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Re: JLA Puroresu


Styles- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire!

Jerry Lawler- We are here in the sold out Korakuen Hall in Tokyo!

Styles- King we’re coming off an amazing first show do you think we can top it?

Jerry Lawler- We’re sure gonna try!

Styles- Well we’re going to start the way we did last weeks show because here is are commissioner Antonio Inoki!

JLA LiveWire’s Commissioner makes it to the ring with the Korakuen Hall showing there respects to the legendary performer. Inoki makes it into the ring with a wide smile on his face before taking a mic from the ring announcer.

Antonio Inoki- Last week was a special night, It was the first ever JLA LiveWire in the Puroresu era. But let’s try and top that tonight in the Korakuen Hall!

The fans rise to there feet and cheer Inoki before dying down to let him speak.

Antonio Inoki- Well tonight I have an announcement concerning the JLA Jr Heavyweight Title. An announcement that will concern every single Jr Heavyweight in the back! Tonight we will have one of two matches! Both of these matches will be five man over the top rope battle royals. And the winners of both matches will meet at the G1 Climax to fight for the Jr Heavyweight Title.

The fans applaud the announcement as Inoki begins to speak yet again.

Antonio Inoki- This will be are main event tonight, the following will headline next week’s LiveWire. So sit back and enjoy the greatest federation in wrestling JLA Puroresu!

Antonio Inoki makes his way backstage slapping the fans hands as he does.

Styles- What an announcement!

Jerry Lawler- I know Styles, tonight are main even will see five of the best Jr Heavyweight fight it out in an over the top rope battle royal. And then we get to see it again next week!

Styles- You’re missing out the most important part King…The two winners of these matches will go head to head at the G1 Climax to fight for the Jr Heavyweight Title!

Jerry Lawler- I didn’t think we could but I’m sure tonight will surpass last weeks LiveWire!!!

Styles- I hope so King! Well let’s get to are first match with Chris Jericho taking on the Luchador Psicosis in a one on one match!

Chris Jericho vs. Psicosis

Match Summary- Both men look limber and ready to go as they are checked by the referee for any illegal objects concealed in there tights. Both are found clean as Psicosis wears his usual mask with Jericho in yellow and black tights with no top. The fans watch with intent as the match begins. Te contest starts well with both men competing in some nice mat wrestling before Psicosis breaks free and connects with a spinning heel kick to the jaw of his opponent. The Luchador takes control of the match early and connects with a toe kick to the gut before pulling off the Gourdbuster suplex on the top rope. Psicosis uppercuts his opponent whilst he lies restless on the ropes causing him to fall hard to the outside mat. Psicosis measures his opponent up whilst he slowly rises to a vertical base.

The Luchador runs off the opposing ropes and completes the suicide dive through the top and middle ropes. The fans stomp there feet in enjoyment as Psicosis slowly rises to his feet and rolls back into the squared circle. Jericho manages to make it into the ring before the 20 count is made causing Psicosis to connects with a forearm to the back before completing the powerbomb with the prawn hold pin. Y2J kicks out on the count of 2 before he makes his mark on the match. Jericho pushes out of his opponents grasp and connects with an inzigure kick to the back of the head before completing the delayed vertical suplex followed by the cover. Psicosis manages to kick out before Jericho connects with a snap suplex followed by a Lionsault attempt. Psicosis manages to raise both knees up and cause a considerably amount of damage to his opponent who clutches his ribs in pain.

The match goes on with Psicosis in control as he connects with such moves as the fall away slam and sit out facebuster causing him to make the cover which reaches two. Jericho turns the tides and completes a double underhook backbreaker before finally pushing his opponent to the top turnbuckle and connecting with the superplex. Psicosis manages to kick out of the upcoming cover to the enjoyment of the fans. Y2J stays in control however and connects with single handed bulldog before completing the Lionsault on the second attempt. Psicosis doesn’t have the strength to kick out as Chris Jericho wins the match.

Winner – Chris Jericho – Via Pinfall

Styles- A great win for Chris Jericho who will be eying up the JLA United States Title in my opinion.

Jerry Lawler- Well with performances like that he’ll have a good chance Styles.

Styles- Lets go backstage with Mitsui Yamada who is talking with Jun Akiyama!

