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Re: Being the booker

Again, I cant promise to return all replies. I still owe some people reviews from Armageddon too, and I'll get to them soon.

Raw; December 12th; Memphis:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The Pyramid is host for tonightís WWE Raw, two weeks from Christmas, six from the Royal Rumble, and tonight, it isnít quite Seasons Greetings, but more Seasons Beatings, with a jammed line up tonight on Raw.

The Coach: Seasons Beatings is a clever pun J.R, and its fitting too, as tonight, two behemoths collide, in the shape of Rhyno and Batista. Rhyno has demanded this match, after last week, Ric Flair stripped Rhyno of the Hardcore Title.

Jim Ross: The Brotherhood find themselves in action tonight again, with Rodney Mack taking on their ultimate nemesis, Eugene. This rivalry has been on going for the last couple of weeks, and last week, The Brotherhood cost Booker T, Goldust and Eugene a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

The Coach: And count them, one, two titles on the line tonight, as we get an Armageddon rematch with Rey Mysterio getting himself a his second chance against the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Add to that, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin defending the World Tag Team Titles against Booker T and Goldust this evening.

Jim Ross: And, tonightís main event will be a head turner for sure. The four members of DX team together in an eight man tag match, against a team with so much history it could all explode tonight. The Legend Killer Randy Orton teams up with Edge, Rob Van Dam and John Cena, the World Heavyweight Champion!!!

The Coach: The bad blood between that foursome should explode for sure. RVD and Edge had an altercation a few weeks back leading to their match at Armageddon, whilst Randy Orton and John Cena have no love for each other either. Orton and Edge arenít exactly on each others Christmas list, RVD and Cena donít see eye to eye, Orton and RVD donít have much time for one another, and Edge and Cena despise each other too.

Jim Ross: But they all have one thing in common, and thatís a dislike for DX, especially its leader, HBK, Shawn Michaels. Cena and HBK were at odds for the last five months, Orton and Michaels know each other very well, Edge and Michaels had a run in last week after Edge defeated Luther Reigns, and HBK took RVD by surprise last week in the Battle Royal, eliminating Mr. Monday Night.

The Coach: And J.R, with all those ingredients mashed together, I think you end up with dynamite!!!

**619** Rey Mysterio enters to a loud pop, from a hot crowd for tonightís opening contest, a rematch from Armageddon.

Jim Ross: Eight days ago, Rey Mysterio had his Intercontinental Championship reign ended by Carlito, but tonight, Rey has the opportunity to win the title back, and perhaps begin another seven month run.

The Coach: Not a chance. Rey Mysterio was out classed at Armageddon, and I think youíll find the exact same thing happen to him tonight.

1st Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito w/ Stacy Kiebler vs. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio starts out fast, with this match instantly a much different one than from Armageddon last week, with Mysterio now chasing Carlito, and Carlito now in control of the situation with the champions advantage. He plays the cat and mouse game, letting Rey chase him, and tries to keep his distance, but with a tricky opponent like Mysterio, he finds the tactic doesnít work out early on, with Rey catching him, and taking the early control.
Rey has Carlito in a whole heap of trouble, with a plethora of near falls coming from cradles, and roll ups, with Carlito coming close to losing the belt early on. After the quick start from Rey, Carlito slides to the outside, and decides to take a break. Stacey gives Carlito a massage, but CCC takes his eyes off Mysterio for too long, and Rey hits an Asai Moonsault to the outside, hitting both Carlito and Stacey too.
All three are down, and the referee begins a ten count. Mysterio breaks the count at seven, before rolling back out to take care of Carlito, as the show goes into the first commercial of the night.
Following the commercial, Carlito is now in control, having just applied a chin lock on the challenger. We see clips from during the break of Carlito trying to walk out, only to be stopped by Mysterio. We then see how the tide turned in the match, with Rey getting tripped by Stacey as he bounced off the ropes, leading to a swinging neck breaker from Carlito.
The fans get behind Mysterio, willing him on to make a comeback, as Carlito tries to take the life from the challenger. The fans start a Ď6-1-9í chant, which appears to spur on the challenger. Rey starts to fight back, and eventually breaks the chin lock. Rey begins to put together a string of offensive moves, once again coming close on several occasions to regaining the title. Mysterio hitís a drop toe hold on Carlito, sending him into the ropes. Rey calls for the 619 Ö AND CONNECTS!!!
Carlito is flat out on the mat, and Mysterio jumps up top, Dropping the Dime!!! He hooks the leg Ö BUT STACY HAS DISTRACTED THE REFEREE!!! Mysterio scores a visual count, but nothing official, as the referee hasnít seen it. Rey gets off, and looks to get the referees attention, but we then see Christian slide into the ring, holding a chair, and throttles Mysterio from behind, knocking him down. Christian slides back out, as CCC drapes an arm over Mysterio Ö 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito

