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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Slamboree

Before the Pay Per View comes on-air, a video plays, hyping each and every match. The video runs down the return of WCW Monday Nitro to national television, and then the event that led to each and every match. The video ends, and Slamboree officially comes on the air with a magnificent showcase of fireworks going off throughout the arena in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, it is my esteemed privilege to welcome you to World Championship Wrestling’s return to Pay Per View! It is Sunday night, May 27, 2001, and you are watching the ninth edition of Slamboree! I am Tony Schiavone, alongside me, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony Schiavone, The Voice of World Championship Wrestling! Tony, I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely excited for this huge Pay Per View! It is the ninth Slamboree as you said, and it is going to be the best one yet!

Schiavone: Indeed it will be, Professor! On this huge Pay Per View line-up, you will see Booker T defend his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against not one, but two men! It will be Booker T versus three-time champion Diamond Dallas Page versus the former champion Scott Steiner!

Tenay: You will also see ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair go one-on-one with ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett! And not only that, but all of the WCW Title are on the line tonight! Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire defend the WCW Tag Titles against KroniK, Bryan Clarke and Brian Adams. The Cruiserweight Tag Titles will be defended when The Filthy Animals defend against the Yung Dragons!

Schiavone: Plus, the finals of the United States Title Tournament will take place tonight when Hugh Morris looks to defeat that Canadian jack-ass Lance Storm!

Tenay: And it will be a battle of 3 Count when Shane Helms defends the WCW Cruiserweight Championship against Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore!

Schiavone: Actually, Tony, it looks like that match is about to start right now because Shannon Moore is making his way out to the ring!

Shane Helms © vs. Evan Karagias vs. Shannon Moore- WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The cruiserweights kick off the PPV to no one’s surprise. After the bell is rung, the trio of former 3 Count members slowly circle each other, realizing the prize they are fighting for tonight. The three men abruptly stop circling the ring, with Shane Helms breaking out a dance move all of a sudden, reminiscing his day of 3 Count. Helms turns to Moore, and motions for him to bust a move too, which Moore does. Both men then point to Karagias to break dance, and Karagias does so, getting an applause from the crowd, and also some laughs at the somewhat comedy spot. The three men then get together and perform an old 3 Count pose, but Shannon Moore blindsides both men with forearms to the back of the head! Moore takes it to both of his opponents for the night, hammering away with right hands to Karagias and Helms. Moore stops his assault on his foes with right hands, instead taking Karagias down with a snap mare take over, and then Helms with an arm drag. Moore keeps the advantage for himself going, hitting a dropkick to the back of Karagias’ head, and then hitting another arm drag to Helms. Helms is right up to his feet, and charges Moore, but takes another arm drag. Helms gets up again, charges, and gets another arm drag. Helms gets up one more time and charges Moore, but this time Moore leaps up into the air and connects with a hurricanrana to Helms!

Moore is on fire in the early goings of the match, and he continues to keep that momentum as he focuses his attention on Evan Karagias, who is getting up to his feet. Moore lays into Evan with a couple of right hands, and then whips him into the rope. Karagias comes back, but Moore simply takes him down with a dropkick. Moore drops a quick elbow, and makes a cover, but just barely gets a two count from referee Scott Dickenson. Moore doesn’t bother to argue the count, simply dragging Karagias back up to his feet to inflict more damage. Moore connects with three right hands to the cranium of Karagias, followed by a quick European upper cut to his throat. Karagias keels over, and Moore uses this to his advantage to hit a quick swinging neck breaker. Before Moore can go for a cover, he gets dropped with a vicious dropkick from Shane Helms! Wow! The impact of that dropkick echoed throughout the arena, and the crowd could be heard gasping from the kick. Moore goes down, and Helms makes a cover, but only gets two. Helms gets back to his feet and taunts the crowd while Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias get back up to their feet as well.

With all three men back up to their feet, they all slowly circle the ring again, plotting their next move. Helms barely moves to his right when Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias both jump him! Moore hits him low with a dropkick to the knee, and Karagias goes high with a clothesline. Helms crumples to the mat, and the two men start laying into Helms with boots. Moore and Karagias continue to stomp on Helms, only stopping to get him up to his feet and hit a double suplex. It seems like Shannon and Evan have contrived to work together to take out the champion, and then go from there. Moore and Karagias continue to work together on Helms, laying into him with some more boots before whipping him into the corner and hitting him with right hands in the corner. The two on one assault continues, as the duo whip Helms across the ring into the other corner, followed by Moore whipping Karagias into the corner at Helms. Karagias runs at Helms and connects with a clothesline, dropping the cruiserweight champion. Karagias follows up with a quick leg drop and is about to go for a cover, but Moore sees him and grabs a hold of Evan’s feet and pulls him away from Helms!

Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore both look at each other and start to argue over who should pin the fallen champion. The two continue to argue, and Moore ends up shoving Karagias! Karagias looks around the arena, pondering what to do next, only to nail Moore in the face with a hard right hand! Moore is enraged, and it’s on! The two men start laying into each other by the ropes with right hands, trying to cause as much pain to the other as possible. The two men slug it out for just a few moments though as Shane Helms gets to his feet and walks right up to the two men slugging it out. Moore and Karagias are unbeknownst to Helms’ presence, so they are totally shocked when Helms simply grabs around their ankles and shoves them over the top rope and onto the concrete floor on the outside of the ring! Helms busts out a quick taunt for the crowd, and then waits for Moore and Karagias to get to their feet. The two men do on the outside, and Helms leaps over the third rope to the outside, taking out both men with a flying cross body!

All three men are down on the outside of the ring while about a hundred members of the audience applaud the nice spot. The three men recuperate and get up to their feet after about ten seconds, and look ready to do battle again. Helms is up first, and nails forearms and right hands to Moore and Karagias both, looking to pick up some more momentum. Helms is able to fight off both men for only a few moments, as he starts to focus on Moore too much, making him vulnerable to a Karagias’ double sludge to the upper back. From there, Karagias and Moore work together again, whipping Helms into the ring post. Helms’ face smashes right off the ring post! Moore goes over to the fallen Helms to beat on him some more, while Karagias gets back into the ring. Moore pulls Shane Helms to his feet, connects with several right hands, and then hits a vertical suplex to Shane on the concrete floor! Helms’ back smashes off the concrete, and yells in pain from the suplex. Moore raises his arms in glee, trying to get a crowd reaction, but fails at doing so. Knowing he won’t get any heel heat from this crowd, Shannon gets back into the ring to deal with Evan Karagias, but he wasn’t expecting a flying Evan Karagias to take him down with a sloppy looking cross body block! Karagias takes Moore down with the cross body right into a pin fall- One! Two! Kick Out!

Karagias was close to getting the quick, surprise victory with that cross body, but Moore was able to kick out. Evan looks frustrated at the count, wishing that he could have gotten the victory right then and there. Nevertheless, Karagias continues on, looking to get the victory on this opening contest, getting Shannon up to his feet. After getting Moore to his feet, Karagias connects with a toe kick to the gut, causing Shannon to keel over. Karagias locks Moore in a front face lock, hooks a leg, and lifts Shannon up for a fisherman’s suplex. Karagias gets Moore up into the air, but is then taken out by a flying Shane Helms Sugar Smack thrust kick! Karagias goes down hard, and so does Moore, who was being held by Karagias! Shane Helms lets out a loud “roar”, making it known he is pumped up and ready to win this thing. Helms grabs Moore and pulls him to his feet, looking to finish him off. Shane connects with a tie kick, and then locks Shannon in an inverted face lock. From there, Helms connects with the Nightmare on Helms Street! Moore is down and out! Helms is about to go for a cover but Evan Karagias is getting to his feet! Helms gets to his feet and goes to over to Evan, looking to finish him off now. Helms connects with a knife edge chop to the chest, and whips Evan into the ropes. Karagias comes running back at Shane, but Helms simply lifts out his leg, connecting with a sharp toe kick to the gut. With Karagias bent over, Helms calls for the Vertebreaker. Evan has nothing left to stop him, and he falls victim to Shane Helms’ Vertebreaker! Helms makes the pin- ONE! TWO! THREE!

Shane Helms def. Evan Karagias & Shannon Moore at 9:07 to retain (Helms pins Karagias)
Star Rating: ** (69, 59, 80)

Schiavone: Professor, it comes as no shocker that these cruiserweights went out and put on a show to start off Slamboree this evening. Shane Helms, Evan Karagias, and Shannon Moore all went out there and put on a great match, but in the end, no man could prevent Shane Helms from hitting that deadly Vertebreaker to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title!

Tenay: Shane Helms is a superb athlete and wrestler, so it comes as no surprise to me that he was able to fight not one, but two men here tonight, and still come up with a victory!

Schiavone: Indeed!

Tenay: Shane Helms proved here tonight that he is the real deal in terms of being a Cruiserweight Champion, and that he has all the necessary tools to hold that belt for a long time!

Schiavone: Especially with a move like the Vertebreaker!

Tenay: Yes, especially with the Vertebreaker, possibly the most dangerous finisher in WCW today!

Schiavone: It may very well be, but now is not the time to discuss that because coming up next, is a match not about championship gold, but respect. Coming up next is a match between ‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ Rick Steiner and Jim Duggan, in a match that is all about pride, respect, and who is simply the better man. You can here Rick Steiner’s music now, this match is about to get underway!