Mitsui Yamada- Akiyama, last week on LiveWire you cemented your spot in the G1 Climax by winning against Kensuke Sasaki. With the G1 Tournament only 4 weeks away, do you believe you can go on to win the JLA World Title?

Jun Akiyama- Mitsui, many people believed that last week I would lose to Kensuke Sasaki. The odds where against me sure….. He’s won the G1 Climax before, he’s a 6 time IWGP Champion he got the experience the power the smarts to beat me with one hand tied behind my back. But what happened? I beat Sasaki, it was a hard battle but I came out on top. The odds are against me once again especially with me fighting Kobashi in the first round. But I’m going to give it all I’ve got at G1 just like I did last week on LiveWire.

Kensuke Sasaki appears as he walks face to face into Jun Akiyama. The bare stand head to head as they breathe heavily keeping there eyes locked on one another. Slowly Kensuke holds out a hand for Jun to shake.

Akiyama finally takes the hand but as soon as he does Sasaki attacks him with a clenched fist to the jaw knocking Akiyama by surprise. Sasaki doesn’t stop there as he pounces onto his opponent attacking him with left and rights to the face before security guards finally get involved. As soon as Akiyama regains his focus he needs to be restrained by guards as he looks to get some revenge on Sasaki. Kensuke Sasaki is held tightly as he screams “it should have been me!” The camera soon fades to the commentators Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler.

Styles- Oh my God! Kensuke Sasaki just attacked Jun Akiyama.

Jerry Lawler- Well he’s not taken the defeat against Akiyama lightly as he Styles.

Styles- He wants that spot in the G1 Climax, he can’t bare to think he lost against a “rookie!”

Super J Cup

Styles- Hello and welcome back, lets get straight into this match in the U-30 Division!

Dragon Kid vs. Low Ki

Match Summary- Both men circle the ring to start the match before hooking up, both knowing that this match will put them in contention for the U-30 Title! Low Ki takes to the match well completing multiple kicks to the thighs and arms before connecting with a European Uppercut! Low Ki connects with the Tidal Wave (springboard inzigure) to the back of Dragon Kid’s head causing him to the make the cover and reach two. Low Ki remains in control connecting with the Tidal Crush as his opponent remains immobile by the turnbuckle. Low Ki looks in very good condition as he connects with a German Suplex with the bridge causing the referee to count to two before Dragon Kid kicks out. Low Ki slows down the pace of the match by completing the Iron Octopus (head scissors arm bar.) Dragon Kid finally releases himself from the clutch by grasping the ropes. Dragon Kid gets back into the match completing the spring board moonsault to his standing opponent the pin is immediately made but Low Ki kicks out on two!

Dragon Kid remains in control as he connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors followed by the standing dropkick to the chest causing Low Ki to fall through the ropes and land onto the outside mat. Dragon Kid climbs the turnbuckle immediately as he watches his opponent slowly rise to his feet. Dragon Kid leaps into the air before flipping forward hence crashing into Low Ki as the Japanese fans stomp there feet in applause. The Suicide Senton is completed well as both men remain on the floor breathing heavily as the official makes the count. Dragon Kid raises to his feet and pulls his opponent with him before pushing him under the bottom rope and into the squared circle. Dragon hops onto the apron and grasps the ropes watching over his fallen opponent. Dragon Kid completes the Halo into the ring as he crashes back first into the torso of his opponent.

The pin is made but Low Ki does well to kick out before three. Low Ki gets back into the match by surprising Kid with a spinning heel kick to the face before pulling off a delayed vertical suplex. Low Ki climbs the ropes with the Ghetto Stomp in mind but Dragon Kid nips to his feet and takes the legs of his opponent causing him to crash rear down on the top buckle. Low Ki gasps for breath as his opponent completes the Frankensteiner. The pin is made as the fans watch with intent 1….2….3.

Winner – Dragon Kid – Via Pinfall

Styles- Another huge win for Dragon Kid!

Jerry Lawler- Well that U-30 title looks promising for Ultimo Dragon’s protégé!

Styles- Well Inoki will be watching and he’ll know that Dragon Kid has won two matches on the trot against very good opponents.

We go backstage with the CTU (Jushin Liger, Black Tiger, Matt Morgan, Minoru Tanaka.)