Christian jumps the barricade, and laughs, having cost Rey Mysterio the Intercontinental Title. Carlito struggles to his feet, and is congratulated by his leggy valet, before celebrating with the Intercontinental Title. The referee helps Mysterio recover and get back up, but Rey is certainly on dream street.

Jim Ross: How can Carlito celebrate a victory like that. He was second best for 95% of this match, yet thanks to Captain Charisma, he holds onto the Intercontinental Title. Christian just cost Rey Mysterio a championship match, and in my opinion thatís just not right.

The Coach: He couldnít get the job done J.R. Rey Mysterio just couldnít get it done tonight. That was Armageddon, take two.

Jim Ross: You cant be serious. Rey Mysterio had this match won, and if it wasnít for that jezebel Stacy, and the CLB Christian, Mysterio would be holding the title once again!!!

Mysterio is helped from the ring, with the fans giving him a nice ovation, despite his loss, as we cut to another commercial


Backstage, we return to Ric Flairs office. He stands looking into the camera, with Batista standing beside him.

Ric Flair: On January 22, 2006, The WWE Presents a Raw and Smackdown production. The 19th Royal Rumble, from Madison Square Garden in beautiful New York City. And this year, with competition for places so intense, the WWE board of directors have called for every single place to be earned.
However, next week, five of those spots will be given through a random draw, which will feature every male Raw superstar, apart from John Cena and The Undertaker, who already have a match at the Royal Rumble. From that point on, every place will be earned through qualifying matches, both on Raw and on Smackdown.
Also, this Sunday, at Smackdowns ĎFully Loadedí event, The Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon will be making an announcement concerning the Royal Rumble which Iím told will be huge. It could mean that this announcement may become null and void, or it could be something entirely different, but until that information becomes clear, this is how plans will move ... WOOO

Flair laughs as we go back to the announcersÖ

Jim Ross: Well Coach, the rumours are true. The majority of Royal Rumbles places will be earned this year through qualifying, and that wont sit well with a few superstars who have already claimed spots in the match.

The Coach: Ken Kennedy, Edge, Christian and Rey Mysterio just to name a few have said in recent weeks that theyíll be in there, but now, unless they qualify through the draw, will have to win a match to make it.

Jim Ross: And right now, I believe Todd Grisham is standing by with EdgeÖ

Todd Grisham: Indeed I am, Edge?? You just heard the news, that to be part of the Royal Rumble, youíll most likely have to earn your spot.

Camera pans to Edge, who looks to be fuming, tearing at his hair.

Edge: Once again, IíVE BEEN SCREWED!!! Todd, Iím sick of this. Iím sick of the conspiracy going on around here, to keep Edge out of the main events. I expected Ric Flair to be a better General Manager than what he is, but heís just like the rest of them. He wants to see me suffer. He wants to see me lose, and he wants to see me fail.
Well Todd, he wont have that chance. I will do what it takes to go to the Royal Rumble, and when I get there, I will probably enter number one or two, so Iíll just eliminate each man as he enters, and defeat all twenty nine men to go to the main event, where I belong at Wrestle Mania.

Todd Grisham: And Edge, tonight you are in action, teaming with Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and the World Champion, John Cena to face D-Generation X. How do you plan on co-existing with those three men??

Edge: Iíll tell you how Todd. By taking the lead. Iíll take control tonight, and despite being screwed by Van Dam at Armageddon, despite being held back because of the likes of Randy Orton, and John Cena, Iíll take control of this situation, and Iíll show Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, and the whole of the McMahon family just why I am the next Royal Rumble winner, and the 2006 Main Event of Wrestle Mania.

