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Re: JLA Puroresu


Styles- Hello and welcome to the new JLA Puroresu!

Jerry Lawler – Styles it’s a memorable occasion as we come to you in Japan Tokyo in the Budokan Hall!

Styles – Well we’ve changed pastures and we’ve changed are stars, but I can assure you! JLA Puroresu will make everything else obsolete!

Jerry Lawler – Well are Commissioner is still with us Styles and we are joined with are Japanese counter parts Raian and Jakku.

Styles – Well this is an historic night tonight folks so lets get it going are General Manager is ready to enter the ring the legendary Antonio Inoki.

“NJPW” hits the airwaves as LiveWire’s General Manager enters the ring to a huge applause from the Japanese fans. Inoki enters the squared circle and grasps a mic before speaking in his native tongue.

Antonio Inoki- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire!!!!

The arena explodes into cheers before the legendary performer speaks again.

Antonio Inoki – In five weeks time we will have the annual G1 Climax! At this tournament we will crown the first ever JLA World Champion!

Once again a pop from the respecting fans.

Antonio Inoki- So out of the finest performers that we have in the new JLA! Who deserves to be in the G1? Well after taking many things into account here will are the first round brackets!

We cut to the titan tron where graphics come up showing star after star with a voice over describing there stats.

Voice – The hottest prospect in wrestling today. Weighing in at 229 lbs at the height of 6ft 2in he is…………. Shinsuke Nakamura!

Voice- His opponent! Know as the greatest technical wrestler in the world of professional he is…………… Chris Benoit!

Voice- He is known as the greatest heel in the history of Japan. The first member of the original nWo……………….. Masahiro Chono!

Voice- His opponent a man who carried WCW to new heights! Weighing in at 255lbs he’s the man they call………………….Sting!

Voice- The stiffest man in wrestling today, he is known for his reverse figure four leg lock………………..Yuji Nagata!

Voice- His alter ego is know as Great Kojima, he was the last IWGP Champion………….Satoshi Kojima!

Voice- The master of the Orange Crush, the most influential wrestler in Japanese history………………. Kenta Kobashi!

Voice- His opponent, the man who’s debut was against Kenta Kobashi himself he is ………………..Jun Akiyama.

We cut back to the crowd who are cheering at the announcement!

Antonio Inoki- There you have it the greatest heavyweights in the JLA all in one tournament all fighting for the JLA World Title! Now enjoy the show!

The arena cheer the legend known as Antonio Inoki the JLA Commissioner as he walks to the back slapping the fans hands as he walks.

Super J Cup

Styles- Well we’ve just heard the huge announcement of who will be in the G1 Climax tournament King and I’m impressed!

Jerry Lawler- I think we all are Styles!

We go backstage with Kensuke Sasaki who is walking to the commissioner’s office. He bares a scowl on his face as he knocks hard on the door. Inoki soon opens the door as Sasaki barges in!

Inoki – What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Sasaki- What am I doing? What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Inoki- What do you mean?

Sasaki- The G1 Climax! Why the hell am I not involved? I’m a five time IWGP champion; I’ve won the G1 Climax tournament 2 times! I should be in that tournament more than anyone!

Inoki- I’m sorry Sasaki, but not everybody can be involved!

Sasaki- You think you can just leave me out when there are guys in the G1 who aren’t even worthy of shining my boots!

Inoki- Okay Sasuke, you think you’re better than most but I’ll go along with this! Tonight are main event will be you Kensuke Sasuke vs. Jun Akiyama. The winner will go onto the G1 Climax tournament!

Sasuke- You’re making a good decision there Inoki, and I’ll show you and who ever the hell Akiyama is that there is only one Kensuke Sasaki! First Akiyama then the JLA Title!

Styles – Well Kensuke Sasaki is a little annoyed that he’s not involved in the G1 Climax but he has a chance to regain his spot tonight with a match against Jun Akiyama!

Jerry Lawler – He has every right to be annoyed Styles, like Kensuke said he’s won the G1 Climax two times before he deserves to be in the first JLA tournament!

Styles- Well King we’re about to have are first JLA LiveWire match here in are new territory!

