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Re: Opinion: PPV-schedule

I know most people hate the gimmick PPVS, but I kind of like them. Sorry! There are 2 major problems with them though: the names are often rubbish (Elimination Chamber or Extreme Rules aren't very endearing names for a wrestling show) and the fact that the novelty of special matches such as Hell in a Cell is ruined because you know they will happen and they are used for feuds which haven't reached the necessary level to make such a match type worthwhile. However, I do think the gimmicks help the match quality - MITB 2011 was one of the greatest WWE PPVs ever, not just because of the great main event, but because it was backed up by an exciting undercard which helped to elevate young stars such as Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio. TLC 2012 encouraged the bookers to think innovatively and give us the Shield/Hell No + Ryback TLC match, which was awesome and would not have been considered for an ordinary ppv. With that said, this would be my ideal, 10-show-per-year PPV schedule:

January: Royal Rumble
February: No Way Out (Elimination Chamber Main Event, maybe the opener is EC too)
March/April: WrestleMania
May: Backlash ('Extreme' WM rematches)
June: Breaking Point (I actually love this concept, but its execution in 2009 wasn't great - the Main Event(s) is/are a Submission/Iron-Man/I Quit/Last Man Standing match to fit the PPV name)
July: King of the Ring (the tournament winner gets a WWE/World title match at Summerslam - a Royal Rumble equivalent)
August: Summerslam
September/October: TLC (1 TLC match, 1 Ladder match, 1 Tables match, 1 Chairs match - I like this concept, it always results in a entertaining show, and it made the inevitable trainwreck of a Triple H/Kevin Nash match actually quite decent!)
November: Survivor Series (a traditional 5-vs-5 Elimination Tag match should be the main event)
December: Armageddon (1 Hell in a Cell main event to close the year's out in dramatic style)

Basically, I would keep the gimmick PPVs, but change their names and tone down the number of matches using the gimmicks in order to make the PPVs less formulaic and predictable
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