before being pinned to the floor. The referees count stops on one as Tanahashi soon follows up with a European uppercut followed by a wrist clutch Exploder suplex. This reaches a two count before Negro manages to kick out! Abismo gets his foot back into the match by reversing a toe kick into a dragon whip takedown. Negro connects with a toe kick of his own before completing the spinning neck breaker followed by the springboard moonsault which gains him another close three count. The match finishes with Negro looking for the La Magistral Cradle but Tanahashi turns his opponent mid way pinning his shoulders to the floor. The referee drops to the floor and makes the three count to the shock of the fans.

Winner – Hiroshi Tanahashi – Via Pinfall

Styles- Another big win for Hiroshi Tanahashi, he must be really thinking about that U-30 Title now.

Jerry Lawler- Of course Styles, when your putting in performances like that every week you can’t help but think about gold.

We go backstage with Antonio Inoki who is in his office behind his desk he begins to talk as the fans cheers die down for the commissioner.

Antonio Inoki- Ladies and Gentleman, as you all know the G1 Climax is only two weeks away. The huge tournament will decide the first JLA World Champion, could it be Chris Benoit or Jun Akiyama? Nobody knows! But one man who will compete in the G1 is know the world over his name is…………..Kenta Kobashi! Next week Kobashi will have his first match in JLA against………. Jun Akiyama! So make sure to join us.

Styles- What an announcement!

Jerry Lawler- Kenta Kobashi will have his first JLA LiveWire match against none other that the protégé Jun Akiyama!

Styles- Well Kobashi will be one of the favourites to win the G1 but Jun Akiyama has pulled off some upsets in recent weeks against Kensuke Sasaki!

Jerry Lawler- Well Sasaki isn’t too pleased with not being able to compete in the G1 Climax after losing to Akiyama, let’s take a look from last week.

We see footage of Jun Akiyama being attacked by Kensuke Sasaki after Sasaki looked to holds out his hand for Jun to shake. We then go backstage with Mitsui Yamada and Kensuke Sasaki!

Mitsui Yamada – Kensuke Sasaki, last week we saw you blatantly attack Jun Akiyama….

Kensuke Sasaki- Mitsui, Jun Akiyama has no place in the G1 Climax! He beat me on what I can only say was a fluke. Now next week he has a match with Kobashi, then we’ll see what Akiyama is all about. I’ve beaten Kobashi twice before in the past, just like I beat Akiyama last week. In two weeks time when the G1 take place, we’ll see Akiyama go out in the first round, cementing my argument for why I should have been in the tournament! Me…Not Jun Akiyama! I’m Kensuke Sasaki for Christ’s sake!

At this Sasaki storms off in a huff pushing down stands and camera equipment along the way.

Styles- Well Kensuke Sasaki still hasn’t forgiven Akiyama for costing his place in the G1 Tournament.

Jerry Lawler- He has a right to be angry Styles!

King of the Hill

Styles- Hello and welcome back to JLA LiveWire, lets get straight back into the action with Sting and The Great Muta teaming up against the Luchador team of Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera!

Sting and The Great Muta vs. Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera

Match Summary: Muta and Psicosis begin the match with Psicosis taking the early advantage with a spinning heel kick followed by a multiple kicks to the thighs and ribs. The Luchador grounds his opponent with a scoop slam before running to the ropes and spring boarding off the second. He gains quite some height before turning and flipping forward before crashing into Muta’s chest back first. The Spring Board Diving Senton is completed to perfection as Psicosis quickly makes the cover gaining a two count before the Great Muta kicks out! Psicosis makes the tag to his partner who immediately spring boards into the ring whilst Muta gradually makes it to his feet. The Juice reaches a great height before completing the Spring Board Dropkick to the back of the head. Muta stumbles forward straight towards his partner Sting who makes the tag.

The fans go wild as Sting runs into the ring completing the lariat which knocks Juvy to the floor. Sting runs towards Psicosis before throwing the elbow to his forehead knocking the masked Lucha Libre to the outside mat. The match keeps going in Sting’s and Muta favour as they complete moves such as the power slam immediately followed by the top rope splash and other double team moves. Muta is in the ring keeping his opponent grounded on the floor before Psicosis has enough and runs into the ring to complete a straight stomp to the head. The Great Muta raises to his feet to confront Psicosis but the Luchador walks to the apron holding his hands up like he is innocent of all charges. This gives Juventud an opening as he rolls his opponent up into a small package which gets him a close two count.

Both men rise but it’s Juvy who strikes first with a hurricarana causing is opponent to flip violently forward to his back. The fans watch as Juventud begins to climb the turnbuckle unaware that Muta is rising to his feet. The Juice doesn’t have time to react as The Great Muta runs towards his and completes the Avalanche Back Drop Suplex to perfection. Sting suddenly runs into the ring and lariats his opponent over the ropes, the momentum that he runs towards him causing Sting to flip over the ropes as well as Juventud raises on his knees. Muta strikes fast and completes the Shining Wizard! The knee of Muta crashes with the side of his opponent head causing the imminent three count to be made. The fans go crazy as Sting and The Great Muta are announced the winners.

