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NWA Domination

-Circa 2002-

In early 2001, the Professional Wrestling landscape was changed forever. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), led by Vince McMahon, ran out of business two of its direct and only rivals on a Global scale. Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) closed its doors after 8 years. Lack of management and monetary problems forced owner Paul Heyman to close the books on his Philadelphia based promotion. Paul Heyman found refuge in the WWF, as did some of its wrestlers. And some time later, as WrestleMania X-7 closed in, the WWF and Vince McMahon bought its toughest competitors yet; World Championship Wrestling (WCW), for a tenth of its actual net worth. WCW had been a torn in WWF's side for well over two decades, rising out from all the other territorial promotions and forging itself a niche in the south, mostly in the Carolinas and the Mid-Altantic region of the Continental United States of America. This began the complete domination of the McMahon Family in the wrestling business, leaving thousands without a guaranteed job and many fans left with no alternative on a mainstream scale.

The WWF tried to work and "Invasion" angle, but most of the "invaders" were either already under contract to the WWF, or, low level talent from the defunct ECW and/or WCW rosters of old. Most of WCW's top stars wouldn't take the pay decrease and snubbed Vince McMahon, which left the angle to dry itself out, with not enough star power for McMahon's creative team to rival his own established Main Eventers. The angle started as soon as WrestleMania ended, beginning a week before on RAW, the seeds of it surrounding Vince's son Shane, buying into WCW instead of his father. Their WrestleMania battle began the ground work for this father & son rivalry but, a big roadblock was ahead in the long run.

On September 26th, 2001, the World Wrestling Federation was charged, along with its owner, with a Federal Indictment: Distribution of Anabolic Steroids. Once before in 1993, the WWF and Vince McMahon were charged with the same offense but walked out unscathed. This time, however, angry at Vince's total control of the wrestling business, many of Vince's former employees and rivals stepped up, to testify before a Grand Jury. Bad publicity ensued in the days leading up to the trials, sending many investors away and pushing sponsors out of their contracts hastily. The sheer mass of testimonials, and, the horrendous image painted by these facts sent the ratings of Vince's shows down the drain, as many performers started no showing shows, ashamed to be a part of such erratical behavior on the part of its owner. The same balls to the wall attitude that made Vince in the 80's, and that saved him in the late 90's was killing him softly. Notables like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Jesse Ventura, and many family members of deceased wrestlers were on record noting how Vince had encouraged and pushed for his performers to look good, at the detriment of their health. The effects still evident with the passing away of many wrestlers in recent years.

On December 1st, 2001, a verdict was made official. On 10 counts,Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation were found guilty. Vince McMahon was stripped of his license to promote shows in North America, banned from competing in a Wrestling show for the next 10 years, Sentenced to house arrest for the next 3 years and forced to perform 10 months of Community Service. The WWF was bankrupt. In three little months, the WWF used up all of its assets for nothing. The McMahon family that had been so powerful and so influential was downed by the very business they helped build. The following day, Vince McMahon issued a public statement:

"I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, never meant for anyone to get hurt. It is of my own belief that the WWF has done nothing but good things over the course of its long history, good within communities, good for bringing families closer together and never, was it responsible for individuals ways of life. I will take blame for my actions if need be. If this is my fate, then so be it. As of today, the World Wrestling Federation has closed its doors and I leave you with this... In this instance, let history show that Vince screwed Vince. And for all those that gained or will gain from this dark, dark day in the history of wrestling, I say to them that I have no regrets, and that... that I would start over again tomorrow if I could. Thank you."

In less than a year, the 3 major Pro Wrestling companies of North America folded. The fate of the Professional Wrestling business was as gloomy as ever.

But, there was one promotion still in existence, that carried the historical lineage and significance to bring the sport that once was back on the map. The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Current President Jim Miller, along with some top executives and promoters, devised a plan to engulf all remaining and existing independent promotions under the NWA Banner, thus, on December 1st, 2002, Jim Miller, along with partners Eric Bischoff, Dusty Rhodes & Kevin Sullivan, launched the rebirth of the National Wrestling Alliance. Present on that day was current NWA World's Heavyweight Champion, Dan "The Beast" Severn.

Jim Miller announced to the world of wrestling that the National Wrestling Alliance was rebranding itself and beginning a new, as needed, for the whole of the professional wrestling business. In an act of relunctancy, Dan Severn had to relinquish his World Heavyweight Championship.

