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Re: Lance Storm

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post

Dude, if I wanted to watch amateur wrestling I'd watch that. Not a fucking choreographed version of it.

Pure wrestling does not sell. It never did and it never will. Characters are what sells. There's a reaosn why wrestling is in a slump right now. Because nobody is interesting enough to put asses in seats.

Lance Storm is not a GOAT. He's not one of the best and he certainly isn't a great wrestler either. 20 years from now we'd be saying, "Who the fuck was Lance Storm?" He neever put asses in seats, he never made people care.

The concept of a great wrestler has been lost thanks to all the vanilla fucks running around on the indies in their generic black tights with their generic black elbow pads and their generic knee pads, all running around with the same boring-ass "Best Technical Wrestler In The World" and "DEM KICKS BREH!!" shtick.

And as far as Lance's Storm charisma in the ring goes, what fucking charisma? Running the ropes with a blank face? Sitting in an arm bar emotionless? You wanna know someone who couldn't talk worth shit in the ring but let his wrestling do the talking? Chris Benoit. Here's a guy who couldn't talk worth cunt on the mic. But he had charisma in the ring.

Contrary to popular belief, Benoit wasn't a 'workrate' guy. I mean, how many moves did Benoit did in a match? It was the same snap suplex, head butt, northern lights, cross face. That's it. Sure from time to time he'd bust out something nice. But for the most part Benoit was never a thousand moves a match kind of guy. He wasn't all about technical wrestling. Benoit was a great worker. He told stories. He knew how to sell, how to pace a match, when to go into a heat segment, how to make a firey ass comeback. Chris Benoit is a great example of someone who had no charisma on the mic but had it in the ring. Jeff Hardy is another one. Can't talk, but had so much charisma in his CHARACTER and in the ring that he got extremely over.

The point is, no one is going to agree with me. This is the place where vanilla fucks like Storm are celebrated because he's a great technician and a scientific wrestler and all that bullshit in pro wrestling that doesn't mean a damn.
Benoit wasn't a workrate guy? He wasn't about technical wrestling? He didn't have a wide arsenal? What have you been sniffing? Benoit was pretty much the definition of all those things. It looks like you got some weird notion in your head that all those things can't co-exist with things like charisma, storytelling or in-ring presence. Benoit had all of those in abundance, that's what made him so incredible, his impecable wrestling technique coupled with great psychology, intensity, wicked moveset and innovation.

Regarding Storm, if you can't recognize what kind of a talented worker this man was then you are either blind, trolling or never saw a single match of his. Guy had all the character and charisma of a wet burlap bag but he was goddamn amazing in the ring. His matches with RVD and Lynn in ECW are the stuff of legends kid, look it up.

Also, did Nick Mondo molest you as a child? Beat you with a 2x4? You're raising some flashing red flags bro.

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