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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

April 1, 2001- Outside Ric Flair’s Mansion- 11:13 PM

Bischoff couldn’t believe what he was almost pulling himself into. Did he really want to go back on his word? He knew if WCW was to be successful, it couldn’t if have the politics backstage that this deal and Nash would bring. And it was at that point in time that Bischoff realized he was never Nash’s real friend. He was a puppet that Nash had all along. Bischoff was a man with power that Nash manipulated ever since 1996. Bischoff gave Nash the power… then, but not now… not any more.

Bischoff: Fuck you.

Nash was stunned. After a few moments of silence, Nash finally regained his voice.

Nash: What the fuck did you just say to me Eric?

Bischoff: You heard me; I said fuck you. Ever sine you came into WCW in 1996, you played me like a fucking fiddle! You dangled me around like some damn poppet, using me to get yourself power and glory. I brought you into WCW! I gave you the New World Order! I gave you the WCW Heavyweight championship! I gave it all to you! When did I get something in return!? You didn’t give me shit! Not one fucking time did you repay me for all the things I did for you; not fucking once!

Eric was fuming. All of his pent up rage of 5 years was now coming out of his mouth. He realized how much he hated Nash, and how he, nor WCW, needed him.

Bischoff: You’re an egotistical dick, Kevin! You aren’t half the wrestler or name you think you are! If it wasn’t for the wrestling ability of Scott, and the name value of Terry, you wouldn’t be shit! You were never the big thing in the nWo! Never! You can’t wrestle worth shit! You can’t sell a PPV worth shit! You’re the fucking reason WCW is in the predicament it is in now! You and that fucking ‘finger-poke’ idea with Hogan back in ’99! You almost killed WCW before Kevin! I’m not going to let you come into the new WCW and kill it for good! Fuck you Kevin Nash!

And with that said, Bischoff closed his cell phone, hanging up on Nash. He had given Nash everything in WCW, and because of that, WCW was no longer under the heavy financial backing of Ted Turner. WCW no longer had Monday Nitro, Thunder, or Saturday Night. Because of guys like Kevin Nash, WCW was almost dead. Eric Bischoff finally came to his sense, and realized, WCW does not need Kevin Nash. Eric Bischoff was done being involved with secret deals, however… Ric Flair was not.

April 1, 2001- Ric Flair’s Bedroom- 11:21

Ric Flair was on his cell phone with Jeff Jarrett, a man who was yet to sign a new WCW contract.

Flair: Look Jeff, I understand you completely, I agree that you should get a run as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. You are the Chosen One for this company, and in my opinion, the New Age Nature Boy.

Jeff Jarrett: Ya damn right I am Ric, and that is why I think we should just add that stipulation into my new contract.

Jeff Jarrett wanted the exact same thing Kevin Nash wanted; a guaranteed World Heavyweight Title reign. Jeff, however, was much more deserving a World Title reign than Nash. Jarrett was a better wrestler, arguably better on the mic than Nash, was younger, and wasn’t going to be like Nash (as much) with the backstage politics. Ric Flair wanted to give Jarrett the guaranteed World Heavyweight Title reign. He liked Jeff, and knew he was World Champion material. However, if Flair did this, wouldn’t he just be liked Bischoff then? Would he stoop down to Eric’s level if he made a secret agreement with Jeff, no matter how much he liked Jeff and thought Jeff deserved the reign? What would Steve do in this situation? What would he say if he found out? But then again, Ric thought, what would Jeff do if Ric wouldn’t allow him to have the guaranteed Title reign? Would he refuse to sign the contract and never return to WCW? Ladies and gentleman, Ric Flair had a dilemma.

Should Ric…

A) Agree to giving Jarrett a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship Reign
B) Tell Jarrett he won’t make any secret deals; he can’t have a guaranteed Reign
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