Jerry Lawler- Oh this should be good Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi will be going one on one with JLA old boy Super Crazy!!!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Super Crazy

Match Summary- Both men circle the ring with both hooking up soon after. Tanahashi takes the head in a sleeper which is quickly reversed by Super Crazy whoo looks for the Back Drop Suplex. Tanahashi does well and forces out of the clutches of his opponent and lands behind Crazy on his feet. Tanahashi quickly grasps the head in an inverted face lock before completing the Diving Inverted DDT. The back of Super Crazy’s head crashes with the mat as his opponent makes the cover. Tanahashi gets the two count before grasping the head in a sleeper hold to slow his opponent down before he can rise. The match starts in Tanahashi’s favour as he completes a Half Hatch Suplex with the bridge gaining the two count. Super Crazy finally gets back into the match and reverses a hurricarana from Tanahashi into his patented Crazy Bomb! Crazy completes the prawn hold pin after the bomb completing the two count before his opponent kicks out.

The match keeps going at it’s fast pace between a few rest holds including a head lock takedown into a sleeper from Tanahashi. Super Crazy gets back into the match well and connects with a moonsault after the scoop slam gaining a very close three count. The stomps don’t die down until Tanahashi pulls off a double underhook suplex followed by a Dragon Suplex once Crazy rises. Tanahashi manages to make the bridge and is only a fraction of a second away from gaining the three count. Super Crazy manages to connect with a standing hurricarana out of nowhere followed by a standing dropkick to the chest. Tanahashi slowly rises to his feet as Super Crazy is on the top rope before launching into the air looking for the top rope hurricarana. Tanahashi does well and reverses the move into a sit out powerbomb gaining the two count once again. Super Crazy slowly rises to his feet as his opponent stalks him from behind. Tanahashi attacks his prey by pulling of the inverted face lock before catching the body of his opponent in a leg scissors.

The signature Dragon Sleeper is in tact and the fans rise to there feet with smiles on there faces. The agonising submission is in tact for over one minute before Super Crazy can’t stand it anymore. Super Crazy taps out to the cheers of the crowd! Tanahashi wins!

Winner- Hiroshi Tanahashi- Via Submission

Styles- An excellent victory for the hot prospect known simply as Hiroshi Tanahashi!

Jerry Lawler- Well you can tell why every one is making such a fuss over the gut Styles, he just made the insane Luchador Super Crazy tap out to that deadly Dragon Sleeper!

We go backstage with the Tiger Mask V1 who is being interviewed by Mitsui Yamada.

Mitsui Yamada- Tiger Mask, tonight you will be facing Super Delfin in a one on one match. How do you feel considering this will be your first match with Delfin in a JLA setting?

Tiger Mask- Yasuda, tonight’s a landmark occasion! Not only will I beat the unique but brilliant Super Delfin, I will show not only the Japanese audience but the American and European people what Tiger Mask is all about! I’ve wrestled all over this fine country and I’ve shown that I am worthy of the Tiger Mask name, tonight will be no different! Delfin your good but tonight…………………

Tiger Mask stops as clapping can be heard coming from behind him! Tiger Mask turns in confusion only to see his arch enemy known simply as Black Tiger! He claps sarcastically before talking to Tiger Mask.

Black Tiger- That was a great speech Tiger, but what you forgot to mention there was when you where touring this country you’ve been down on the canvas not once but four times when facing me…….Black Tiger!

Tiger Mask – That’s true, but what you forgot to mention there was you didn’t really win all those matches ethically did you?

Black Tiger- There you go once again Tiger, always making up excuses. Just face it, when push comes to shove, the Black Tiger is more supreme than anything Tiger Mask will ever be. Now we’re in JLA, a whole new era not only in Japan but in the entire world of professional wrestling! You know what that says to me?

Tiger Mask- …….

Black Tiger – All it says to me Tiger, is that this is another place where I get to kick your ass………..1……2……..3

At this Black Tiger turns his back on Tiger Mask with a smirk on his face, only visible from behind his mask. Tiger Mask spits on the floor before turning the other way leaving the interview unfinished!

Styles- Well we didn’t know how long it would take….But there’s the first encounter between the legendary Tiger Mask and his arch enemy the Black Tiger.

Jerry Lawler-
As you well know Styles these two men loath each other, it’s as simple as that. And even though there first encounter in the JLA was a short one I’m sure it wont end on that note, you can count on that!

Styles- Well folks we’ve got another match up for you tonight on this landmark occasion…The first JLA Puroresu LiveWire!

Jerry Lawler – Well the matches keep on coming and the quality keeps on rising its Taka Michinoku vs. KENTA!!!!

