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Re: Friendship over the internet

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
It really goes both ways when it comes to 'flaws'. There are a lot of different perceptions on the internet.

Dating and friendship, though, those are obviously two different things when it comes to online relationships with people you have never met. IMO, it's a lot more 'normal' to consider people friends on the internet. There are some people here I consider friends and whom I talk to both here and outside the forum on a regular basis. We see how we act daily and know a lot more about one another than people just randomly passing by in a forum whom you don't develop any sort of relationship towards.

Dating, on the other hand, online, is a little weird to me....I get that you can find someone who has common interests, is funny, interesting, etc., but, I just find it a little weird to say you are dating or 'in love' when you haven't even met....you can have an infatuation with someone online, but, there is a difference between that and actually being in love with someone....I see being 'in love' with someone online the same as how we feel towards celebrities/athletes/etc. that we 'love'. We actually aren't IN LOVE with them, we just want to bone them/suck their dicks, but, to act like there is a deep meaning relationship towards someone you have never met....that is just odd to me.

Not saying it can't happen...but, I think the 'love' part should come after people have met up a few times, not 'we are dating' yet you've never met and live in different parts of the world type of thing.
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