Jushin Liger- Tonight guys, if anyone of us are in the Battle Royal you know what to do. Make sure the CTU are victorious, so make sure that the last two men in the ring for both matches represent the Control Terrorism Unit! Understand?

Minoru and Black Tiger nod in agreement.

Minoru Tanaka- But what if all three of us are in the same match?

Jushin Liger- Well then we make sure the winner of that match is in the CTU. So at G1, we have the chance of winning the Jr Heavyweight Title. But what are the chances of all three of us in the same match.

Morgan, Minoru and Black Tiger begin to laugh as the screen fades.

Jerry Lawler- Well Jushin Liger is pretty significant he wants any member of the CTU at G1 Climax!

Styles- You really think Jushin Liger cares about Minoru or Black Tiger?

Jerry Lawler- Of course Styles, I bet Liger would intentionally jump over the top rope so Minoru Tanaka of Black Tiger could win.

Styles- Yeah of course King!

Taka Michinoku vs. Abismo Negro

Match Summary- Both men look for the early advantage but its Taka Michinoku who earns it with a spinning heel kick to the chin followed by a snap suplex. Taka connects with multiple kick before pulling off the Tornado DDT which is close to the three count. The match keeps at a nice steady pace with Taka taking control completing the double underhook suplex followed by a springboard leg drop which gains him another two count. Negro makes his mark on the mach by reversing the toe kick into a Dragon Whip takedown before pulling off the inzigure kick to the back of the head. Negro does well and connects with a powerbomb with the prawn hold pin which reaches the count of two before Taka kicks out. Michinoku reverses the hurricarana into a sit out powerbomb which is complimented with a pin which reaches the count of two before Abismo manages to raise his right shoulder off the canvass.

Taka climbs the turnbuckle and looks for the moonsault but his opponent rolls out of the way causing Taka to crash face first into the mat. Negro uses this to grasp the arm and complete the La Magistral Cradle causing the Tokyo fans to rise to there fee in excitement. Taka Michinoku has them stomping there feet in enjoyment as he manages to power out of the deadly cradle. Negro uses the force of the kick out to rolls to his feet as he immediately connects with a stiff kick to the back and shoulders. Taka rolls to his feet and is Irish whipped into the ropes setting him up for a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Taka’s back is impaled on the knee of his opponent before he falls to his back breathing heavily and looking in quite some distress. Abismo uses this to climb the turnbuckle from the apron as the thousands in attendance watch with intent.

Negro jumps into the air looking for the Senton Bomb but Taka somehow rolls out of the way. Abismo does well however and rolls to his feet cushioning the contact with the ground. Taka also rises as his opponent turns around straight into the deadly Michinoku Driver!!! The cover is made and the three count is made causing the fans to rise to there feet in applause.

Winner – Taka Michinoku – Via Pinfall

Styles- A solid win for Taka Michinoku!

Jerry Lawler- He needed that especially after his loss last week against KENTA.

Styles- Well Taka Michinoku’s night might not be over as he may be in the main even in the Jr Heavyweight Battle Royal!

Jerry Lawler- He’ll want to be in top condition for that one Styles.

We go backstage with Sting in his famous black and white mask. The Japanese fans rise to there feet and cheer with might at the sight of the American star. He walks calmly to his locker room before he is suddenly stopped by The Great Muta. The fans continue celebrating as the red and black mask of the Muta stares towards Sting.

The Great Muta- You did well last week!

Sting- Excuse me?

The Great Muta- You and Benoit, you did well!

Sting- Thanks……

The Great Muta- You want to do it again tonight?

Sting- What do you mean?

The Great Muta- Me and you teaming up tonight against Nagata and Kojima!

Sting- Me and you teaming up………..Okay!

Nintendo DS
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Styles- Well Muta has made the proposition to Sting about teaming up and Sting has accepted. Tonight they will take on Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima!

Jerry Lawler- Don’t you forget Styles, Sting and The Great Muta have fought against each other in the past when the WCW and NJPW super shows took place. They know each others styles, so this could work in there favour.

Styles- It certainly could King lets go backstage with Mitsui Yamada who is with The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit.

