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Re: Official The Rock vs. John Cena Thread: Greatness vs. Redemption, TWICE IN A LIFE

I can't be bothered with be the booker and we don't have a "ramblings of a fantasist" section so i'll just post this here.

I think Cena turning heel would be the best thing for everyone in the long run, if they're booking things around Wrestlemania 30, then these scenarios would lead to the best outcomes for next years big show. Cena screws Rock out of the title and Punk shakes Taker’s hand after losing to him at mania. Cena would then begin his heel run as Punk slowly turns into the top face. Cena can have few filler feuds with the likes of Orton and Ryback before the annual summer Cena/Punk program. Cena will admit that he personally kept Punk from becoming the top guy two years ago and politicked his way into main eventing ppvs even when Punk was champion. Cena retains at money in the bank and Summerslam against Punk.

Cena has a few more filler feuds over the title up until November where The Undertaker returns for his last survivor series which is main evented by a Team Cena/Team Taker match. Cena is kayfabe injured by Taker after being choke slammed of the stage and therefore has to forfeit the title. HHH announces a 30 man battle royal a few weeks later on Raw, Punk is last man in the ring after outlasting what we assumed was 29 men. HHH makes his way down the ramp to present him with the title, just as he’s about to hand Punk the belt, HHH instead nails him in the head with it, throws him over the top rope and says that Punk only outlasted 28 other men and that he was the final participant. HHH who is now the "official" chairman of the board chooses his wwe title opponents at TLC and The Royal Rumble both against complete jobbers garnering him nuclear heat. Punk wins the rumble leading to HHH/Punk for the WWE Championship, Brock/Rock and Cena/Taker(His last match) at Wrestlemania XXX.

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