Winners – Sting and The Great Muta – Via Pinfall

Jerry Lawler- A well deserved win for the team of Sting and The Great Muta. These two are really making a name for themselves as a team Styles!

Styles- You can say that again King, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera looked strong but the team of Sting and Muta are just too dominant.

We go backstage with Minoru Tanaka who paces up and down the locker room. Suddenly Super Delfin comes into view and stops Tanaka is stride.

Super Delfin- Tanaka, your not really thinking about going back to the CTU are you?

Minoru Tanaka- Maybe! I don’t know, what the hell am I gonna do on my own. I’ve always been with Liger…

Super Delfin- You can’t be serious! The CTU have held you back Tanaka, it’s been seven days! Just think about where you can go without having to lick Liger’s ass every day.

Minoru Tanaka pushes Delfin causing him to stumble to his rear. He shoots up and squares up to Tanaka! Both men begin to stare into each others eyes, the tension builds between the two as the fists clench. Suddenly Tanaka turns in a huff and walks away leaving Delfin to watch him leave.

Styles- Well Delfin is talking common sense, Minoru Tanaka just doesn’t want to listen.

Jerry Lawler- Are you kidding me Styles, the CTU is the most powerful faction in the JLA why the hell wouldn’t you want to be apart of it?

Styles- Maybe because it’s leader only cares about one thing and it’s not the Control Terrorism Unit.

Jerry Lawler- That’s your opinion Styles lets begin are next contest before you burst a vein!

Lance Storm vs. Brian Kendrick

Match Summary: Both men circle the ring keeping there eyes locked before hooking up. Spanky takes the match off well as he connects with multiple kicks to the legs and arms before finishing off with a snap mare takedown. The low dropkick to the back of the head is followed up with a snap suplex. Storm arches his back in pain with the force of the suplex before begins hit with a Springboard Moonsault, the pin is made but only reaches the count of two. Storm makes his mark on the match before its too late as he holds the toe kick from his opponent before completing the dragon whip takedown. Spanky stumbles to his feet by Storm springs off his feet and completes the standing dropkick to the collar bone knocking his opponent to the floor. Storm takes control of the match completing the double underhook suplex before climbing the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes.

Kendrick stumbles to his feet unaware of his opponent’s position until it’s too late. Storm completes the flying Spinning Heel Kick connecting with the face of his opponent which has him making the cover. He reaches the two count before Spanky somehow manages to kick out before the third and final call is made. Brian Kendrick finally gets back into the match but it’s only for a short space of time as he connects with the springboard dropkick before completing the standing senton. Storm kicks out of the impending pin!

Kendrick looks to pull his opponent up by the head but Storm rolls over and grasps the right leg before tripping his opponent to his back. In a matter of second the Canadian Maple Leaf is completed (Single Legged Boston Crab) causing Kendrick to groan in agony. The referee checks Spanky frequently until finally he taps out to the deadly submission.

Winner- Lance Storm – Via Submission

Styles- Another big win for Storm, he looks to be going far in this new JLA Puroresu King.

Jerry Lawler- Of course Styles, he can hear that United States Title calling him.

Styles- Well King it’s time to see if Minoru Tanaka will fight against the CTU as he teams up with The Great Sasuke!

Minoru Tanaka and The Great Sasuke vs. Black Tiger and Jushin Liger (CTU)

Match Summary: The Great Sasuke and Black Tiger begin the match and its Sasuke who starts the contest off best with a Japanese arm drag followed by an inzigure kick to the back of the head. Tiger is pulled to a vertical base and hit with a belly to belly overhead suplex followed by a wrist clutch belly to back drop suplex. The cover is made but The Great Sasuke only reaches two as Black Tiger manages to kick out on two. Black Tiger manages to make his mark in the match as he blocks the right hand of his opponent and connects with a toe kick to the gut followed by the DDT. The Great Sasuke is spiked into the canvass with force as the move made famous by Jake Roberts is completed to perfection.

Black Tiger makes the tag to Jushin Liger who immediately climbs the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes. Liger leaps into the air as soon as he is stable completing the frog splash to perfection. The pin is immediately made as Liger hooks the right leg. The Great Sasuke however manages to kick out a fraction of a second away from the three count. The fans begin to stomp the ground in excitement as Liger pulls Sasuke to a vertical base. Sasuke pushes out of his opponents grasp and completes the standing dropkick leaving him a life line in the match. Both men drop to the floor but both begin to rise in unison. Liger looks for the lariat but The Great Sasuke ducks the impending blow showing his reactions are up to par. Suddenly he springs off his feet and connects with the hurricarana causing Liger to flip violently forward onto his back. Finally Sasuke makes the tag in his partner Minoru Tanaka causing a pop from the crowd.