Styles- Sit back folks and enjoy!!!

KENTA vs. Taka Michinoku

Match Summary- Both men start the match up with some nice mat wrestling. KENTA works on the knee forcing the Achilles to be put under pressure. Slowly both men make it to there feet after Taka Michinoku raises his legs and connects with a leg scissors before forcing his opponent to flip forward to his feet. Taka rises and connects with a standing dropkick causing his opponent to stumbles into the ropes before falling to the outside mat through the top and middle ropes. KENTA soon rises to his feet but his opponent is running off the opposing ropes towards him before jumping to the top rope and landing well before spring boarding off and gaining a huge amount of height completing the Flying Cross Body! Taka crashes with his opponent as the first plancha style move is completes in JLA LiveWire. The move is complimented with stomps of the feet before Taka slowly rises to his feet and forces his opponent into the squared circle. Taka makes the cover but only reaches two even after the high risk manoeuvre. Taka takes control of the match and connects with an Exploder Suplex before rising to the top turnbuckle whilst his opponent slowly rises to his feet. KENTA doesn’t have time to move as his opponent completes the Missile Dropkick to the chest. The ex Noah star drops to the floor breathing heavily and nursing his chest before his is pinned to the ground as the referee makes the count. Taka only reaches two to the disappointment of the ex WWE star. KENTA finally gets back into the match after surprising his opponent with an inzigure kick to the back of the head.

KENTA follows up with a reverse powerbomb followed by a springboard moonsault making way for the pin. KETNA makes it to two before his opponent raises his right shoulders off the canvass. The fans watch with intent as the match goes at a steady pace just before KENTA completes the German Suplex with the release. Taka stumbles to his feet with his shoulders and back in pain before his is Irish whipped into the turnbuckle. KENTA pushes him up to the top ropes and takes the arm in Jujigatame arm lock before completing the Frankensteiner. The Tokyo audience watch with intent as KENTA reaches the count of two before his strong opponent kicks out once again. Taka gets back into the contest by reversing a toe kick into a Dragon Whip takedown followed by a super kick to the jaw. KENTA stumbles into the turnbuckle before his head is taken in a front face lock. Taka doesn’t even flinch as he completes a picture perfect Tornado DDT!!! He is fractions away from the three count before his opponent kicks out. Taka can’t believe it as he rises and pulls his opponent with him. KENTA reacts well and pushes out of his opponents grasp before connecting with an inzigure kick to the back of the head.

KENTA follows up with a Springboard Dropkick to the face followed by a close three count. The arena’s stomps finally die down before KENTA completes the Fisherman Buster!!! The fans watch with intent as Taka Michinoku somehow raises his right shoulder off the canvass fractions away from the three count. The Budokan Hall is swamped with stomps before KENTA slowly rises to his feet. Then without a moment to spare KENTA pulls his opponent up into the air in a Fire Man’s Carry! The arena watch as KENTA drops his opponent to the floor before he falls back and forces his knee into the head of his opponent. Named simply Go To Sleep Taka Michinoku may be unconscious as the move is completed only seconds after the Fisherman Buster!!! The pin is soon made as the right leg is hooked only to be climaxed with the three count!!!

Winner – KENTA – Via Pinfall

Jerry Lawler- What a match!

Styles- Well that is what JLA LiveWire is all about! Folks we’ve got to take a break be sure to join us soon!

Nintendo DS
The Simpson’s
Don’t Try This At Home

We return to JLA with Antonio Inoki in his office with the camera only feet away from his face!

Inoki- Ladies and Gentleman, next week on JLA LiveWire I will make an announcement concerning the prestigious JLA Junior Heavyweight Title. Be sure to join us as you won’t be disappointed!

Styles – Wow, well next week we will find out news of the Junior Heavyweight Title!

Jerry Lawler – Well I’m sure are Commissioner has something exciting planned out just like are main event tonight on LiveWire!

Styles- You can say that again King, tonight the furious Kensuke Sasaki will be fighting the hot prospect known as Jun Akiyama! Whoever wins this match King will be going to the G1 Climax to fight for the JLA World Title!

Jerry Lawler- Oh it’s going to be worth the wait Styles as of right now we’re going with the group known simply as the CTU!

We go backstage with the Control Terrorism Unit who are being interviewed by Mitsui Yamada!