Edge storms off, still pissed off from the Royal Rumble announcement.


Following the commercial, we see The Brotherhood in the ring, waiting for Eugene as he makes his way to the ring. As Eugene gets in, the official sends the members of The Brotherhood to the back, leaving Rodney Mack to face Eugene alone.

2nd Match:
Rodney Mack vs. Eugene
Eugene jumps Mack before the bell, looking to get revenge for the attacks over the last couple of weeks. Eugene runs at Rodney in the corner for a high knee, but the member of the Brotherhood moves, and Eugene hitís the corner with his knee, allowing Mack to follow up, chop blocking the knee.
Immediately Rodney locks the Cloverleaf on Eugene, which puts more pressure on the weakened body part of Eugene. Eventually, he digs deep to make the ropes, forcing the break from Mack. Now, Eugene begins to fire up, which begins a fight back for him against Rodney.
He knocks down Mack with consecutive clotheslines, before shaking the ropes, just like Ultimate Warrior would. Rodney staggers up, but is knocked down by Eugene with another running clothesline. Eugene starts imitating Randy Savage, with his arm movements before signalling for the Savage Elbow. He goes up top, but MISSES the Elbow, as Rodney Mack moves!!!
Mack then goes for a neck breaker, but Eugene blocks it, before scoring with a Hogan Big Boot!!! Eugene plays to the fans, cupping his ears, and hitís the Immortal Leg Drop, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Eugene

Eugene barely has his hand raised, before Mark Henry and Orlando Jordan attack, beating down Eugene. Theodore Long helps Rodney back to his feet, as Henry hitís the Worlds Strongest Slam. We then see Booker T and Goldust run to the ring, to make the save for Eugene, but Theodore sees them coming, and quickly tells his men to get out of the ring. The Brotherhood then walk around the ring, and back up the ramp, with Booker and Goldust helping little Eugene.

Jim Ross: Eugene has won the match here tonight, but from the looks of things, The Brotherhood, for now, have won the war.

The Coach: And theyíll continue to win the war J.R. The Brotherhood are set to hit the big time, and if Booker T, the freak Goldust and that idiot Eugene keep getting in their way, my boys wont be responsible for their actions.

Jim Ross: Still to come, Booker T and Goldust are in action, as they face the tag team champions, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, with the titles on the line, and of course, our main event, DX team together to face John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and Rob Van Dam.

The Coach: But, after the break, Shawn Michaels, Christian, Rob Van Dam, Batista and Randy Orton will be in the ring, to give the fans their reasons for why they should be the man voted into Fully Loaded this Sunday with a shot at the Smackdown WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble.


We return with Jim Ross in the ring, and the five possible candidates to represent Raw at Fully Loaded, with all of them having made their entrance during the commercial break.

Jim Ross: Gentlemen, tonight is your opportunity to convince the fans that you should represent Raw this Sunday at Fully Loaded. Each of you will get a minute to put your reasons across, with no interruptions. Now, Rob, you are closest, so if its okay with you, would you like to begin proceedings??

RVD steps up to the podiumÖ

Rob Van Dam: I didnít prepare anything for this, so you should probably get the censors ready, in case Van Dam goes off on one again.

Some pops from the fans

Rob Van Dam: And itís just as well that Iíve gotten over that silence thing too, right??

A couple of cheers

Rob Van Dam: I donít even need sixty seconds. I just need a few sentences. Vote R-V-D, because thatís the cool thing to do. RVD needs a fresh start after a pretty rough year, and by voting for me, Iíll go from Mr. Monday Night Ö to Mr. Thursday Night, but still Mr. Pay Per View, as the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. And if that isnít reason enough, Iím a terrific role model. Iíve talked for just under sixty seconds, and didnít say f- ... no, I didnít say it.

Buzzer goes off, indicating sixty seconds.

Rob Van Dam: Come on, you cannot be serious!!! This is a f-

The mic is cut, as Bill Alfonso puts his hand over RVDs mouth.

Jim Ross: RVD everybody. Dave, you next, please.

Batista walks towards the podium, looking confident.

