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2nd Raw

Jericho enters the ring with a sling on his arm.

Jericho: Thanks for all your concerns last week. To the disappointment of all of you I will not be able to wreslte for a while, but don't worry I will be ok by Wrestlemania time to beat Shawn Michaels.

Triple H comes out.

Triple H: Oh to bad, because I booked you in a match just now. You and me in a match for you title shot. Oh yeah and it starts right now.

Triple runs in the and the match begins.

Match 1
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (Wrestlemania Title Shot)
Triple H hits Jericho in the arm and pedigrees him right after the bell. 1-2-3

Match 2
Test vs. Steiner and Nash
Test wins by DQ. Steiner and Nash double team up on Test. Just then Booker T. comes in for the save.

Match 3
Sabu and Rhyno vs. Dreamer and Hardy (World Tag Team)
Sabu wins via the ropes.

Match 4
Victoria vs. Molly Holly (WWE Womens Title)
Victoria wins from interference from Gail Kim.

The Rock comes out for the interview.

The Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to Detroit. (There in Grand Rapids. ) Oh wait this Grand Rapids yea I would caught dead giving any credit to this dump of a town.

The Rock promo continues doing all the things the Rock does

The Rock: So Goldberg you and I at Wrestlemania, nanana ain't gonna happen. I am what we call a hot commondity in Hollywood and you will never face me.

Goldberg runs in and kicks the crap out of the Rock.

Match 5
Raven vs. Booker T. (Hardcore Title)
Raven wins thanks to interference from Steiner and Nash. Test comes in to save Booker T.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kane (#1 Contender's Match)
Rob Van Dam wins via 5 star frog splash.

Shawn Michaels comes and superkicks RVD

End of Show

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