Mitsui Yamada- CTU, since three of you are in the Junior Heavyweight Division how do you feel about Antonio’s Inoki’s announcement next week on LiveWire!

Jushin Liger storms though Minoru Tanaka and grabs the mic. In his usual Black Attire he begins to talk

Jushin Liger- Mitsui, I couldn’t give two shits about what Inoki has to say, because when it’s all said and done there only going to be one Jr Heavyweight Champion and that’s me Jushin Liger.

Black Tiger and Minoru Tanaka looks at Jushin Liger in confusion.

Jushin Liger- Oh…..Erm……..Oh yeah me or Black Tiger!

Minoru Tanaka- Hey!

Jushin Liger- What…..You? Erm yeah of course or Minoru Tanaka!

Mitsui Yamada- Minoru, how do you feel being in the JLA?

Jushin Liger takes the mic once again before Minoru Tanaka can speak!

Jushin Liger- He feels like we all do Mitsui, it’s just another breading ground for the CTU. Not that we’ll be breading! Just taking control in new territories with all the pieces of shit in North American and Europe watching in awe. We all know the country’s apart from Japan don’t know are name but after the G1 Climax all they will be thinking about is Jushin Liger.

This time Matt Morgan joins Black Tiger and Minoru Tanaka in a state of confusion.

Jushin Liger- Oh yeah, and the CTU!

We leave the Control Terrorism Unit with Jushin Liger in the front leading his pack!

Styles- Well Jushin Liger is showing his true cocky colours now as he leads his gang of thugs.

Jerry Lawler – Wait a minute there Styles, Matt Morgan, Minoru Tanaka and Black Tiger aren’t thugs!

Styles – Yeah okay King lets get to are next match with Dragon Kid taking on the American born Spanky!

Brian Kendrick vs. Dragon Kid

Match Summary- Both men start the match well with each doing some nice ground work. Kendrick has the upper hand over Dragon Kid who is the lightest competitor in JLA. Dragon Kid however gains the upper hand in the match as he completes a standing hurricarana causing Spanky to flip violently into the canvass. Dragon Kid follows up with a standing dropkick to the chest followed by the cover which reaches two. Dragon Kid Irish whips his opponent into the ropes setting Spanky up for a tilt a whirl backbreaker. This is followed by the cover which reaches two yet again. Spanky gets back into the match by connecting with a super kick to the jaw of his opponent knocking him to the floor. Spanky follows up by climbing the turnbuckle all the way to the top ropes before launching himself into the air. He looks for the Twisting Frog Splash but Dragon Kid rolls out of the way causing Kendrick to crash face first into the canvass. Dragon Kid takes his opponents position to grasp the arm before completing the La Magistral Cradle.

The Budokan Hall rise to there feet but Spanky manages to kick out just before the three count is made. Spanky and Dragon rise to there feet in unison as Dragon Kid runs towards his opponent with pace. Spanky catches him only for Dragon Kid to complete the Title a Whirl Head Scissors into the arm bar. The move is named simply “Christo” the fans watch with intent as Spanky jerks up and down in pain trying hard to reach the ropes. Spanky finally reaches the ropes as his opponent is forced to release the arm. Kendrick gets back into the match by connecting with a toe kick to the gut followed by a snap suplex. Dragon Kid stumbles to his feet as Spanky connects with an inzigure kick to the back of the head.

Dragon Kid stumbles over the top rope and crashes onto the apron before falling to the outside mat. The arena rise to there feet as Spanky measures his slowly rising opponent up. Kendrick runs towards the ropes and jumps forward in one smooth motion. Dragon Kid doesn’t have time to move as he stares in awe before being hit with a Somersault Cork Screw Plancha. The fans stomp there feet in enjoyment as the move named Whirling Twirlixer is completed. The referee makes it to the count of 8 before Brian Kendrick makes it to his feet and pushes his opponent into the squared circle immediately making the cover. Dragon Kid manages to raise his right shoulder off the canvass a fraction of a second away from the three count. Spanky signals the Sliced Bread to the enjoyment of the crowd.

He locks in the three quarter face lock before running towards the turnbuckles. However when Kendrick pushes off the top ropes Dragon Kid pushes on the back of his opponent causing him to lose his grasp on the three quarter face lock. Spanky is sent crashing to his back before he stumbles to a vertical base. Dragon Kid quickly springs to the top ropes from one jump and waits for his opponent to turn. Then with one flip forward Dragon Kid completes the Dragonrana into the pin. The referee makes the count gaining the three count. Dragon Kid rises to his feet his mask unable to hide his smile as the fans rise to there feet in celebration. Spanky stays on the canvass nursing his right shoulder before rolling out of the ring in anger of losing the match.