Jim Duggan vs. Rick Steiner

Well, it just wouldn’t be a WCW PPV if a match like this didn’t follow a good cruiserweight match. Rick Steiner versus Jim Duggan- let the crap fest begin! Jim Duggan makes his way to the ring with his beloved 2 x 4, when Rick Steiner decides to try and attack Duggan right away! Steiner charges Duggan in the aisle way, but Duggan has that 2 x 4 in his hand, and starts swinging away like a mad man! Steiner can’t get anywhere near Duggan with Jim swinging the 2 x 4, so the Dog Faced Gremlin decides to back off the USA-loving Duggan. Steiner retreats to the ring, giving Duggan the time to march around the ring, holding up his 2 x4 like it is the Olympic torch. Duggan circles the ring twice, yelling out “HOOO” here and there to some applause from the crowd. Sure, the crowd will give crap wrestlers like Jim Duggan a reaction, but not someone talented like Shannon Moore! Anyways, Duggan finals gets into the ring, and this match sadly gets underway.

As soon as the bell rings Steiner jumps Duggan, connecting with a flurry of stiff right hands and left hands to Duggan’s skull. Some of the shots must actually connect because Duggan is selling them way too well for them to be fake, falling to the ground after a couple of shots. Duggan falls right onto his ass, and Steiner simply attacks him more, connecting with a stiff knee to the chin, and then a vicious right boot to the cranium, knocking Duggan down onto his back. The DFG looks to keep assaulting Jim Duggan, mounting on top of him and nailing him with a flurry of rights and lefts. Duggan can’t protect himself, and a lot of the shots are connecting to the face of Duggan, prompting referee Nick Patrick to start a quick five count, making sure Steiner stops literally assaulting Duggan. Patrick forces Steiner to back away from Duggan, giving Duggan the opportunity to try and catch his breath, and quickly recuperate from the legit punches. Duggan gets half way to his feet when Steiner pounces on him again, connecting with a stiff right knee to the ribs, knocking Duggan hard into the corner. Duggan quickly tries to cover up, knowing what is about to happen, as Steiner starts laying into him with right hands again. Steiner is actually trying to hit around Duggan’s arms, going straight for his head! Patrick intervenes again, making a quick five count to get the men out of the corner. Steiner backs away, and Patrick check on Duggan, seeing if he is okay. Duggan nods his head, but his left eye is starting to swell, and his right cheek is red. Jim Duggan has really taken a beating from Scott Steiner with in the first two minutes of this contest.

The two men get back into the center of the ring, and thankfully for Jim Duggan, but not the viewers, go into a lock-up, looking to actually wrestle, not street fight. Steiner rolls into an arm bar, locking it in tightly, looking to maybe legitimately hyperextend Duggan’s arm. Duggan fights back, countering into a hammer lock that had horrible transition, and then switching to a side head lock. Duggan wrenches on the hold, possibly a little stiffer than usual to get back at the stiff DFG for his shots earlier. Steiner is able to get himself out of the head lock, shoving Duggan into the ropes. Duggan fires back off the ropes at Steiner, and both men go for shoulder blocks. The two men both hit each other shoulder first, and stagger backwards, looking like ass holes for forgetting who was supposed to hit the shoulder block. After staggering a bit, the two charged each other again, both going for clotheslines. The two men hit both connect, but neither man falls, refusing to sell for the other, making the match look completely terrible.

The two men back-off one another, backing away into opposite corners. After a few moments, the two slowly walk up to each other, and lock-up in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. The two jockey for position, trying to break the other man’s fingers. Steiner starts to gain considerable leverage over Duggan, inflicting pain throughout Duggan’s body. Jim knows he has to break the hold, and does so by hitting a weak knee to the gut of Steiner, that Rick barely sells. Duggan looks to try and keep his offense going, hitting some right hands, and then a clothesline. Steiner refuses to fall, staggering around the ring from the clothesline instead. Duggan looks pissed, and hits the DFG with another clothesline, this one with a lot more force, knocking Rick right on his ass. Steiner gets to his feet right away, but Jim is ready for a counter-attack, and hits a head butt to Steiner. Rick staggers, but Jim is right on him again, hitting a forearm to the back of the neck, followed by a vertical suplex. Steiner is down on his back, and Duggan backs up into the corner, looking to finish the DFG off with his running knee drop. Duggan runs and connects with the running knee drop! The match could be over right here thankfully as Duggan makes a cover- One! Tw- Kick Out!

Rick Steiner makes an early kick out, making it known he isn’t going to lose to a weak-ass move like the running knee drop. Duggan looks frustrated, but simply gets up to his feet, sticks out his chest, and lets out a loud “HOOO”! Duggan then gets down into the three-point stance, looking to finish the DFG off with the football tackle. Rick Steiner gets up to his feet, and Duggan charges him, looking for the football tackle. Duggan is about to connect with the tackle, but Steiner nails him with the Steinerline out of nowhere, right to the throat! Jim Duggan crumbles to the mat, and Steiner makes the cover- ONE! TWO! THREE! Rick Steiner has won this (horrible) match! Duggan is down on the ground after taking that stiff, nasty-looking, Steinerline straight to the throat. Rick Steiner isn’t finished though with Jim Duggan, as the DFG goes to the outside and grabs Duggan’s 2 x 4. Steiner gets back into the ring, and waits for Duggan to get to his feet. Sadly, Jim does, and when he does, he gets the 2x4 broken right over his back! Duggan falls down to the mat hard, and Steiner simply growls at the fallen Duggan before leaving the ring.

Rick Steiner def. Jim Duggan at 4:54
Star Rating: DUD (57, 67, 36)

Schiavone: Was that a brutal match or what, Professor?

Tenay: Indeed it was, Tony, indeed it was. Both men wanted to win that match because they didn’t want to lose their pride, and you could tell in this match as the action was non-stop.

Schiavone: Jim Duggan took a beating in this one though, Tenay. That Steinerline the Dog Faced Gremlin hit him with at the end of the match was simply vicious! You can see the marks on Duggan’s face already from them!

Oh, Tony, that isn’t from the Steinerline; that’s from the stiff right hands that Duggan took earlier in the match! Jim Duggan’s left eye is completely swollen now, as his right cheek.

Tenay: Ugh, and then after wards, that 2x4 shot to the back… totally uncalled for by Rick Steiner. You won the match, Rick, there is no need to cause any more damage to poor Jim Duggan.

Schiavone: Well, Professor, he is a Steiner, what can you expect? Both Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner are mean, vicious, men. We saw the mean streak in Rick tonight, and I am sure we will see just how much Scott Steiner is willing to do to win tonight when he faces Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! But that match is not now because right now we’re about to see the WCW Tag Team Championship match! It is Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire defending against KroniK, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke!

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire © vs. KroniK- WCW Tag Team Championship

The opening bell rings, and the WCW Tag Team Title match is under way! Bryan Clarke starts the match for KroniK with Sean O’Haire. The two men circle each other briefly, and then engaging into a collar and elbow tie-up. O’Haire makes the first move, locking in a hammerlock on Clarke. O’Haire transitions into a head lock after a few moments, only for Clarke to quickly counter into a head lock of his own. Clarke wrenches down, but O’Haire escapes the head lock soon after, shoving Bryan Clarke into the ropes. Clarke bounces off the ropes and comes back at O’Haire, and charges. O’Haire is quick on his feet though, and drops down to the mat to avoid the oncoming Clarke. The challenger hops over the champion, and runs off the parallel set of ropes. Clarke comes back and charges again, but O’Haire avoids the challenger again, this time jump up and leap frogging Clarke. Bryan Clarke comes off the ropes again and charges, but this time O’Haire has no counter, and is on the receiving end of a standing shoulder block. Clarke drops down to make a pin, but O’Haire rolls out of the way and up to his feet, and connects with a quick drop kick to Clarke’s shoulders.

Clarke gets to his feet rather quickly from the drop kick, but O’Haire is quick to try and stay on the offensive, connecting with right hands to the skull of Clarke. O’Haire whips Clarke into the ropes, and connects with a back body drop when Clarke comes back at him. A tag is made from O’Haire to Palumbo, and the fresh face gets into the ring. Palumbo quickly grabs Clarke, who was starting to get to his feet, by the hair, pulling him up the rest of the way to his feet. Palumbo connects with a couple of right hands, before attempting a whip into the ropes. Clarke counters however, sending Palumbo into the ropes near the KroniK corner. Palumbo smacks off the ropes right by Brian Adams, so Adams sticks out his knee and connects with a knee to the small of Palumbo’s back. Palumbo staggers forward in pain, right into a vicious right-arm lariat from Clarke!

Clarke makes the tag out to Adams, and Adams comes into the ring looking to bring the ‘break some backs’. Adams hits a double sledge to the back Palumbo, followed by a series of stiff forearms to the back of the neck, knocking Chuck Palumbo down to the canvas. Adams drags Palumbo to his feet however, and simply picks him up into the air and connects with a back breaker. Adams holds onto Palumbo after the back breaker however, lifting him back up into the air and nailing another back breaker. Palumbo holds again, and lifts him up into the air. Adams stalls, continuing to hold Palumbo in the air, showing his strength. Finally, Adams runs and hits a sidewalk slam on Palumbo! Brian Adams makes a cover- One! Two! Thr-Sean O’Haire breaks up the pin! KroniK almost became the new tag team champions right there, but no cigar, as O’Haire was in the ring to break up the count. However, despite O’Haire preventing the pin fall, he can’t prevent KroniK from isolating Chuck Palumbo from him. KroniK keep Palumbo in the ring with him for the next three to four minutes, using their size advantage to keep Palumbo in the corners, beat him down with punches, and simply slam him across the ring. The majority of KroniK’s focus is on the head and back of Palumbo, doing quite a bit of damage with their series of punches, and slamming him around the ring, especially after the back breakers and side walk slam Adams hit him with. At the seven minute mark, things finally look to be changing for the better for the champions. Bryan Clarke decided to try and go high-risk on Palumbo, ascending to the top turnbuckle. Clarke came off with a weak looking elbow drop, but missed his target. Palumbo was able to roll out of the way, leaving Clarke to crash on the ring canvas. With the crowd cheering him on profusely, Palumbo tags out to Sean O’Haire (Clarke tags to Adams as well)!

