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Re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Dean Allmark & James Mason vs Rampage Brown & Robbie Dynamite (ASW 22/02/2013)

I love great Southern-style wrestling and this was a much needed respite from the lul in matches making it online from Frankie Tucker and the Memphis crew. I'm not sure how I missed this in my original go through of Dean's playlist but this is even better than the ladder match I pimped in the British thread.

A much slower match, perhaps, than you'd expect from the British All-Stars but they still relied on their faster execution to dominate the first half of the match, working down Brown's arm of which Brown sold superbly well. After the "hot-tag" to Robbie the match takes on a new life and catapults itself into MotYC regions of awesomeness. Rampage Brown is a great wrestler, Dynamite has great character traits, the crowd is deafening and Allmark is on his way to solidifying himself as one of the darkhorse workers of the year. There's a lot to love here.

Rampage Brown Vs Dean Allmark (ASW 16/03/2013)

If you hate ref-bump finishes in title matches then you should avoid this, otherwise, enjoy the next stop in the Allmark train!

Speed/Powerhouse mash-ups are always a treat to witness, especially when the little guy can bump. This was surprisingly vicious as compared to their other match-pairings but it really enhanced the meaning of their title fight. A few botches stopped this from being as good as the above match but it never once hindered the over-all feel too much, especially considering the ambitious nature of Allmark's moves to the outside. As a normal hater of excessive superkicks, this I couldn't flaw. As opposed to Jacobs/Cole, the first kick didn't get shrugged off and rather had Brown fall backward into the ropes, limply, with Allmark finishing him off with a second. Though, that said, I could honestly watch Brown take superkicks all day if he keeps his phenomenal selling up.

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