Mitsui Yamada- Chris Benoit, in four weeks time you will be competing in the G1 Climax for the JLA World Title! How do you feel at this point in time, do you believe you can win the most prestigious tournament in the wrestling world!

Chris Benoit – Mitsui, I’ve won the World Heavyweight Title, the United States Title, The Super J Cup…… I’ve won it all! But that JLA World Title is calling my name, some may say it’s not my time. Maybe in a couple of years! Well I’ve waited too long to feel the sweet touch of gold, I’ve sacrificed too much to not win the big time gold once again. Shinsuke Nakamura in the first round, it’s going to be tough. Nakamura is a great wrestler, but it doesn’t matter how good he is. How much promise he has, to me he’s just another test of what I have to offer.

Styles- Chris Benoit really wants to become the first JLA World Champion King!

Jerry Lawler- Well Benoit certainly has the talent but can he bring it to the table at G!?

Styles- Well we’ve got some more action King, two men who are not liked in the JLA especially since one associates himself with the Control Terrorism Unit. I’m talking about Matt Morgan who is facing Chris Benoit’s opponent at the G1 Climax Shinsuke Nakamura!

Matt Morgan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Match Summary- Both men look ready to make an impression on the match but its Matt Morgan who starts the match off well. Morgan does well connecting with multiple shots to the face before completing a big boot to the chin. Morgan pulls off a toe kick to the gut before forcing his opponent into the air with a vertical suplex. He delays the drop for up to 7 seconds before dropping backwards and completing the suplex. Nakamura arches his back in pain before he is pinned to the ground and counted for the cover. He reaches the count of the 2 before Shinsuke manages to kick out. Morgan doesn’t let his advantage slip as the CTU member connects with a sit out powerbomb which is also followed by the cover, also reaching two again. Nakamura finally makes his mark in the match by connecting with a surprise inzigure kick to the back of the head.

Nakamura connects with the snap suplex before climbing the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes. Morgan slowly rises to his feet as Nakamura launches himself into the air and completes the Missile Dropkick to the collar bone of Morgan causing him to crash to the floor. The match goes on well with Nakamura and Morgan trading the advantage. Finally it’s Nakamura who makes the bigger mark by pushing out of his opponent’s chokeslam and completing the Dragon Kick to the side of the head. Morgan drops to his back as Nakamura runs to the ropes and jumps springboards off completing the moonsault. The press isn’t made however as Nakamura uses the moonsault to put more force into the knee drop! The El Nino is completed (Springboard Moonsault Knee Drop.) Nakamura makes the cover and gets the three count as the fans applaud his effort but aren’t thrilled over the winner. Morgan is helped to his feet by Minoru Tanaka who runs to the ring to help his fellow CTU member out.

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura – Via Pinfall

Styles- Well Nakamura might not be well liked by the fans but his G1 campaign has started well.

Jerry Lawler- The EL Nino is completed on the CTU’s Matt Morgan, lets have a look at this again.

Styles- It certainly is an impressive move!

Jerry Lawler- Well it’s time for are tag team match with Sting and The Great Muta teaming up against Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima!

Sting and The Great Muta vs. Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima

Match Summary- Sting and Kojima start the match with Satoshi taking the advantage by completing multiple chops to the chest before Irish whipping his opponent into the ropes and completing another knife edge chop. Sting is hit with a barrage of lefts and right before he Kojima connects with the snap suplex. The match stays in the heels favour as Kojima connects with a fisherman suplex with the bridge which Sting does well to kick out of. Kojima makes the tag to Nagata who makes his mark on Sting by completing the Exploder Suplex followed by a running senton splash to the back. Nagata slows the pace down of the match by completing the Wakigatame which is held well for over 1 and half minutes. Nagata finally releases the arm and drops an elbow to the chest before making the tag to his partner.

The heel team does well to make sure Sting is far enough away from The Great Muta so as not to make the tag. The heel tame take control of the match with Sting taking all the punishment from Kojima until Sting changes the flow of the contest with a standing dropkick to the face. Kojima is taken by surprise and before he knows what has happened The Great Muta is tagged in. Muta climbs the ropes and dives immediately into the air completing the diving spinning heel kick to the face. Kojima drops to the floor as Muta connects with a standing dropkick to Nagata causing Yuji to drops to the outside mat. The referee check to see if he is alright whilst Kojima stumbles to his feet.