O’Haire blasts into the ring, as does Brian Adams. The two meet in the center of the ring, but O’Haire takes Adams down with a hellacious clothesline! Adams is up again, but he goes down again with a running forearm. Bryan Clarke charges O’Haire, but he goes down after a back body drop! Adams is up and charges again, but he takes a drop toe hold down to the canvas. Sean O’Haire is on fire! Clarke is back up again, and he is able to blindside O’Haire, connecting with a double sledge to the upper back. Clarke starts laying into O’Haire with right hands, but in comes Chuck Palumbo to make the save, tackling Clarke down to the ground! Palumbo starts laying into Clarke with right hands on the canvas, while Sean O’Haire and Brian Adams brawl in the center of the ring on their feet. Adams gains control after several right hands being tossed by each man, getting a quick knee to the gut. O’Haire keels over, and is then whipped into the corner. Adams charges for a running avalanche, but O’Haire moves out of the way. Adams runs chest first into the corner turnbuckles! O’Haire quickly makes his way over to Palumbo and Clarke, and he and Chuck pull Bryan Clarke up to his feet. The champions connect with several right hands, and then whip Clarke right into Bryan Adams in the corner! Clarke’s chest smashes right into Adam’s back! Bryan Clarke staggers out of the corner on impact, turns around, and gets hit with the Jungle Kick from Chuck Palumbo!

Bryan Clarke goes down, and it looks like Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire are about to win this thing! With Bryan Clarke down, Chuck Palumbo focuses his attention on Brian Adams, while Sean O’Haire gets out onto the ring apron and slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Palumbo gets Adams around of the corner, turns around to face him, but Adams all of a sudden hits a right hand to Palumbo! Adams was playing possum! Palumbo staggers, and Adams picks him up off of his feet- Swinging Sidewalk Slam! Palumbo just got hit with Adams’ finisher! O’Haire gets to the top turnbuckle, but doesn’t even notice his partner is down and out! O’Haire is about to come off the top with the Seanton Bomb, but Brian Adams makes his way over and hits him with a right hand! O’Haire is teetering on the top turnbuckle, about to fall off to the arena floor! Adams connects with another punch, and again O’Haire almost falls off the top turnbuckle to the arena floor. Bryan Clarke gets back up to his feet after a third right hand to O’Haire from Adams, and he goes over to O’Haire as well. The two men then grab O’Haire and pick him up off of the top turnbuckle in a military press position! The two men then slam him down to the mat with a double military press slam! Thing’s aren’t looking good for Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo! Palumbo starts to stagger to his feet, and KroniK make notice of this, walking over to Chuck. Adams connects with a right hand, as does Clarke. Clarke rams his knee into the abdomen of Palumbo right after punching him, and then- High Times! Palumbo takes the High Times! Chuck Palumbo is finished! Brian Adams is about to make the pin fall, but referee Charles Robinson informs Adams O’Haire is the legal man. Robinson’s message only is going to bring some pain to Sean O’Haire because KroniK go over to him and pull him up to his feet. One forearm to the back of O’Haire by Clarke is all the challengers need to hit O’Haire with the High Times. Sean O’Haire is down and out! Brian Adams makes the cover- ONE! TWO! THREE! KroniK win the WCW Tag Team Championship!

KroniK def. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire to win WCW Tag Titles at 9:33 (Adams pins O’Haire)
Star Rating: ** (73, 70, 76)

Schiavone: New Tag Team Champions! KroniK won the Tag Titles! KroniK are the new WCW Tag Team Champions!

Tenay: Tony, KroniK really proved why they’re such a great team by winning this match. Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, no matter how much you love, or hate, them, they are two great performers here in WCW. They proved why they get the job done in the ring tonight!

Schiavone: Indeed they did, Professor. Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke win the WCW Tag Team Titles for the second time here in WCW, and they certainly have all the necessary tools to hold onto those belts for a long time. But ladies and gentlemen, right now we are going to send you backstage where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T!

Sucka’s Got Ta Know

The camera’s cut backstage where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing alongside Booker T. Booker T is dressed and ready to go for his match tonight against Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Gene Okerlund: Thank you, Tony, Mike. Now right now ladies and gentleman as you can see, I am standing by the one and only WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T! Booker T, thanks for giving me some of your time tonight.

Booker T: It’s my pleasa’, Mean Gene.

Okerlund: Now Booker, you must have a lot on your mind right now because tonight, in the main event, you will face not one, but two, men! You will face two very tough opponents in Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner! Are you ready to face that kind of challenge?

Booker T: Mean Gene, my whole life I’ve been fightin’ challenges. Ever since I was a little sucka in Harlem, I’ve had challenges thrown at me day in n’ day out. I got ta’ where I am at now ‘cause I am determined, Mean Gene. My whole life I’ve been determined to achieve muh goals and be a success. Take a look aroun’, Mean Gene. I’m currently the World Heavyweight Champion for the best company in professional wrestlin’ ta day! If I’ve been determined enough ta get into a company like Dubya See Dubya n’ win this title, then I am damn sure determined enough to keep it! Big Poppa Pump, DDP, you two may be two of the best wrestla’s in the worl’ ta day, but guess what? Ya’ ain’t betta’ than me! So sucka’s, when I beat the two of ya tonight to retain the Dubya See Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Championship, all I’ll got is one thin’ ta say to ya. Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game!

Booker T looks into the camera, and leaves after giving the camera a look of sheer intensity. Booker T is ready to fight for his title at Slamboree!

The camera’s then cut to ringside where the United States Title Tournament Finals is about to take place.

Hugh Morris vs. Lance Storm- United States Championship Tournament Finals

Hugh Morris and Lance Storm come out to the ring, ready to fight for the United States Title. Okay, Hugh Morris is ready to fight for the US Title. Lance Storm is fighting for the Canadian National Championship, which Storm made ring announcer David Penzer announce after he introduced Lance Storm. Anyways the match starts off with Hugh Morris diving at Storm the minute the bell rung, looking to get his hands on the “Canadian bastard” as he called him. Morris tackles Storm straight to the ground right away, and starts hammering away with a flurry of right hands. Storm does his best to cover his face up, but it is to no avail as Morris just simply pounds the crap out of him. Referee Billy Silverman finally breaks things up, getting Morris off of Storm after starting a five count. Morris gets off Storm, but the moment Lance gets back up to his feet, Morris charges again, and once again tackles him down to the ground. After a short series of pummeling right hands, Silverman forces Morris up off of Storm again. Silverman forces Morris back into a corner, while Storm gets to his feet. Storm gets to his feet, and Morris quickly charges him again. Third time is a charm for Storm, who evades the oncoming Morris, leaving Hugh to run chest first into the corner turnbuckles! Morris staggers backwards, right into a neck breaker!

Morris is down, but Storm lays right into the fallen Morris with stomps to the chest. Storm continues his attack, and then drops an elbow. Follow-up into a cover gets two only. Storm glares at Silverman, not happy about the “slow” count. Nevertheless, Storm continues on, connecting with several stomps before dragging Morris to his feet. Morris is up on his feet now, only to have his chest get lighted up with a stiff knife edge chop from Storm! Storm connects with several more, knocking Hugh into the corner. Storm continues his attack, nailing more knife edge chops to Morris. Storm takes a break from attacking Morris then, pissing off the crowd by yelling out “America Suck!”. The crowd jeers him, but Storm simply gives them the signal to fuck off. Storm then finally turns his focus back to Morris. Storm goes for a whip into the opposite corner, but Morris reverses, sending Lance into the corner! Hugh charges, and connects with a running avalanche! Storm gets knocked down right onto his ass, and Hugh lets out a yell of adrenaline. Morris gets right next to Lance, and starts scraping his boot off of Storm’s face! Silverman forces Hugh to stop the attack, start a five count. Morris obliges to Silverman’s command, backing off.

After Silverman gets out of the way, Morris goes right back over to Storm, grabbing him by the ankles. From there, Morris drags Storm into the middle of the ring, and starts spinning around in circles, swinging an air-borne Storm round and round! Hugh gets dizzy however, and lets go, falling onto his ass, and Storm flying to the side of the ring! Lance hits hard off of the ring canvas, and quickly rolls to the outside of the ring, looking to try and catch a breather. Storm rests on the guard rail, taking deep breaths. Silverman counts him out, but Morris isn’t going to let the match end like that, getting out onto the apron. Morris jumps down onto the concrete floor, but Storm jumps him! Storm dives at Morris, connecting with a flurry of forearms and right hands, looking to get a cheap advantage. Storm weakens Morris with the attack, and whips him into the steel guard rail! Storm charges right away, and clothesline the big man! Morris almost flips over the guard rail into the crowd, but is too big to flip himself all the way over. Storm backs up to the ring, and charges Hugh again, this time connecting with a jumping knee to the face! Morris almost flips over again, but still can’t flip himself over. Lance hears Silverman get up to an 8 count for a double count out, so he quickly rolls into the ring and back out again, restarting the count.

With Storm back on the outside, he continues his attack on Morris, landing another knife edge chop, followed by a whip into the side of the ring. Storm continues his attack on Morris, hitting a couple of right hands, and then whipping him right into the ring post! Morris looks to be getting very weak, so Storm decides to roll him into the ring. As soon as Morris is in the ring, Storm pounces on top of him for a pin- One! Two! Th- Kick Out! Oh so close! Storm almost had the three count, but to no avail. Lance Storm is quite frustrated with the count, but continues with his assault on Morris. Storm sits Hugh up, and applies a chin lock. Storm wrenches back on the hold, and then uses his legs to scissors Morris’ body around the waist! Storm locks in the submission hold and wrenches back more and more, trying to get Morris to tap. Hugh screams out in agony, the hold causing severe pain. Morris is stuck on his side in the center of the ring, and has nowhere to go. Morris continues to fight the submission hold for the next minute, trying to get to the ropes, but he can’t go anywhere. Finally, Morris is on the verge of tapping. Morris raises his hand to tap, when the crowd starts clapping for Hugh, cheering him on, trying to get him to fight for just a bit longer. Morris’ hand continues to get closer to the canvas, although his hand is dropping at a slower rate. Hugh’s hand gets to be mere inches away from the canvas, when Hugh raises his arm up into the sky, shaking his finger no. Hugh tries to roll to his left to the ropes, but Storm won’t budge! Morris tires to sit-up, but Storm simply wrenches back on the chin lock even more! Morris screams out in agony again, his attempts to break the hold failing horribly. Morris gives it one last effort however, rolling to his right this time. Hugh rolls right on top of Storm! That’s a pin- ONE! TWO! THREE!