Batista: Iím going to keep this short and simple. I understand not many of you people like me, but put personal reasons aside. Out of these other guys, Iím the only one who can promise a victory this Sunday at Fully Loaded. Iíll be the biggest man in the match, and Iíll be better too. If you want to vote for your favourite, go right ahead Ö but Iíd advise you, if you want to make history, and have a Raw superstar win the Smackdown World Title, vote for The Animal.

Batista takes a look around, before backing away from the podium, with time to spare. Without being asked, Christian is next to walk up.

Christian: In case I forget to say it on Sunday, Iíll say it now, thank you peeps!!!

Fans give heat.

Christian: But seriously, lets look at the statistics. How many of these guys have beaten The Undertaker four out of four times?? None of them. How many were the sole survivor at Survivor Series War Games?? Ask Orton maybe. And just how many of them ar-

From behind, Rey Mysterio dropkicks Christian, knocking him into the podium. Rey jumps on Christian and lays into Captain Charisma, with the other guys stepping in to pull the two men apart. Rey is dragged off Christian, kicking and wriggling, dying to get at him. He eventually wriggles free, and comes after Christian, but Christian slides out of the ring, and for the second time tonight, flees through the crowd, to get away from Mysterio. Rey gets out of the ring, and follows in pursuit, whilst Tyson Tomko stands with a look of amazement on the outside of the ring, with Mysterio in pursuit of Christian.

Back in the ring, Shawn Michaels makes his way to the podium.

Shawn Michaels: Iím not gonna kiss all your asses in a bid for you to vote me in for Fully Loaded this Sunday, because you people should be kissing mine.

Crowd give heat.

Shawn Michaels: But think about this, if you send me to Smackdown this Sunday for Fully Loaded, youíll have the possibility of seeing The Heart Break Kid taking on his old enemy, Triple H.

Crowd boos

Shawn Michaels: Steve Austin

Crowd pops

Shawn Michaels: Bill Goldberg

Crowd boos

Shawn Michaels: Iím just going to talk over you people now, because I only have a certain amount of time. (Crowd boos, but HBK speaks over them) You could set up a Wrestle Mania Nineteen rematch between myself and Chris Jericho, and a first ever meeting with Matt Hardy. Think about the possibility of all those matches people. And hey, when I beat those guys, Iíll be heading to New York City for the Royal Rumble to face either Brock Lesnar Ö or even The Rock.

Crowd goes nuts for mention of The Rock

Shawn Michaels: And if you aint down with that Ö well I got two words for you.

Buzzer goes off, and HBK smiles, as he is cut off before he got to deliver the ĎSuck Ití

Orton brushes past Michaels, and steps into the podium

Randy Orton: Just to make a slight adjustment to Shawn Michaels announcement there, if you send me to Fully Loaded, think about the legends I could Ö would kill.

Slightly mixed reaction

Randy Orton: Think of the legends Ö Goldberg, Triple H, and even Steve Austin.

Another slightly mixed reaction.

Randy Orton: Lets face it, Iíve beaten all the legends on Raw already, so now, all I need is an excuse to go to Smackdown, kill the legends, and become WWE Champion.

Crowd leans slightly more towards cheers

Randy Orton: Iíll admit, RVD will beat me at a four letter word contest, Batista will beat me at making false promises, Christian will beat me at running like a scalded dog, and HBK will beat me in a self loving contest.

Crowd laughs

Randy Orton: But none of them can go to Fully Loaded this Sunday, and become the Number One Contender to face the WWE Champion at The Royal Rumble.

Orton steps down, and takes a look at the other three superstars in the ring, with Christian obviously not there. The three men all look very tense, with the atmosphere building between them.

Jim Ross: Well folks, there you have it. You can log on to WWE.COM now, and vote for who you want to represent Raw this Sunday at Fully Loaded. Will it be Batista??

Fans boo

Jim Ross: Rob Van Dam??

Pretty mixed reaction

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels??

Fans boo

Jim Ross: Or Randy Orton??

Fans pop, and we see Tyson Tomko jump onto the apron, yelling at J.R not to forget about Christian.

Jim Ross: Or Christian??

Fans boo. J.R then steps through the ropes to make his way back up the ramp, whilst in the ring, none of the four men budge, with HBK mouthing something, which angers Batista. Batista looks to Michaels, and starts to move forward, but HBK just smiles, backing away, before stepping out of the ring, and giving the three men the crotch chop. We cut to a commercial, with Michaels stepping up the ramp, motioning to the fans to get voting for him, pretending hes at a keyboard.


