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Re: Star Wars Universe

Galen (and a lot of the stuff that happened in the games) hasn't really been mentioned at all outside of TFU. It's as canon as the EU can get but I doubt it'd be adapted into a film given Disney and LFL want to focus on the sequel trilogy. All TFU and TFU II really does is set up ANH.

If that Star Wars: Underworld ever actually gets made I'd put money on Galen, Kota etc (and Ahsoka and the characters left hanging in TCW) showing up in that at some point. But I don't think it's likely, if a SW live action TV series was made I don't think it'll be whatever Underworld was going to be. Or at least not set in the same era. Underworld would have been set in the Dark Times and I don't see why Disney would want to have such a high budget show on it's books when the audience would know there's really no point watching because it's before the OT. We'd know nothing really matters because at some point, Darth Vader's gonna go after the Death Star plans, Obi-Wan's gonna save Luke from the Tuskens etc. It's not like with the Prequels or even TCW. They'd either be constrained to using original characters for the most part or a bunch of character arcs that ultimately lead nowhere.

I think they'd be better off having it post-ROTJ and leading into the Sequel Trilogy instead.

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