NO! Storm got a shoulder up! Lance Storm somehow lifted his body weight and Hugh Morris’ up off of the canvas, right before the three count! Storm still has the chin lock and scissors locked in, but after kicking out from the pin, he is now fully wrapped around a sitting Morris. This is great news for Hugh! Hugh slides to two knees, and down to one. Hugh starts climbing his way to his feet, and he does! Hugh Morris is back on his feet, with Lance Storm wrapped around his back like a koala bear! Morris tries to shake Storm off, but Lance won’t let go of the hold! Hugh continues to shake him off, but Storm stays on! Lance refuses to give up on the hold, wrenching back on Hugh’s neck more and more, turning it into a choke hold! Hugh desperately tries to get Lance off now, ramming himself back into the corner turnbuckles, squashing Storm like a bug! Lance still stays on though! Hugh rams Lance back into the corner turnbuckles another four times, but Storm still has the chin lock and scissors locked in! Hugh is starting to pass out it seems, staggering forward into the center of the ring. Hugh can’t fight the hold anymore it seems, and he falls down to the canvas. However, it is great news for him at the same time because he falls down onto his back, squishing Lance Storm, and breaking the hold!

Both men are down now, Hugh from the vicious chin lock and choke hold, Storm from getting squashed by the falling Hugh. Silverman starts a ten count with both men down. Neither man shows any sign of responding as Silverman counts from one to seven. Silverman reaches eight, and Storm appears to be showing some signs of life, moving his arms a bit. Silverman reaches nine, and it seems we are going to have a double knock out! What happens with the US Title then!? Morris hasn’t moved yet, and Storm has no chance of getting to his feet as Silverman starts to yell out ten. It’s all over! No! Not yet! Lance Storm drapes an arm over Morris before ten- cover- One! Two! Three- Shoulder Up! Oh my God! Hugh Morris just barely gets a shoulder up! This match is not over yet ladies and gentleman! Hugh Morris starts to show signs of life after getting that shoulder up, and Lance Storm starts to get to his feet. Storm gets up to his feet with relative ease, and Morris crawls over to the ropes to try and help himself up to his feet. Storm simply stands back and let Morris take his time, trying to get some air flowing through his body and rest. Morris finally gets up to his feet after struggling for a few moments. Now on his feet once again, Morris turns and looks at Storm, his eyes filled with hatred. Things are about to pick up!

Morris points at Storm and yells “Your ass is mine!”, and charges! Morris tackles Lance down to the ground and starts laying into him with a flurry of right hands! Storm tires to cover up, but it is to no avail; Hugh Morris is pissed! Morris continues his flurry of right hands on Storm, not getting off of Lance until Silverman started a 5 count and reached 4. Morris got up, but simply started to lay into Storm with boots to the chest. Lance Storm tires to flee, trying to roll to the outside of the ring, but Morris stops that with a knee to the small of the back! Lance tries to flee the ring again, but Morris grabs him by the scruff of the neck, and pulls him up to his feet! Lance’s face shows nothing but fear! Storm tries to run again, but Morris grabs Lance’s right arm, and slings him in to a vicious right-arm clothesline! Storm is down! Cover- One! Two! Kick Out! Morris gets some nice offensive production with that clothesline, but it isn’t enough to keep a guy like Lance Storm down. Morris doesn’t get angry though, hitting a couple of right hands to the cranium of Storm before getting to his feet and hitting a knee drop. Morris makes another cover, but is again, only a two count.

Hugh has to be frustrated that he can’t get Storm pinned, but continues on, pulling Lance up to his feet. Hugh fires off a right hand that connects, and then another one. Morris whips Lance into the corner, and Hugh charges. However, Storm catches himself, locking his hands on the top rope, and slinging himself up into the air. Morris isn’t expecting this, and runs right into the turnbuckles while Storm lands behind Morris! Morris turns around to face Storm, holding his chest from the impact on running into the turnbuckles. Lance sees the opportunity and takes it, nailing Morris with a direct kick to the groin! Silverman couldn’t see it because Storm’s back had his view blocked! Lance quickly rolls Hugh up with an inside cradle- ONE! TWO! THREE! Lance Storm wins the United States Title! That is cheap! Lance Storm cheated to beat Morris! Lance Storm’s arms are raised in victory, his face smiling in glee. However, his face turns into disgust as Silverman hands him the US Title belt. Storm glares at the belt in disgust, spits on it, and then throws it down to the ground! Storm yells out “This belt is a piece of shit! I’m the freaking Canadian National Champion!” The crowd reigns Storm with boo’s but he simply raises his arms in victory, continuing to yell about being the Canadian National Champion. However, the fans soon start to cheer because Hugh Morris gets to his feet and attacks Storm from behind with a forearm to the back of the head! Down goes Storm! Hugh Morris is livid! Morris pulls Lance up to his feet, hits him with a hard right hand, and then grabs Lance by the back of the neck. Morris points to the outside of the ring, and then throws Lance over the top rope and to the outside! The crowd cheers, and continues to do so as Hugh Morris picks up the US Title belt, wipes off Lance’s spit with his forearm, and kisses the title! Hugh then raises the title high into the air and celebrates with the US Title belt!

Lance Storm def. Hugh Morris to win US Title at 13:19
Star Rating: ** ½ (74, 72, 77)

Schiavone: That no good son of a bitch! Lance Storm cheated! He didn’t deserve to win the match, nor does he deserve to be allowed to touch a title as prestigious as the United States Title!

Tenay: Hugh Morris fought a great match, Tony, and you’re right, he was robbed! Morris fought through so much to just have a fighting chance; he didn’t deserve to lose like that!

Schiavone: Well if Hugh Morris’ actions after the match are a sign of things to come, things are not over between Lance Storm and Hugh Morris!

Tenay: It doesn’t seem like they are at all, Tony!

Schiavone: Well, Professor, it is time to move onto the fast-paced, unorthodox, style of the cruiserweight tag team division! The Cruiserweight Tag Team Title match is up next!

Filthy Animals © (w/Tygress) vs. Yung Dragons- Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship

It’s time for cruiserweight tag team action, so what does that mean for the audience? Bathroom break! Yepp, a good portion of the crowd went to go get refreshments and use the bathroom during this match, missing out on a pretty good cruiserweight match up. Rey Misterio Jr. and Kaz Hayashi started the match off, going right into a collar and elbow tie-up. Hayashi quickly locks in a hammer lock, but Misterio counters into one of his own. Misterio changes to a waist lock, looking for a German suplex. Hayashi blocks it, getting his legs intertwined with Misterio. Kaz gets out of the waist lock, firing off multiple elbows to the tiny head of Misterio. Misterio releases the hold, staggering back from Hayashi’s elbow attack. Kaz quickly runs off the ropes and charges Misterio, but Rey-Rey leap frogs over Kaz. Kaz runs off the parallel ropes the previous ones he ran off of, coming back at Misterio Jr. again. Misterio Jr. quickly lowers his body, bending his front half over. Hayashi quickly rolls off of Misterio’s shoulders and down his back, landing on his feet. Misterio turns around and meets a kick to the mid-section by Kaz. Kaz quickly places his right leg over Misterio’s neck and grabs his arm, using that to flip himself backwards. Hayashi lands on his feet from the back flip, and then hits an arm drag in quick transition! Nice move by Kaz Hayashi! Misterio hits the canvas, but uses his hands to sweep out the legs of on oncoming Hayashi. Hayashi falls to the canvas hard, and Misterio nips up to his feet. Rey-Rey jumps over Kaz and springboards off the second rope, going for a quick moonsault. Hayashi rolls towards the rope, evading the move, but Misterio counters quickly, landing right on his feet where Hayashi laid moments ago. Stand Off!

The two men are at a stale mate, and nod their head at one another in a sign of respect. The two men then make their way to their corners, and both tag out to their partners. Now it is Billy Kidman’s and Yang’s turn. The two men get the tag and immediately charge the other, meeting head-on in the middle of the ring. Yang sticks his arm out for a clothesline, but Kidman uses that to wrap his arm around, and sling himself onto Yang’s back. Kidman wraps around Yang’s back and twirls his body around Yang’s back, landing on the other side of him! Kidman hits a quick kick to the mid-section and goes for a hip toss. Kidman flips Yang, but he lands on his feet, and quickly back-flips, using Kidman’s arm for assistance. Yang lands right where he previously was, but hits an arm drag instead of taking a hip toss! Kidman flips to the canvas, but Yang holds onto Kidman’s arm, scissoring it and locking in an arm bar! Yang wrenches back in the arm bar, trying to make Kidman tap out. Billy Kidman has other plans though, as he rolls backwards, rolling to his feet and breaking the arm bar. Yang gets to his feet, and Kidman charges him right away. Kidman wraps his body around Yang and performs a tilt-a-whirl. Instead of going to for the head scissors afterwards, Kidman spins right to his feet, landing a kick to the mid-section, followed by a DDT! Kidman goes for a cover, One! Two! T- Broken up! Kaz Hayashi came into the ring and landed a boot to the head of Kidman, breaking up the count.