3rd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Booker T & Goldust
Both teams shake hands before the match, showing a mutual respect between them, before Goldust and Haas step out of the ring, leaving Benjamin and Booker in the ring, and they tie up. The two men struggle around the ring, and eventually are forced to break. This happens a second time, before Booker tags out to Goldust. Goldust and Benjamin donít bother with any tying up, and instead get right into the action, with Goldy showing some athleticism not seen in quite some time, just to keep up with Shelton.
Eventually, Benjamin takes control, and tags in Haas. Haas and Benjamin then begin to wear down Goldust, whilst we see once again, The Brotherhood jumping the barrier, and Mark Henry pulls Booker off the apron, whipping him into the steel steps, which no one seems to notice in the ring. Henry jumps back over the barricade, seemingly leaving the beating at that. In the ring, Goldust begins to make a comeback, and looks to make a tag to Booker T, but as he reaches out, Booker isnít there, still on the ground after the sneak attack.
This allows an unaware Haas and Benjamin to drag Goldy back to the centre of the ring, but both seem a little worried that Booker is out on the mat. They continue to wear down Goldust, as Booker T finally reaches his feet. He takes a look around, and sees Mark Henry still standing just over the barrier, and comes after him, but Henry moves off, and Booker jumps back over the barrier to get back to the corner, only for Goldust to be dragged back again. This time, Shelton Benjamin scores with the T-Bone slam, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

The champions retain, but Booker is furious that The Brotherhood managed to screw up his and Goldusts chances of victory tonight. He slides back in, and attends to his fallen partner, and explains to Goldust what happened, with Goldust pissed off too, over losing the titles.


Back to ringsideÖ

Jim Ross: We are back, live on Raw, and during the commercial break on the USA Network, WWE.COMís Unlimited, caught this footage of The Brotherhood meeting with Ric FlairÖ

**From Unlimited, met at the main point**

Ric Flair: Well next week, this issue ends, got it?? Because Mark Henry, Rodney Mack and Orlando Jordan, you three will team up, with no interference from Jazz and Theodore Long, to take on Eugene, Booker T and Goldust Ö in the first ever first blood elimination match.

Theodore Long: First blood, elimination match?? What the hells that about playa??

Ric Flair: Itís simple Teddy. No Disqualifications, no pin falls, once you bleed, youíre eliminated. And once all three members of one team have been busted open, the match is over. And Teddy.

Theodore Long: What??

Ric Flair: It ends next week. Got it??

Theodore Long: Believe dat.

Theodore walks off, along with his troops, as Ric Flair buttons up his jacket, before cutting back to ringside.

Jim Ross: What a match thatíll be next week Coach. The Brotherhood taking on Eugene, Booker T and Goldust, in a First Blood Elimination Match. That issue will close next week, on the last Live edition of Raw in 2005. And wh-

The lights go out in the arena for a few seconds, before Ö **GONG** The Undertaker appears on the titan tron, with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, then back again, looking into the camera.

The Undertaker: In just forty one days Ö John Cena Ö

Undertaker disappears from the screen, and we see a shot of a bloody John Cena from Armageddon, celebrating with the title.

The Undertaker: You will meet your fate Ö

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker hitting the tombstone on Hulk Hogan to win his first championship is shown.

The Undertaker: You will become the sacrificial lamb to the slaughter Ö

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker defeating Sid at Wrestle Mania 13 to claim his second title.

The Undertaker: You will come face to face Ö

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker rolling up Steve Austin to win his third World Title in 1999.

The Undertaker: With your maker Ö

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker winning a fourth world title, once again against Hulk Hogan

The Undertaker: ME!!!

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker chokeslamming a number of superstars over the years.

The Undertaker: John Cena Ö wrong place Ö wrong time Ö

**GONG** A flashing clip of Undertaker delivering the tombstone to a number of superstars over the years.

The Undertaker: Rest Ö in Ö PEACE


The lights come back on, with J.R and Coach not sure what to say.

**Man Beast** Rhynos familiar music plays, and The Man Beast enters, getting an acceptable response, as he looks to be in the midst of a face turn, following last weeks confrontation with Flair.

