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Re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Originally Posted by Rah View Post
Dean Allmark & James Mason vs Rampage Brown & Robbie Dynamite (ASW 22/02/2013)

I love great Southern-style wrestling and this was a much needed respite from the lul in matches making it online from Frankie Tucker and the Memphis crew. I'm not sure how I missed this in my original go through of Dean's playlist but this is even better than the ladder match I pimped in the British thread.

A much slower match, perhaps, than you'd expect from the British All-Stars but they still relied on their faster execution to dominate the first half of the match, working down Brown's arm of which Brown sold superbly well. After the "hot-tag" to Robbie the match takes on a new life and catapults itself into MotYC regions of awesomeness. Rampage Brown is a great wrestler, Dynamite has great character traits, the crowd is deafening and Allmark is on his way to solidifying himself as one of the darkhorse workers of the year. There's a lot to love here.

Rampage Brown Vs Dean Allmark (ASW 16/03/2013)

If you hate ref-bump finishes in title matches then you should avoid this, otherwise, enjoy the next stop in the Allmark train!

Speed/Powerhouse mash-ups are always a treat to witness, especially when the little guy can bump. This was surprisingly vicious as compared to their other match-pairings but it really enhanced the meaning of their title fight. A few botches stopped this from being as good as the above match but it never once hindered the over-all feel too much, especially considering the ambitious nature of Allmark's moves to the outside. As a normal hater of excessive superkicks, this I couldn't flaw. As opposed to Jacobs/Cole, the first kick didn't get shrugged off and rather had Brown fall backward into the ropes, limply, with Allmark finishing him off with a second. Though, that said, I could honestly watch Brown take superkicks all day if he keeps his phenomenal selling up.
Really glad I am not the only one who has seen that tag and thought it was awesome. I've got it at **** as well. Thought the ladder match was quite good but not as good. British All-Stars are incredible. I need to see EVERY match they have this year. Allmark's channel will hopefully burst at the seams later this year Haven't seen Rampage vs. Allmark yet but it certainly is on my to-watch-list. Glad to know it won't disappoint.

Laughter7 vs. Yuuji Nagata/Manabu Nakanishi(3/17/13):****
Loved this. Laughter7 looked awesome again. Nakanishi looked like this giant monster compared to them. They are legit MMA fighters so it gives credence to them being able to topple the behemoth. Really good stuff in a short amount of time. That's all I really want in live.

Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr. vs. Namajague/Okumura(3/15)Mask vs. Hair:****
This was pretty spotty stuff so I'll understand if this wasn't up everyone's alley but Cometa is capable of some insane stuff and Namajague is Mr.Bump City. If it weren't for Namajague taking some of the nutty bumps that he did I honestly probably wouldn't have rated this nearly as high. But he did, and it was awesome so we have a MOTYC for me.

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