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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
So the Democ-Rick-cy is over?
The DemocRICKcy is just beginning. It's the Ricktatorship that's over.

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
the whole "convincing" him took about 6 minutes.

the entire thing was rushed and stupid.
I felt the whole episode was rushed. This needed to be one of those really slow episodes that just focused on Merle and Michonne with some great dialogue written for them. But they had to set up their situation and then get them out on the road while giving Rick plenty of scenes to regret his decision. They didn't have enough time to give the two characters the interaction they needed. I can't see how they could have stretched out what happened over two episodes though, so the only other option would be an extended episode, which they probably don't have a choice about.

I also thought they slightly botched the scene with Hershel reading the Bible over the other scenes. That could have been an epic montage but it didn't quite click.

Originally Posted by MetalX View Post
Glenn dies in the finale I think, if not him then maggie.

They can't have a happy wedding this is a zombie apocalypse, plus there relationship storyline is pretty much done with the proposal and all, one of them needs to die to develop the other.
Betting on Maggie, as her death would be the final nail in the coffin of nice guy Glenn.

A Maggie-less Glenn bent on revenge against the zombies would be way better than a grieving Maggie who hasn't developed even a tiny bit all season.

Originally Posted by JoseBxNYC View Post
I'm thinking Rick uses the prison sirens and lays a trap for Woodberry
The clip in the preview of the rocket launcher firing at the watchtower made me think this. They've teased the Woodbury crew going in and blitzing them to fuck.

But will they be there? And if the prison crew aren't there, what the fuck is? I hope it's not too silly as the prison crew blatantly don't have much time to set anything massive up, but hopefully the writers have a nice surprise for us, and a nasty one for the Governor.

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