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Originally Posted by Dartz View Post
I made that thread months ago mate, infact this is like my 3rd ever rant.
Originally Posted by Dartz View Post
2 weeks ago, my friend introduced me to cocaine, or Charlie as they call it. At first i hesitated, but after a while, i thought fuck it, what bad can it do? I sniffed 3 lines, and ended up fucking a 54 stone slut. Oh well i thought, shit happens.

2 nights ago, i sniffed it for the 2nd time. I managed to resist shagging any overgrown pigs this time, however, 2 days later, and i'm absolutely craving for another line.

I've become addicted!! I need more. I'm on the verge of going mental. I've asked my mate if they have any, and they don't.

Does anyone on this forum wanna sell me a gram? I will walk to your town or city or country or w/e. I will do a shit in the town center while singing Robbie William songs with cunt tattood across my forehead if i have to. JUST SOMEONE SELL ME A FUCKING LINE OF COKE BEFORE I WALK INTO A PHONE BOOTH AND BLOW MYSELF UP WITH A GRENADE.
You've made like over 10 rants. This was you at your trolling best. Now we just get a cheap imitation
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