Billy Kidman holds his head in pain from the boot of Kaz Hayashi. Yang uses this to tag out to Kaz, who gets into the ring and continues his attack on Kidman with boots to the back of the head. Hayashi works away on Kidman with the stomps, just simply pounding poor Kidman into the canvas with the stomps. Hayashi finally stops, covering Kidman for a pin- One! Two! Broken up! Rey Misterio Jr. gets involved this time, pulling Hayashi by the feet off of Kidman. Rey-Rey gets back onto the apron, allowing Hayashi to go back to work on Kidman. Hayashi pulls Kidman to his feet, and whips him into the corner. Hayashi charges, and connects with a jumping knee strike to the chest. Kidman staggers forward out of the corner, while Hayashi grabs the third rope and vaults himself onto the apron before landing on his feet. Hayashi then scurries up to the top turnbuckle, and connects with a missile dropkick! Nice display of athleticism there by Kaz! Hayashi makes a cover, One! Two! Broken up again! Misterio again breaks up the count, pulling Hayashi off of Kidman. Referee Scott Dickenson forces Rey into his corner, while Yang comes into the ring illegally, claps his hands together to make it seem like a tag was made. With Dickenson’s back turned, the Yung Dragons get Kidman to his feet and look for a double team attack. Hayashi lifts Kidman up for a vertical suplex, while Yang hops up onto the third turnbuckle. Hayashi holds Kidman up in the air, and Yang comes of the top and drills Kidman with a missile dropkick to the chest!

Kidman goes down hard after the missile dropkick into a vertical suplex, and all Misterio can do is yell at Dickenson to stop worrying about him and focus on the match. By the time Dickenson does turn his focus to the match, all he sees is Yang covering Kidman- One! Two! Thre- Kick Out! Billy Kidman just barely gets out of that pin fall! Yang isn’t very happy about Kidman kicking out, saying his displeasure to Dickenson. Nevertheless, Yang continues on, pulling Kidman to his feet. Yang lands a kick to the mid-section, and whips Kidman into the ropes. Kidman comes back at him, and Yang leaps up for a hurricanrana. Yang wraps his legs around Kidman’s neck and shoulders, but Billy is able to counter the rana, nailing a sit-out powerbomb! Both men are down, and this looks like the opportunity Kidman needs to make a tag to Misterio! Dickenson starts a ten count, but by the time he gets to five, both Yang and Kidman are crawling to their corners. Kidman is about to make a tag to Misterio, while Yang isn’t even close yet! Instead of waiting for the tag, Hayashi runs into the ring, grabs Kidman’s ankle, and pulls him back into the corner of the Yung Dragons! Rey Misterio is pissed and explodes into the ring, making a beeline for Hayashi. Dickenson cuts him off though, forcing him back to his corner. While he does that, Hayashi quickly pulls Kidman to his feet, and hits him with a Kaz Driver! Hayashi puts Yang on top of Kidman, and gets onto the apron. Dickenson sees the pin, and hurries to make a count. ONE! TWO! THREE- SHOULDER UP!

Billy Kidman somehow just got the shoulder up on the pin! Misterio couldn’t get into the ring and break up the count in time, so it was all up to Kidman to not lose the titles, and he succeeded in keeping them! Hayashi is pissed off, and he gets into the ring. Hayashi starts laying the boots to a fallen Kidman, but Misterio Jr. gets back into the ring. Rey-Rey charges Hayashi, and hits him with a drop kick, knocking Kaz back into the turnbuckles! Yang is up on his feet and tries to attack Misterio, but Rey hits a forearm, and then jumps up and hits a hurricanrana to Yang! Misterio then gets back onto the apron, urging Kidman on to make the tag to him. Kidman crawls across the ring towards Misterio, trying to make the tag. Kidman is just about to make the tag when Hayashi grabs Kidman by the ankle! Hayashi has Kidman’s leg up in the air, and starts pulling him back into the center of the ring. Kidman is able to get up on his other leg though, and hits Hayashi with an enziguri! Hayashi and Yang are both down! Kidman then gets to his feet, dives, and makes the tag to Misterio before Yang or Hayashi can stop him!

Rey Misterio Jr. explodes into the ring, looking to take it to the Yung Dragons. Misterio lays into Hayashi with forearms, knocking him down after five shots. Yang then charges Misterio, but Rey-Rey is ready, ducking a Yang clothesline attempt. Yang then turns around to face Misterio, and Rey quickly jumps up onto Yang’s shoulder and wraps his arm around Yang’s neck, hitting a swinging DDT! Misterio makes a cover- One! Two! Rey gets off! Hayashi dove to break up the pin, but Misterio saw it out of the corner of his eye, and quickly rolled out of the way, leaving Hayashi to hit his own partner with a splash! Hayashi quickly gets to his feet, apologizing to the fallen Yang. Kaz turns around to face Misterio, but takes a kick to the gut. Rey whips Hayashi into the corner, and charges. Hayashi isn’t ready for Misterio, and takes a dropkick square in the chin! Hayashi falls down onto his ass, in pain from the stiff dropkick. Rey-Rey keeps his momentum going, running over to the opposite corner. Rey-Rey then charges the sitting Hayashi, and connects with the bronco buster! Misterio bucks the bronco, ripping off Sean Waltman. While Rey rides the bronco, Yang gets up to his feet, using the ropes to help him up. Misterio gets off of Hayashi, and sees Yang up on his feet. Before he can charge Yang, Kidman does, and connects with a running clothesline, sending Yang over the top rope to the outside!

Yang is down on the outside, and Hayashi is down in the ring. The Filthy Animals are standing tall in the ring! Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman look at each other, and nod, knowing what they want to do. Misterio Jr. gets out of the ring and onto the apron. Kidman runs off of the ropes he just clotheslined Yang (who is starting to get to his feet) over, off the ropes parallel them, and then jumps up onto the third rope! Kidman then springboards off the third rope and hits a Shooting Star Press to the standing Yang! Holy Shit! That was imply awesome! Both men are down on the outside, while Misterio stands on the apron, watching Hayashi as he gets up to his feet. Kaz gets up to his feet, and Misterio strikes. Rey hops up onto the third rope, springboards off of it, and connects with a springboard hurricanrana! Misterio takes Hayashi out with the hurricanrana, and stays on top for a pin- ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Filthy Animals retain the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles! Kaz Hayashi was the illegal man, but it doesn’t matter because the count was made! Rey Misterio celebrates in the ring, as Tygress gets into the ring to celebrate with him. Kidman is getting to his feet slowly on the outside, recovering from the dangerous SSP. Misterio continues to celebrate when- WHAM! Misterio just got hit with a WCW Tag Team Title belt by Brian Adams- KroniK is in the ring! KroniK just came out from the crowd with their belts, and attacked Rey Misterio Jr.! Tygress yells at Brian Adams for attacking Rey, but he just simply slaps her across the face! Bryan Clarke then scoops her up off her feet, and nails her with the Meltdown! Meltdown to Tygress! Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke then go to the outside of the ring, and attack Billy Kidman, who got to his feet and saw what they did to Tygress! The two men quickly beat down on Kidman with right hands, only to scoop him off the ground and hit him with the High Times on the concrete floor! Oh my God! What the hell is KroniK’s problem!? KroniK isn’t finished yet though! Brian Adams gets a table from underneath the ring while Bryan Clarke goes back into the ring! Adams sets up the table on the outside of the ring, while Clarke pulls Misterio up to his feet. Clarke hits Misterio with a hard right hand to the face, knocking him back down to the canvas. Adams gets back into the ring, and the two men then pull Misterio up to his feet. Both men clasp their hands around Rey’s throat and- HIGH TIMES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE AND THROUGH A TABLE TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Oh my God! Rey Misterio Jr. is out cold! They could have killed him! KroniK look at the fallen Tygress, Kidman, and Misterio, and simply laugh! KroniK look at Tygress, and it looks like they may not be done with her either! Thankfully, the Filthy Animals’ music hits, and Konnan is running down the aisle with a steel chair! Konnan gets into the ring and starts swinging the chair around like a wild man, causing KroniK to quickly bail out of the ring with their titles! Bottom line though, the Tag Team Champions just took out the Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions!

Filthy Animals def. Yung Dragons to retain at 8:33 (Misterio pins Hayashi)
Star Rating: *** ½ (76, 57, 95)

Schiavone: Oh my God! KroniK are absolutely disgusting! Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, you should be ashamed of yourselves! You just attacked an innocent women, and two men who just won a hard-earned match!

Tenay: Furthermore, you may have just endangered the career of one of the finest cruiserweights in WCW, Rey Misterio Jr.!

Schiavone: Indeed, Professor! Thank God for Konnan, Tony! If he didn’t come out here with that chair, Lord only knows what would have happened to the other three members of the Filthy Animals!

Tenay: I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to Tygress, Billy Kidman, and Rey Misterio Jr.! Thank God for Konnan!

Schiavone: Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, I hope there is hell to pay for your actions!

