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Cool Re: TNA the best wrestling product but not getting the ratings - why?

Originally Posted by 4LAJF View Post
I do agree with everyone saying TNA is the best wrestling product right now by far.

But why dosent it getting the ratings it deserves?

Do they need to change network? Change from Thursday to another day?

That's the two biggest questions now.

But maybe they need to change from Spike TV.

Something need to happend.

I cant believe how people miss this great product right now.

You answered it within your question. IW is currently the best "WRESTLING" show. And casual people dont tune in to see 10 mins or 20 mins wrestling match. These casual viewers come to see stories that progress every week, mysteries that unfold every week, they are not "wrestling" fans, they are fans of the storylines of wrestling. And as you can see currently the present creative group can't give that weekly mysteries and progressing storylines which Russo could offer. Each week the show is either "too much wrestling" product or product based on "never progressing storylines". IWC will love this product, because they have been craving for this type of product for months, but casual viewers wont. And frankly speaking, if TNA remains with this current creative group, they will never rise. Its not 90's anymore, people have "small electronic gadget always in their hand - and we call it REMOTE". Whenever they see a less interesting thing happening they switch to other channels. Its not wrestling match that demands their attention, its the result of the match that they wanna know, its "How the match finished?" that they wanna know. TNA is living in 90s and WWE is living in Fairyland. Wrestling industry is on the verge of slow death.

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