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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

April 1, 2001- Ric Flairís Mansion- 10:18 PM

Almost a week has passed since Night of the Champions, and the week deadline for the members of WCW to decide on which contract they were going to choose was almost up. Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and Steve Borden were all sitting in the living room of the Flair Mansion in North Carolina, going through contracts, and discussing who all has signed with WCW, left WCW, and who is yet to make a decision.

Ric Flair: Okay, so far the following people have left WCW: Alex Wright, Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Knobbs, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Leia Meow, Major Gunns, MI Smooth, Paisley, Reno, Shawn Stasiak, and Wayne Debruce.

Steve Borden: Air Paris, AJ Styles, Big Vito, Billy Kidman, Booker T, Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Crowbar, Daffney, David Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, Don Harris, Elix Skipper, Hugh Morris, Jamie Knoble, Jim Duggan, Johnny The Bull, Kaz Hayashi, Kid Romeo, Konnan, Lance Storm, Larry Zbysko, Lash Leroux, Mark Jindrak, Midajah, Mike Awesome, Mike Sanders, Rey Misterio Jr., Rick Steiner, Road Warrior Animal, Ron Harris, Sean OíHaire, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Terry Funk, The Wall, Tygress, and Yang have all signed the new WCW contracts. Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Miss Jones, and Norman Smiley all signed the WCW contracts, but we rejected their contracts and released them. Sid has decided to retire from wrestling after the incident at Sin.

Eric Bischoff: And of course, Buff Bagwell, Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Stevie Ray, and The Cat have not made a decision yet. Booker said that Stevie was going to retire from wrestling, but would possibly commentate or be a road agent for us.

Borden: Buff and Lex will sign, Lex was telling me yesterday he wants to sign with us, same with Buff.

Flair: Lord only knows what is up with Steiner, Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett, and Goldberg. What about Nash Bischoff? I assume you two have been in contact lately.

Bischoff: Honestly, I havenít been in touch with Nash at all. He hasnít called me about the contracts, and Iím not going to call him. If he wants to stay with WCW, he should call me and tell me. I shouldnít have to call him.

Although thatís what Bischoff said, it isnít what Bischoff meant. Bischoff had indeed called Kevin numerous times this week, but only ever gotten a hold of Kevin once. Nash didnít like the pay he would receive as part of the new contract, and was thinking about not signing over that. That conversation was held on Thursday, and every time Bischoff called Kevin after that, he never got an answer from Kevin.

Borden: Well, I say we set a deadline for tomorrow at 7 PM. If any of the undecided wrestlers havenít made contact with any of us by the deadline, we call the wrestlers and get a decision from them right away.

Flair: If they refuse to give us an answer, we cut up their AOL-Time Warner contract, and refuse to let them in WCW.

Flair stared right at Bischoff as he said this, letting Bischoff know he was only talking about Kevin Nash.

Bischoff: That sounds like a good idea. Now listen guys, I really think we need to make sure Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett sign the new contract. Both men were pretty over in WCW, and can be built as stars still for WCW. Shane Douglas is talented, and could be a big star as well. Goldberg is good for the draw value, Luger and Bagwell arenít very important in my eyesÖ

Flair: And for Nash?

Borden: Ric, you need to stop worrying about Nash. You have to push your opinion of Nash to the side, and make a judgment as an owner who has no positive or negative opinion on Nash.

Flair: If you say so Steve. I just donít want there to be any politics from the likes of Kevin Nash in WCW anymore. He basically killed WCW before, and I am not going to let the legacy I helped build be tarnished by the likes of him.

Borden: Alright Ric, I understand. Look, itís getting late. Letís be finished for the night, and we can have another meeting in the morning. Eric, are you staying in a hotel or here?

Flair gave Bischoff an icy glare, letting Bischoff know he wasnít welcomed in the Flair house outside of this meeting.

Bischoff: Iím going to stay at a hotel Steve, thanks for asking though. Goodnight.

Bischoff left the Flair house, and walked out to his car when his cell phone rang. It was from Kevin Nash.

Bischoff: Kev?

Kevin Nash: Yo Uncle Eric, youíre just the man I needed to talk to.

Bischoff: About what Big Kev?

Although Bischoff acted like he had no clue what Nash needed to talk about, he knew what Kevin needed to talk about, but wanted to make Kevin seem more important.

Nash: Itís about these contracts.

Bischoff: What about Ďem?

Nash: Well you see, I want to come back to WCW and all, but these contracts really just donít support me financially. Are you sure I canít get any kind of pay raise?

Bischoff: No Kev, you canít. I want to, but it just isnít an option.

Nash: What if you fired guys like Shane Douglas and some godly wrestlers? That would make some room for me financially. I mean, WCW really doesnít need that kind of crap all the time. We all know Douglas is a waste of space, air, and money, and the same can be said about a lot of those godly wrestlers.

Bischoff: Even if I wanted to fire Douglas, I couldnít. He, like you, is one of the people who are yet to verify if he will sign a new WCW contract or sit-out his AOL-Time Warner contract. And I canít fire any of the cruiserweights Kev, Steve and Ric wouldnít agree to that.

Nash: Ah well, I guess not everyone can have such an intelligent view on things like I do.

Bischoff almost started to laugh hysterically, but turned his laugh into an odd sounding sneeze

Bischoff: Yeah, uh, I know what you mean. But Kev, come on man, weíve been through a lot together in WCW, sign a new contract, and help make this place great again.

Nash: I want to Eric, but there is nothing in this for me at all?... UnlessÖ how about this idea Eric?

Bischoff: Lay it on me Kev.

Nash: I will sign your contract at the new price, only because of the respect and friendship I have with you, if you guarantee me a World Heavyweight Championship reign?

Bischoff knew it was coming. Nash had been trying to play politics the whole phone call, and knew it was only a matter of time until Nash tried to play a title stipulation clause. Bischoff was at a crossroads, but had no idea what to do. Should he:

A) Agree to giving Nash a World Title Reign, despite the fact he isnít supposed to do something like this
B) Tell Nash no, he either signs a contract like everyone else, or he doesnít sign at all

OOC: Alright, here is the first round of interactive voting. You the readers decide on Eric's decision. You can either vote for Eric to agree to Nash's confirmed World Heavyweight Title reign, or you can basically tell Kevin to stuff it. Keep in mind that Eric and Kevin are good friends, and he wants to see Nash in WCW, to not only have his friend in there, but to one up Ric Flair as well. But also, Nash is a master politician, and could be a problem backstage, which is something Bischoff wants to steer away from. Also, promising Nash a title reign that Bischoff may not necessarily be able fulfill could cause lots of problems between the three owners . So come on and vote for which option you'd like to see Easy E take.

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