Tenay: Don’t you worry, Tony, I am sure Konnan will make them pay. But nevertheless, we have to move on. Rey Misterio Jr. is being stretchered out of the arena now. Konnan is helping Tygress to the back, and two EMT’s are helping Kidman, who is at least walking! But ladies and gentleman, we will give you any update we can on the Filthy Animals before the night is over! But now, it is time for a very personal match-up, Jeff Jarrett versus Ric Flair!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ric Flair

The two men both make their entrances, and our then introduce by David Penzer before the bell is rung. The crowd is absolutely buzzing for this match-up, cheering and screaming for Flair in his hometown. The two men slowly circle each other in the ring a couple of times, before engaging into a collar and elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position, trying to out power the other. The younger, more fit, Jarrett wins the power struggle, shoving Flair down to the mat. The crowd jeers Jarrett, who taunts Flair, calling him weak. Flair slowly gets to his feet, his pride and ego slightly bruised. The two men stare into each others eyes, and then go right into another collar and elbow tie-up. The two try to use their strength again, but Flair is too weak compared to Double J, getting shoved down to the canvas again by Jeff. Flair lands right on his ass, his ego bruised even more, along with his butt. Flair has to watch Jarrett laugh at him, and Flair knows that he is being out-powered here in the first minute of the match. Flair gets up to his feet again, and after moving his neck from side to side, he goes into another tie-up with Jarrett. Thankfully for Ric, this time there is no power struggle. Ric is able to lock his hands around Jeff’s right arm, and start to apply a hammer lock. Flair takes his time locking it in, making it easy for Jarrett to counter. Flair is only half way around Jarrett to lock in the hammer lock when Jarrett makes The Nature Boy look like a total fool, reversing the hammer lock in mid-move to an arm wrench. Jarrett wrenches down on the hold, causing Flair to yell out in some pain. Flair is able to find a way to make a reversal, sliding in a hammer lock on Jarrett. Again though, Flair is too slow for Jarrett, who reverses the hold in mid-move again, transitioning into a hammer lock of his own. Jarrett wrenches back on the hold, causing Flair to yell out in more pain. Jarrett then releases the hold and shoves Flair away. Flair turns around to face Jarrett, only for Jeff to laugh right at The Nature Boy. The match is already about two minutes in duration, and The Chosen one has made The Nature Boy look like a complete and total fool.

Flair slowly circles Jarrett again, and the two men tie-up for a fourth time. Flair can’t even attempt to get a hold locked in when Jeff Jarrett already locks in a wrist lock. Jarrett wrenches back, causing severe pain for Flair. Jeff grows tired of the wrist lock, transitioning it into a hammer lock. Jarrett locks it in hard, causing more pain for the Nature Boy. Flair is quick to try and break the lock though, wildly throwing elbow strikes with his free arm at Jarrett’s head. Jarrett ducks and moves his head in all different directions, evading each of Flair’s elbow strikes. Feeling the heat Flair is applying though, Double J transitions back to a wrist lock before making a very quick transition to an arm wrench. The match continues to have an old-school type approach to the match, as Jarrett rams his left elbow down on the bicep of Flair’s wrenched arm. Jarrett slams his elbow down on Flair’s wrenched arm another five times, with Flair falling after the sixth elbow shot to the arm. Flair drops right onto his chest, looking like a silly old man who shouldn’t be in a wrestling ring. Jarrett laughs again at Flair, who is embarrassing the legend in his home town.

Jarrett backs off Flair, standing back to let The Nature Boy get up to his feet. Ric Flair gets up to his feet, his face filled with shame and embarrassment. Although he is making Jarrett look like a million bucks right now, he is making himself look silly in “Flair Country”. The two men circle each other again, and for the fifth time, engage into a collar and elbow tie-up. Flair is finally able to get in some offense, quickly executing a hammer lock to a loud cheer from the crowd. Flair locks in the hold as hard as he can, making Jarrett scream in pain, drawing a loud pop from the crowd. Flair gets too busy reacting with the crowd, he practically forgets about Jarrett. This gives Double J the opportunity to escape the hammer lock, and locks in a side-head lock. It is total old-school style with the dreaded head lock, as Jarrett locks his arm, tightening the lock around Flair’s head. The pressure is being applied to The Nature Boy, but Flair tires to fight off the head lock. Flair attempts to shove Jarrett into the ropes, but Double J won’t budge, keeping the head lock locked in. Flair continues to try and fight out of the head lock for the next thirty to sixty seconds, Jarrett just simply locks in the head lock even harder. Finally, Flair starts to show signs of passing out: his arms going limp, the color from his face fading and becoming paler. Referee Nick Patrick quickly raises Flair’s arm, checking for a knock out. Patrick releases his hold on Flair’s arm, and it drops- One! Patrick raises Flair’s arm and releases it again… it falls- Two! Once again, Patrick raises Flair’s arm. Could Jarrett get the win this early in the match against the legend that is Ric Flair!? Patrick releases his hold on Flair’s arm for the third time… it falls… but not all the way!

Ric Flair is not out of this match yet ladies and gentleman! The red-hot crowd, who had been clapping their hands together for Flair throughout most of his fight against the head lock, start to chant and scream for Flair. Flair tries to fight off the head lock with an elbow to Jarrett, but to no avail as Jarrett keeps the head lock in. Flair tires one last attempt to get out of the head lock, shoving Jarrett towards the ropes with all of his might. Jarrett can’t fight it, and sails into the ropes, while Flair falls down onto his chest on the canvas after using all of his strength to get out of the head lock. Jarrett bounces off the ropes, and comes back at Flair. Jarrett steps over Flair and keeps running. Jarrett runs off the other ropes and comes back at The Nature Boy, while Flair gets to his feet. Jarrett gets back to Flair, looking for some kind of attack, but Flair is ready, hitting a hip toss!

The fans pop again for Flair, happy to finally see the hometown hero get in some offense. Jarrett is up to his feet quickly, however, but Flair isn’t going to waste time playing with the crowd this time, he attacks Jarrett with a series of knife edge chops! Flair lays into The Chosen One with knife edge chop after knife edge chop, reddening Jarrett’s chest very quickly. Flair goes to work, just chopping Jarrett over and over again, yelling out WOOO here and there too. Flair probably hits about twenty seven knife edge chops on Jarrett until Double J is able to flee the ring, rolling to the outside after being knocked down. As Jarrett rubs his completely red chest, Flair yells out WOOO to the crowd, who Wooo back in return. Flair then gets out onto the apron and hops down to the concrete floor, looking to inflict some more pain to Jeff Jarrett. Flair makes his way over to Jarrett, and goes for another knife edge chop. Jarrett is able to stop the attack before it starts though, landing a quick thumb to the eye! Jarrett pulls a move out of Flair’s repertoire right there. Flair staggers about, and end ups with his back turned to Jarrett. Jeff strikes quickly, hitting a chop block to Flair’s knee! Flair crumbles down to the concrete floor, clutching his left knee. Jarrett continues to savagely attack Flair’s knee though, repeatedly stomping it into the ground. Flair continues to savagely stomp on Flair’s left knee, only stopping when he decides to pull Flair up to his feet by the hair. Jarrett mocks Flair, yelling out Wooo, and then delivering a stiff knife edge chop to the chest! The crowd jeers Jarrett, upset about him stealing one of Flair’s trademark moves. Flair staggers about, but Jarrett continues his attack on Flair, whipping him hard into the steel ring steps. Flair goes knees first right into the steel!

Ric Flair is just being out-powered, out-wrestled, and simply beaten down in this match! Flair holds his left knee and yells in agony, doing a wonderful job of selling Jarrett’s attack on him. Nick Patrick has seen enough, and he orders the two to get back in the ring. Jarrett simply insults Patrick, but does seem to obey his command, pulling The Nature Boy up to his feet. Jarrett rams Flair’s head off of the steel ring post quick, and then rolls him back into the ring. Jarrett goes for a cover right away after getting back into the ring himself- One! Two! Shoulder Up! Flair may have taken a lot of damage in this match, but it going to take a lot more to put him away! Jarrett knows that, but is pissed anyways. The Chosen One jaws a bit with Patrick, but he finally gets to his feet. Flair attempts to do so himself, but struggles to get to his feet. Jarrett grabs Flair by the hair when he sees Ric unable to get to his feet, and pulls him up to his feet. Jarrett hits a straight right hand to Flair’s cranium, and then lifts him up for a belly-to-back suplex. Instead of dropping Flair on his back, Jarrett changes it into a knee breaker! Flair’s left knee just got crushed again!

Ric Flair has taken a total beating in this match, especially on his left knee. Jeff Jarrett isn’t done with Flair yet though. Jarrett grabs Flair’s left ankle and drags him over to the ropes. The Chosen One places Flair’s left ankle on the middle rope, and stands on the bottom rope. Jarrett gains some momentum, bouncing up and down on the bottom rope. Finally, Jarrett jumps off the bottom rope, right onto Flair’s left knee! Jarrett doesn’t stop though, as he quickly puts Flair’s ankle on the middle rope, and repeats the process, crushing Flair’s knee! Flair is howling in anguish, but Jarrett crushes his knee again! Jarrett just threw all of his body weight onto Flair’s already sore knee three times! Flair is complete and total agony, and the crowd is now dead silent, shocked that their hero is being completely destroyed in the match. Jarrett has a smug look on his face, satisfied with his destroying of The Nature Boy. Jarrett grabs Flair by his left ankle, and drags him into the center of the ring. The Chosen One raises Flair’s left leg a bit into the air, and calls out for the Figure 4. Jarrett goes around Flair’s leg, goes through the set-up process, and he has it locked in- Figure Four Leg Lock!

