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Re: Bouncers

Originally Posted by Dartz View Post
Hello everyone, i'm angry.

Last night, i went out clubbing with a top notch pal of mine. After absolutely destroying him on Fifa 8 times in a row, and after necking back countless amounts of beers, i was an extremely hyper man. After having to endure a taxi driver who smelt like an out of date pile of shit, i entered the nightclub. I was buzzin, i was keen to grind on any female out there, i didn't care if they were 5 stone or 150 stone, i was convinced Dartz was taking a girl home back to this 430 double bed. Well i was wrong.

Two bald, and seemingly bored bouncers decided that they would be a cunt, and decided to throw me out, FOR NO REASON. All i did was did the worm on the dance floor, albeit i took it abit to far when i chopped a small itallian man in the throat, but still. What made it worse, is the cunt got me in a choke hold, and threw me onto the pavement outside

Why do bouncers intentionally piss people off? These are the same bouncers who took another mate of mine into a room and beat him like a government mule because he was mosh pitting. I ended up going home at 1:30 am.

Now it may just be the bouncers in my area, but has anyone else ever been angered by bouncers? I can't stand them.
You got too drunk and then you/your boy got physical with other people, and you wonder why you got thrown out?

Fuck outta here.

I'd have thrown your ass out just for doing the worm in public in 2013.
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