Winner – Dragon Kid – Via Pinfall

Styles – What a win for the virtually unknown Dragon Kid!!!

Jerry Lawler- Well he’s certainly made an impression tonight Styles, he’s won me over already!

Styles – Me too King, well lets go backstage with Mitsui Yamada who is with Jun Akiyama!

We go backstage as Jun Akiyama is next to Mitsui with a mic near his lips.

Mitsui Yamada- Akiyama, tonight you will fight for your spot in the G1 Climax. How do you feel going into this huge bout?

Jun Akiyama- You know what Mitsui, most people would be pissed having to fight for a spot they already had. Not me! You see unlike most, I will fight for my spot! Even if I do have to beat a legend in the process! Some may say I’m cocky, I’m just confident! Ever since I wrestled Kenta Kobashi in my first match I knew that I would be fighting for the most prestigious title in the sport of wrestling. The JLA World Title is calling my name and if I have to fight Kensuke Sasaki to reach the G1 Climax, I won’t just give it my best!

Styles- Well the fan favourite Jun Akiyama is confident but he better be more than confident when going up against Kensuke Sasaki!

JLA Figures
Sky +

Styles- Welcome back folks, we’ve still got one hell of a show for you tonight with Sting teaming up with Chris Benoit to fight Yuji Nagata and Kojima.

Jerry Lawler – Along with are main event Styles, Jun Akiyama will be fighting Kensuke Sasaki for a spot in the G1 Climax.

Styles- It’s already been one hell of a night King but now we will see Tiger Mask in action against none other than Super Delfin!

Jerry Lawler – Oh this will be good Styles!

Tiger Mask vs. Super Delfin

Match Summary- The match starts off with a fast pace with Tiger Mask completing a standing dropkick right from the start. Delfin soon gets into his stride and connects with multiple forearms to the face before Irish whipping his opponent into the ropes. Tiger Mask runs off with pace straight into a Spinning Heel Kick. The heel of Delfin crashes with the jaw of Tiger Mask causing him to fall to the floor. The match goes on at this fast pace with Delfin gaining the upper hand completing such moves as the Back Drop Suplex and German Suplex with the bridge reaching the two count before Tiger kicks out. Tiger Mask gets into the match by ducking a right hook immediately connecting with the Tiger Suplex with the bridge making it to the two count before Super Delfin kicks out.

Tiger Mask stalks his opponent before locking in the one arm Chicken wing whilst using his free arm to grasp the head tightly. Tiger Mask falls backwards and completes the Millennium Suplex!!! Tiger Mask immediately makes the cover but Super Delfin somehow manages to kick out to the fans surprise. Stomps surround the arena as Tiger Mask slowly pulls his opponent to a vertical base. Delfin reacts well and pushes out of his grasp before connecting with an inzigure kick to the back of the head. Tiger Mask stumbles backwards and forth before his chest is clutched and he is hit with a belly to belly overhead suplex. The back of Tiger Mask takes the brunt of the pain before Super Delfin rises to the top turnbuckle. Tiger Mask lies motionless on his back breathing heavily before Delfin launches into the air and completes the Diving Elbow Drop or as he calls it the Delfin Elbow! Super makes the cover but only reaches two as the stomps make there way around the room once again.

The match keeps going with both men fighting hard before Tiger Mask completes a tombstone followed by the cover which is ever so close to reaching three. Super Delfin slowly rises to his feet and is Irish whipped into the turnbuckle as his opponent runs towards him and connect with a running high knee to the chest. As Delfin gasps for breath he is pushed to the top turnbuckle. Tiger Mask follows him and grasps both arms in a double underhook before forcing his opponent up into the air before completing the Avalanche Double Underhook Suplex. The arena is celebrating the move as the three count is soon made.

Winner- Tiger Mask – Via Pinfall

Styles- An excellent display from both Tiger Mask and Super Delfin but in the end it’s Tiger Mask who picks up the victory.

We go backstage to Black Tiger who is standing backstage with Matt Morgan watching a monitor of Tiger Mask celebrating in the ring. He spits on the floor before screaming in anger. He then storms off in a huff soon followed by Morgan.

