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Hey everyone what is up? I have some news concerning the death of my 1 of my wrestling heros Curt "Mr.Perfect" Hennig. It was reported that the test of his autopsy will not be relaesed for another 6-8 weeks, just thot i would pass this news onto all of you.
Curt Hennig (1958-2003)
You will be missed!

I bet he has already gave out a few Perfect-Plexs to some of his old friends.

Anywayz on to the show

Music, Pyro

Apocolyips comes down to the ring with some creepy thunder noises and a new theme. (They are Big Showless)

Triple H: Show get your big hairy smelly sweaty self out here right now.

Big Show wlaks down

Show: What
Triple H: What do you mean what?
Show: What did i do? Oh wait you mean that thing with Paul last week right?
Triple H: YA
Show: Well Hunter its not my fault I wasn't the one who told the driver to go and not come back!
Triple H slaps Show
Show grabs HHH and then Apocolyips attacks him with chairs, a lead pipe, and a crowbar.

They leave him a bloody mess


We come back and Show is still in the ring motionless. Then Brock Lesnars music hits and Here Comes The PAIN!!!

Lesnar slaps Show around and then F-5s him. Then Apocolyips comes down and when Brock is about to nail HHH they hug. Lesnar has joined Apocolyips.

We cut to the back and see the Ultimo Dragon and his Cursier Weight title on the way to the ring.


Match 1.
Cursier Weight Title
Ultimo Dragon (C) vs. Shannon Moore

They have a great match and they ht awsome hig-flying moves. The End comes when Moore goes for a Moonsault but the Dragon moves and Moore crashes into the mat and then he locks on the Dragon-Sleeper.

Winner: The Ultimo Dragon

After the Match
Some fan in a mask jumps the rail and hits a Hurricaneranna on the Dragon then pulls the mask off and its SUPER CRAZY.


Match 2
#1 contenders match for the Tag Team Titles
3MW vs Version 1 (The Hardy Boyz)

3MW has the upper hand for thewhole match until Brian Kendrick runs acros the ring naked. The stunned 3MW are not paying attention allowing Version 1 to pick up the victory.

Winners: Version 1

After the match
2 manjump the stands and attack Version 1 the 2 men are EDGE AND CHRISTIAN.

I'm Back hits
and Bischoff says
Eric: Ok thats it Edge Christian since it looks like you 2 want a tag title match i'll give you one. Thats right. Next Week it'll be Edge & Christian vs Version 1 vs The Dudley Boyz in a TLC match Thank you.


We come back and JR and King are in shock

Main Event
#1 Contenders match for the World itle Next Week
Triple H vs HBK

These 2 pumble the living hell outta eack other and HBK fends off Apocolyips. The end sees the ref get knocked down and then Brock Lesnar runs into the ring and gives Triple H the F-5 HBK pins hunter and ges the 1-2-3.

Winner: HBK

After the Match
Apocolyips is furious and they are flipping out on the stage and then the Big Show runns up behind them, and beats them up. We end the show with Lesnar giving Show a big glare.


Thats it hope you all like it
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