Jim Ross: When we come back, its Rhyno facing Batista. The Animal vs. The Man Beast, when we come back.


4th Match:
Rhyno vs. Batista
Match is joined in progress, with the two men brawling in the crowd, trading right hands. We are told that the match hasnít actually officially started, which means they cant be counted out, or disqualified at this time. The fans are forced to run for cover with the two big men trading blows like its nobodies business. Neither man gains an advantage, before brawling back over the barrier, and it is Batista who finally takes control, whipping Rhyno into the steel steps. The Animal stomps the face of The Man Beast, before rolling him back in, and the match officially begins.
Batista uses the slight edge from the steel steps to get the control for the early going, clubbing down Rhyno, applying a standing armbar looking to focus on a body part of his opponent. Rhyno fights out, and begins to mount a comeback, until Batista knocks him back down with a clubbing clothesline to retake control. He begins to wear down Rhyno once more, choking in the corner, and applying a variety of rest holds, which starts to bring the quality from the match, and begins to kill the crowd for a short period, before Rhyno displays his tenacity again, and fights back, gaining a series of near falls with some high impact moves, including a spine buster, power slam, vertical suplex, and a sidewalk slam. Batista manages to kick out of each move at two to keep the match alive.
Rhyno now looks to be wanting to end the match, and after knocking Batista down with a short clothesline, crouches in the corner, wanting a Gore. He lines up, and sprints at Batista, but The Animal kicks Rhyno away, with The Man Beast falling back, into the ropes, and staggers out, into a spine buster!!! Batista shakes the ropes, and yells out ĎBOMBí, before dragging Rhyno back up, and somehow, gets him up, delivering the dreaded Batista Bomb. He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Batista

Batista gets up, and mockingly wipes sweat from his forehead, trying to indicate the match was easy, which is certainly was not. He stands over Rhyno, and mouths something, before leaving the ring, victorious once again.

Jim Ross: Batista, like him or not Coach, is on a roll right now. Another big win for The Animal, and thatís coming off the back of two wins over Sting, a great showing in War Games at Survivor Series, three eliminations last week in the Battle Royal, and again tonight, he has disposed of the always dangerous Rhyno.

The Coach: Hey, I donít like Batista J.R Ö I love the guy. And if the WWE fans have a brain, thatís the man theyíll vote into Sundays Gauntlet at Fully Loaded.

Jim Ross: Still to come tonight folks, our main event, DX face John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and Rob Van Dam. How will that foursome co-exist?? One place to find out, and thatís the USA Network, later tonight.


Smackdown Rebound

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with John CenaÖ

Todd Grisham: John, in just a few moments, you team up with three men you know very well, and three men you have faced in the past, as well as that, youíve beaten all three of those men. How are you feeling??

John Cena: Todd?? Iím feeling Ö feeling Ö like giving a big shout out to Memphis TENNESSEEEEEE!!!!

Crowd pops

John Cena: Todd, tonight, as you mentioned, Iím teaming with my good old buddies EdgeÖ

Crowd roundly boos Edge, despite him technically still being a face

John Cena: Mr. Monday Night, (Does the thumb taunt) R-V-D

Mixed reaction

John Cena: And The Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Crowd pops

John Cena: Iím not entirely on good terms with any of those guys, Iíve never seen eye to eye with any of them, but Todd, we all have one thing in common. And thatís a scandalous amount of HATE for The Backstreet Boys 2005, DX!!!

Crowd gives heat.

John Cena: Or should that be the backdoor boys??

Crowd laughs

John Cena: Either way, Edge hates them, Van Dam hates them, Randy Orton hates them, and The Champ, John Cena hates them!!!

Crowd pops

John Cena: We hate Mark Jindrak for being a pussy Ö we hate Garrison Cade for the same reason Ö and we hate Luther Reigns because of his funny little beard.

Crowd laugh

John Cena: But most of all, we hate Shawn Michaels, for being the biggest egotist, biggest backstabber Ö biggest cheat, fraud, pantyhose wearing son of a bitch on Gods Green Earth!!!!

