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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Daiko View Post
Magneton > Electrode in general.

Electrode is, unfortunately, a fantastic example of what Electric types regularly are..

~ Above average to great Speed.
~ Very little Attacking Stats
~ Fantastic Supporting Move-sets that would be (and often are) better on almost every Steel Type Pokemon.
~ Little to no defensive capabilities.
~ Wong moves entirely at times.. (Fucking Gyro Ballin' Electrodes...)

Gen 6 seriously needs another Galvantula! Great Speed, Sp. Attack and a useful move-set that actually makes use of its best stats... A Physical Attacking Electric/Fire or a Special Attacking Electric/Psychic would be nice to see.
True. And Magneton with Eviolite definitely outclasses it now.. I want Electrode to get some improvements in gen 6, but I doubt it will happen. When a new gen comes out they seem to only care about the new Pokemon for the most part, very few old Pokemon get good improvements. Electrode suffers from mediocre stats except speed AND a bad move pool, and I thought of way to improve it to make it more usable by giving it access to every ball move (things like Shadow Ball, Energy ball, Weather Ball) - as it's the ball Pokemon after all. That would give Electrode some more coverage moves, to make it's move pool a little better, as most electric types seems to have good move pools - but Electrode misses out.

Gen 5 ruined Electrode further by nerfing Explosion and bringing about Prankster users that ruined it's niche as a rain dance lead.
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