8 Territories/Brands would be in activity starting April 1st, 2003.

(Based in Calgary, AB)
Ran by = Bret Hart
Talent = Bret Hart - Bruce Hart - Chris Benoit - Chris Jericho - Christian Cage - Doug Furnas - Edge - Harry Smith - Jim Neidhart - Lance Storm - Phil Lafon - Sean Morley - Teddy Hart - Trish Stratus - Vader

(Based in Detroit)
Ran by = Kevin Sullivan
Talent = Bill Alfonso - Brock Lesnar - Demolition Crush & Smash - Ron & Don Harris - Erik Watts - Rick & Scott Steiner - Road Warrior Hawk & Animal - Rob Van Dam - Kurt Angle - Sabu - Steve Williams

(Based in New York City)
Ran by = Shane & Stephanie McMahon
Talent = Albert - April Hunter - Batista - Big Bossman - Big Show - Chuck Palumbo - Hardcore Holly - Horace Hogan - Hulk Hogan - Hurricane - Jeff Hardy - John Cena - Johnny Stamboli - Kane - Kevin Nash - Lita - Malice - Matt Hardy - Randy Orton - Rikishi - Road Dogg - Rosey - Sean Waltman - Shawn Michaels - Sid Vicious - Sting - Terri Runnels - Test - The Rock - Torrie Wilson - Triple H - Victoria - William Regal

(Based in Philadelphia)
Ran by = Tod Gordon
Talent = The Dudley Boys (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) - The Pitbulls - JT Smith - Raven - Rhyno - Spike Dudley - Stevie Richards - Tazz - Tommy Dreamer

(Based in Los Angeles)
Ran by = Eric Bischoff
Talent = Alicia Webb - Boogalou - Stevie Ray & Booker T. - Chilly Willy - Donovan Morgan - Godfather - Homicide - Johnny Grunge - Michael Modest - Mike Awesome - Mike Barton - Monsta Mack - Mustafa Saed - New Jack - Perry Saturn - Ron Killings - Scorpio - Scott Norton

(Based in Mexico)
Ran by = Konnan
Talent = Black Cat - Blitzkrieg - Chavo Guerrero - Damien 666 - Eddie Guerrero - El Dandy - El Mosca De La Merced - Joel & Jose Maximo - Juvi Guerrera - La Parka - Mr. Mexico - Psicosis - Rey Mysterio - Super Crazy - Ultimo Dragon - Vilano IV - Vilano V

(Based in Chicago, IL)
Ran by = John Laurinaitis & Paul Heyman
Talent = AJ Styles - American Dragon Bryan Danielson - Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) - Chris Candido - Chris Hamrick - Christopher Daniels - CM Punk - Colt Cabana - Dan Severn - Doug Williams - Gary Steele - Greg Pawluk - Ikuto Hidaka - Jamie Noble - Jerry Lynn - Johnny Smith - Ken Shamrock - Little Guido - LowKi - Masato Tanaka - Rico - Samoa Joe - Sean O'Haire - Steve Blackman - Taiyo Kea - Tajiri - Takao Omori

(Based in Houston, TX)
Ran by = Dusty Rhodes
Talent = Bam Bam Bigelow - Barry Whindam - Big Ron Studd - Billy Gunn - Bobby Eaton - Bradshaw - Brian Lee - David Flair - Dustin Rhodes - Dutch Mantell - Honky Tonk Man - Jeff Jarrett - Larry Zbysko - Lex Luger - The Deadman - Mike Rotunda - Mike Sanders - Missy Hyatt - Randy Savage - Ric Flair - Ricky Steamboat - Ron Simmons - Sherri Martel - Stan Lane - Steve Austin - Steve Corino - Steve Keirn - Terry Funk - Terry Ray Gordy Jr - Tracy Smothers

Starting on Friday, March 28th, the NWA and all of its 8 branches will launch a 3 day Event called "MARCH MADNESS". The event will take place in three different cities; Los Angeles - Chicago - New York City. a 32-Men Tournament would be held over the course of these 3 days. The winner of that Tournament to be crowned the New NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Each brand would get 4 Representatives, as follows:









The Official Brackets will be announced on December 15th, 2002.


Editor's Note: This BTB, for my part, will be, after the tournament is held, based excusively on the NWA Canadian Stampede Branch. If anyone would be interested in joining and writing for another branch, I'd be more than willing to partner up, and it could create some very good inter-brand action. I will, for myself, try to incorporate it myself when the time comes, and, I will give the appropriate details in due time about NWA CS. Hope everyone enjoys this read. Thanks y'all!

WWWF is Coming...

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