Jerry Lawler – Well Black Tiger doesn’t like the outcome of the match Styles.

Styles- Well that’s a surprise!

Jerry Lawler- Do I sense a little sarcasm there Styles? It doesn’t matter because are huge tag team match is up next.

Styles- This should be good King as America’s own Sting and Chris Benoit team up to take on Yuji Nagata and Kojima!

Sting and Chris Benoit vs. Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima

Match Summary – Sting and Nagata start things off with Sting getting the early advantage by locking his opponent in a tight sleeper. He wears his opponent down before Kojima reverses the submission into a back drop suplex. Kojima connects with some hard chops to his opponent before pulling off an Irish whip setting Sting up for the back drop suplex. Sting stumbles to his feet straight into a chop to the chest followed by a toe kick to the gut. The face lock is soon locked in before Satoshi completes the delayed vertical suplex before making the cover. Sting kicks out on two before Kojima make the tag to Yuji Nagata. Nagata connects with a belly to belly overhead suplex before connecting with a drop toe hold. Nagata quickly pounces by the head and looks for the Nagata Lock II (Crossface without the arm bar.) Sting quickly scrambles forward and once his opponent locks it in Sting only has to stretch his arm to reach the ropes. Nagata rises to his feet and pulls his opponent with him who connects with a European forearm to the face. Sting stumbles backwards in pain before Nagata connects with the wrist clutch Exploder suplex. The pin is made but Sting manages to kick out on two.

Nagata slowly rises to his feet and pulls his opponent with him but Sting pushes out of his opponent grasp and connects with a standing dropkick to the face. Sting immediately makes the tag to his partner Chris Benoit who storms into the ring and connects with multiple chops to the chest before pulling off a belly to belly suplex. Benoit takes control of the match with such moves as the Gutwrench suplex and a high lift belly to belly overhead suplex on Nagata before reaching the two count. Sting is tagged back into the match and keeps the advantage by connecting with lefts and right followed a standing dropkick to the chest. Sting connects with a snap suplex before making the cover and reaching two before Nagata kicks out. Sting makes the tag as Sting hold the arm out as Benoit thrashes it down with a double axe handle smash. Nagata drops to his knees but Benoit pulls him up by the same arm and turns it into an arm lock before completing the Exploder suplex. The match keeps at a strong steady pace before Nagata fights back with a belly to belly overhead suplex before connecting with a super kick to the jaw.

Yuji Nagata takes this time to make the tag to Kojima who storms into the ring and completes chop after chop to the chest before pulling off a snap suplex. The fans really get into the match as Kojima completes the Koji Cutter to stomps from the crowd. He makes the cover but Sting breaks up the count on two. Nagata runs into the ring a connects with rights and lefts to Sting before connecting with standing dropkick to the chest. Sting is sent over the top ropes and crashes into the apron before landing on the outside mat. Nagata takes a page out of the Jr Heavyweight’s page and completes a plancha to the now standing Sting. Both men crash to the outside mat in a heap as the fans in the Budokan Hall go crazy with stomps. In the ring Kojima is taken by surprise as he misses a right hand which causes him to turn his back. Benoit clutches the waist and completes the German Suplex followed by another and yet another. The Hat Trick of Germans is taken well by the fans as Sting and Nagata compare fists on the outside mat. Kojima is down on the floor as Benoit traps the arm and in a matter of seconds the Crippler Crossface is completes.

Kojima tries desperately to make it to the ropes as he is in excruciating agony. Benoit is relentless as he stretches the neck further and further back, Kojima after all his efforts is still too far from the ropes. The referee check whilst Sting and Nagata still fight in the outside of the ring. Kojima finally taps the canvass sending the fans to the raptures. The bell rings as Benoit releases the Crossface and Sting and Nagata realise the result. Yuji is too astonished by the result to care about Sting as the man in black and white rolls into the squared circle to celebrate with Benoit. Nagata storms to the back with a scowl on his face as the fans celebrate with the two Americans!

Winner – Sting and Benoit – Via Submission

Styles – What a match and what a win over Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima for Sting and the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit!

Jerry Lawler – The Crippler Crossface is seen in Japan after a very long time!!!

We go backstage with Kensuke Sasaki who is putting on his elbow pads and doing some stretches before his main event match with Jun Akiyama!