Jeff Jarrett has Flair locked in the move Flair (And Buddy Rogers) made famous! Flair is howling in pain, his knee being ripped apart by Jarrett! Jarrett has the hold locked in as tight as can be, and although Flair desperately tries to wiggle his way to the ropes, he has no chance of getting to the ropes because he’s in the dead center of the ring. Flair fights though, trying his best to move towards the ropes, but it just is no use. Finally, after fighting for almost a half a minute, Flair collapses to the canvas, his shoulders pinned- One! Two! Thr- Shoulder Up! Flair isn’t done yet! The Nature Boy sits up and stares right into the eyes of Jarrett, his face filled with hatred. Flair starts to use his arms to move backwards, getting closer to the ropes behind him. Flair gets about halfway towards his desired destination, the crowd on their feet cheering him on when Jarrett leans his body all the way back, tightening the hold, causing Flair to howl in pain and collapse to the canvas! Flair’s pinned again- One! Two! Three- Shoulder Up! Ric Flair got his right shoulder up just before Patrick’s hand and the mat connected for the third time! Flair looks to be on the verge of tears in pain, but fights on, trying to use his arm strength to get to the ropes. Jarrett tries to defend Flair’s movement, trying to lean back and tighten the hold. Flair, however, is expecting this, and when Jarrett starts to lean back, Flair turns to his side, reversing the hold! Ric Flair has reversed the Figure 4, and now all the pain is on Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett is now the one howling in pain, while Flair yells out as well, the adrenaline flowing throughout his body. Jarrett tries to crawl towards the rope across the ring, but Flair prevents it, reaching out and grabbing onto the ropes near him for leverage. This causes more pain for Jarrett, but overall, it was a bad decision as Patrick forces Flair to break the reverse figure 4. Flair doesn’t so Patrick starts a 5 count. Patrick almost gets to five when Flair breaks off the hold. Both men are down on the canvas, laying down stomach first. Both men show no signs of getting to their feet, so Patrick starts a ten count. Neither man is yet to move as Patrick reaches four, but Jarrett starts getting to his feet right after four. Flair attempts to, but has to use the ropes to assist him in getting to his feet. Jarrett is up to his feet by seven, while Flair is still struggling to get to his. Flair is just about all the way up to his feet, when Jarrett makes his way over to The Nature Boy. Jarrett aims a kick at Flair’s left knee, and it is a direct hit. Flair stumbles, and almost collapses down to the ground. Jarrett grabs him by the hair though, keeping him on his feet. Jarrett pulls Ric up to his feet fully, and places The Nature Boy’s arms behind the top rope, keeping Flair up on his feet. Flair is unable to defend himself, and Jarrett takes advantage of this, connecting with a knife edge chop to the chest! Flair almost fell, but the ropes kept him up. Jarrett shows no remorse, however, hitting Flair with another knife edge chop! Flair almost falls again, but this time, Jarrett grabs Flair’s left arm and whips him across the ring and into the ropes. Flair hobbles across the ring, bounces off the ropes and stumbles back into the center of the ring. Flair hobbles right into Jarrett, and is met with a knee to abdomen. Flair keels over, and Jarrett lines up right to the side of The Nature Boy- He’s looking for The Stroke!

Jarrett latches onto Flair’s arm, and leans back for The Stroke. Jarrett falls forward with the move, but Flair doesn’t budge! Flair is fighting off The Stroke! Jarrett arches back and goes forward again, but Flair stays still again, and Jarrett falls down onto the canvas! Jarrett just made himself look like a fool as he couldn’t hit The Stroke! Jarrett gets up to his feet in anger, and blindly charges Flair, throwing a wild clothesline. Flair ducks it with ease, but selling his injury all the while. Jarrett charges The Nature Boy again, but Flair side steps, and Jarrett runs right past Flair! Jarrett keeps running though, bouncing off the ropes and coming back at Flair. The Nature Boy is ready for Double J though and connects with a thumb to the eye! Jarrett is staggering, and Flair rolls him up- ONE! TWO! THREE!

Oh my! Oh my God! Ric Flair just beat Jeff Jarrett! Flair rolled up an over zealous Chosen One and got the upset! Ric Flair stumbles up to his feet, his arms raised in triumph. Flair can’t believe he just beat Jarrett, and the crowd is screaming and cheering for Flair, ecstatic that their hero just got the victory. Jarrett can’t believe it! Jeff is on his knees on the canvas, his mouth wide open in shock. Jarrett gets to his feet, his mouth still gaped. Flair turns around to continue his celebration, only to end up standing eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, with ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett! The two stare into each other’s eyes, only for Flair and Jarrett both to crack a grin! Flair backs off Jarrett, and extends his right hand to Jeff! Jeff takes The Nature Boy’s hand with his, and the two shake hands and then embrace! Flair and Jarrett are embracing in the ring, showing their respect for another. The fans are on their feet, applauding both men for their hard-fought match. Flair releases the embrace, but Jarrett holds onto Flair’s hand! Flair looks confused, not understanding why Jarrett won’t let go. The smile on Jarrett’s face disappears, and The Chosen One starts to shake his head form left to right. Jeff Jarrett decks Ric Flair with a low blow!

The Chosen One just swerved Ric Flair and the crowd! Jarrett made it seem like he respected Flair after this match, but he just kick Flair right in the groin! Flair keels over form the low blow, but Jarrett quickly lines up to the side of Flair- Stroke! Ric Flair just got taken out! Ric Flair is down and out, and Jarrett leaves the outside of the ring. The Chosen One doesn’t seem to be finished though, as Double J grabs a steel chair and throws it into the ring, and also grabs his acoustic guitar! Jarrett gets into the ring with his guitar, and waits for Flair to get to his feet. Flair slowly does, and Jarrett simply stands there, lining him up for a guitar shot. Flair gets to his feet, and- Jarrett breaks the acoustic guitar over Flair’s head! Oh my; Ric Flair is busted open! Ric Flair is bleeding profusely from the head! The Chosen One isn’t finished though! Double J grabs Flair by the hair, which is now turning red with Flair’s crimson face. Jarrett grabs Flair’s left arm and lines up to the side of Flair again. Jarrett arches backwards and falls forward- Stroke to Flair on the steel chair! Oh my God! Ric Flair is out! Jeff Jarrett leaves the ring, while EMT’s hurry down to the ring to attend to the bloodied Ric Flair!

Ric Flair def. Jeff Jarrett at 17:47
Star Rating: *** (88, 93, 79)

Schiavone: Ric Flair wins a great match right here, but Jeff Jarrett just couldn’t deal with not being the better man!

Tenay: Ric Flair won a possible match of the year tonight, and he tried to make peace afterwards. Ric Flair knows Jeff Jarrett is the future of this company, but Jeff just couldn’t deal with losing to Ric Flair tonight. Flair tried to make peace with the Chosen One after that, but Jeff had to attack him!

Schiavone: And it was a disgusting attack! Jarrett busted up The Nature Boy with that guitar after he already hit him with a Stroke. And then, if that wasn’t enough, he hit Flair with the Stroke on that steel chair!

Tenay: Well, EMT’s are attending to Ric Flair as we speak. They are currently helping The Nature Boy backstage now, but, Tony, do you know what is coming up next!?

Schiavone: I know exactly what is coming up next, Professor! It is time for the main event! Booker T defends his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner!

Booker T © vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)- WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Pre-Match: Each man makes their entrance to the ring, but is not introduced. After all three men make their entrance into the ring, with Booker T being last, David Penzer makes the introductions.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event, and is for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has an hour time limit! First, the challengers. He is hailing from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, weighing in at 253 pounds, Diamond Dallas Page! Next, hailing from Bay City, Michigan, weighing in at 276 pounds, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Finally, the champion. Hailing from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 250 pounds, he is your WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T!

Booker T raises his Title high into the air before handing it over to Senior Official Randy ‘Pee-Wee’ Anderson. Anderson raises the title into the air, showing off the prize these three men will be fighting for. Anderson then goes to the edge of the ring, and hands the belt to a stage hand. Penzer gets out of the ring, and with everything set, Anderson calls for the bell to be rung. The bell is rung, and the main event is official under way!

The three men stand in the ring, staring each other down. The match starts off with words, not fists, as Steiner cocks off to both men, calling them “little bitches”. That probably wasn’t the smartest move on Steiner’s part because it just leads to DDP and Booker T both charging Steiner! The two men both right Steiner in the face with right hands, and then both connect with simultaneous knife edge chops to the chest of Big Poppa Pump. The two faces continue to work together, whipping Steiner across the ring and into the ropes. BBP comes racing back at the two, but ends up taking a back body drop! Scott Steiner quickly staggers to his feet, but gets knocked down by DDP and Booker T again, taking a double clothesline over the top rope to the outside of the ring! Scott Steiner has taken a beating in the beginning of this match; his actions haven’t backed up his words so far!

With Scott Steiner out of the ring, Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T look to duke it out. The two engage in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, with the two fighting for a better position of the other. DDP starts to over-power Booker, gaining leverage on T, forcing Booker’s back to arch backwards. DDP continues to out-power the champion, but Booker fights back lunging forward in one quick motion, landing a head butt to DDP’s head! That attack breaks the lock up, and Page staggers backwards. Booker looks to keep his momentum going, running off the ropes and coming back at Page. Booker takes down DDP with a running clothesline, getting a pop from the crowd. DDP staggers to his feet from the clothesline, and Booker T pounces, looking to end this match early. Booker sets Page up for the Book End! Booker has him all set up for his variation of the uranage, but Scott Steiner gets back into the ring and breaks things up, hitting Booker with a double sledge to the upper back! Booker staggers forward, and Steiner takes down both DDP and Booker, knocking down Page with a clothesline and Booker with a running forearm to the back of the head! And just like that, Scott Steiner has taken control here in the match!

Both DDP and Booker T down, but BPP looks to keep the offense rolling in for him, hitting his patented elbow drop onto DDP after kissing his bicep muscle. Steiner gets up and does his elbow drop again, this time to Booker T. Steiner follows up the spot with push ups, being the cocky bad ass that he is. Steiner’s push ups draw jeers from the crowd, leading to Steiner flipping the Charlotte fans off when he gets to his feet. Scott Steiner doesn’t bother to wait for his opponents to get to their feet, pulling Booker T up to his feet first. Steiner connects with a right hand to the temple, and then whips the Booker Man hard into the corner turnbuckles. Steiner then pulls Page up to his feet, and looks to do the same to him. Page counters however, hitting a quick knee to the mid-section of Steiner, and whipping him right into the corner Booker T was in. Steiner runs right into Booker T, squashing him in the corner! Steiner staggers out of the corner, and turns around in a groggy state to face Page. Steiner isn’t ready to defend himself from an attack against Page, and Diamond hits Steiner with a Diamond Cutter!