Crowd pops

John Cena: And tonight Todd, I promise you, whether I hate Edge for being a cry baby, or Edge hates me for being The Champ, or whether I hate RVD for his brutal use of the English language, or RVD hates me because I can go through a sentence and not say the F bomb, or if I hate Orton because of his fancy hair, or if Orton hates me because I beat him at Wrestle Mania Ö we still hate DX that much more. Tonight, John Cena, Edge, Orton and Van Dam want some of DX Ö tonight, we get some of DX.

Cena puts the belt over his shoulder, and prepares to walk off, when Todd asks another question.

Todd Grisham: And do you have any comment on the video message The Undertaker provided tonight, for the Royal Rumble??

Cena stares at Grisham, thinking about the question, even slightly looking worried, before he speaks softly and slowly.

John Cena: I saw it. But Todd, the statement remains the same. I never back down from a challenge. And if The Undertaker wants some Ö then The Undertaker can come get some.

Cena walks off, but its obvious from his response that he isnít quite as forceful with his comments on Taker.

Back to ringsideÖ

Jim Ross: Very interesting comments coming from John Cena.

The Coach: And if you ask me J.R, Iíd say Cena may be becoming the latest victim of The Undertakers mind games, with his response to that video earlier tonight.

Jim Ross: Its not often I agree with you Coach, but its safe to say that John Cena, when addressing the Deadman, didnít deliver with as much conviction as normal.

The Coach: Oh, without a doubt.

Jim Ross: Right now though, lets talk about next week, as two matches have been signed for the final live Raw of 2005, with The Brotherhood taking on Booker T, Goldust and Eugene in a First Blood, Elimination Match, to settle the scores once and for all between those six men, and just announced, during the John Cena interview, itíll be Rey Mysterio facing Captain Charisma one on one!!!

The Coach: Two unmissable matches next week J.R. Youíd be crazy to miss it!!!

**ONE OF A KIND** RVD enters the arena with Bill Alfonso for tonightís main event.

Jim Ross: And now folks, its time for our main event!!!

The Coach: Weíve been waiting all night for this one!!!

**Metalingus** Edge enters to a majority of boos, and does his usual entrance, before getting into the ring, and sharing some words with RVD, which clearly arenít complimentary.

**Burn in my Light** Orton enters to a big pop, and lets off his pyro, before making his way to the ring, and shares glances at both Edge and RVD, with the tension seemingly unbearable between the three partners.

**My Time is Now** John Cena nearly blows the roof off the arena making his entrance, with Memphis in support of the Champion. He makes his entrance, as the show goes into its final commercial of the night.


