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Bully a tough guy or...

So Every one knows Bully, he is the tough guy on Wrestling forums, one of the most known guys, but with everything in the internet looks can be deceiving. Is he Truly a bully as he claims, or is it a name sake he took up to hide the truth? maybe he is just a mark for Bully ray....
What ever the reason I have found some... things between the lines that make me worry for him.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I'm a little out your weight class
So out of weight class, well maybe its cause he is tough right? but he never said he was bigger, and if he is is it fat?

Going on how ever
Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

I myself have struggled with weight. Never once did I rest on my laurels and go "oh I'm a real man" I did something about it. Went to the gym, started lifting, and took cheesecakes and cream buns out of my diet.

"Oh Bully it's so hard! I don't know how to lose weight!" It's not hard at all. it's ridiculously easy. Stop eating junk and start lifting.
So he admits to problems with weight but claims to have over come them, even if this is true, perhaps the damage was done before he fixed it and he was bullied, nothing wrong with hat everyone gets bullied, but it matters how you handle it.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
LOL I work from home and fend for myself. I don't need anyone holding my hand.

Well he clearly dont trust people, a affect of being bullied so bad for being fat?

We have a guy who had a weight problem
Claims to be a tough guy
works form home\self employed\bull shit way of saying unemployed

And so with all this evinced I here by come to the theory that this is in fact bully

in the event i got the race wrong this is the runner up

Bully I have just one last question for you...


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