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Re: TV Show Thread: Season/Series 2 (NO FUCKING SPOILERS)

Seabs put down your magic stars and divert your eyes away from the Rob Kazinsky poster in your room and get on Its Always Sunny Season 3. Hiding this because I want to ramble and elaborate but I have the decency to not spoil it for you.

Spoiler for Season 3 thoughts:
Sensational. Utterly sensational. Better than Season 2 and again the show peaks from its prior outing. All the characters were utterly reprehensible, the plots were creative and utterly spectacular and in the process we got a recurring character: Rickety Cricket!

McPoyles in Episode 2 & 4 were spectacular. Loved Episode 4 in particular with how each member of the gang purposefully conspired to save their own end and screw the others over. Dee developing Stockholm Syndrome was a great developing gag and the tease at the end with the brother falling off the roof was inspired. The McPoyle brother in Episode 2 was another triumph. Loved Frank tripping balls whilst unaware he was surrounded by people and the payoff to the McPoyle brother having his NFL dreams shattered. The McPoyles are terrific recurring characters and I was honestly gutted they didn't appear in the Season finale what with the whole 'Gangs vs Enemies' theme they had going on.

"Alluminum Monster vs Fatty Magoo" was my favourite episode of the season and for my money the best episode of the show up from Season 1-3. Everything clicked here. Dennis' side story and narcissism was at its best and I loved every scene he had with Ingrid, with the ending being the most memorable and made all the more better with the Cop commenting on Dennis being cool in High School and wondering what became of him. Loved how Dennis is so insecure and conceited that to him only he could be the perfect model. Charlie, Mac & Frank in the feckin' sweatshop had me in hysterics. The damn Hitler messages broadcast over the PA, the Steam Horn for closing time, it was just magical. Chaotic, absurd yet immensely funny.

'The Gang sells out' was another stellar outing. Loved how they explored the theme of their rambling and incoherent arguments from the perspective of an outsider, with the businessman forced to continually witness their discussions and views on trivial matters. Them finding out he was gay and then commenting on Bears and Twinks was the standout moment here. Frank & the Yellow Jackets literally had me in howling with laughter. Them being a doo wop group on the side was hysterical and the ending with Hawky perishing on the doorstep was just priceless. The salute to his life at the end somehow surpassed it. Play on in heaven you quirky but loveable old bastard you!

Episodes 8-11 were again of a high standard. Loved Mac & Charlie trying to make their idea of gripping news and the parallel of Dennis & Dee looking to become famous to prove their own point. Felt like a logical extension to split them up and the results were wonderful. The half-naked dancing man from Public Access being next to Dennis in the club was immense. All the build up to setting Dee on fire was just too good. Them lighting a match in the Well might just have eclipsed the build-up to burning the building. The episode with Dee's boyfriend possibly being retarded was sensational mainly for 'The Nightman' and Charlie & Dennis' musical ambition dieing a quick and painful (for the audience who had to endure them) death. 'Mac is a serial killer' was a brilliant Charlie showcase with him turning it into a Law & Order episode with his comical overreacting and playing to cop show cliches. His commentary when Mac is being 'propositioned' was priceless, "I'll allow it" when Mac confirms he's going round for sex slayed me. 'Dennis looks like a registered sex offender' for me was the lesser of these episodes, but still very good. Mac & Charlie's paranoia saved the episode to some degree when they suspected they were to be killed and I was disappointed with the Dennis side story. It really felt like for this show that they could have explored it in greater detail.

The 2 part Mob war episode was a fine outing, particularly Part 2 where everything just descended into anarchy. Charlie & Dee was reminscent of Dennis & Dee on crack with their antics and hallucinations and the addition of Rickety Cricket as their unwitting pawn in their quest was amazing. Absolutely creased myself when he without realisation offered himself up to the mob & was singing on his exit out of the bar. The brilliance however centred on Dennis being a male escort and Frank's obsession resulting in a Pimp-prostitute relationship. Nearly died at him giving Dennis a backrup and the scene in front of the mirror where he talked about treating him 'real good'. The sort of thing that could only happen on this show and they nailed it.

"Bums: Making a Mess all over the City" was carried by the Dennis, Frank & Charlie story. Charlie as Serpico was . Day killed it in all those scenes and again its amazing to see how horrible Dennis & Frank could become as corrupt cops in less than a day. 'Agent Jack Bauer' was a marvellous addition and I absolutely lost it at the thought they were going to have him perish in the fire. The finale had some pretty great moments, namely all the conspiring between the gang and namely the dance challenges with Rickety collapsing and Charlie out-dancing Dennis being the highlights. Loved how they set up Dennis losing what with Mac earlier being horrendous and them cutting to him having lost, you just knew when they made Charlie initially appear to be terrible the payoff would be that he was actually great and Dennis would suffer. Dennis being convinced an engaged woman was into him again highlighted his amazing depth in arrogance.

So um yeah, amazing season of television.
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