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2nd Smackdown

Welcome to Crusierweight Action
Match 1
Shannon Morre vs. Ultimo Dragon
Ultimo wins with Dragon Sleeper

Match 2
Nunzio vs. Funaki
Funaki gets a suprise roll up.

Match 3
Super Crazy vs. Jamie Noble (Crusierweight)
Super Crazy wins with his Triple Moonsault. Billy Kidman runs in and attacks Super Crazy.

End of Crusierweight Action

Eric Bischoff comes out and welcomes us.

Eric: Tonight, will be historical, tonight will be a Smackdown to remember. We have a match between the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero in a casket match to showcase the potential match. And we have Chris Beniot vs. Brock Lesnar for the Title. And Hulk Hogan and Austin comment on their potential match at Wrestlemania.

Match 1
Big Show vs. Kanyon
Kanyon wins via Flatliner.

Match 2
Edge, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle and TMW
Edge wins via spear on Rosey. After the match Kurt Angle and Edge battle to the back. TMW are left in the ring with Rikishi.

Rikishi: We like to keep our group in the family so meet our new agent in our trio. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.

Jimmy Snuka comes out and hugs his "brothers"

Match 3
Eddie Guerrero vs. The Undertaker (Casket Match)
Eddie and Undertaker battle for a good 10 minutes. Eddie hits the Frog Splash. He goes to open the casket and out comes Matt Hardy. He attacks Eddie and throws him in the casket. Undertaker closes the casket end of match.

Undertaker grabs the mic.

Undertaker: Now Beniot do I have my match

Beniot comes out

Beniot: Yes.

Match 4
Nathan Jones vs. John Cena
Nathan wins via chokeslam.

A Sean O'Haire promo is shown.

Benoit vs. Lesnar (WWE Title)
Beniot wins by DQ because of interference of Undertaker. They double team Beniot until Edge runs in helps Beniot. Then Matt and Kurt Angle come in and attack as well to knock out Edge, and Beniot.

End of Show

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