Scott Steiner is down and out already! DDP makes a cover- ONE! TWO! BROKEN UP! Booker T breaks the count up before three with a knee drop to the back of Page’s head! Booker T tries to gain a quick advantage now, pulling Page up to his feet quickly before he can recover from the knee drop. Booker squares off with Page, nailing him in the head multiple times with right hands. Booker goes to whip Page into the ropes, but Page hits the breaks, rotating his body so he ends up facing Booker instead of going into the ropes. Diamond Dallas lands a quick toe-kick to the mid-section, and follows up with a DDT! Booker is down! Steiner is down! Diamond Dallas Page is now the one in control! Page is about to go for a cover, but Booker T is already stirring. Page decides against making the cover, grabbing Book by the hair and dragging him to his feet instead. Page connects with a right hand, and sends Booker into the ropes. However, as soon as Page sends Booker into the ropes he is crushed with a Steinerline! Page goes down hard, and Steiner takes his spot in the ring. Booker comes running back towards Steiner now, and gets taken out with a nasty-looking Samoan drop!

That looked nasty! Booker T almost landed on his head from that nasty Samoan drop! Booker T and Page are both down, and BPP makes a quick cover on Booker- One! Two! Kick Out! Close, but no cigar for Scott Steiner! Booker T isn’t going to be put away that easily! Both Booker T and DDP are down though, and Scott Steiner has regained control of this match once again. BPP gets to his feet, bringing DDP with him this time. Steiner connects with a right hand, and then another right. Page is staggering, but gets whipped into the ropes. Page bounces off the ropes and comes back at Steiner, but Scott knocks Diamond down with a standing shoulder block. BPP then turns his attention to Booker T, who is starting to get to his feet. Steiner connects with a right hand to Booker’s temple, and then wraps his arms around Booker’s chest. Booker has nowhere to run, and gets pelted with a swinging belly-to-belly suplex! Booker T is down, but Diamond Dallas Page is back up on his feet! Page lunges at Steiner, but Steiner simply catches Page, and hit him with a T-Bone suplex! Steiner makes a cover- ONE! TWO! THRE- Kick Out! Scott Steiner is in complete and total control of this match at it reaches the nine minute mark.

Steiner gets to his feet, waiting for Booker T and/or Diamond Dallas Page to get to their feet. While waiting, Steiner flexes his muscles, showing off his steroid-injected body to the Charlotte crowd. The audience doesn’t take to kindly to seeing a body made by steroids, and boo him. A small portion of the crowd start chanting “You’re on steroids”, but it isn’t really picked up by the cameras. Booker T slowly starts getting to his feet, as does Page. Booker is up first, but he simply takes a Steiner right hand. Steiner whips Booker into the corner, and then turns his focus to Page. Steiner whips Page into the ropes, and when Page comes back, Steiner hits a botched power slam that almost drops Page right on his neck! Page’s look a bit out of it from the power slam, but Steiner doesn’t bother to see if he’s okay, focusing his attention on Booker T. Booker is standing in the corner, trying to catch his breath. Steiner runs (well, slowly jogs) at Booker T, looking for a running avalanche. Booker is rested enough though to move out of the way, and Steiner runs right into the corner turnbuckles! Steiner staggers backwards and turns around, trying to catch his breath after losing it from the impact of the turnbuckles smashing his sternum. Steiner turns around, but Booker T is right there! Booker T hits the Book End! Big Poppa Pump is down! Booker T is down as well, but slowly starts to get to his feet after a couple of moments. T gets up to his feet, and so does Diamond Dallas Page! Booker charges Page, but DDP connects with an elbow to the chin! Page is going for the Diamond Cutter! Page is about to hit the Cutter, but Booker counters, shoving Page into the ropes! Diamond comes bouncing back at Booker, but Book hits a toe kick to the gut. Diamond is keeled over! Booker runs off the ropes and connects with the Harlem Axe Kick! Diamond Dallas Page is down! Scott Steiner is down! Booker T is down too! All three men are down!

With all three men down and showing no signs of movement, Anderson starts a ten count. Anderson counts, and reaches five, with no man showing signs of movement yet. Page and Steiner start coming to at six though, and Page at seven. Anderson reaches eight, and BBP and Booker are slowly getting to their feet, using the ropes for support. Anderson reaches nine, and Page is getting up to his as well! Anderson is just about to reach ten, but all three make it to their feet! The crowd is buzzing, applauding that all three men are up on their feet. The three men look at each other, their faces filled with exhaustion. Booker T’s face should show it the most, he’s taken the most pain in this match. However, it is Scott Steiner looking the most exhausted. The match is at the eleven and a half minute mark, meaning it has gone ninety seconds longer than Scott Steiner can go in a match without it turning shitty. Diamond Dallas Page makes his way closer to Booker T, and suggests those two take out Steiner. Booker nods his head, and starts to make his way towards Steiner, but Page hits him from behind with a right forearm to the back of T’s head! Booker T staggers forward after getting hit by the cheap shot from DDP, staggering right into a Steiner Steinerline! Booker just got his head damn near decapitated! Booker is down and out!

Scott Steiner goes for a cover, but Page stops that by getting in Big Poppa Pump’s face. Steiner and Page exchange words, arguing over who should pin Booker. Steiner doesn’t like DDP arguing with him, and shoves him! Page staggers backwards, but hits Steiner with a right hand to the jaw in retaliation! Steiner touches his jaw with his right hand, somewhat shocked at the punch. Steiner looks at Page, only to get hit with another right hand! It’s on between BBP and DDP! The two men start going at with right hands, and the crowd gets into their duel, cheering for DDP. Steiner starts to get the upper hand however, landing a surprise left upper cut to DDP amidst the wild right hands. Page staggers backwards, and BBP capitalizes, hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Steiner makes a cover, and Booker is down- ONE! TWO! THREE

KICK OUT! Diamond Dallas Page kicked out of Steiner’s patented overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Steiner is shocked and pissed! Big Poppa Pump gets top his feet and gets right into the face of Randy Anderson, yelling at him for making a “slow” count. Anderson isn’t intimidated though, getting right back in Steiner’s face. Steiner and Anderson continue to exchange words, yelling and screaming threats to another. Finally, Steiner shoves Anderson! Anderson shoves Steiner back! Steiner throws a right hand at Anderson, but Randy ducks it and runs underneath Steiner’s arm! Big Poppa Pump turns around, and- DIAMOND CUTTER! Scott Steiner’s roid rage just may have cost him the match! DDP is about to make a cover, but- Harlem Side Kick to Page! Booker T got to his feet and connected with his Harlem Side Kick! Page doesn’t go down, but is staggering around the ring, bent over. Booker capitalizes quickly, hitting Page with the Harlem Axe Kick! Diamond Dallas Page is down! Scott Steiner is down! Booker T is down!

All three men are down, but Booker T starts getting to his feet rather quickly. Scott Steiner is down for the count, not moving at all. DDP is stirring, so Booker T grabs him by the head and slowly pulls him to his feet. Booker connects with a hard right hand to Page’s fights, and sets him up for the Book End. Page is exhausted, and he can’t fight it- Book End! Page gets the Book End! Cover- ONE! TWO! THREE! Booker T retains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Booker T def. Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner to retain at 15:58 (Booker pins Page)
Star Rating: ** ¼ (84, 89, 74)

Who Is Da Man!?

Booker T’s music hits, and the post-match celebrations begin for Booker T. Booker stands tall, raising his arms in triumph. Randy Anderson receives the belt from a stage hand and gives it to Booker, and then raises Booker’s arm, indicating he is indeed the winner of the main event. DDP and Scott Steiner both slowly start getting to their feet, but Booker makes no acknowledgement of it, continuing to celebrate. The fans are applauding Booker, but they start to scream their heads off when the music of GOLDBERG hits! Goldberg walks out onto the entrance stage! Booker T is shocked, his mouth wide open in shock and probably fear. Scott Steiner and DDP, who both are on their feet, are in shock too. Goldberg marches down the entrance aisle, wearing jeans and a Goldberg t-shirt. Goldberg marches right down into the ring, and gets into the ring. Goldberg stares down all three men, when Scott Steiner lunges at Goldberg- SPEAR! Scott Steiner feels a Spear! Diamond Dallas Page attacks Goldberg next, hitting him with a right hand. Goldberg no-sells it! Goldberg hits a knee strike to DDP’s gut, and locks him in a front face lock. Goldberg hoists him up into the air- JACKHAMMER!

Goldberg just took out both Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page! Goldberg then turns his attention to Booker T, who now has the World Heavyweight Title Belt slung over his shoulder. Goldberg walks right up to Booker T, who gets right into Goldberg’s face! The two start mouthing off to another, and Goldberg cheap shots him! Goldberg just sucker punched Booker T! Booker T staggers backwards, and the crowd are booing Goldberg! Goldberg charges- SPEAR! Booker T just got Speared! The crowd is booing Goldberg like crazy right now, although some are still cheering him. Goldberg isn’t finished; he’s picking Booker T back up to his feet! Goldberg locks the champion in a front face lock, and lifts him up into the air. Goldberg stalls, showing his power, only to drop him with the JACKHAMMER! Goldberg has just taken out the World Champion, Big Poppa Pump, and Diamond Dallas Page! Goldberg has completely destroyed three of WCW’s top tier wrestlers! WCW’s arguably hottest face ever is being booed out of the building right now, and the fans in Charlotte are throwing trash into the ring! Goldberg gets a microphone from a stage hand, and picks up the fallen WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Goldberg: Booker T, YOU’RE NEXT!

Segment Rating: 75%

Schiavone: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Goldberg! Professor, Goldberg has just returned to World Championship Wrestling!

Tenay: And he just returned in a huge way! He just took out the World Champion, Scott Steiner, and Diamond Dallas Page!

Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, we are out of time! But please, tune into WCW.com and Monday Nitro to find out the latest on everything that is happening in World Championship Wrestling! Thank you for ordering Slamboree, goodnight everybody!

Overall Rating: 74%

Prediction Contest Winners to be in Next Post

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