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Re: Chikara - Season 12 Discussion Thread

Results from Just Shadows In The Fog:

Spoiler for March 8th show results:

1. Quackenbush/Green Ant vs Kodama/Kobald vs Icarus/Dunkerton vs Jigsaw/Shard

- Dunkerton and Icarus score the final fall on Jigsaw and Shard in the contest for a big upset and 1 point!

2. Gran Akuma d. Johnny Gargano

3. Archibald Peck d. Obariyon. Apparently with some new moves! No Veronica in sight.

- Ophidian calls out Amasis, and The Batiri ambush him. But the power of the Funky Pharoah is too much, and Amasis takes them out!

4. Hallowicked d. Sean Waltman via Go 2 Sleepy Hollow followed by a Yakuza Kick


5. Fire Ant, assailANT, Dasher Hatfield and Saturyne vs Soldier Ant and his Mystery Team

- The Mystery Team is.......THREE NEW ANTS?? Colony XTREME Force: Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant and Orbit Adventure Ant??

- Arctic Rescue Ant scores a big Top Rope Legdrop on assailANT and gets the victory for Colony XTREME Force!!

6. Mr. Touchdown d. Jakob Hammermeir to retain the Young Lions Cup after a distraction by both Donst AND Veronica

7. 3.0 vs The Devastation Corporation for the Campeones de Parejas (Currently in Progress)

- Devastation Corproration get the first fall after a powerbomb by Blaster on Parker

- 3.0 tie it up after Max Smashmaster misses a Moonsault (You read that right) and Parker got the fall

- Sidney Bakabellas interference backfires as Parker is able to pin Blaster McMassive for the win! 3.0 retain!!

8. Eddie Kingston d. Amazing Kong via Sliding D to the back of the head and a Backfist to a seated Kong


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