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Hey everyone #13 here it goes.

I'm Back

Eric: Hello, and welcome to WWE Upspring. Tonight you will bare witness to an Extreme match between the Big Show and Brock Lesnar. Also we wil have the final 2 first round matches in CW Title tournament. Start the Show.

Music, Pyro

Match 1.
First Round Match In the CW Tournament
Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

They each hit an aray of awsome high-flying moves that you cannot keep track of. The end sees Matt go for the Twist-Of-Fate but then Jeff escapes and hits the Reverse-Of-Fate then the SwanTon bomb 1-2-3.

Winner and Quarter finalist: Jeff Hardy

We cut to the back where we see Rey turn a corner but then he walks backwards and he has a scared look on his face.


Match 2.

Kane and RVD vs Sean O'Haire and Randy Orton

Basic match that sees everyone have the upper hand at one point in the match. The end sees Kane hit the Chockslam on O'Haire and then RVD goes for the 5* but then....Nathan Jones comes out and pushes RVD off the top rope causing a DQ

Winners by DQ: Kane & RVD

-After the Match-

Jones assults Kane and then leaves with Apocolyips.


We come back and Terri is interveiwing Apocolyips and Nathan Jones. Flair says that Jones is the newest member of Apocolyips.

Match 3.
First round match
Juvi vs Ultimo Dragon

Basic CW type match that sees Juvi do a hand spring onto the top rope then do a split legged arm drag(Simalar to the one that Owen Hart used to do) then the Dragon hits a Topa onto Juvi on the floor, Dragon gets up and pulls off an Asia Moonsault. The end sees the Dragon lock Juvi in the Dragon Sleeper.

Winner and Quarter finalist: The Ultimo Dragon

After the match Rey Mysterio runs down and attacks the Dragon for no reason. (Or is there a Reason?)


Main Event
No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere
Brock Lesnar vs Big Show

They brawl in the ring on the floor and in the back and they hit each other with the kitchen sink. The end sees Nathan Jones try to attack Lesnar but Lesnar throws him through a window, then as show goes to attack him for behind Lesnar scoops him up and F-5s him onto a car. Show rolls off and Lesnar gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

-End Show-

So as it stands right now the brackets for the CW tournament look like this

Rey vs Kidman
Ultimo Dragon vs Jeff Hardy

Also it has come to my attention that they are Semi-Fnalists not Quarter-Finalists sry bout the mix up.

That all for now
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