He slowly makes it into the ring as Liger is on his knees checking his vision. He suddenly realises Minoru in front of him and looks up to see what he will do. Tanaka clenches his fist and holds it up into the air as Black Tiger takes a chair from the announcers table and makes his way into the ring. The Great Sasuke reacts well and spears Black Tiger to the floor before he can do any damage causing a huge pop from the mammoth crowd. Both men roll out of the ring exchanging blows leaving the chair in the ring. Liger is pleading with Minoru Tanaka as the Jr Heavyweight grasps the chair. Liger rises to his feet as The Great Sasuke Irish whips Black Tiger into the steel steps. Sasuke rolls into the ring as he sees Minoru contemplating what to do with the chair. He shouts clearly “just do it!” Tanaka shakes his head and swings the chair straight into the face of his partner The Great Sasuke. The fans are shocked but finally find there voices as they begin to jeer Minoru Tanaka.

Jushin Liger claps before hugging his fellow CTU member. Black Tiger regains his stability and rolls into the ring before shaking the hand of Tanaka as all three men stand in the ring the bell is rung by the referee stating it to be a no contest. None of the Control Terrorism Care as the celebrate Tanaka’s return to the CTU!

Winners – No Contest – Via Referee’s Decision

Styles- Well Minoru Tanaka has lasted a week! He’s turned back to the CTU and attacked The Great Sasuke also!

Jerry Lawler- This is the greatest thing Minoru Tanaka has ever done Styles…..This is excellent!

Styles- The fans don’t think so King!

Jerry Lawler- Who cares what they think Styles, Tanaka doesn’t and he shouldn’t! He’s taken his chance to gone back to the CTU and who can blame him. It’s the most dominant group in wrestling today!

Styles- You’re talking out of your ass King! Well folks next we have are main event with the second battle royal to find out who will fight Jushin Liger at the G1 Climax!

Howl’s Moving Castle
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Prison Break

We return with the CTU backstage holding up bottles of beer and champagne. Liger has his arm over Tanaka as Black Tiger leaves the room. The camera follows him as he walks to the bathroom until Black Tiger is abruptly stopped by the door. Tiger Mask appears causing a pop from the fans.

Tiger Mask – Well look who it is!

Black Tiger- What do you want?

Tiger Mask – Nothing I’m just getting ready for the battle royal, you see unlike you I plan on winning!

Black Tiger – You piece of….

Tiger Mask- Wait a minute there Tiger, you go back to your little friends and celebrate Minoru making the worst mistake of his life. Me on the other hand will go and take the first step to Jr Heavyweight glory.

At this Tiger Mask pushes past Black Tiger making his way to the ring and leaving his nemesis to stand there with a scowl under his mask.

Styles- It’s finally here let’s see who makes it to the G1 to face Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

First Entrant

Super Delfin

Second Entrant

Tiger Mask

Third Entrant

Taka Michinoku

Fourth Entrant

Ultimo Dragon

Fifth Entrant


5 Man Battle Royal - Taka Michinoku, KENTA, Ultimo Dragon, Tiger Mask, Super Delfin – Jr Heavyweight Battle

First Elimination: Super Delfin is eliminated by Tiger Mask as Delfin climbs the turnbuckle all the way to the top with plans for a high risk manoeuvre. Tiger Mask sees this and leaps into the air connecting with a dropkick to Delfin’s rear causing him to fall straight into the barricade hence eliminating him from the match.

Second Elimination- The match goes on with Tiger Mask slowly being pushes over the top rope. He manages to scrap his way out of Michinoku’s clutch and lands on the apron. With Taka stunned Tiger Mask looks to springboard off the ropes until suddenly out of nowhere Black Tiger runs towards him and crashes a kendo stick over the back of Tiger Mask. The force of the stick crashing with his back causes Tiger Mask to the cringe in agony. Taka regains his composure and without a moment’s doubt he connects with an inzigure kick to the back of Tiger’s head. The force of the kick and kendo stick has Tiger Mask falling to the outside mat and elimination hi from the match. Black Tiger laughs as he makes his way to the back whilst the fans make there opinions heard with boos and jeers.

Third Elimination – KENTA and Ultimo Dragon exchange blows back and forth whilst Taka Michinoku regains his composure. Ultimo Dragon grasp the head of KENTA in a three quarter face lock before completing the Asai DDT. Ultimo slowly makes it to his feet as Taka Michinoku charges towards him with pace. Ultimo reacts well and bends forward before hip tossing Taka over the top ropes. The elimination is sudden but counts nonetheless!

Fourth Elimination- The final two are KENTA and Ultimo Dragon and its Ultimo who looks to be in control. The match finishes with Ultimo locking the head of KENTA in a standing head scissors before pulling on the waste and forcing his opponent onto his shoulders. Ultimo runs towards the ropes as he looks to powerbomb his opponent over the ropes but suddenly KENTA falls backwards. The move is pulled off suddenly as the hurricarana is pulled off to perfection as Ultimo Dragon goes flying over the top ropes and onto the outside mat. The arena explodes as KENTA is announced the winner.

Winner – KENTA – Via Survivor

Styles- KENTA wins it he’s going to the G1 Climax!

Jerry Lawler- We has got to go Styles, make sure you join us next week for the final edition of LiveWire before the G1 Climax.
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