We return with Edge, RVD, Orton and Cena all seemingly on the same book, watching as DX make their entrance, all four looking quite confident, being the long term group.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag Match:
D-Generation X vs. John Cena, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam & Edge
DX agree on Michaels to start the match for them, whilst the opposition team argue over who will start, with all four men looking to want a piece of Michaels. HBK laughs as the four men bicker, but it is RVD to start, as he lets the other three argue, then sneaks into the ring to start off.
HBK and RVD tear the house down, even for the brief period of time they tie up, with the action fast paced, with plenty of leap frogs, counters and reversals to keep the watching audience glued to the in ring action.
Eventually, with RVD beginning to get a grip of Michaels, DX get involved, and Reigns low bridges the ropes, with RVD tumbling out of the ring, as he went to run off them. Michaels takes control from here, ramming Van Dam into the barrier, and forcing him back inside, before tagging out to Mark Jindrak.
Jindrak works down RVD, but for a very brief spell, with Van Dam rolling out of a sleeper, before connecting with a spin kick, to knock MJ down, leading to RVD tagging in John Cena. Cena bounds into the ring, picking up the pace, and knocks down Jindrak a number of times, before nailing the other three members of DX who try to interfere. Cena gets Jindrak up for the FU, but Cade grabs Jindraks foot, and drags him off, before DX retreat to the outside, as we go to the last commercial of the night.
Following the commercial, Orton and Reigns are in the ring, and we find out that during the break, both teams fought on the outside as DX tried to waste time, which led to Cena gaining a near fall on Jindrak with the Freestyle. Now, Orton and Reigns are in the ring, with Orton in control. Orton tags out to Edge, and Edge looks fired up, desperate to impress. Luther stops him though, and uses his power to seize the advantage back, before tagging in Cade. Cade beats on Edge, using the cheap heel tactics, and now DX begin to make frequent tags, in and out of the ring.
Edge though, refuses to die, and once in the ring with Cade for a second time, he blocks a DDT, before fighting out, and knocks down Garrison with a dropkick, leading to Edge tagging in Randy Orton. Orton continues to keep the pressure on Cade, and keeps his side on top, before tagging in John Cena once more. Cena too, like Orton manages to keep their side in control, gaining several near falls on Cade, before he tags out to Van Dam.
RVD goes for the Rolling Thunder, but DX heel their way out of it again, as Reigns pulls Cade out of the way, and as RVD lands, Jindrak gets in the ring, dropping his knee on Van Dam. This infuriates RVDs partners, and they try to get in the ring, only to be stopped by the official. Reigns and Jindrak take the opportunity from the distraction to hold down Van Dam, and allow Michaels to drop the Top Rope Elbow, crashing onto a defenceless Van Dam.
Cade crawls back in, draping an arm over RVD, as the referee finally finishes talking with Orton, Edge and Cena, then makes the count, 1...2...Kick Out!!! DX are speechless, with their plan not quite going as they expected. Cade makes a tag to the Insurance Policy, Luther Reigns, who begins to dominate RVD with his size and power, which are doubled with Van Dam in the state he is. Luther scores a number of near falls, before tagging back out to Michaels. HBK picks up from where Luther left off, but cant do the power range Luther can, but instead, he keeps Van Dam grounded, cutting off the ring from his partners. Michaels tags in Cade again, who doesnít stay in for long, doing his bit, before tagging out to Reigns again. Luther goes for the press slam on RVD, but Van Dam fights back down, and falls into his corner, tagging in EDGE!!!!
Edge enters all guns blazing, refreshed from such a long rest, and comes after all four members of DX, which results in the typical break down, into an eight man brawl. In the ring is just Edge and Reigns, whilst the other six brawl on the outside. Edge hitís the Edgecution, but before he can pin, Garrison Cade comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick taking Edge down!!! Cade jumps around, celebrating what he did, until RVD comes off the top rope, knocking Cade down with a flying kick. He gets back up, and looks to climb the ropes again, but as he gets back onto the apron, HBK gets back in the ring, and hits Sweet Chin Music, knocking RVD off the apron!!!
Michaels now looks around, and stamps his foot, signalling for Sweet Chin Music on Edge, but as he goes for it, Edge catches his foot, and spins him around, into the path of Randy Orton Ö RKO!!!
Orton and Edge stand side by side, looking awkward with each other, having just teamed together perfectly, when Mark Jindrak slides back in, with a chair, but Cena follows, and as Jindrak swings back, Cena grabs the chair, taking it from Jindrak, throws it out of the ring, before picking MJ up, and driving him down to the canvas with the FU!!! Cena kicks Jindrak out of the ring, and leaves it himself, as Orton steps back onto the apron.
Edge then sets up Luther for the Spear, but Reigns ducks it, and Edge nearly hits the corner, but stops just in time, with Orton putting his hand out to stop him. Edge taps Ortons arm, as if to thank him, but what he doesnít see is the referee slapping his hands to indicate a tag. Edge turns around, and ducks a boot from Luther, before coming off the ropes and scoring with the Spear. He is set to cover, but Cade drags him away, and Orton makes the cover instead Ö 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Randy Orton, John Cena, Rob Van Dam & Edge

Orton, being the legal man, scores the pinfall. Edge kicks Cade away, looking furious that Orton stole his pin fall. The referee holds Randyís hand up for the victory, but as he turns around, he is met by an over the edge Edge Ö WITH A SPEAR!!!!!

Edge stands over Orton, and yells at him ďThat shouldíve been meĒ repeatedly, adding in ďYou stole itĒ a few times too. John Cena gets back in the ring, and asks Edge what heís doing, but Edge flips Cena a bird, THEN THE FANS!!! Edge slides out of the ring, getting booed out of the arena, leaving Orton coughing on the mat, from the devastating Spear.

The show ends with Edge at the top of the ramp, pulling at his hair, furious the pin was stolen from him, and having officially turned heel, after nearly six months of boos from the fans.




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