Styles – Well there he is getting ready for his huge main even match with Jun Akiyama!

Jerry Lawler – He wants that spot in the G1 Climax…He wants a show for the JLA Title!


Styles- Well the first ever JLA Puroresu LiveWire is nearly coming to an end.

Jerry Lawler- But we’re going out with a bang, lets get on with the main event!!!

Jun Akiyama vs. Kensuke Sasaki

Match Summary- The atmosphere in the Budokan Hall is electric as Both Akiyama and Sasaki stare down each other. The fans are clearly on the side of the crowd favourite Jun Akiyama as they chant his name before the bell rings! The match starts off well with both men sticking to some ground work. Finally Akiyama breaks the submissions with a toe kick to the gut followed by a snap suplex. Sasaki is hit with an exploder suplex which Akiyama simply names Exploder! The fans watch with smiles on there faces as Jun Akiyama completes a standing head scissors before grasping the waist and forces his opponent onto his shoulders before spinning around and falling to a sit out position. The Blue Thunder Driver (Spin Out Powerbomb) is completed as the pin is made directly only reaching two. Sasaki gets back into the match by connecting with a spinning heel kick followed by the Tornado Bomb (Single Legged Thunder Fire Bomb) which helps him get to a two count before his opponent kicks out.

The match goes a strong steady pace with each man getting there fair share of offence. Sasaki connects with chop after chop to the chest before Irish whipping his opponent into the turnbuckle soon following him and connecting with a palm thrust to the chin. Kensuke Sasaki pushes his opponent to the top turnbuckle and follows him all the way. The arena watch with intent as Sasaki completes the Frankensteiner o perfection causing his opponent flip violently onto his back from the top ropes. The stomp with excitement as Sasaki lets his back rest on the chest of his opponent hence making the cover. However Akiyama manages to kick out to the excitement of the fans. Akiyama fights back with back hand chops of his own before completing the patented Exploder 98 (Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex.) He manages to make the cover but Sasaki kicks out just before the third count is made. Akiyama immediately locks both legs and completes the Boston Crab causing the spine of his opponent to take the brunt of the pain. Sasaki manages to reach the ropes after nearly a minute and twenty seconds causing Jun to release the hold. Akiyama pulls his opponent to a vertical base and connects with a right hand to the face followed by a left. Sasaki fights back with rights of his own before connecting turning his opponent and locking in a full nelson before completing the Dragon Suplex with the bridge.

The Budokan Hall rise in unison as the count is made. Somehow Akiyama manages to kick out causing Sasaki to beat the canvass in frustration. Slowly he rises to his feet pulling Akiyama with him. Jun Akiyama springs into action completing the hurricarana out of nowhere causing his opponent to stumble to his feet after the bump. The fans are watching with intent they can feel the adrenalin pumping around the veins of Akiyama. Sasaki rises to his feet as his hand is taken by his opponent in a wrist clutch before he is forced into a fire man’s carry. The in one smooth motion and to the disbelief of the fans the Sternness Dust (Wrist Clutch Death Valley Driver) is completed. The head of Sasaki crashes into the canvass as he falls to his back breathing heavily and looking in serious pain. Jun Akiyama makes the cover and manages to hook the leg as the referee makes the count. The Budokan Hall stomp there feet in enjoyment as Kensuke Sasaki manages to raise his right shoulder off the canvass just a fraction of second before the third count. Jun Akiyama rises to his feet in astonishment as Sasaki rolls to his hands and knees breathing heavily and getting ready to rise. Suddenly Akiyama grasps the right arm of his opponent turns on it and rolls forward. In one smooth motion the La Magistral Cradle is pulled out of nowhere as the fans go crazy. Sasaki is taken by surprise as the three count is made!!!!

Jun Akiyama rises to his feet a smile on his face as his hand is raised as the winner. He sweats profusely as he rolls out of the ring the Budokan Hall going crazy. Kensuke Sasaki slowly rises to his feet nursing his head before falling to his knees and slapping the canvass in frustration. He grips his head as Jun Akiyama stands on the titan tron facing the ring and smiling.

Winner – Jun Akiyama – Via Pinfall

Styles – He’s done it! Jun Akiyama is going to the G1 Climax!

Jerry Lawler – He gave it is all tonight and it paid off Styles!

Styles- It sure did, be sure to join us next week folks for another exciting edition of JLA LiveWire.

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