Muta immediately spits Green Mist into the eyes of Kojima causing his to drop to one knee holding his eyes in pain. The Great Muta doesn’t waste a second as he steps onto the knee and drives his knee into the side of the head completing the Shining Wizard. The referee doesn’t notice the mist as Muta makes the cover and reaches three!

Winners – The Great Muta and Sting – Via Pinfall

Styles- Well the team of Sting and The Great Muta have certainly made an impact here.

Jerry Lawler- What are you talking about Styles? The Great Muta cheated to get the win! He spat that vile Green Mist into the eyes of Satoshi Kojima before hitting the Shining Wizard!

Styles- Well for once your right King but I don’t think these fans care!

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Styles- Hello and welcome back folks, it’s time for are main event.

Jerry Lawler- The first Jr Heavyweight Battle royal, the winner of this match will go on to the G1 Climax to compete against the winner of the second battle royal which will take place next week!

Styles- I wonder who will be the five men to compete in this one King!

Jerry Lawler- Who knows, Inoki has certainly made a match worthy for the JLA Styles!

Styles- You can say that again King!

First Entrant-

Jushin Liger!!!

Second Entrant-

Minoru Tanaka!!!

Third Entrant-

Black Tiger!!!

Styles- Oh my God all three Jr Heavyweights of the CTU are in the same battle royal. Let’s see if Jushin Liger really is a man of his word!

Jerry Lawler- I can’t believe this, who else are we going to see Matt Morgan!!!

Fourth Entrant-

The Great Sasuke-

Fifth Entrant-

Super Delfin

Styles- Well Jushin Liger doesn’t look to happy King! he’s kicking the ropes in frustration before the match has begun!

Jerry Lawler- What are you on about Styles erm that’s his ritual before a match he told me before!

Jushin Liger vs. Minoru Tanaka vs. Black Tiger vs. The Great Sasuke vs. Super Delfin – Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

First Elimination- Super Delfin is eliminated by both Minoru Tanaka and Black Tiger as both connect with a double dropkick to the chest forcing Delfin over the top rope and onto the outside mat. The fans are unhappy to see him go as he looked strong through the beginning of the match.

Second Elimination- Black Tiger is eliminated by The Great Sasuke to the surprise of most as Sasuke reverses a powerbomb into a hurricarana forcing his opponent over the top rope whilst he clutches onto the ropes with might making sure his feet don’t touch the ground.

Third Elimination- Sasuke is quickly seen by the fellow CTU members Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Liger who are unhappy about there stable mate being eliminated. Tanaka runs towards Sasuke who stands on the apron but Sasuke springboards over the charging opponent but is hit with a dropkick from Liger. Minoru stands by the ropes confused by the sudden feat of athleticism and turns straight into the Rolling Koppou Kick from Liger!!!! The force of the kick has him falling over the top rope and onto the outside mat to the surprise of most.

Fourth Elimination- Minoru stands stunned as Liger shrugs his shoulders unaware that The Great Sasuke is rising from the dropkick. The arena watch with intent as Jushin watches Tanaka whilst Sasuke runs towards him. Liger suddenly turns and react’s well immediately hip tossing The Great Sasuke over the ropes. Minoru still stands there and catches Sasuke making sure his feet don’t touch the floor! He then pushes Sasuke under the bottom rope to the surprise of everyone in the arena. At that he walks to the back as the fans cheer there hearts out. Liger stands stunned in the ring before going back to work on Sasuke. Liger is taken by surprise as Sasuke fights back with lefts and right as the arena watches with smiles. Sasuke suddenly springs off his feet and stretches his legs out looking for the hurricarana. Liger doesn’t fall forward however as he holds his opponent up in the powerbomb position before running towards the ropes. The fans scream but Sasuke pushes off the shoulders and lands on his feet. Both men turn to each other but Liger suddenly jumps off his feet and completes the hurricarana, this time being so close to the ropes Sasuke flips over and crashes onto the outside mat. The fans can’t believe it as they stand there stunned before booing with might.

Winner – Jushin Liger – Via Last Survivor

Styles- So much to talk about but we’ve gotta go. Make sure you join us next week for the backlash of this main event!!
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